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Elect./Voltage: 3yyfupzr Veneer grading and sorting line for 204" (5.2 meter) veneers. -- Working stations: Infeed chain; scissor lift; 50' long inspection table. -- 170' long sorting belt; gravity roller conveyor is staging area, (2) cross transfer carts. more
Vaneer Guillotines Tagliabue Mod: TT800 Cutting length pneumatic 800mm Dimension for transport 1500x800x1500mm Bcpdobkgni Weight approx. 500Kg Good working function Stock no. 103561 more
cutting length: 3200 mm knife opening 100 mm max work piece depth 800 mm min work piece depth 25 mm motor hydraulic aggregat ca. 7,5 kW motor fence 0,37 kW laser speed of pressure beam adjustable speed of cutting beam adjustable central lubrication knife in HSS-steel photo cell security device machine L x W 4000 x 1740 mm weight 3200 kg cross veneer puncher on right hand side CASATI Type TOI 600 2qkqeu CE cutting length 600 mm Advise used machines: • Technical data without o... more
Veneer package cutting machine, EFS 2300, cutting length 2300 mm, Einlegehoehe 80 mm, range of the parallel stop: 20-570 mm, pressure bar: hydraulic cylinders, 2 pressure levels; Blade: brake motor, gearbox, crankshaft; RIP fence: three-phase motor, positioning drive; Electrical connection: 7, 7kw, floor area: 364x155cm, height: 170 cm, weight: 3000 kg Cw03a0o3 more
Cutting length: 3200 mm Max package height: 80 mm Mx7jv 2-hand operation Light barrier Electrically adjustable RIP fence more
Elect./Voltage: 220/440 V, 60 Cy, 3 Ph. Bbuqniw27w 88" Cap., straight knife cut for end-grain clipping, double rod mechanical clutch dual-arm cam driven by 5 HP motor, foot pedal actuation of cycle. -- Max. (90) cycles/Min, motor mounted inside frame and V-belted to flywheel. more
Vaneer cutting no: 103284BX Vaneer cutting Josting Mod: PFS 2100 Ney2b Year: 1972 Hydraulic Cutting length 2100mm Stock no: 103284BX more
Elect./Voltage: 240/480 V, 60 Cy, 3 Ph Ncbzd ADOLF JOHN & COMPANY Model "FS IV" Automatic Guillotine with 126" Max. length cap., 3-7/8" cutting height. -- 0.5 HP motorized parallel fence, adjustable from 1" - 64", push button controlled travel with digital readout, micro-adjustment by hand wheel. -- 7" Wide hydraulic pressure beam with rack & pinion travel; 5.5 HP gear pump motor for pressure beam and knife cutting operation, approx. (2) Sec cycle time/cut; -- Complete with: (2) Palm but... more
Elect./Voltage: 575 V, 60 Cy, 3 Ph. Bbuqmvuqvu 126" (3,200 mm) Cutting length, 3.94" (100 mm) cutting height, motorized back fence from 1" - 31-1/2" cap. fence travels on hardened ways, 0.5 HP motor, LED readout for fence positioning & fine adjustment by front mounted hand wheel. -- Equipped with: Hydraulic pressure beam-and-knife powered by 10 HP hydraulic pump motor, 6" wide pressure beam with cutting force adjustment for beam-and-knife, beam assembly with self-lubricated slide ways. -- ... more


North Carolina, United StatesUnited States dealership location
518 km
Elect./Voltage: 230 V, 60 Cy, 3 Ph. Ncbzx 150" Width cap., double-rod mechanical clutch driven with approx. 8 HP motor, twin-palm button actuation of cycle, max. (90) cycles/Min; shear cut angle with angle mounted knife. -- Motor mounted inside frame with gear drive power to flywheel, infeed table with support brackets and outfeed frame support only. -- (1) Knife included. more
Elect./Voltage: 440 V, 60 Cy, 3 Ph. 3ysg39i7 RUCKLE - AFN-34H, [...] Guillotine Jointer.133" Max. width x 5" opening. -- Parallel veneer feed table with digital measurement indicator, hydraulically operated pressure bar. -- Complete with: Light line indicator for positioning of veneer stacks, safety light beam barriers, and drop-down waste table. more
Elect./Voltage: 600 V, 60 Cy, 3 Ph. Bcnmbdhjpl SAVI HFK-320 Veneer Guillotine with 126" width capacity and a 4.6" daylight opening. -- 10 HP motor for hydraulically operated knife. -- Motorized parallel fence with 0.5 HP drive, adjustable from 1" - 26.5" -- 2nd Cut feature with automatic reset, width indicator scale. -- Photoelectric guard for knife and clamping beam, and 2-hand operation of knife and clamping beam. more
Elect./Voltage: 480 V, 60 Cy, 3 Ph. Csl0ppu3 SAVI HFK-260S Veneer Guillotine with Max distance fr knife 50". -- General Specs: 102.4"" (2600 mm) Width cap., 4" daylight opening, hydraulically operated knife, 4 HP hydraulic unit with reservoir, motorized parallel fence with 0.5 HP two speed gearmotor drive, push button operated, adjustable from 1" - 50" with magnified tape reader in front of machine. -- Equipped with: 2nd Cut feature with automatic reset, laser guide line light, photoelectr... more
Veneer jointing guillotine, hydraulic Brand: Casati Type: TO/CC 3600 New machine Technical data: Cutting length: 3.600 mm Daylight opening of the clamping beam: 100 mm Max. rear feed width 800 mm Min. rear feed width 25 mm Hydraulic unit motor power 10 PS Rear feed motor power 0,5 PS Equipped with: - Motordriven feed of the back fence - Cutting edge light - Millimeter counter - Manual and automatic working cycle. The operator can choose between: manual working cycle (separated controls for e... more

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