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Bin filling for sale

Identified location: Ashburn (US) (Edit)
Filling line V 175 De Vree EX protected version Filling range 100-5000 ml Double lane Zi9eomk 2 x Filling nozzle 2 x automatic lid layer 2 x automatic lid closers With this machine 2 different products can be filled and capped at the same time! Very good condition, directly from the production!! more
AMTEC CUP-FILLINGsystem Aut. Rotary cup/container filling/film sealing machine RT12-20 Automatic rotary cup or container filling system including film sealing module. - Suitable for different container sizes, shapes and materials (e.g. PP, PS, PET, Paper, laminated films, etc.). Perfect to pack instant food, noodles, pasta, dried fruit, snacks, candies, chocolate, soup powder, frozen food, yogurt, ice cream, jelly, etc.. Automatic operation from drop cup, filling to sealing. Suitable for all ki... more
Double-deck turntable for filling containers Full stainless steel design, suitable for the FDA area mobile on steerable stop rollers 1450 mm Table diameter 1200 mm height adjustable Little used, very good condition 12 Container fillable Container dimensions 400 x 300 Height adjustable for filling higher containers Metal plug M/F for connection to the discharge conveyor Metal plug for the alternating current signal coming from the injection moulding machine Plug for power supply 400 V / 50 Hz Tim... more
For sale is a capping machine from Bosch manufactured in 1992 type VRM 6040 in used, condition. Rotation head with 4 locking units. Jvmva3 more
Integrated filler for bag in box and bottles, for applications with hot liquids and fruit juices, prepared for connection to DN25 pasteurization systems. It is possible to fill bags in boxes from 2 to 20 liters, pouches, glass bottles from 100 ml to 3 liters, PET bottles up to a maximum of 5 liters. • Stainless steel structure with 4 wheels • Semi-automatic bag in box filler complete with volumetric pump with rubber impeller, self-priming, and silenced compressor • Induction flow meter in stai... more
Details on request Teiyeqw more
AMTEC CUP-FILLINGsystem Aut. Multilane cup/container filling/film sealing machine ML3-60 Automatic multilane cup or container filling system including film sealing module. - Suitable for different container sizes, shapes and materials (e.g. PP, PS, PET, Paper, laminated films, etc.). Perfect to pack instant food, noodles, pasta, dried fruit, snacks, candies, chocolate, soup powder, frozen food, yogurt, ice cream, jelly, etc.. Automatic operation from drop cup, filling to sealing. Suitable for a... more
The filler is based on a modular system and can therefore very easily be set up from a hand-held unit to a fully automatic system. It is suitable for almost all creamy products The filling machines have been specially developed to meet the requirements of direct marketers, small and medium-sized companies in the food and cosmetics industry. The modular design of the filling machines guarantees maximum flexibility in the filling of a wide variety of products: the pump unit is attached to the dr... more
For sale is a cup filling machine by the company named AKV Packaging Machines from Riedstadt, Germany. The machine was used in the production of cereals and has a rondel consisting of a total of 12 cup input stations. Bfr2emp2po more
2nd hand Fill and seal machine, VI-500 - Format : True Quad (Stabilo) bag wide, 200 mm breit x 100 deep, the machine was never in use in consequence the machine has zero working hours Also for sale: fill and seal machine - VI-250 - Format : 50 mm wide Bhsongveyc more
Automatic bag-in-box filler for processing both with continuous bags and with single bags, from 1 to 20 liters. Prepared for filling cold liquids (wine) and hot juices up to 100 ° C. The structure is completely in AISI 304 stainless steel, with motorized roller bag sliding surface. • The machine performs all operations: bag loading, opening, filling, closing, vacuum, and saturation with inert gas. • Touch screen control panel • Self-priming volumetric pump with rubber impeller of 9500 l / h, ... more
Details on request Spnf0wq more
AMTEC CUP-FILLINGsystem Aut. Rotary cup/container filling/film sealing and capping RT-L20 New model Auto Rotary Plastic Container Feeding, Filling, Sealing and Capping Machine for larger cup/container sizes. - Functions: The cup/container stacks are being put manually into the vertical storage device. Each cup/container will be picked automatically and transfered to the filling station (dosing unit is optional). Film is supplied to seal the cup/container before a capping unit closes it with a c... more
New KSB close-coupled pump from spare parts warehouse ETABloc- GNT 125-200/754 7.5 KW 200 m³ / h Pwadscu Delivery head 9,5 m more
This drain and transfer station allows safe handling of oil and the filling of water-endangering liquids, as well as all solvent-based products. This particularly robust construction can be used as storage and filling station. The shutter has a PVC roller shutter armour with 4 cm fins. The castle is still without function, key and lock holder. Ddklt3f Front panel roller shutter box made of stainless steel. Slices of sturdy glass. Top left, right and rear grille. The station consists of a... more
For sale 3 Johnson pumps with Atex Ex certification with Thermosiphon TS 1016. Technical details: Flow capacity 300 m³/h, Downstream head 80 m, Operational pressure 9 bar, Temperature 95˚С, Self-suction Up to 7 m, Viscosity 150 mPa.s, Including : Thermo-syphon EagleBurgmann technical data: Model TS1016, Permissible temperature -60 ˚С + 200 ˚С Maximum pressure 16 ,fh (232 PSI), Test pressure 28 bar, Operational volume, MAX-MIN (Litres) 1.2, Cooling ability – without cooling water (kW) 0.2, Cool... more
Vibration Shaker suitable for emulsion and paints in plastic or metal drums maximum binding height (mm): 410 binding shape: round, oval and square containers maximum product weight (kg): 35 Jogging speed (RPM): 600 vibrating time: 4 preset programs (1, 2, 3, 4 min.) Engine performance at the shaker (HP) (kW): 1 (0.75) size (W x D x H) (mm): 700 x 610 x 1150 Corob more vibrators and color mixers available! Please enquire Mslu9 more
Estavayer-le-Lac, Switzerland Switzerland
6590 km
excellent (used)
- Single head machine - Direction : R – L - Different bottle sizes Bcddist83g more
AMTEC CUP-FILLINGsystem Rotary Cup Filling and Film Sealing Machine RT50-Liquid Rotary filling machine to fill liquids, pastes, powder, bulk goods into pre-made cups and sealing them with film. The machine can be equipped with a module for capping the cups with a hard plastic/hard shell lid (at a surcharge). The AMTEC filling and sealing machine can handle different cup types, shapes and dimensions and is flexible in the type of product to be filled. The product must only have flow properties s... more
Automatic filling system Logdos Späth GmbHTyp K-DOS.F/AL 40/ EXfor filling liquids into buckets, hobbocks, IBCs and barrelsEX protected mobile,mobile on roll compact dimensions : 3m x 2m x 2m (LxWxH)Programmable X/Y axis and pallet imageVery good condition, directly from the production!!! 22tmandx more
Control: SPS S5-95-U, in 2002 the machine was rebuild to bottle vegetable oil products. Bcrj8maiv2 more
For sale 2 TAPFLO pumps Model TX120 STT Production year 2015 Maximum capacity l / min 158 Pump volume per cycle 420 ml Maximum pressure 8 bar Max. Heights suck dry 4m Max. Heights suck flooded 8 m Maximum size of solid particles in liquid 6 mm Maximum temperature with EPDM 80 ° C Max. Operating temperature of the pump with PTFE 110 ° C Bblukanwm Weight (standard AISI 316 pump) 16kg Pump housing AISI 316L more
AMTEC CUP-FILLINGSYSTEM - Coffee Powder Capsule Filling and Sealing Machine - 2 lane Bjfrwqpsxg Automatic container filling machine including sealing module. - Suitable for the filling of powder products (coffee, chocolate, tea, milk powder, sugar, etc.) in different sized capsule containers (e.g. Nespresso, K-Cup - with/without filter -, etc.) and subsequent sealing. Automatic filling, weighing and sealing of capsule. Nitrogen filling device included. Automatic film infeed and double heat seal... more
AMTEC CUP-FORM-AND-FILLINGsystem Aut. Multilane cup/cont. form/filling/film sealing machine FF-18 Fully Automatic Thermoforming Machine: cup/container forming, filling and film sealing system. Applicable for vacuum, gas and MAP (modified atmosphere packaging) packaging of food, meat, sea food, fruit, vegetable, medical and hardware items. - Main parts made of stainless steel, easy to change modular moulds, water cooling system for thermoforming mould and sealing module. BUSCH (Germany) vacuum p... more
AMTEC FILLINGmachine Basic Automatic Linear Auger Filler 10-5000g separate weigher Basic Automatic Linear Auger Filler with weight feedback via separate weigher. Including free flow device for better product flow control and including dustproof cover. SIEMENS PLC controlled with SIEMENS Touch Screen. - Specifications: Hopper volume: 45 liter; filling weight: 10-5.000g; stainless steel version with servo motor; packing accuracy: 0-2% (at 0-100g), 0-1% (at 100-550g), 0-0.5% (at 500g and more) (de... more
AMTEC FILLINGmachine Fully Automatic straight transport single Auger Filler 10-500g Bjfsfdzgmx Fully automatic powder filling system, single auger-filler unit, straight transport of cans. Functions: automatic container feeding - precision positioning - container lifting - vibration - filling - weighing feedback - sorting - container outfeed. PLC control, precision servo system, dosing technique: screw and load cell feedback, removable glass cover. - Specifications: stainless steel (SS304) versi... more
AMTEC FILLINGmachine Fully Automatic straight transport Triple Auger Filler 10-500g Fully automatic powder filling system, triple auger-filler unit, straight transport of cans. Functions: automatic container feeding - precision positioning - container lifting - vibration - filling - weighing feedback - sorting - container outfeed. PLC control, precision servo system, dosing technique: screw and load cell feedback, removable glass cover. With Wi-Fi function, remote control and data download syst... more
AMTEC FILLINGmachine Fully Automatic Liquid Filler with 6 Heads (new version) Fully automatic liquid filling machine with 6 filling heads for filling volumes of different alternative ranges e.g. 50-500ml – customized configurations are possible. The volume is adjustable within the filling range by adaptation of the capacity of the air cylinder – uncomplicated controlled by software, without using additional modules. Operating principle: feeding of the bottles via infeed conveyor, positioning o... more
AMTEC FILLINGmachine Cpmplete Liquid Filler Continuous 2 Automatic liquid filling and capping system. Suitable for various liquids and oils from the food industry (water, juices, liqueurs, olive oil, sunflower oil, etc.) as well as from non-food (perfumes, cosmetic oils, detergents, etc.). The liquid filling system has 2 filling heads moving in vertical and horizontal direction, which allow continuous filling and thus a higher number of cycles. Automatic detection of the position of the bottles... more
AMTEC FILLINGmachine Fully automatic paper labelling machine 5000 Bjfside8vb Fully automatic paper labelling machine with PLC control or touch switch knob control, photoelectric device, variable speed motors and conveyor chain. - Specification: label length: max. 300mm; label width: max. 120mm; max. speed of the machine in neutral: 83 cycles/minute; power: 220V, 50Hz/60Hz, 1.75kW; machine dimensions: approx. L2440mm×W1000mm×H1300mm; weight: approx. 800kg. Our machines are available as sample,... more
AMTEC FILLINGmachine Can Fill and Capping VACU 7 Bjfsiwhj7d Powder filling and capping system for cans including vacuuming and gas flushing device. - Specifications: Can diameter: 99-127mm; can height: 100-180mm; output: max. 7 cans/minute at -90Kpa Vacuum; residual oxygen: = 3%; nitrogen pressure: 0,1-0,8Mpa; air supply: 0,6-0,8Mpa; power: 3kW, AC220V; dimensions of the machine: L1900xW800xH1800mm; weight: 880kg. – Specifications laser engraver: engraving depth: 0.01mm-0.4mm; laser wavelength:... more
AMTEC FILLINGmachine Capping Module 13 - Screwing 1500 Fully automatic capping machine for screwing screw caps onto containers including conveyor belt for integration into the packing line. The machine is suitable for a multitude of different screw caps by means of the quick-change of screwing device head. Prior to tightening, an adjustment device provides for an exact positioning of the screw cap onto the container. Main components: PLC by Mitsubishi, sensor by Stick, pneumatic parts by AIRTAC... more
AMTEC FILLINGmachine Rinsing-Filling-Capping WF-4000 Automatic water filling system for up to 4.000 bottles per hour. Including feeding system for empty bottles to the 18-head rotary rinser. Rotary filling station (12 heads) with gravity filling principle. The capping unit is working with 6 capping heads and is suitable for 28 and 30mm PE standard caps. All product contacting parts are made of SS304 or standard food package plastic. The frame is made of high quality carbon steel Q235 (optional ... more
AMTEC FILLINGmachine Sleeve Labeling Machine including shrink tunnel SLLV-24000 Automatic Sleeve Labelling Machine with a capacity of up to 400 cycles per minute. Shrink tunnel included. Stainless steel version (SS304), servo motor driven cutter, no-bottle-no-label, label feeding device with a feeding speed of up to 90m/min for fast and precise production. Brusher devices to help fixing the label in the right position, bottle position fixing device, adjustment to lift he machine according to t... more
AMTEC FILLINGsystem - Sample system for 12-head piston pump filling for round bottles/jars Sample system for volumetric filling into bottles or jars. That system is equipped with 12 filling heads and piston pumps, which enables high production speed . The filling heads are drip proof and avoid foaming of filling material. Filling volume and filling speed can be easily adjusted. Further features: Precise filling, no bottle no filling, bottle fix position, system runs stably. - Specifications: p... more
AMTEC FILLINGsystem - Sample system for tablet counting and filling Bjfsou80nx Sample system for capsule and tablet counting and filling. The system includes a vibration and multi channel feeder, PLC control system, dynamic scan counting, bottle/can transfer unit. - Specifications: Range of counting 20-999 pcs; counting and filling speed: max. 4000 tablets/min; final output: 50-100 bottles/cans per minute; max. product diameter: 13mm; max. product length/thickness: 6mm; typical bottles sizes: d... more
AMTEC FILLINGsystem - Sample system for a complete rinsing, filling, capping line (low viscosity) Sample filling system for low viscosity products (ketchup, jam, sauces, etc.) into bottles, glasses, cans. Including container unscrambler, rolling bottle/container rinser, viscosity filler (hot filling, steam filling), vacuumize jar capper. - Specifications: filling volume 20-1000ml; bottle size range: diameter 20-150mm, cap diameter: 20-70mm; 4-12 filling nozzles allowing speed s of up to 6000 bo... more
AMTEC FILLINGsystem - Sample system for motor oils in 20 litre canisters Sample filling system for motor oils in 20 litre canisters. Generally suitable for different liquids (high or low viscosity) into large containers, canisters. The filling quantity is controlled by a weighing sensor. High accuracy due to slow filling speed with still relatively high output compensated by two filling heads. Can be equipped with a steam sterilizer. Mitsubishi PLC, WIENVIEW Touch-Monitor, sensors from Sick. -S... more
AMTEC FILLINGsystem - Sample system for small volume bottle filling Ccxfror3 Samples System to fill small bottles with small volume of liquid: Typical use is filling of eye drops. The system includes an container unscrambler, which sets the small bottles into an infeed line. Module to clean the bottles (water/gas) and inside/outside tucks (cap parts), filling and labelling the bottles. The system is PLC controlled. The total 3 cleaning processes with water plus the 3 cleaning processes with gas... more
AMTEC FILLINGsystem - Sample system for volumetric filling and capping Bjfsrbihn9 Sample system for volumetric filling and capping in one monobloc. Stainless steel SS316, 4 or 8 filling nozzles, volumetric injection pump, automatic cap orientation and capping. - Specifications: filling range: 20-1000ml (ideal filling ranges: 20-100ml, 50-250ml, 100-500ml, 200-1000ml); max. speed of the machine in neutral: 5000 bottles/hour; filling precision +/- 1%, yield of capping min. 99%; power: 220V, 1.2-... more

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