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SOREDEX CRANEX TOME CEPH commissioning May 2005 We will send you technical data and details you request. The specified price is Excl. 19% VAT To offer optional and on request at an additional cost: SCANORA 5.1 medium Office 3 additional network workstation TWAIN interface to operate with other imaging programs Bh30kigm MOUNTING and commissioning and briefing ROe testing OPG-CEPH, digital ROe decrease diagnostic monitor ROe-Server Blue chip Intel 5 Quad EIZO RadiForce... more
-very good used condition -We will gladly send more technical details on request To offer optional and on request at an additional cost: MOUNTING and commissioning and briefing ROe testing OPG-CEPH, digital ROe decrease diagnostic monitor ROe-Server 2y7jogd8s Blue chip Intel QuadCore 5 diagnostic monitor EIZO RadiForce NEW DIN 6868-157 at least. LD > 200cd/m2 + 10% Valid from 01.05.2015 more
Included: - BEGO LaserStar - Foot switch - Power cord - 230 V - 50/60 Hz - 2 kW - 10 amp - Protection class 1 - IP 21 - Year of construction '96 8o7zt08co - Pilot laser - Laser class 2 Specifications according to manufacturer Article from plant retrofitting Please refer to the photos for further technical data more

Scanner 3shape D700

Hamburg Germany
6478 km
Brand / manufacture 3shape Type / type D 700 SER No. / serial no. Scanner: H1512242B PC: CZC51121VZ 9rywsrw9o Dongle: 1462219337 Dimensions / dimensions approx. 340 X 290 x 330 mm Resolution / resolution 2 cameras with 1.3 pixel Scan / scan time approx. 25-125 sek Precision / accuracy about 20 microns Year / year of construction by 2015 more
Elexxion Claro PICO diode laser Used Year 01/2011 Serial number: 05-0101 Wavelength: 808nm +/-10nm Peak power: 5W CW mode: 1W Pulse rate: 12,000 20,000 Hz Pulse duration: 26µs / CW Dimensions: H 11, 5cm W 9cm D 2, 8cm Weight: 590 g Laser class: 4 Attention: The purchaser alone is responsible for the compliance of the manufacturer of the prescribed safety regulations 2qukzm We take over no liability for improper handling with this laser With this laser a statement and prop... more
Porter P2 Lachgas mixer MXR 3000 max 70% N2O oxygen nitrous oxide nitrous oxide system ventilation P2 Lachgas mixer O ² oxygen / N2O nitrous oxide bestehwend of following components: Cfrjiqr without oxygen bottle / N2O nitrous oxide 1 P2 Lachgas mixer of Porter MXR 3000 dimensions: H x B x D 220 x 120 x 140 mm 1 pressure reducing valve O2/oxygen 4,5 bar NESTING & DISS connection 1 reducer N2O / nitrous oxide 4.5 bar NESTING & DISS connection 1 Porter double masks scavenger nasal ma... more
Cercon EYE scanner with CERCON type 3.3.3 incl. XP computer, monitor, keyboard, mouse, and with Cercon move, template, calibration ball and accessories Condition: The device can be started. No error message appears. The buyer has the device locally prior to pick-up on request to check the course option. The article is used! Manufacturer information: 00rffyriu The scan engine Cercon® eye the CAM-based System Cercon® smart ceramics advanced to a CAD/CAM system. The used high-qual... more
KaVo Everest CAD sanding system 3zsgyivux Acquisition date 09/2014 with dongle and Cabinet Scanner arctica Autoscan with desktop and dongle more
Rarity Polishing table with fume control system for 8 jobs suitable for goldsmiths, watchmaker or dental technician S8h7hauh 14 drawers Table in good serviceable condition. Ready to use. Table is sold without warranty. The table can be viewed in 75334 Straubenhardt, d 11, and tested. more
System includes: (1) L-Optical Scanner GIRRBACH digiSCAN: Voltage: 220-240V, frequency: 50-60Hz, current: 5A, operational temperature: 22°C, humidity: 40-60%, length: 500mm, width: 630/815mm, height: 619mm, weight: 80kg, including calibration body, Splitex modelling table, Argus Software (2) Digisoft-Basic Construction Software: Including Control Computer: Version: 4.1 (10/02), length: 460mm, width: 200mm, height: 620mm, weight: 16kg, Flat Screen Monitor TFT 17Inch: Length: 80/180mm, width: 380m... more
Happy thing Steri line "Unclean" 1 view page for Cabinet Mrz99 1 cabinet with 1 door, 1 drawer 50 cm 1 corpus/niche for TDI 60.5 cm 1 cabinet with 1 Panel, 1 door without splashback Blanco EE4x4 without overflow 1 basin V2A 60 cm 1 cabinet with waste bin 3 x 10 litre, 40 cm Countertop 1 view page for cabinets 1 wall cabinet with 1 door 1 shelf 50 cm 2 cabinets 60 cm 1 wall cabinet 40 cm (all other not listed but depicted objects do not belong to the offer!) more
Digital 2D X-ray system and 3D patients, with a 2D sensor for Panoramic view of the cabn SINUS sinus and nasal sinus shots and a flat panel detector for DVT. Workstation PC. Software pre-installed. Adult and children's programs Dental programs/recordings Endo, Paro - tooth status recordings, Temporomandibular joint recordings, bite wing shots, shots of the maxillary sinus. . Ent Programs/recordings Pine -, Naseneben - and frontal sinuses, temporal bone and middle ear . DVT volumes Ø4... more

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