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Insulating glass making machines for sale

Identified location: Ashburn (US) (Edit)
Roller tilting table for jumbo sizes, load capacity 800 kg Bful873xkv more
LiSEC 1600 x 3500 mm, R ᐳ L IGU Production line | Isolierglasanlage | Linia do zespalania szkła Year | Baujahr | Rok budowy: 2006 Total length of the line | Länge | Długość: 45 m IGU dimensions : from 190 x 350 mm to 1600 x 3500 mm Max. thickness: 52 mm Spacers from 8 to 20 mm Max. glass sheet thickness: 15 mm Washing and Drying Machine with Water Treatment G7rx8c9 Quality Scanner Automatic Butyl Extruder Automatic Spacer Positioning Tandem - Double Press with Argon filling on the first one Aut... more
The machine was completely renovated (new pump) can work on each pasty material. A very small amount of hours worked! Nj9lf more
2004 Bystronic Low E deletion 2004 Bystronic Washer 2004 Bystronic butyl automatic machine 2004 Bystronic Automatic frame positioning 2004 Bystronic Tandem Gas Press 2013 Lisec Cork pad Machine 2013 Lisec Sealing Robot The line can break by 90 degrees Be2inptwcn 2300X3200mm more
Automatic gas filling device, sensory design. The charging machine automatically stops charging at the end of charge. With 3 chanel. M3szbzi more
Dimensions 1800 x 1500 mm, own weight 80 kg, 9 suction cups, lifting power 200kg Bhjicd8su more
Automatic bending machine for all conventional, synthetic and composite Bczbp0vlep spacer types, Lisec, BSV-45 + PM-45/6, 1995, in very good working condition more
The champ’speed enables the quick and precise cutting, breaking, grinding and drilling of automotive glass. The special feature of the champ’speed 2in1 version is its outstanding flexibility with regard to the premium edge break: It is the first machine in the world that can break glass with or without a template. No7ap more
Glass-Robot :Automat do uszczelniania szub zespolonych w bardzo dobrym stanie. Ju8s0u Kierunek pracy z lewej do prawej. Max. wysokość 2,3m more

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Please read the complete list of machinery included Is sold as one piece only. 2013 Insulating Glass Line Lisec 2700 x 5000 mm The is able to assemble structural and stepped units. Includes: 1. Transport station 2. Transport station 3. Washing Machine 2hp8f0ui 4. Frame Setting Station 5. Gas Press (for double,triple,stepped units) 6. Аutomatic installation of sealing the edges of rectangular and figured double-glazed windows incl. segmented transport system, sealing up to 5000 mm, corne... more
Working direction left - right, main components of the line: Washing machine VHW 16/6, frame mounting station RTVN-27/16, gas filling press FPS-25/16U, sealing robot VFL-1/16 (2 components sealing). With inlet and outlet sections and transport conveyors. Gvx7vc more
Automatic butyl coating machine | Autom. Butylbeschichtungsanlage | Automatyczna butylarka - Butyl-Extruder Bfuuaedoru LBH-25ARS + RFVS-25/25 + RAVS-25/25 + FRS-25A | Year / Baujahr / Rok budowy: 2008 | L ᐳᐳ R Very good condition - rarely used / Zustand: sehr gut - wenig gebraucht / Bardzo dobry stan techniczny - mało używana Disassembled / Demontiert / Zdemontowana more
Complete line for the production of insulating glass with dimensions 2500 x 4000 comprising: -Washer with automatic measurement of glass thickness and detection of LowE coating Yr7tmk -Quality scanner that detects defects in glass and scans all shapes -Super Walk applicator -Corner Type Applicator -Frame Overlay Station -AR Carbonating Press -Slot Machine for Hotmelt Mass The line performs glass with a maximum thickness of 50mm package, single, double and three chambers. The ability to perform ... more
Butyl extruder LISEC LBH-25V, year 2007 Nlbjd Machine after overhaul. Condition: excellent more
Hopper capacity: 22 liters Working temperature: 165-195°C 2eelhik9 Warm up time: 1,5 h Extrusion rate of sealant: 1,7 kg/min Curing time of sealant: 2-3 minutes Length of hose: 3000 mm Voltage: 230 V, 16 A Max. power: 2,5 kW Assembled dimension: 570x1340x1130 mm Weight: 140 kg more
2004 Lisec Insulating Line 2500 x 3500mm Bfkyl0kasr 2004 Lisec Cutting Line 3210 x 6000mm 2004 Lisec Frame Bending Machine more
Complete machine park for the produktion of Georgian bars (Sash bar 76 and sash bar Europa) Bf0p9vmfy more
LiSEC, Typ: TAL-60 TH Bflklahkw2 Refurbished / Generalüberholt / Wyremontowana: 2019 Thiokol-Maschine. Anlage für das manuelle Versiegeln mit Dichtmassen Pump- und Dosieranlage zur manuell geführten Applizierung von Zwei-Komponenten-Dichtmassen. Thiokol machine. System for Manual Sealing of I.G. Units Using 2-Component Sealants Pump and metering system for the manual application of two-component sealants. Tiokolarka. Urządzenie mieszająco-dozujące do 2-komponentowych mas uszczelniających szyby... more
Insulating glass Lisec Sealing machine, short operating time of hours. Very good condition, well preserved machine. Max unit dimension 2,5x3,5 m Right-to-left direction Gvv7ak Triple-glasses more
Lisec AKL-25V Condition: Good working order Height: 2500mm Bfeupzqlbj Year: 1996 more
Acceptable spacer thickness: 5,5-24,5 mm Bar length: cc.100-2800 mm Length counter: Digital Air pressure input: 6 bar Voltage: 230 V, 10 A Max. power: 0,5 kW Assembled dimension: 6450x450x1300 mm Bdncldseg0 Weight: 150 kg more
Working height 2700 mm x max. Length 4000 mm and working direction from left to right Press with gas filling max. 60 mm total thickness 1000 kg total load Sealer with PS and external flushing unit Twice and three times possible, also forms (with data and / or manual input) Total length of line: 45 m with TPS station Plant still fully operational / in use - can be visited at any time become. Bfie7hrsgq At least one maintenance was carried out annually and regular General overhauls at the washing... more
6 suction cups with a lifting capacity of 1000 kg Bfrq0fzb30 more
LiSEC, Typ: LBH-20VSA Butyl-Extruder / Butylarka 7 kg Ccctdqgx Refurbished / Generalüberholt / Wyremontowana: 2019 Butyl Coating Machine for Spacer Frames. Butyl extruder for precision butyl coating on both sides of spacers. Butyl-Beschichtungsmaschine für Distanzrahmen. Butylextruder für die beidseitige Präzisionsbeschichtung von Abstandhaltern mit Butyl. more
Marval, year 2001, bicomponent glass sealing machine. Little construction, for 100/10 liters material, with hydraulic pump. Bfig20ipvc Excellent condition. more
Rjukan filler with 2 heads Muoavo more
Tank capacity: 7 kg Starting heat up time: 45 min Heat up time after refilling: 1 min Operation temperature:140-160°C Id8uh7vww Sealant flow: 0,5 m/sec Spacer thickness: 5-25 mm Air pressure input: 6 bar Voltage: 400 V, 16 A Max. power: 2,8 kW Assembled dimension: 2820x440x980 mm Weight: 350 kg more
Okrzeja, Poland Poland
7290 km
good condition (used)
Lisec-Spare parts for glass units Nn8rf more
Vertical suction bridge with 5 cups and a lifting capacity of 250 kg Bflweh03c more
LiSEC IGU Production line, h=2000 mm, Right ᐳ Left, L=32 m Year / Baujahr / Rok: ~1998 and older Eeevsrl Isolierglasanlage, H=2000 mm, Rechts ᐳ Links, L=32 m Linia do produkcji szyb zespolonych, H=2000 mm, PrawoᐳLewo, L=32 m Good condition / Guter Zustand / Dobry stan techniczny No more in production but still connected to the power. Inspection is possible by appointment. Nicht mehr in Produktion, aber immer noch unter Strom. Besichtigung nach Terminvereinbarung ist möglich. Produkcja na linii ... more
Automatic gas filling device, sensory design. The charging machine automatically stops charging at the end of charge. Can be requested in 1, 2 or 4 channel versions. Completely new. 3b8krena more
Lisec insulating glass line with automatic gassfillingpress dimensions: 1600X2500 Cv7cvaly direction: R-L more
Machine for filling the spacer bar with desiccant material using vibrations. The special construction of the multiple filling head allowed to pull filled profiles and load empty profiles during the filling process. It also prevents the output of molecular sieve. Support for separator profiles with clamping Springs is positioned at 45°, and facilitates the simultaneous filling of several profiles with different widths. Vsq2pq more
Bender and backfilling machine for spacer for insulated glass units Nn8qr more
Sealing machine for 25 kg barrels based on hotmelt Bfrlvl80xr more
1997 Insulating Glass Line Lenhardt/Bystronic 2300 x 3500 Complete Insulated Glass Line Includes Gas Press, Sealing Robot and Light crane system In good working condition Bellsc9v89 more
Lisec (Austria) butylating machine, in working condition, as shown in the picture. 7 Kg charge. Bfig2qxkbb Normal condition. It can be tried, even during operation! more
Maximum IG unit size 2000 x 3500 mm Working direction: from left to right B38mfq9q Line consists of: * Inlet LISEC RTVN – 32/20 WE, 3200 mm length * Washing machine LISEC VHW – 20/6, 3600 mm length * Outlet LISEC RTVN – 32/20 ST, 3200 mm length * Frame setting RSVN – 38/20U, 3800 mm length * Transport section LISEC SGL – 27/20, 2750 mm length * Inlet gas press LISEC RTVN – 27/16 MZ, 2750 mm length * Gas press LISEC FPS – 50/20 UT, 5500 mm length * Outlet gas press LISEC RTVN – 32/20 ST, 3200 mm ... more
System for manual sealing of I.G. Units Using 2-Component Sealants. Pump and metering system for the manual application of two-component sealants. Static precision mixers ensure optimal mixing of materials. The system is easy to use thanks to the automatic level control for maintaining the selected working height of the sealing gun. An automatic balance control makes the mixing unit seem almost weightless. The extended sealing bracket enables optimized and smooth sealing also of larger glass un... more
Reliable rotary table for the thiocolation of insulated glass-after major renovation Nn8ov more
4 suction cups, lifting capacity 600 kg, axle tube ca. 2 m Bfrlqajvo9 more
2013 Lisec Automatic Cutting Line 1. 6 Glass Pyramids LBS-60/40 2. Automatic 6 Position Glass Loader ATH-60/30FD 3. Automatic Cutting Table with LOW-E deletion ESL-60/30RS-L 4. Laminated Glass Cutting Module Including Laser Positioning VB-45 5. Belt Transport Section BTA-50/33 6. Support Table BTS-10/30 7. Automatic X Breaking Section TBX-33/12 8. Belt Transport Section BTA-20/33 9. Hydraulic Tilting Loading Table Including Breaking Bars BTS-37/33... more
-Max. Glass width: 450mm -Min. Glass size: 50x50mm -Thickness: 2-10mm -Speed: 0,7-4,5m/min -Power: 8Kw Nogar -Size: 1900x830x1020mm -Weight: 500Kg -Brushes: 4 (For low-e glass also) more
Automatic bending machine for bending all spacer frames with integrated drilling unit and ink jet printer. 9,4kW, 400V, 50Hz, 3+N/PE Bc9sf8a8ax more
With 4 suction cups, lifting power 400 kg, axle tube ca. 2 m Hymbmwz more
1600X5000mm Right to Left with Tandem Gas Press 1. RTVN-11/16VE Washing Machine Inlet 2. RTVN-15/16ST Washing Machine 3. FPS25/16U Gas Press 4. FPS25/16U Gas Press 5. RTVN-27/16ST Frame Setting Station 6. FR400S Transport Section Ewa0gsp 7. RTVN-27/16WE Transport Section 8. VHW-16/V8 Measuring Section 9. RTVN-11/16VE Gas Press Outlet 10. VFL-1D/16 Sealing Robot more
MGB 1K Standard butyl extruder, with 1Kg tang, and total refurbished. Bfigwotkmq more

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