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Surface grind. horiz. from 1000mm grind. length for sale

Identified location: Ashburn (US) (Edit)
Control: ABA (Siemens 840 D) grinding area: 2.000 x 1.020 mm table surface: 2.000 x 800 mm Bim2dki7sm distance table/grinding spindle center: 900 mm other technical data see attached PDF more
Capacity 18" x 6" / 457mm x 152mm Longitudinal traverse 19" / 483mm Cross traverse 6.3/4" / 171mm Cross feed 0.007" - 0.07 / 0.2 - 2mm Wheel head rise & fall By Hand N2tjn Table speed 5'- 60' / 152mm - 18,288mm per minute Input 415/3/50hz Nominal stone size 7" diameter x 1/2" face / 178mm diameter x 13mm face Magnetic chuck 14" x 6" / 355mm x 152mm Fitted with Suds tank Length 900mm Width 1300mm Height 1650mm Nett weight actual. 820 Kgs. more
:FS-C 80150/100150AHD | FS-C 80200/100200AHD | FS-C 800300/100300AHD | FS-C 800400/100400AHD grinding length:1500 | 2000 | 3000 | 4000 mm grinding width:800/1000 mm distance spindle nose and table:800 [Option: 1000] | 800 [Option: 1000] | 800 [Option: 1000] | 700 [Option: 900] mm max. table load:800x1500 (2000kg)/1000x1500 (2400kg) | 800x2000 (2650kg)/1000x2000 (3200kg) | 800x3000 (3950kg)/1000x3000 (4800kg) | 800x4000 (5000kg)/1000x4000 (5500kg) kg table-size:800/1000x1500|800/1000x2000 | 800/... more
CNC precision surface grinding machine make MÄGERLE / ATHENA type T 20 Year of manufacture 1992 Technical data: table size 2200 x 640 mm grinding length 2200 mm grinding width 820 mm max. workpiece height 700 mm Travel Y 720 mm Travel Z 600 mm max. table load 2600 kg grinding wheel dimensions 406 x 100 x 127 mm Table speed 0 - 40 m/min. spindle motor 15 kW Bxitmd38 Weight approx. 14 t Total connected load 35 kW with - Magnetic plate with clamping force regulation - Permanent magnet - Paper band ... more
grinding length 300 mm grinding width 150 mm workpiece height 300 mm turning speeds 2800 U/min U93bflo surface area 400 x 150 mm total power requirement 2 kW weight of the machine ca. 1 t automatic vertical feeder, demagnetization, rapid traverse up/down, dressing unit, separate electric cabinet, coolant equipment more
Made in Germany Technical specifications: Control Unit: Conventionnel X - Travel: 1000 mm Y - Travel: 400 mm Z - Travel: 375 mm Workpiece weight: 500 Kg Grinding stone dimensions: 300 x 50 x 76,2 mm kW power on spindle: 7.5 kW Speeds / ranges: 2800 Rpm Dimensions: Length: 4250 mm C8frjkrhy Width: 2700 mm Height: 2700 mm Weight: Approx. 4000 Kg Notes: Availability immediately Available inspection underpower more
grinding length:2100 mm grinding width:750 mm Bh2zfp3aor workpiece height:800 mm number of spindle speeds:1500 U/min table surface area:2000 x 500 mm weight of the machine ca.:12,9 t dimensions of the machine ca.:6700x2550x2750 mm more
Serial No. BO 92621 Capacity 18" x 6" / 457mm x 152mm Longitudinal traverse 19" / 483mm Cross traverse 6,3/4" / 171mm Cross feed 0.007" - 0.07" / 0.2 - 2mm Wheel head rise & fall By hand Table speed 5' - 60' per minute Input 415/3/50hz Nominal stone size 7" / 178mm diameter x 1/2"/ 13mm face Magnetic chuck 14" x 6" / 355mm x 152mm Fitted with Metric dials Length 860mm Width 1300mm D3bxk2eig Height 1630mm Nett weight actual. 790 Kgs more
grinding length 1200 mm grinding width 450 mm workpiece height 500 mm weight of the machine ca. 10 t 3s9nt38f dimensions of the machine ca. 4,8x2x3 m more
table-size 1800 x 800 mm grinding range 1500 x 750 mm workpiece height 690 mm table speeds 4 - 36 längs m/min grinding width 750 mm grinding length 1500 mm table speeds 1 - 60 quer m/min grinding wheel size 500 x 100 x 203 mm grinding spindle speed 1000 U/min voltage 500 V total power requirement 36 kW grinding spindle drive 28 kW weight of the machine ca. 17 t Bjczwpzk27 Machine has cooling arrangement, dressing arrangement and auto. vert. feed. more
Table size 1500 x 550 mm Grinding area 1000 x 500 mm Workpiece height 500 mm Table speed m / min Grinding length 1000 mm Grinding width 550 mm Table speed m / min Grinding wheel dimensions mm Grinding spindle speed U / min Voltage 400 V. Total drive power kW Grinding spindle drive kW Machine weight approx. 10 t control N23it Technical details Machine is with coolant system, puller and autom. Vertical delivery. more
grinding length 1000 mm grinding width 500 mm workpiece height 400 mm table-size 1030 x 500 mm max. table load 1000 kg dist. center of grinding spindle - table 575 mm table travel longitudinal 1140 mm table travel cross 540 mm Bibaz7iubb table feed 7 - 25 m/min turning speed range - grinding wheel 1450 U/min grinding wheel size 355 x 38 x 127 mm magnetic clamping plate 1000 x 500 mm dressing device Kopfabrichter coolant voltage 380 V total power requirement 11,5 kW weight of the machine ca. 5... more
grinding length:1250 mm grinding width:500 mm Dyhex3l Clamping area:1720x400 mm weight of the machine ca.:5200 kg dimensions of grinding wheel:400x40x127 mm more
X - axis 1150 mm y-axis (vert.) 540 mm Z - axis 500 mm table surface 1050 x 500 mm magnetic plate 1000 x 500 mm max. load 700 kg feed range vertical 0,1 - 30 mm feed range Z 0,5 - 1,0 m/min X rapid travel 27 m/min rapid travel Y-axis 600 m/min width of grinding wheel 38/ 50 mm Bizxg2gtbg diameter of grinding wheel 355 mm drilling 125 mm speedrange 1500 rpm grinding spindle motor 3,7 KW total power required 8,0 machine dimensions 4,6 x 2,6 x 2,15 m machine weigh... more
Leipzig, Germany Germany
dealership location
6727 km
grinding length: 1600 mm grinding width: 750 mm workpiece height: 600 mm control: Unicon feed: 0,001 - 2,0 mm rapid traverse cross: 2500 mm/min feed: z=quer/pro Hub: 0,2 - 150 mm mm feed: y=vertikal/ vertical.:3-375 mm/min interface: RS 422 + V 24 + 20ma table surface area: L:2000xB:740 mm Lsr8d magnetic plate size: 1500x750 mm table load: 1,5 t spindle cone: 90 (1:5) mm dimensions of grinding wheel: 650x160x304,4 mm grinding spindle speed: 1000 - 2000 U/min grinding spindle drive: 37,5 - 75 kW ... more
grinding length 650 mm grinding width 400 mm Rbwz0aud grinding height 600 mm table-size 800 x 350 mm weight of the machine ca. 3,5 t jakobsen grinding maschine plan type 824 very nice more
Table size 1800 x 800 mm Grinding area 1500 x 750 mm Workpiece height 690 mm Table speed 4 - 36 along m / min Grinding width 750 mm Grinding length 1500 mm Table speed 1 - 60 across m / min Grinding wheel dimensions 500 x 100 x 203 mm Grinding spindle speed 1000 rpm Voltage 500 V. Total drive power 36 kW 28 kW grinding spindle drive Machine weight approx. 17 t Bjk0fygauq Technical details Machine is with coolant system, puller and autom. Vertical delivery. more
grinding length 600 mm grinding width 300 mm Ben3ptykcq workpiece height 310 mm magnetic clamping plate, electical 600 x 250 mm table load capacity 300 kg 2 - 30 m/min cross feed autom. 1 - 30 mm/Hub turning speeds 1400 U/min grinding wheel width x diameter 350x40x127 mm total power requirement kW weight of the machine ca. ca 2,3 t dimensions of the machine ca. m Mechanic: very good Optical condition: very good Condition: new / unused The machine can be viewed under current. 1654/... more
Surface grinder fuer profile grinding Table length: 1050 mm Table width: 240 mm Grinding length: 1000 mm Grinding width: 320 mm Grinding height: 365 mm Max. distance from table to spindle-centreline: 515 mm Longitudinal travel (X-axis): 1130 mm Transversal travel (Y-axis) 270 mm Automatic cross-feed: 7 m/min Table feed: 30 m/min Automatic vertical feed: 0.030 mm Yrcyzk Vertical rapid traverse: 0.30 m/min Diameter of grinding wheel: 300 mm Width of the grinding wheel: 160 mm Grinding wheel speeds... more
grinding length:1000 mm grinding width:550 mm workpiece height:400 mm surface area:1300x450 mm cross feed motor:0,55 kW grinding wheel speeds:1400 U/min total power requirement:18 kW weight of the machine ca.:4800 kg Used / overhauled surface grinding machine, Make ELB, type SWBE 010 NCK, machine no. 163811079 Machine with automatic notification in all 3 axes. Overhaul scope: Machine completely dismantled, cleaned all the components thoroughly and checked for complete functionality. All guid... more
SURFACE GRINDING MACHINE Make ABA, ML 1207, year of construction 2006, Control SIEMENS, Grinding length 1250 mm, grinding width 800 mm, magnetic clamping plate 1250 x 700 mm Table load 1200 kg, 7yawc80 table speed: 2- 35 m/min more
Abamatic control electro magnet plate pneumatic flap dresser exhaustion device coolant device with paper filtering flanges Technische Daten / technical details: gr. Schleiflänge / max. grinding length 2000 mm Biq2rvbxbm gr. Schleifbreite / max. grinding width 700 mm Magnetspannplatte / magnet clamping plate 2000x600 mm Schleifscheibendrehzahl / grinding wheel speed 1000-2600 UpM / rpm Schleifscheibendurchmesser / grinding wheel dia. 400 mm Antriebsleistung Spindel / drive capacity spindle 11 kW... more
x-travel 1280 mm y-travel 400 mm workpiece height 500 mm table speeds 1 - 30 mm/Hub cross travel 0,001-0,010 mm vertical rapid travel 200 mm/min 9quivxy dimensions of grinding wheel 400x80x127 mm Table 1520x450 Dimensions (L/W/H) 3,2x1,7 mm power capacity 11 kW weight of the machine ca. 4 t level grinding machine with magnetized worktop and automatic depth feed. Accessories: coolant device, flanges more
grinding length:3150 mm grinding width:800 mm workpiece height:650 mm table surface area:3.150 x 600 mm magnetic clamping plate:3.000 x 600 mm dimensions of grinding wheel:450 x 100 x 127 mm total power requirement:22 kW dimensions of the machine ca.:11 x 3 x 2,4 m Ovf9xww surface grinding machine, CNC Flachschleifmaschine, coolant device 2.500l, magnetical adhesive force control, semi automatic balancing system, more
We offer a flat grinding machine for sale at MANOJ PSGC 50150 AHR AD 1. Automatic vertical / feed Table size 500 x 1500 mm Grinding wheel 355 x 50 x 127 Weight 7400 / 9000 kg (net/gross) approx. Serial No. 0810J-03 2 piece electromagnetic chucks with rectifier 500 x 700 mm Cooling plant with paper filters and magnetic separators Tank capacity 100 l Serial No. 0810J-03 Hours of operation approximately 600 Used without guarantee and warranty. Nfmkp more
grinding length:2500 mm grinding width:750 mm workpiece height:500 mm Nw8oj weight of the machine ca.:7,5 t dimensions of the machine ca.:6000x1500x2400 mm table clamping surface::2000 x 500 speeds for grinding brads with 3 mm dia.:1500 U/min feeding of spindle:Vertikal more
grinding length:1000 mm grinding width:500 mm workpiece height:max. 580 mm distance table - spindle center:580 mm magnetic clamping plate:1000 x 400 x 80 (BxTxH) mm table surface area:1300 x 350 mm grinding wheel diameter:300 x 50 x 76 mm grinding wheel speeds:1400 / 2800 U/min Y7jpxesrc table speeds:1 - 30 m/min rapid traverse cross:1,2 m/min autom. cross feed adjustable:1 - 60 mm/Hub rapid traverse vertical:0,15 m/min total power requirement:ca. 5/6 kW weight of the machine ca.:ca. 4,4 t dimen... more
Kirchheim b. München, Germany Germany
dealership location
6852 km
good (used)
Kuehlmittelanlage 2.500l, Haftkraftregelung, halbautom. Wuchtsystem Schleiflaenge 3150 mm Schleifbreite 800 mm Werkstueckhoehe 650 mm Tischflaeche 3.150 x 600 mm Magnetspannplatte 3.000 x 600 mm Spindeldrehanzahl 1/min Schleifscheibenabmessung 450 x 100 x 127 mm Yrfwbw Spindelleistung kW Gesamtleistungsbedarf 22 kW Maschinengewicht ca. t Raumbedarf ca. 11 x 3 x 2,4 m more
grinding length 1000 mm grinding width 400 mm workpiece height 370 mm max. dia. of grinding wheel 400 x 50 x 127 mm turning speed range - grinding wheel 3000 U/min spindle drive motor 15 kW workpiece weight 750 kg clamping plate 320x900 mm weight 7,5 t Dimensions (L/W/H) 2,8x2,5x2,7 mm total power requirement 20 kW Gzzmvplz GOOD MACHINE Serial no. 22293 Coolant device more
grinding length 1100 mm grinding width 405 mm workpiece height 400 mm CNC control CNC-HB100 Table dimensions 1400 x 350 mm longitudinal stroke 1100 mm Dezeme9ny vertical movement of grinding slide 530 mm cross movement of grinding slide 405 mm Distance table / spindle centre (horizontal pos.) 700 / 170 mm grinding motor 11 kW grinding wheel dia. x width 400 x 50 (130) mm peripheral speed 30 m/sec stroke speed 30 (X-Achse) m/min stroke speed 2 (Y-Achse) m/min stroke speed 3 (Z-Achse) m/min min. ... more
High-precision surface grinding machine Mägerle F100-S1, travel 100x500 mm, magnet 750x350, grinding wheel D=400 mm, automatic infeed, water basin, guides and geometry very good, machine was completely geometrically scraped by former Mägerle fitter about 3 years ago with invoice, machine is under power and can be inspected. Weight approx. 6 tons. Byyjiib8 more
:FS-NC-50AHR | FS-NC-60AHR | FS-NC-70AHR grinding length:1020/1520/2020 mm grinding width:500 | 600 | 700 mm Njizt Distance spindle center to table:600 (Option 800, 1000) mm table surface area:500x1000/500x1500/500x2000 | 600x1000/600x1500/600x2000 | 700x1000/700x1500/700x2000 mm table load capacity:800/1000/1000 | 1200/1400/1400 | 1500/1700/1700 kg table speed -stepless-:5-25 m/min Auto. cross feed increment:0,5~20 mm/min rapid traverse cross:900 mm/min autom. vertical feed:0,001~0,999 (Option... more
table-size 1500 x 550 mm grinding range 1000 x 500 mm workpiece height 500 mm table speeds m/min grinding length 1000 mm grinding width 550 mm table speeds m/min grinding wheel size mm Bjczwzkqp8 grinding spindle speed U/min voltage 400 V total power requirement kW grinding spindle drive kW weight of the machine ca. 10 t Control Machine has cooling arrangement, dressing arrangement and auto. vert. feed. more
Magnetic chuck size 2000 x 500 mm Bjnhjmnxxi cnc machine Measurements to be checked. more
VOJUS - BRH 40B- 400x1400 mm Bjckwvujbt more
grinding length 1250 mm grinding width 500 mm workpiece height 650 mm CNC control Sinumerik 840 D Table dimensions 1250 x 500 mm longitudinal stroke 1250 mm vertical movement of grinding slide 650 mm cross movement of grinding slide 505 mm Distance table / spindle centre (horizontal pos.) 800 mm grinding motor 50 kW grinding wheel dia. x width 400 x 160 mm peripheral speed 45 m/sec feed range (X /Y/ Z) 30 / 3 / 3 mm/min min. input value 0,001 mm rotary dressing tool, table mounted type dimens... more
Surface grinding machine Favretto, geometry, scraping pattern very good (was sample scraped with calculation approx. 2 years ago) Hydrostatic grinding spindle bearing with speed control, magnet 3000 x 600 mm, digital display RSF electronics, automatic vertical adjustment, without coolant tank, machine can be delivered from November 2020 Sold due to purchase of a new machine. Bjn9wzyxbg more
:FS-D-NC 120200 | FS-D-NC 120300 | FS-D-NC 120400 | FS-D-NC 120500 grinding length:2000 | 3000 | 4000 | 5000 mm grinding width:1200/1600 mm distance spindle nose and table:1000 (Option 1200) | 1000 (Option 1200) | 900 (Option 1100) | 900 (Option 1100) mm max. table load:5200 | 6340 | 7600 | 8700 kg table-size:1200 (1600) x 2000 | 1200 (1600) x 3000 | 1200 (1600) x 4000 | 1200 (1600) x 5000 mm 3awhj0mv2 table speeds:1~25 m/min table guideways:V-Führung automatic cross feed adjustable:0.1 - 40 m... more
Surface grinding machine Perfekt b10 CNC - Unico Producer: ELB-SCHLIFF control Max. Grinding length ... 1000mm Max. Grinding width ... 500mm Storage of the spindle ..... horizontal The machine is in good condition, possible to test under power. Yslncw more
very good machine x,y,z 1200 x 550 x 500 mm automatic dressing several cycles Xladk under power for inspection more
Mganet size : 2000 x 630 mm Bjk2ndbhiu Wheel size : 500 mm 15 ton . more
Precision Surface Grinding Machine manufacturer ZIERSCH & BALTRUSCH type STARLINE 1000 NC built 1996 Grinding area: max. grinding length 1.000 mm max. cross feed 450 mm max. grinding width 530 mm grinding height (Y-axis) 300 mm Magnetic table: length 1.000 mm width 500 mm table load 1.200 kgs pole pitch 20 mm table feed (hydraulic) 40 m/min Y – axis – vertical adjustment grinding spindle: directing system linear guideway vertical feed rate max. ... more
Surface grinding machine Mägerle, good condition, geometry, guides very good, magnet 1000x250 mm, grinding wheel 300 mm, automatic infeed, without coolant system, machine was regularly serviced by former Mägerle mechanic. Fzzxqh9 more
Surface Grinding CNC with Sinumerik 800, and table 1900mm x 600 mm. E7fsmkqmo Grinding area 2000 mm x 700 mm. Power 30 kW. weight 10.000 kg more
Düsseldorf, Germany Germany
dealership location
6384 km
excellent (used)
CNC control Siemens 840 D N0gkb Magnetic table 3500 x 350 mm, fixed Grinding hight 250 mm Dresser on the table Grinding Motor 22 kW / 2919 rpm Grinding wheel size 450 x 80 x 203 mm Table feed max. 30 m/min. stepless Machine dimensions 7800 x 1900 x 3000 mm Total power requirement 60 kW Machine weight 14000 kg Condition very good, still in the factory under power. more
grinding length:2500 mm grinding width:500 mm workpiece height:500 mm table surface area:2600x500 mm Gxjks2kqy magnetic clamping plate:2500x500 mm grinding wheel diameter:400x50 mm number of spindle speeds:1450/1750 U/min :6,8 kW total power requirement:6,8 kW weight of the machine ca.:7,5 t dimensions of the machine ca.:6,0 x 1,5 x 2,4 m with automatic vertical feed, vertical rapid traverse, central lubrication, demagnetising device, wet grinding device, automatic dressing device, stepless cro... more
Surface grinding machine Favretto MB100, good general condition, guides very good, coolant system, oil cooler, magnet 1000x400 mm, disc diameter 400 mm, bellows left new, spindle bearing damage! Bjngfkpo9p Machine is under power. more

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