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Used POLYTYPE BDM 301 R6, 6-Color Rectangular Tub Printer, age 1995 :- Automatic Elevator Tray-feeder Auto-cross conveyor feeder to main Print Unit Universal screw Denester ARCOTEC CG30-2 Corona Pretreatment System 8-mandrel Indexing Turret, with Mandrel Holders for Tubs 6 x individually hinged dry-offset Print Heads. Each Print Head consisting of Print cylinder, radial and axial Print adjustment with micro-register during operation of the Printer, 2 x Form Rubber Rollers dia. 71 and 100 mm, 2 x... more


6738 km
CMF MIRAGE 806 6 colors No Gearless and Fast sleeve change Print width 1360 mm Min/Max print repeat 340/700 mm Electric drying 5 Anilox Material to print: LDPE, PET, GND, Paper Mechanical speed up to 200 m/min Pneumatic pumps n.6 rubber rolls n.4 airshafts n.6 mandrels unwind + rewind trackers n.49 geared printing rolls available :  6 x 440-500-610-640 mm. + 5×460-540 mm. + 4×380 + 3×420-480+ 2×430+ 1×400-450-530. 9mxyocqpn Construction year 1987 more
specifications are still eingestellt.Laut dispenser works the machine einwandfrei.Die machine is however already unscrewed and verpackt.Ich transport moderate they can not perform so and will it for the special price Add lots of accessories like manual tampons colors toolholder spares see photos assembling possibly also possible Zxkzyvsv more
Paint pot diameter: 140mm, with automatic pad cleaning system. 7egoetn0l more
OMSO DM 185/ 6 CUPS round cup Printing Line, age 1997 : With Elevator Tray Feeder, Conveyor to Denester 9ze8reref Universal Screw Denester, ARCOTEC CG30 Corona Pretreatment Unit ARCOTEC CG03 Leak Tester Unit 6 x Color Heads, fountain Roll with individual Variable Speed Motors Applied Curing Tech UV On Mandrel Curing System 2 x Timing Belt Take-off, Short Conveyor to exact count double Screw Counter/ Stacker Unit Ejector Tray. XYCOM VME Touchpad Operator Control Panel with VDU Display. Main C... more
UTECO TOPAZ 608 GL MOD 160 Construction year 2014 6 colors With Gearless and Fast sleeve change 4 motor per deck CNC position system Web/Print width 1650/1600 mm Min/Max print repeat 450/850 mm Single unwinder type Vc0pkli Turret rewinder type Max reel diameter unwinder/renwinder 1500/1000 mm Drying: gas burners, tunnel 4 mt long, motorized air recirculation system with LEL system Web guides OPG at web infeed With washing system Inking system: 6 closed chamber doctor blades, 6 ink pumps, solven... more
Screen printing machine on wheels (to move). For sieve frame 470x1070mm. The machine works as follows: Inserting: Part on table Push back table Screen down fold Colorize with Handrackel Fold up the screen Pull table Remove the finished part Had two hand engines and a Siebdrucklinie.Die Maschinenn come from the Kuehlschrankproduktion.Eine hand machine and to ca. 10 screens I can give more. I can now do not specifically say whether it is identical to the set photos with the machine in sto... more
POLYTYPE BDM 611-816, 8-Color Cup Printing Line age end 1999 :- Automatic Conveyor-feeder (acts as a accumulator) Universal screw Denester ARCOTEC CG30 Corona Pretreatment System ARCOTEC CG20 Leak Tester System 8-mandrel Indexing Turret, with Mandrel Holders for Cups Cfrmraj UVITERNO MONO-JUMBO Model 6015, 7 kW UV Curing-On-Mandrel Positive Blow-off, final dual Timing Belt take-off Conveyor to counter Stacker station with Ejector Tray. Max. Cup dia. 150 mm, Min. Cup dia. 60 mm\ Max. Height o... more
W.& H. ALINA 880 6 colors 9mxvyh72e Roll to Roll Web width 980 mm Print width 900 mm Single unwinder Max reel DIAM. unwinder  + rewinder : 1200 mm Single rewinder type Electric drying Machine is offered with complete reconditioning more
CARINT GEMINI 120 Construction year 1998 6 colors Web/Print width 1250/1200 mm Min/Max print repeat 350/800 mm Unwinder type: Semi automatic turret unwind type SSC with 2 winding stations Max reel diameter unwinder/renwinder 800 mm Gas drying system Web guides: BST with camera and monitor solvent based Ink ceramic anilox: 1x(100-140-180-420) 2×240 4x(120-320) Edt83tpla Print Sleeves: Sleeves Rossini for cylinder 89 Print cylinders 6x(360-390-490) mm Material: PE, PP & Polyester – web tension ar... more
UTECO CORAL 675 6 colors 9mxsy3fs0 Web width 1250 mm printing width 1200 mm. Min/Max print repeat 330/800 mm Max reel diameter unwinder/renwinder 800 mm Imeco Gas Drying Decosystem videocamera including  14 chambered doctor blade, 9 ink pumps 16 Anilox rolls n. 213 Print Sleeves Construction year 1998 more
CMF MINCEM RGR 706 9mxr3iuwx 6 colors Web width 1250 mm printing width 1200 mm. Min/Max print repeat 300/800 mm Double unwinder/rewinder Max reel diameter unwinder/renwinder 800 mm Electrical drying 1 web guides Ink system 6 chamber doctor blades BPI type 7 Anilox Print Sleeves: 49 type Rotec Print cylinders: 6 air cylinders, 66 Printing cylinders with gears Printing speed 200 m/min Materials film, PE, PP, PET, paper + laminates Construction year 1989 more

6-Color Tub Printer OMSO DM55 BOX

Stouffville Canada
569 km
OMSO DM55 Age 1992, rebuilt in 2002 with almost all New Parts, 6-Color UV with 1 x Color Base Printer:-Manufacturer: OMSO Model: DM 55 UV No. of colors: 6 Auto Elevator Tray feeder Age 1999 Universal Screw Denester added new in 2002 900qypzx7 Corona Pretreatment system for rectangular Containers added new in 2002 ARCOTEC HS15 Corona Unit Main Revolver unit with Indexer & Indexing Turret for Rectangular Containers and Motor added new in 2002 6 x Print Heads age 1992 fully rebuilt in 2002 Pick & ... more

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