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Miller for sale

Identified location: Ashburn (US) (Edit)
Rated power: 150A / 21.5V - 35% 100A / 19V - 60% Bjjznamk0r 70A / 17.5V - 100% Voltage: 230 V Fuse: 25 A Dimensions: 300 x 400 x 510 mm Weight: 33 kg more
Novi Ligure, Italy Italy
6828 km
good (used)
used welding set . fully working. Bjnhj9qc9k more
Miller Blu Pak 45 Watercooled 450 Ampere 380 Volt 4 roll drive 2/4 Stroke 20 Steps Including welding gun, mass cable and 4 meter interconnection cable. Price €1250,- VAT not refundable. We specialize in selling new and used welding machines. For example: MIG / MAG, CO2, TIG, pulse, AC / DC, synergic, water cooled, electrode and plasma. And also other brands: Migatronic, Lincoln, Miller, Fronius, Kemppi, Parweld, Tico, Helvi, Lorch, Rehm, Selco, Carl Cloos, Cebora, Esab, Saf, EWM, Ess. Te... more
Tig Miller AC / DC welding equipment for aluminum welding and high frequency Tig welding machine with AC for tig aluminum welding Electrode welding. It has high frequency for tig arc ignition. Bjlk2qp3yp more
Drum washing machine for larval larvae Bie3p8ysuc The drum has a diameter of 1031 mm and a length of 2000 mm. It consists of a perforated stainless steel plate with a thickness / diameter of 3 mm. The inlet funnel is 1400 mm wide and 1300 mm long. This makes it possible to pour the larval sludge material in a very gentle way for the product. The inlet hopper has a pipe that flushes the mixture with recycled water / recycled water into the drum. The solid and robust base is also made of stainle... more
Miller Dynasty 200 dx: -Inverter welding machine -Power 200A-20% 150A-60% -HF -Ac/Dc; Dc+; Dc- -Pulse 0.1-500 Hz - AC balance 20-250hz -Tig holder 8m tig included = Stpz30 Gross price (net 6999 PLN) When buying more machines, attractive discounts. - RECOMMEND! Jarosław Kołaski M.Sc. tel.669-162-833 - Possibility of issuing a VAT invoice Click on the top of the "View other seller's auctions" page + charges *(international shipment) more
TIG welding machine MILLER Syncrowave 300 same AC 300 AH for aluminium, stainless steel with HF ignition foot controller continuously on chassis with water cooling Ba3yosmuhw more
Miller TP 74/2C -size : 52 x 74 cm Bzujxsj -2 colours -perfecting 1+1,2+0 -alcohol dampening -Baldwin -78 mio impressions -available immediately . more
Miller TP 104-2 Year 1987 Standard Water Dampering with Recirculation Bc0sdqpcxt visible in production 74 Million Impression more
Feed hopper The feed hopper with water is equipped with a plastic modular belt. The belt has flights. The drivers have a height of 40mm and the belt has a width of 400mm. Ekijfgp7 The hopper size is 1500x3000mm and stands on feet. For easy cleaning there are 2 dome covers at the bottom of the hopper. We manufacture machines individually adapted to your requirements more
For sale today: Gbgt8pyj Miller Dynasty 300 DX: -Inverter welding machine -Power 300A-20% 180A-100% -Welding range 5A to 300A -Tig mode, MMA -Capability to weld AC/DC in tig and mma -Pulse up to 500Hz ! possibility of full pulse tuning, percentage time of upper pulse, base amperage, pulse frequency - Full welding path for tuning, start and end current, rise and fall times -Regulation of gas discharge time before and after welding -Regulation of alternating current frequency and percentage share ... more
MILLER TP 104-4 Year 1990 4 colors about 121 mio impress. Npt2d Size 72x102 perfecting 2 2, 4 0 Unimatic C3 remote control Alcotron dampening Baldwin refrigerator Powder spray more
Pneumatic meat press for E2 crates The crates travel on the belt until they reach a stop. The stop goes up pneumatically when the belt approaches a new crate. The crate moves against the stop. A light barrier confirms that the crate is in the correct position and stops the belt. The punch moves down and presses the meat together until the proper pressure is reached. Then the stamp moves up again automatically. The stop goes down again and the belt continues running. The crate is transported out ... more
Miller TP104-5+L Dahlgreen Varnish unit Year 1985 Size 72x104 Vsky2m Dahlgren Dampening Unimatic C3 IR S/N A20927 more
Crate washing machine The crate washing machine conveys the crates through the washing channel with a conveyor chain. Efficiently arranged flat jet nozzles clean the crates with low water consumption. These water nozzles can be operated with either hot or cold water. The crate washing machine is equipped with five spray bars. Three spray bars for recycled water and two spray bars for fresh water. The water is collected in a tub below the machine. This is equipped with a dirty water circulation p... more
MILLER TP74-2C UNIMATIC C3 Size 52×74 YEAR 1990 ALCOTRON Machine N°G-21813 Werk-Nummer 6366 0327 Tvxj2lgis about 78 millions impressions more
Rotary Rotary Table The automatic collection system for your packaging bags to avoid congestion. The ideal solution with low space requirements. The turntable has a diameter of 1200mm; The edge has a height of 40mm; This is rigidly attached to the frame. A fast-moving plate with a width of 400mm is mounted as a transition to the belt. Driven by a gear motor 220V with 5u/min. The height adjustable machine feet make it easy to attach to the machine. The base frame has a support for the lift tr... more
Sorting cans The cans come out of the labeller and fall onto the conveyor belt with one turn. The belt has a width of 500 and is 2000 long. Bie2pfxhyu A mounted switch automatically sorts the cans arriving one after the other into the correct lane. There are two holders for the boxes. The diverter sorts first one carton full. With a quick release the filled box can be removed with a simple handle and the next empty box can be clamped. While the first carton is removed, the second carton is fille... more
Leicestershire, United Kingdom United Kingdom
dealership location
5824 km
ready for operation (used)
Nett weight actual. 1,420 Kgs. / 1.4 Tons. Bisw3cduqo more
WALDRICH COBURG CNC PLANO MILLER (2007.12) System : SIEMENS 840D Storke (X / Y / Z / W) : 20,970mm(28.3Kw) / Y-Axis : 6,500mm(11Kw) / Z-Axis : 1,000mm(16.8Kw) / W-Axis : 3,510mm(18.8Kw) A-Axis : 7.85Kw Table : 20,000mm x 4,500mm Between column : 5,300mm Height: 5,300mm Load Weight : 350ton Spindle : 100Kw, 2,000RPM Dyhqxvt Attachment : 5EA (HORIZONTOL, ECCENTRIC, UNIVERSAL, SIM, GUIDE-WAY, EXTENSION) more
Serial No. 70011 Control Heidenhain TNC 415 Table Size 3100mm x 1200mm Table Load 12,000 kgs X axis 3000mm Y axis 1380mm Z axis 1050mm Spindle Taper 50 int Head Swivels 360 degrees Input 380/3/50hz Rapid Traverse 10 meters per minute Spindle Speeds 20 - 2000 rpm Feed Rate 5 - 2500mm per minute Equipment Handwheel, Coolant Dwvwpi Features Hydraulic tool clamping Length 7500mm Width 3500mm Height 3900mm Nett weight actual. 19,540 Kgs. / 19.25 Tons. more
WALDRICH COBURG CNC PLANO MILLER (2007.03.) System : SIEMENS 840D Stroke (X/Y/Z/W) : 18,800mm / 8,000mm / 3,000mm / 5,000mm Table : 18,500mm x 6,100mm Nycnr Between column : 6,500mm Height : 7,000mm Load Weight : 350ton Spindle : 105 Kw, 2,500rpm Attachment : 6ea (HORIZONTAL, ECCENTRIC, UNINERSAL, SLIM, GUIDE-WAY, EXTENSION) more
Serial No. 26752 Table size 6030mm x 1030mm Longitudinal traverse Column 4200mm Vertical traverse Headstock 1200mm Cross traverse Ram 950mm Input 415/3/50hz Swivel range of millingt head 360 degrees on 2 faces Speeds 30 - 2080 rpm Feed rate 6mm - 483mm per/ min Bisw2pbjim Digital read out Acu - Rite 3 axis Fitted with Coolant Length 6400mm Width 2600mm Height 2450mm Nett weight actual. 16,820 Kgs. / 16.6 Tons. more
Leicestershire, United Kingdom United Kingdom
dealership location
5824 km
ready for operation (used)
Serial No. P527 Table size 1220mm x 230mm Table left/right 815mm by Hand or Power Table in/out 280mm Table rise & fall 405mm Speeds 60 - 4000 rpm Feed rate Variable Bisw2yso3n Input 400/3/50hz Spindle taper R8 Head tilts 45 - 0 -45 Degrees Head swivels 90 - 0 - 90 Degrees Over-arm 584mm Spindle rise & fall 127mm Power feeds 0.04mm - 0.01mm Digital read out Anilam miniwizard 2 axis Dials Metric Fitted with Coolant Length 1600mm Width 1500mm Height 1790mm Nett weight actual. 1,290 Kgs. / 1.3 Tons. more
Serial No. 890276 Control Heidenhain TNC 355 Table Size 1200mm x 700mm Table Load 850kg X - Axis 1200mm Y - Axis 700mm Z - Axis 660mm Spindle Taper ISO 50 Input 400/3/50hz Nwa7t Rapid Traverse X/Y/Z 600 mm/min Spindle Speeds 20 - 2000rpm Feed Rate 1 - 3000 mm/min Fitted with Hydraulic tool clamping, Coolant. Length 3500mm Width 2800mm Height 2600mm Nett weight actual. 10,070 Kgs. / 9.9 Tons. more
Serial No. 29125 Control Heidenhain TNC 430 CA Reciprocating Table Size 4000mm x 1000mm Bimkcrdrji Table Load 10,000 Kgs Longitudinal Travel X = 3713 mm Cross Travel Y = 1214 mm Vertical Travel Z = 1005 mm Head Swivels 180 Degrees on 'A' Axis, 360 Degrees on 'B' Axis Input 415/3/50AC 50KVA. Main motor 8kW Spindle Speeds 3000 - 15000 rpm Feed Rate 6 - 5000 mm/min Fitted with 30 Tool Automatic Tool Change Equipment Twin Irudex Swarf Conveyors. Spare Refurbished Spindle & 'X' Axis Ball Screw Nett... more
Leicestershire, United Kingdom United Kingdom
dealership location
5824 km
ready for operation (used)
Serial No. 56,047 Control Heidenhain TNC 415 Table Size 3000mm x 1000mm Table Load 10,000 kgs Longitudinal Travel 2703mm Ram In/Out Travel 1015mm Vertical Travel 1501mm Longitudinal Rapid Feed 1500mm/min Vertical Rapid Feed 1500mm/min Cross Rapid Feed 1500mm/min Bil83anbhv Working Feeds 6 - 5000mm/min Spindle Taper in Vertical Head 50 BT Head Auto Indexing A / B axis Input 415/3/50Hz 34kW Fitted with 40 Station Automatic Tool Change, Coolant. Equipment Hand Wheel Length 7800mm Width 4380mm... more
Leicestershire, United Kingdom United Kingdom
dealership location
5824 km
ready for operation (used)
Nett weight actual. 2,300 Kgs. / 2.3 Tons. D3b0kg3qq more
Leicestershire, United Kingdom United Kingdom
dealership location
5824 km
ready for operation (used)
Nett weight actual. 820 Kgs. Huqxng3p more
Serial No. MQ 134 Control Heidenhain I530M Bed Size 6500 mm x 1200 mm Integrated rotary table C axis 1000 mm diameter via 0.001 degree increments 4th axis U axis Spirsin 800 mm diameter vertical rotary table size , with tailstock. Longitudinal Travel (column) X axis 6000 mm Headstock Rise & Fall Z axis 2500 mm Spindle Bored ISO 50 Ram In/Out Y axis 1500 mm Head Swivels 360 degrees on 2 faces, A & B axis via 1 degree increments Input 415/3/50 37 kW Spindle Speeds up to 4000 rpm Fitted w... more
Serial No. 9211604 Control Heidenhain TNC 320 Be9t8pdwot Table Size 2500mm x 800mm X Axis Travel 2200mm Y Axis Travel 1000mm Z Axis Travel 1000mm Spindle Taper ISO 50 Head Swivels 360 degrees on 2 faces Input 415/3/50hz Spindle Speeds 40 - 2000 rpm Feed Rate 10 / 5000mm / min Fitted with Coolant, Hydraulic Tool Clamping, Pendant Control Length 4400mm Width 3100mm Height 3250mm Nett weight actual. 11,900 Kgs. / 11.75 Tons. more
Serial No. 2317 Control Heidenhain TNC415 Table Size 5500mm x 950mm Longitudinal Travel X Axis - 5000mm Cross Travel Y Axis - 1200mm Vertical Travel Z Axis - 2000mm Longitudinal Travel & Vertical Feeds 10,000 mm per minute Spindle Taper ISO 50 Head Swivels Universal Head Input 380 Volts 50 Cycles Spindle Motor 22 kW Spindle Speeds 50 - 3000 rpm Feed Rate 4000mm per minute Fitted with 16 Automatic Tool Changer Tpamj98p Equipment Swarf Conveyor Nett weight approx 32,000 Kgs more
Serial No. 317601179V Table size 1067mm x 229mm Table left/right 673mm by hand or power Table in/out 305mm by hand Table rise & fall 406mm by hand Speeds 67 - 4600 rpm Feed rate 19mm - 875mm per minute Input 380/440/3/50hz Spindle taper in vertical head R8 Head tilts 45 - 0 - 45 degrees Head swivels 90 - 0 - 90 degrees Over-arm 305mm Spindle rise & fall 127mm Vxgcox3v Power feeds 0.04mm - 0.2mm Digital read out Heidenhain 2 axis Dials Metric Fitted with Coolant, suds tray Length 1520mm Width 152... more
Leicestershire, United Kingdom United Kingdom
dealership location
5824 km
ready for operation (used)
Serial No. 6260 Table size 1220mm x 305mm Table left/right 660mm By power or Hand Table in/out 330mm By power or Hand Table rise & fall 406mm By power or Hand Speeds 70 - 3600 rpm Feed rate Variable Input 380/3/50hz Bjbdpm2yn9 Spindle taper in vertical head 40 INT Head tilts 45 - 0 - 45 degrees Head swivels 90 - 0 - 90 degrees Over-arm 762mm Spindle rise & fall 130mm Power feeds 3 off Dials Metric Length 1680mm Width 1650mm Height 2250mm more
Serial No. 9253909 Control Heidenhain 426 Table Size 3000mm x 1000mm Table Load 7000 kgs X Axis Travel 2500mm Y Axis Travel 1200mm Z Axis Travel 1000mm Hpoj072 Spindle Taper ISO 50 Head Swivels 360 degrees on two faces Input 415/3/50hz Main Motor 22 kW Spindle Speeds 20- 4000 rpm Feed Rate 2 - 5000 mm/min Rapid Travesre 8000 mm/min X axis, / 10,000 mm/min Y & Z axis Fitted with Coolant, Hydraulis tool claping Equipment Transformer, suds tank, Splash guards Features 60 Station Tool Changer Len... more
Serial No. 37699 Table size 4000mm x 700mm Longitudinal traverse 3500mm Spindle taper SK 50 Ram in/out 1050mm Head rise & fall 1030mm Input 440/3/50hz N00f9 Swivel range of milling support head 360 degrees on two face Speeds 18 - 1800 rpm Digital read out Anilam Wizard 550, 3 axis Nett weight actual. 12,190 Kgs. / 12 Tons. more
-automatic hydropneumatic milling feed Hhufsw3je -Mills, max. O 250 mm more
R8 Spindle, Variable Speeds 50 - 3750 rpm, D20ljx3p Table 1065 x 228mm (42" x 9") , Traverses 675 x 305 x 406mm, 127mm quill travel, X axis Power Feed & Rapid, Newall 2 Axis DRO, 2Hp Spindle Motor, Low Volt Light, Coolant, more
Machine Type: CNC Horizontal Boring Mill Manufacturer: PAMA Type: Speedram 3/F Yop: 1987 / Modernization 2003 Control: Siemens 840 D pl Feed range X-axis: 5500 mm Feed range Y-axis: 3600 mm Feed range spindle Z-axis: 1000 mm Feed range ram W-axis : 900 mm Spindle diam: 220 mm RAM dimensions: 440 x 500 mm Drive power: 65 KW Speed: 2000 rpm Tool holder: SK 50 Machine weight : 165.000 kg NC Round table type: Demmeler DRLTS NC Round table dim.: 3500 x ... more
Werkzeugfräsmaschine Deckel Type FP 3 L Baujahr 1978 Universal Kipp - Schwenktisch 1000 x 520 mm Aufnahme SK 40 Spindeldrehzahlen 25 - 2500 U / min Verfahrwege X / Y / Z 800 / 300 plus 200 mm Kopfverstellung/ 400 mm Vertkalfräskopf 16 Spindeldrehzahlen Bjng7yp3kb 3 Achs Digitalanzeige Gewicht 2600 kg Antriebsleistung 2 / 4 kw div. Aufnahmen SK 40 ab Standort more
4 axis CNC controled plano miller WALDRICH COBURG, distance between columns 3.100 mm, adjustable cross rail with 2.500 mm distance top of table to spindle nose, 3 pallets with clamping area 2.750 x 4.000 mm, autom. pallet changer, power 75 kW with base speed 76 rpm, max. torque at spindle 8.400 Nm, 5 - 2.000 revs, ram design 600 x 600 mm, 3 RAA 1 Extension automatic mounting, inner cooling System Nb8zz Option: new electric and new CNC Control new measuring system more
Boven-Leeuwen, Netherlands Netherlands
6274 km
reconditioned (used)
Milling machine Table miller Renewed autoCAM (2000) CNC with License! Perfect and easy-to-use milling machine for smaller numbers Bshvpljc Grafical, DXF input or direct drawing via PC. Manufacturer: Toyoda Type: FVN-50 BT50 Travel: 800x560x560 Documentation, training-books etc are available. more
In good technical condition. GO 1987 Planing width: 1600 mm. Planing length: 4000-12000 mm. Planing height: 1600 mm. Table clamping surface (width x length): 1400 x 4000 - 12000 mm. Cutter carriage stroke: 350 mm. Machine dimension: 4250 x 10 260-26 260 mm. Machine height: 3800 mm. Machine weight: 37000 kg. Nzrvx Accessories: milling head. more
travels x-600mm, y-450mm, z-500mm, table size 900x458mm, spindle Speed 6300rpm, taper ISO40, CNC-Control Heidenhain TNC426 0tr3gqxl more