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Vollmer chd 250 for sale

Identified location: Ashburn (US) (Edit)
Description: Suitable for automatic grinding of tooth face and tooth back on carbide-tipped circular saw blades in one clamping. All known tooth geometries (flat, alternate, trapezoidal teeth etc.) can be ground automatically and in one pass. Technical data: Circular saw blade diameter 100 - 840 mm, circular saw bore diameter 10 - 220 mm, blade thickness up to 14 mm, tooth pitch 6 - 120 mm, rake angle -30° to +40°, clearance angle 5° to 45°, oblique grinding on tooth back up to 45°, oblique grin... more
Fully reconditioned carbide saw grinder VOLLMER model CHD250 R2, with possibility to add a loader Bfrukrek3t LONGATOGROUP.COM more
HM circular saw blade grinding machine (CNC controlled) Cupa8t2 Brand: Vollmer Type: CHD 350 Year of construction: 1996 Condition: in need of repair (used) more
Hydraulic portal press HYDRO NORMA year of construction 1988 Dsjcwlehe Technical data: Pressure capacity 250 t Operating pressure 600 bar piston diameter 220 mm distance between the uprights 2000 mm Drive power 11 kW with - hydraulic control - Table size Diameter 3000 mm, hexagonal - swing-away top beam - Interlock (no dice table shown) used, in good condition more
LAKE BLUFF, United States United States
949 km
good (used)
SPECIFICATIONS Cutter: Circumference and Face Slide . - Max. Diameter 9.84 inches - Max. Length of cutting edge 7.87 inches Shank-type Tools: Circumference and Face Side . - Diameter 9.84 inches - Max. Length 19.68 inches - Max. Length of cutting edge 7.87 inches Discoid Tools: Circumference and Tool Flange . - Max. Outside Diameter 9.84 inches - Max. Length of cutting edge 7.87 inches - Max. Tangential clearance angle 6° - Radial Clearance angle -10° - +6° - Grinding at (depending on pitch and ... more
for circular saws until 1.100 mm Ø and until 6 mm thickness or band-saw blades until 250 mm width, grinding wheel 250 mm Ø, max. tool pitch 90 mm, 3 feeding speeds 30, 50, 75 teeth pm, 4 tooth shapes (standard back, hook like back, rounded back tooth, roof tooth), saw dust exhaust, 1 cone adapter, weight 450 kg, if necessary indexing device for circular saws or band-saw supports, completely disassembled, machine reconditioned and new bearings Bkanhvvtlk more
Description: Suitable for automatic grinding of HM - circular saw blades on the chest, back, and sides in one chucking. All known Zahngeometrien (flat -, currency -, trapezoidal tooth etc.) can be ground automatically and in a single pass. Processing up to the 800 teeth per hour are possible. Technical data: Saw blade diameter of 150-355 mm, hole diameter from 10-50 mm, sheet thickness 3,5 mm, tooth pitch up to 100 mm, rake angle from - 10° to + 25 °, clearance angle of 8 ° - 25 °, angle cut on... more
Carriage grinding machine, Carriage grinding machineBlade grinding machine VOLLMER - REFORM Type HMS HI = AR 10, Type 4Masch. No. 1506 Year of construction 1978Electro-magnet 930 x 150 mmSlipping length 1000 mmSlipping height flat on the magnet 95 mmSlipping width approx. 180 mmSlipring diameter 200 mmSlipring speed 1 140 mm/sec.slipring speed 2 250 mm/sec.slipring spindle speed 1390 and 2840 rpm.Power grinding motor 2,6 / 3,2 kW mains connection 400 Volt, 50 Hz- swivelling electromagnet, /- 90°... more
Wheel, disc, Doppelschleifbock, flat grinding, cylindrical grinding machine Workers ø 32 mm -Außen ø 198 mm Width 10 mm Price per piece Wn0bskmkw -1 x available Weight 0.6 kg more
Hydraulic sharpening machine for gang saws. With 4 switchable tooth forms. Feed speed switchable. 30 - 50 - 75 teeth per minute. Gangsaws blade width from 60 - 160 mm. Saw length from 950 - 2000 mm. Tooth length up to 1650 mm. Grinding wheels diameter 250 mm. Ready for demonstration. X9rxb2mp more
defender reel Bkcxz8mkrr narrow band saws by vollmer, we also have a saw welding machine more
for band saw blades width 60 - 420 mm, thickness 1 - mm, tooth pitch minimum 20 mm, weight about 400 kg, automatic stellite forming by gear motor and feed switch, electric feed drive by gear Motor 380 V, incl. 3 rollers for moving the forming machine to the saw blade at the tensioning bench Vsps8u more
Cloppenburg, Germany Germany
dealership location
6393 km
ready for operation (used)
Description: Suitable for automatic machining of PCD-tipped milling cutters, shank tools, disc-shaped tools such as saws, cutters, etc. using the Schleiben electro-erosion process. Technical data: cutter outside diameter max. 250 mm, cutting edge length max. 100 mm, shank tool diameter from 10 -100 mm, cutting edge length max. 100 mm, outside diameter disc-shaped tools max. 380 mm, outside diameter disc-shaped tools with support max. 520 mm, tool weight max. 20 kg, loader capacity max. 50 pcs, T... more
Saw blade diameter: 60-650 mm Maximum rotary speed of the spindle: 2800 1/min Total power demand: 0.74 kW Grinding wheel diameter: 175x51 mm Saw blade width: 5-70 mm The size of the teeth of the saw blade: 0-22 mm Machine height: 1500 mm Machine length: 600 mm Machine width: 900 mm Machine weight: 120 kg Equipment: Technical books Sharpening set and set for grinding saw blades of different sizes Abrasive attachments Ewiviyihg more
For sale we have diesel generators with the following data: Condition: New Xefra9at Engine : Doosan Nominal power: 275 KvA Continuous power: 250 KvA Frequency : 50 Hz voltage: 400/231 V Operating hours: 0 Year of construction: 2020 incl. documents/manual incl. starter batteries incl. control system incl. integrated diesel tank 800L ABB 4P circuit-breaker Weight: 3700 Kg Complete and immediately ready for use Including warranty 12 months or 1000 operating hours Price net 22000,-€ plus tax Individ... more
Only complete sales in sales order. Bfoaa0izwl Band saw blade sharpening machine with cabinet device, Ideal welding machine, Ideal band saw blade grinding machine with chamfering device. more
Chain hoist DEMAG DKM 2 - 250 K second-hand, very good condition, see pictures Load capacity 250 kg hook path 2,8 m Year of manufacture 2004 negotiation price: € 300,-- net ex stock Stock is on hand. Transportation possible on request. Visits are possible at any time by appointment. Further information on request. Constantly over 5000 running meters of pallet racking from numerous manufacturers in stock. (Changes and errors in the technical data, information and prices as well as prior sale res... more
Carbide saw grinder VOLLMER model CX100 year 2001 N7adp more
Cloppenburg, Germany Germany
dealership location
6393 km
ready for operation (used)
Description: for complete machining of rotationally symmetrical workpieces made of solid carbide. With 5 CNC-controlled axes and two vertical grinding spindles on two machining levels. Technical data: Travel X-axis 350 mm, travel Y-axis 450 mm, travel Z-axis 500 mm, travel A-axis 360°, 450 1/min. C-axis travel +15° to -200°, workpiece diameter up to 100 mm, workpiece length from the front edge of the workpiece carrier up to 360 mm, tool outside Ø max.150 mm, tool bore Ø 20 mm, tool length up to ... more
Automatic side grinders for machinig carbide-tipped circular saw blades. CNC controlled.5 grinding programms are already included as a standard feature for simple accessing at the control desk. Hsnxoyn Feed system for saw blades with tooth pitches from 6 to 120mm.The specifications of the automatic grinding machine CHF210 Circular saw Outside dia. 80 to 840mm Hook angle -15° to +30° Radial clearance -5° to +6° Tangential clearance to +6° 3 CNC axes more
ID000251Used grinder for circular rip [...] you need more information about the equipment, please contact our manager. Daddhgu8k more
sharpening machine with automatic control, max. tooth pitch 40 mm, 3 feeding Speeds: 30, 50, 75 teeth per Minute, 4 tooth shapes, including saw dust exhaust, including indexing rail pitch 22 mm or 25 mm available Vsnquy more
Sharpening machine Vollmer type: Cana/e for bandsawblades and circular sawblades up to 1100 mm diameter and 6 mm thickness sharpening disc diameter 250 mm Ddmcwsn distance between saw teeth max. 90 mm 3 infeed speeds 30, 50, 75 teeth per minute 4 teeth forms (pointed, hook, 2 x bow teeth) weight: 450 kg more
Adam Power Systems GmbH Thank you for your interest in our machines, please take a look at our other offers, Nothing found ? then feel free to ask us ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** A diesel generator set in new condition is for sale. Technical specifications : Condition New Engine: Cummins 6CTA8 G8 Generator: Lory Somer Nominal output: 250 KvA Frequency: 50 Hz RPM: 1500 rpm. Year of construction: 1996 Operating hours: approx. 128 hours Auto start, automatic network Net price 12000, - € plus ... more
Cloppenburg, Germany Germany
dealership location
6393 km
ready for operation (used)
Description: Universal machine for eroding, grinding and polishing of different PCD tools up to 400 mm diameter and 400 mm length in production and Technical data: Travel: X-axis 730 mm, B-axis +/-30°, Y-axis 840 mm, Z-axis 500 mm, E-axis 330°, A-axis 360°, workpiece carrier SK50 / HSK 63A, workpiece length max. 400 mm, workpiece diameter max. 400 mm, workpiece weight max. 15 kg, connected load 6.7 kW (400V / 50Hz), dimensions W x D x H approx. 2160 x 3435 x 2190 mm, weight approx. 7800 kg, colo... more
Electromagnetic clamping table Technical data: Dimensions approx. 1000 x 250 x 80 mm Pug0ka with - 220 V connection - without the milling machine shown in the pictures used, in good condition more
sharpening machine with automatic control, max. tooth pitch 40 mm, 3 feeding Speeds: 30, 50, 75 teeth per Minute, 4 tooth shapes, including saw dust exhaust, including indexing rail pitch 22 mm or 25 mm available, completely disassembled, cleaned and newly stored Bi8xqedpxb more
Barntrup, Germany Germany
6496 km
ready for operation (used)
Vollmer PMH 10 U year of manufacture: 1992 N3lcl for bandsawblades complete with stands for sawblade support more
BERNARDO MFM 250 3 axis metal milling machine Gxtebzd Manufacturer BERNARDO MFM 250 machine model / type Production year 2007 Machine category Milling machine BERNARDO MFM 250 universal milling machine with digital 3 axis reading. Drill milling machine MFM 250 is a multifunctional machine with a huge spectrum of possibilities. Automatic feed of the spindle and table in 2 axes together with the digital display, stepless regulation. speed, pneum. handle, rotary head on three axes (right / left, t... more
Cloppenburg, Germany Germany
dealership location
6393 km
ready for operation (used)
Description: Universal machine for eroding and grinding of different PCD tools up to 250 mm diameter and 200 mm length in production and service. Technical data: Traverse paths: X axis 440 mm, B axis +/-15°, Y axis 876 mm, Z axis 420 mm, E axis 210°, A axis 360°, workpiece carrier SK50, without magazine machining: workpiece length max. 200 mm, workpiece diameter max. 250 mm, workpiece weight max. 15 kg, with magazine machining: workpiece length max. 200 mm, workpiece diameter max. 250 (depending... more
Two Vollmer Horizontal support stands for Vollmer sharpening machine for band saw blades. E873xqfj With height regulation. Condition: used, in good visual condition. The price includes two stands: 400Eur. The price for one stand: 250Eur. more
Automatic crosscut saw for circular and gang saws make VOLLMER type AT 500 Year of manufacture 1961 Technical data: Gangsaws any dimension Circular saw outer diameter 120 - 800 mm tooth pitch 12 - 80 mm Tooth height from 5 mm upwards blade thickness 0.8 - 3.5 mm Biyisbu8qv Cabinet per side 0.3 - 1.5 mm Operating speeds 16 teeth/min Connected load 0.55 kW Dimensions L x W x H 1000 x 600 x 1200 mm Weight approx. 800 kg little used, in very good condition more
Band saw setting machine Brand: Vollmer Ey9c7xzjg Condition: good. more
Schärfmaschine Vollmer für Kreissägeblätter mit Schränkapparat Type: CMS 10 M / PH 1 Saegeblattdurchmesser: 20 bis 525 mm Bandsaegen Breite // Laenge: 6 bis 40 mm // 4.750 mm Buegelsaegen Breite // Verzahnungslaenge: 20 bis 60 mm // 750 mm Schleifscheibendurchmesser: 200 mm Schleifscheibenbreite: max. 10 mm Schleifscheibenbohrung: 32 mm Saegen-Bohrungsdurchmesser: 5 bis 50 mm Blattdicke: bis 6 mm Bjphjdmxz9 Zahnteilung: bis 26 mm Zahnhoehe: bis 8 mm Zahnhoehendifferenz stufenlos: 0 bis 8 mm Uml... more
Sharpening TOOL VOLLMER FINZ 4-800 Location Gorzow Wielkopolski. Conditions of delivery Pick your own Cost of delivery Client cover startup type negotiated Md3zx Description Comments GRINDING AUTOMATIC CIRCULAR SAW WIDIOWYCH THE HYDRAULIC more
Cloppenburg, Germany Germany
dealership location
6393 km
ready for operation (used)
Description: Suitable for machining the flank flank clearance surfaces on HM-tipped circular saw blades Technical data: Bjt3a0xujc Circular saws Outer diameter 80 to 650 mm, bore diameter from 10 mm, blade thickness 5 mm, tooth pitch 6 to 100 mm, cutting edge length 20 mm, rake angle - 10° to + 30°, tangential clearance angle 0° to 8°, radial clearance angle - 0° to + 6°, tooth height difference any, grinding wheel diameter 80 to 100 mm, bore diameter 32 mm, working speed up to 15 teeth/min, cap... more
Sharpening machine for gang saws in electric version. Overhauled 1996 from small Swiss sawmill. With 4 switchable tooth forms. 3 switchable feed speeds. Bivbi9fgod Automatic infeed of the grinding wheel. Photos original condition. more
Saw sharpening machine Vollmer Type Liliput S 175 Dry grinding and wet grinding Straight grinding and alternating oblique grinding, for circular and band saws Coolant system 2 speeds Power range: circular saw grinding: saw blade diameter from 60 - 650 mm, bore from 12 - 90 mm Band saw grinding: blade widths from 5 - 70 mm Sheet thicknesses from 0 - 4 mm Tooth removal from 3 - 45 mm tooth heights from 1 - 22 mm Gwdrxk From public institution Operating Instructions Function tested more
Band and circular saw sharpening machine Brand: Vollmer Bugihgbe Type: CNE Condition : Good more
Four-jaw chuck 27974 diameter 250 mm 4 individually adjustable jaws J7ug2kzz Mounting : Long taper diameter 80 mm with external thread 125 x 3 mm Parallel keyway 10 mm total depth with flange and jaws 193 mm Weight 29 kg Age was estimated more
Vollmer roller measuring device Manual version for offline measurement - Precise contour measurements on rollers, cylinders and rollers -mobile equipment, thus rapid availability on site -stable, durable design for diameters of 150 - 300mm -little weight with the highest rigidity and absolute temperature stability -High accuracy by decoupled shear forces Bfr9hhebjf -in sturdy wooden box for safe storage The brand name and description are the property of the copyright holder and are used becau... more
Cloppenburg, Germany Germany
dealership location
6393 km
ready for operation (used)
Description: Suitable for machining PCD-tipped tools on tooth back-pressure. Technical data: Circular scrolls outer diameter 150 - 810 mm, bore diameter 16 - 220 mm, blade thickness 16 mm, tooth pitch 6-120 mm, oscillation; infeed value 20 mm, tooth height 3 mm, clearance angle 5 - 45°, helix angle on the clearance surface 45°, main spindle drive speed 80 - 600 min-1, outer diameter for face machining 125 mm, bore diameter 60 mm, filling capacity of the container 100 L, delivery rate of cooling ... more