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5-axis milling machine MAKA MAKA KPF - CNC 2400 R
MAKA KPF - CNC 2400 R when things get really tight! The ideal machine for the finishing of plastic. By the small size of precise, almost all edits to deep-drawn parts are possible Milling spindle. The two tandem tables guarantee a continuous working in alternating operation. Linked tables can be edited also over a large area. The machine is still in production use in Hungary and can be visited by appointment. Particularly noteworthy is the converting on a current BWO control and on a BWO 930 ... more
5-axis CNC milling machine MIKRON UMC 600 TNC 426 Mikron UMC 600 TNC 426
1 x used 5-axis CNC milling machine Manufacturer: Micron Type: UMC 600 TNC 426 Year of construction: 1995 s/n: 5310301 Technical data: Steuerng: HEIDENHAIN Stroke: x 600 mm y 600 mm - z 500 mm Toolholders: ISO 40 Tool places: 44 Tool changer for 44 tools Speed: 6,300 Terms of delivery: free loaded terms of payment: prior to pick-up CM3F7CDWPZJ more
5 axis Gantry type CNC Milling Machine imes-icore GPY 138/148
Made in Germany X,Y,Z Travel 1380,1480,580 mm Gantry clearance (Table to bottom edge Z axis) 700 mm Travel speed 8 M/min Stable mechanical configuration in industrial design Protective hood per CE guidelines with sliding folding doors Clearance height: 200mm to 700mm EC/AC servo technology X/ZY: Linear guides 5th axis fork head design Ball screw in X/Y/Z axis Very fast and user-friendlycontrol system under WINDOWS® Gantry drive in Y and Z direction GMY7EU2Q9YK more
CNC 4-axis tool room milling machine Deckel  FP50CC/T
CNC 4-axis tool room milling machine FP50CC/T · Workspace X 1200 Y600 Z500 · NC rotary table Ø800 mm (2 x side table) Automatic Schiebekopf · · 40 specialist universal tool changer · Control dialog 11 IKZ 40 bar · IZQRPTJ0P0O more
5 axis CNC portal milling machine WALDRICH-COBURG MC 2000
5 axis CNC portal milling machine with pallet changer Manufacturer: WALDRICH-COBURG MC 2000 Year of construction: 1999 X axis travel 3250 mm Y axis 3000 mm Z axis travel 1250 mm Passage width 2000 mm passage height 1,500 mm clamping 2x 1,500 x 2,000 mm pallet load 12,000 kg rapid traverse direction X 30,000 mm / min rapid traverse Y direction 30,000 mm / min rapid traverse Z direction 30,000 mm / min main spindle 5000 U / min. 2-speed gearbox max. 1,250 Nm tool changer HSK 125 60 seats main spin... more
CNC universal milling machine Deckel Maho DMU 70 eVolution 5 axis
Deckel Maho DMU 70 eVolution 5 axis CNC universal milling machine WORK AREA (X-Y-Z) mm 750 x 600 x 520 RANGE OF SPEED RPM 20-18000 TOOL NUMBER 32 PROGRESS OF WORK MM / MIN 20000 RAPID M / MIN 50 NC ROTARY TABLE WITH TILT AXIS NC N. TURN AXIS ROTARY min 19/21 SURFACE WORK DIAM MM 700 X 500 HOLE CENTERING DIAM MM 30 H7 AXIS TILT 0-180 DEGREES MAX ADMITTED LOAD 350 KG CNC HEIDENHAIN 426 CHIP CONVEYOR PROBE HEIDENHAIN TS MOD YEAR 2001 ON machine hours 43200 hours work spindle 18700 level 108000€ FE9... more
4-axis CNC milling machine HERMLE UWF 1001 H

4-axis CNC milling machine HERMLE UWF 1001 H

Bretzfeld-Schwabbach Germany
6641 km
Very well preserved high performance milling machine, control HEIDENHAIN TNC 407/TNC 415, portable Control Panel, tool changer type HTC 32, NC swivel rotary table HTHNC 160, Overarm make Hofmann and Chuck, separate spindle lubrication for constant operating temperature. Solid angle table 1000 x 500 mm XYZ-axis 700 x 550 x 500 mm Speed range 25-4200 RPM. Toolholder SK 40 Vertical Quill stroke 95 mm 4.Achse resolution 0.001 degrees Total connected load 18 kW Total weight approx. 4500 kg Accessori... more
CNC univ. milling machine (C-axis) Maho MH 700 C
CNC univ. milling machine (C-axis) SMA-REF-5087 Type: CNC milling machines Manufacturer: Maho Model: MH 700 C Year: 1985 Control: Phillips MAHO 432 T Spindle: ISO 40 3.150 rpm Working area: X: 700 mm Y: 450 mm Z: 500 mm Features: Rotary table Condition: ready for action under power Location: Western Germany Availability: on demand Terms of delivery: ex works plus dismantling/loading Terms of payment: 100% before dismantling/loading BH707XAL9YR more
5-axis CNC universal milling machine Deckel Maho DMU 60 P hi-dyn
Year of construction: 2001 Control: HEIDENHAIN Millplus IT Dual processor software V530. 00 (latest version) Feed: Longitudinal/transverse/vertical: 15,000/15,000/15,000 mm / min. Rapid traverse: Longitudinal/transverse/vertical: 40/40/40 m / min. Workspace: Length: 600 mm Cross: 700 mm Vertical: 600 mm Main spindle: SK40 Speed: 10-18000 min-1 with air conditioner Tool Magazine: 60-fach change horizontal NC rotary table: Diameter: 630 mm NC Swivel Head Laser breaking control Blum can be fo... more
CNC 5-Axis Universal Milling Machine Ferrari C.B. A16
5-axis controlled milling centre Control: E 160 CNC Work piece clamping: 2 axis cradle type with tool-taper clamping Indexing of work piece cradle (A/B) full rotary and tilting controlled Traverses: X 1050 mm Y 420 mm Z 420 mm Spindle motor rating: 9 kW Spindle speeds to: 4000 rpm Gear steps 2 Torque: 450 Nm Pick up magazine tool positions: 15 with 2 places for extra large tools Tool taper: ISO 40 Equipped with: 2 Axis clamping system for parts, taper ISO 50; Vertical milling head ISO 40; F... more
5-axis CNC milling machine DMG DECKEL- MAHO DMU 80 T
5-axis CNC milling machine Make DMG lid MAHO, type DMU 80t, built in 2001. Control HEIDENHAIN 430 (5-axes simultaneous), x/y/z 880/ 630 / 630 mm, table 1250 x 700 mm, in the rigid table is a NC rotary table (diameter 700 mm),. Tool places 32 times, recording SK 40, 20 speed 8000 U/min. with internal Coolant (make STEIDLE GERMANY, minimal quantity lubrication) through the spindle from the outside; Spindle cooling unit, coolant tank, operating instructions, chip conveyor, 37533, 14645, ... more
CNC Bed Type Milling Machine 4-Axis Correa Anayak HVM 3800P
Heidenhain iTNC 530 HSCi. Table size (overall) 3510 x 1000 mm. Integrated NC Rotary Table Ø 1000 x 1000 mm. X 3200 mm. Y 1500 mm. Z 1500 mm. Second NC-rotary table Ø 500 mm with Tailstock. Automatic Milling head indexing 1°/2.5°. Spindle spereds to max. 4000 rpm. 40-station tool changer H/V. Linear scale feedback X,Y,Z. Chip and splash guards. Electrical handwheel HR-410. Coolant unit. Coolant through the spindle 19 bar, 25 l/min. M&H radio probe. Swarf conveyor. HCR Cleartec clear view porth... more
Needing 4-axis CNC milling machine KLOPP KORRADI UWC 3 H / TNC 415
Need of repair machine for repair or for spare parts 4-axis CNC milling machine KLOPP KORRADI type UWC 3 H / TNC 415 CNC Bahnsteürung Heidenhain TNC 415 Machine No. 5571 1991 driveways X: 800 mm Y: 500 mm Z: 450 mm Table size 630 mm (W 063 NTC) spindle taper ISO 40 Spindle speed 20-4000 U / min. infinitely variable feed rate 1-2000 mm / min. Rapid 7 m / min. Main spindle motor power 11 kW Power supply 380 V, 50 Hz - spindle gear with 4 steps for high torque across the rev range - CNC rotary tab... more
CNC-universal tool milling machine Mikron UME 600
Control: HEIDENHAIN TNC 415, Table: 900 x 530 mm Paths: x = 600 mm, y = 500 mm, z = 450 mm, Spindle speed: 5-5000 rpm,. Spindle retainer: SK 40, Spindle drive: 5.25 KW,. Tool changers: 22-fach,. Weight: 3550 kg FTGLWKWYP0S more
CNC milling machine (2) Emco Concept Mill 55
EMCO concept mill 55 BJ. 2004 equipped with: Siemens 840 D Maximum axis shipping routes X/Y/Z: 190 / 140 / 260 mm Table dimensions (Lxw): 420 x 125 mm Maximum table load: 10 kg Drive performance Milling spindle: 0.75 kW Milling spindle Tool holder: EMCO similar SK30 Maximum speed: 3500 RPM Max power: 0.75 kW Max torque: 3.7 NM Dimensions Dimensions (Lxwxh): 960 x 1000 x 980 mm Machine weight: 220 kg The concept of interchangeable control all concept machines can be equippe... more
CNC Bed milling machine Lagun GBM 42E
Bed milling machines Make: Lagun GBM 42E Type: GBM 42E Control: Heidenhain iTCN 530 Table: 4.200 x 1.000 mm X: 4.000 mm Y: 1.200 mm Z: 1.500 mm R.P.M.: max. 4.000 mm Intake: DIN 69871 / A-SK50-IKZ Year of make: 2007 Toolchanger: 24 CNC controlled millinghead Prepared for a 4th axe chip conveyor Stock Number: frees462 HMBLLPPSP0T more
CNC drilling- and milling machine HOMAG GENIUS BAZ20/30/14/K
4 axis control X, Y, Z, C C axis as rent trailing axle to the x, y axis speed: Max. 80 m/min in X - and Y-direction Max. 30 m / min specifications in Z-direction: workpiece length of 3300 mm for single occupancy Max 1000 mm pendant occupancy Workpiece width of 1400 mm workpiece thickness max. 60 mm with stand type tensioner Max. 120 mm with clamping template Main spindle 12 kW, water-cooled, Tool holder HSK F63; Frequency converter 15 kW to the electronic speed control rear derailleur... more
CNC travel stand milling machine AXA VSC-2-M
For sale comes from a change of the production: 1 x AXA VSC-2-M/S CNC travel stand milling machine very good, fully functioning condition – instantly from stock available for casting Scope of delivery: 1 x AXA VSC-2-M CNC travel stand milling machine 1 x chip conveyor 1 x paper band filter div. tool holders Operating instructions wiring diagrams Facilities: Werkzeugwechseler: 22 fold spindle: Sandvik Capto C6 Chip conveyor Paper band filter Technical data: Type: VSC-2-M Y... more
Portal milling machine 3/5 axis FPT Dino
FPT Dino HSC Portal 3-axis Year of construction: 2001 Control: HEIDENHAIN TNC 430 M Hours of operation: K.a.. Technical data: ----- -Spindle 18,000 rpm HSK-A63 -Magazine for milling heads with 2 seats for automatic change -Tool magazine with 40 stations -Traverse path x-Y-Z in mm: 2,800 x 2,200 x 800 -Table size: 1200 x 3.000 mm -Internal Cooling 6 bar -LAN interface -Maximum table weight: 6,500 kg -Dimensions of the system: 30 m² -Weight: approx. 29 t... more
CNC tool room milling machine DECKEL FP 4 NC
movement x: 560 mm movement y: 450 mm movement z: 450 mm tailstock stroke: 80 mm spindle taper: SK 40 spindle turning speed range: 40 - 4000 rpm carriages continuously adjustable: 2 - 2000 mm/min rapid move: 4 m/min space needed: Maschine 1900 x 2400 x 2030 mm weight: 2720 kg FKVQRR909YR more
CNC - universal tool milling machine Maho MH 1600 S
Control Philips CNC 532,. Working range: X-axis (longitudinal stroke cutting sled) 1,600 mm,. Y-axis (cross lifting milling slide) 655 mm,. z axis (vertical table sled) 800 mm,. Tilting head vertical / horizontal. Tool holder ISO 50, Chuck clamping tapers, clamping force 23 kN Spindle speeds of directly programmable 20 - 4,000 rpm, Feed rates / rapid traverse 12 m / min, Tool changer with 60 magazine seats, tool diameter of Max 230 mm, Tool length of Max 400 mm, Tool weight of Max 2... more
milling machine 5-axis  CMS THESIS
CMS Spa Thesis - 5-axis milling machine for plastics in perfect condition. Technical data: OSAI 10 operating system + CMS RIG10 manual panel. 2x vacuum pumps Becker KVT3.140 - 3kW(98m3/h), 4kW(132m3/h) Scraps conveyor Operating in axis: X - 3100 mm Y - 1100 mm Z - 750 mm B - rotation 160° C - rotation 270° Table rotation 450° Operatng unit R3 quantity - 3 rated power - 1kW max. speed 24000 rpm (max 30000) electrospindle code 150509 Tool holders chuck type ER16 M ring nu collet type ER16 C... more
Universal Milling Machine Korradi UW 4-CNC
KORRADI UW 4 CNC toolroom milling machine YoM 1976 X-Axe = 800 mm Y-Axe = 500 mm Z-Axe = 750 mm Controller Poselesta II Taper ISO 40 Spindlespeed 45 - 2540 rpm Options with the machine DO9SQE9MPYH more
Vertical milling machine TOS FV 30 CNC
x way 760 mm y route 381 mm z-way 450 mm Table size 1300 x 305 mm Spindle retainer for SK 40 Control HEIDENHAIN TNC 310 Spindle speed 100-4000 R/min Feeds - longitudinal/transverse/vertical 2.5 - 3000 mm / min Rapid traverse, longitudinal and transverse 7 m/min Rapid traverse vertical 5 m / min Table load of 360 kg Quill stroke controlled extendible 152 mm Spindle unloading 450 mm Distance between spindle nose and table 544 mm Total power consumption 8 kVA Machine weight approx. 2... more
CNC TOOLS MILLING MACHINE "MAHO" TYPE MH-500C Manufacturing origin Germany Netweight 1950 kg TECHNICAL DATA Saddle travel on longitudinal X-axis 500 mm Saddle travel on vertical Y-axis 400 mm Headstock shifting horizontally on cross Z-axis 300 mm Vertical fixing table 275x300 mm Number of T-slots 14 H7 Spindle-nose ISO 40 Shifting of vertical spindle’s sleeve 50 mm Speed of main spindle, directly programmable 20-4000 min-1 Correcting of rotations per minute 80-120 % Directly programmab... more
CNC Tool room milling machine HERMLE UWF-1202
Table size: 1200 x 550 mm Max. table load: 700 kg Traverse: (X x Y x Z): 850 x 630 x 500 mm Spindle taper: SK40 Spindle power: 11,5 kW Spindle speed: 25 -4200 U/min Automatic tool changer Weight of machine: 6300 kg Controller: Heidenhain 426 Size of machine: 3200 x 2300 x 3350 mm HUSGQIGP9ZZ more
CNC moving column milling machine ANAYAK HVN 11.000
Make ANAYAK Type HVN 11000 PC Build in 2006 Type of control HEIDENHAIN iTNC 530 Floorplate dimensions (mm) 11.000 x 1.500 X-stroke (mm) 10.300Y-stroke (mm) Y-stroke 1.200 Z-stroke (mm) 1.500 Speeds (Rpm) 60 – 3000 Admission in spindlehead Iso 50 Feeds X (mm/R) 10000 mm/min Feeds Y (mm/R) 10000 mm/min Feeds Z (mm/R) 10000 mm/min Rapid feedsX=30000 mm/min, Y/Z=20000 mm/minTotal Power (KW)22/30 Additional information ATC for 30 tools each machine CKBHQZ3B90V more
CNC Milling Machine for Modelmaking MECOF Speedstyle
CNC Milling Machine with two independent columns Make MECOF Model Speedstyle Year of make 1997 Control (2x) FIDIA M 30 Travels longitudinal (X) 16.000 mm cross (Y) 1.650 mm vertical (Z) 3.000 mm Feed rate stepless (X-Y-Z) 20.000 mm/min Spindle taper HSK 50 A Spindle speed 15.000 min -1 Spindle motor 15 kW Equipped with: · 2 Milling heads with 2 axes: SPAZIO 11 A +/- 110° / 2000 ° min -1 B +/- 400° Space required: 23.000 x 4960 x 6300 mm Total weight: ca.... more
CNC tool milling machine STANKO OMS 61
STANKO OMS 61 CNC tool room milling machine * Identical as MICRON WF61 *. Control: HEIDENHAIN TNC 355 Year of construction: 1994 Machine number: 7 Traverse paths: X - 800 mm / Y - 500 mm / Z - 460 mm Facilities: Machine complete with electrical and control HEIDENHAIN TNC 355 Machine lamp 24 V Tiltable control panel with keypad Portable Handwheel, servo Solid angle table Coolant system Hydraulic power pack Chuck Central lubrication system Manual / documentation Machine par... more
CNC - Milling Machine Maho 1000 C
Maho 1000C Specifications: x-travel 1000 mm along the Y-way vertical 560 mm Z-way cross 800 mm The machine also has a hand wheel swivel head horizontal -Vertical with rotary table housing is supplied documentation and manuals available Heidenhain CNC 432 HMBLLPPSPZ3 more
Bed Type Milling Machine - Universal ZAYER KF4000CNC
x-travel 3700 mm y-travel 1000 mm z-travel 1000 mm control HEIDENHAIN TNC355 table-size 4000x1000 mm T-slots 7x mm table load capacity kp turning speed range 100 - 3989 U/min feed 10 - 3000 mm/min rapid traverse 10000 mm/min spindle motor 30,00 kW spindle taper SK 50 total power requirement 20,00 kW weight of the machine ca. 27,00 t dimensions of the machine ca. m With HEIDENHAIN TNC 355 control. Machine can be inspected under power. C773GTRRPZX more
5 axis CNC vertical machine Centre Bridgeport 500 XP 3
Year: 2006 Make: Bridgeport Model: 5AX 500 XP3 Traverses XYZ: 700 x 590 x 430 mm Spindle speed: 15000 rpm Maximum machining diameter: 500mm Ø Control: HEIDENHAIN iTNC 530 Tool change capacity: 32 position Additional equipment: bed wash coolant Configuration: Tilt / turn Trunion table C axis: 30 rpm / 360° A axis: 25 rpm / 220° Table size: 400mm diameter Tool size: SK40 Through-spindle coolant, swarf conveyor, tool setter, manuals, chiller, 5 axis, swarf conveyor F... more
CNC universal milling machine DECKEL FP 3 - 50
Path control DIALOG 12 in color me graphic Traverse paths: X = 500, Y = 400, Z = 400 mm. Spindle attachments: SK 40, hydraulic tool clamping. Spindle speeds: 20-5000 RPM. Incl. Universal Rotary - swivelling and tilting table part furnished, Number of degrees for rotary table is displayed in the monitor. Universal Swivel Head with boring Quill, Electr. Handwheel, full cab, horiz. Milling spindle, 6 piece SK 40 tool holders, feet,. Coolant system and documentation. Weight: approx. 2600 k... more
Tool Room Milling Machine - Universal HERMLE UWF 700 CNC
x-travel:375 mm y-travel:275 mm z-travel:340 mm total power requirement:5,9 kW tool taper:SK 40 spindle speeds::560 - 2800 1/min. spindle drive:2,2 kW feeds:4 - 4500 mm/min rapid traverse:4,5 m/min table-size:700 x 285 mm weight of the machine ca.:1,2 t dimensions of the machine ca.:1,45 x 1,5 x 2,0 ( Maschine ) m dimensions of the machine ca.:0,9 x 0,6 x 2,0 ( Schaltschrank ) m H7DBVA7NP0E more
CNC universal tool milling machine MIKRON WF 72 CH
MIKRON WF 72 CH CNC universal tool milling machine Control: HEIDENHAIN TNC 355 Year of construction: 1991 Traverse paths: X - 900 mm / Y - 630 mm / Z - 500 mm Angle table clamping surface: 600 x 1200 mm Facilities: Drilling spindle 100 mm Electric wheel RENISHAW measuring sensor LP 2 Chip tray Coolant system Machine lamp Machine actuators Manual / documentation Further technical data see PDF The machine can be visited by appointment Delivery from exhibition halls D-953... more
CNC milling machine STAMA MC-100 STAMA MC-100
1 x used CNC milling machine manufacturer: STAMA type: MC-100 year: 1994 s / n: 0101506 weight: 5.6 to. Terms of delivery: free loaded terms of payment: prior to pick-up 3SBMWBZ90D more
CNC milling machine Maho MH 600 E
Milling machine MAHO MH 600 E BJ. 1985 Philips 432 control,. Procedures XYZ 600 x 400 x 400 FCEVMZI7PYD more
CNC Lathe with C axis and milling Hyundai-Kia SKT-400M
CNC Lathe with C axis and milling Make:Hyundai Kia Model-Type: SKT 400M- Year of manufacture:2006 CNC Control:FANUC 21iT Chuck Size:15" Maximum Cutting Length:1180mm. Swing:725mm. Maximum Cutting diameter: 590mm Swing over the Cross-slide:535mm. Milling RPM:4000rpm Spindle Motor Power:20kW Spindle Speed:3000rpm Bar Capacity:90mm C axis:0.001 degree Tool Size:BMT 75 Turret Positions:12 Station Coolant, Tailstock, Interlocked guards, Low Volt Light, 3 Jaw Chuck, Tooling, Swarf Conveyor. The... more
Moving column milling machine PARPAS ML 100 CNC
Longitudinal travel 10.000 mm Cross travel 1.250 mm Vertical travel 2.500 mm X,Y,Z axes rapid feed rate 16.000 mm/1' Main motor power 46-55 kW Torque 1.200 Nm Coolant unit 4 bar CNC ECS Indexed ram axis 45° indexed automatic head 144 positions Max spindle speed 4.000 rpm ATC 80 positions Chip conveyor Table dimension 8.000x2.500x300 mm Rotary table PARPAS TGP 20 2.000x2.000 mm, max load 20.000 kg, travel 1.500 mm CHGJERUNPZ8 more
Universal Milling Machine RECKERMANN KOMBI 1000 CNC
x-travel 1200 mm längs y-travel 350 mm quer z-travel 430 mm senkrecht table surface area 1070 x 400 mm spindle taper ISO 40 SK turning speeds 32 - 1.400 U/min quill stroke 120 mm rapid travel - longitudinal/face 5,0 m/min feed 10 - 1000 mm/min max. workpiece weight 500 kg total power requirement 10,0 kVA weight of the machine ca. 4.000 kg. dimensions of the machine ca. 3,7 x 2,2 x 2,2 mtr. CNC-continiuos-path control PHILIPS 432 div. tool holding fixtures, DGOXLMIO9YN more
milling Machine MAHO MH 600W  CNC 532
Built in 1995 Control 532 Power consumption 20 kVA Weight 2300 kg 2265 x 3114 x 2225 mm dimensions Travel 600 x 400 x 400 mm ISO40 tool holder Quill stroke 80 mm, spindle speeds 24-4500 RPM Feed 1-4000 mm / min Rapid traverse x-Y Z 6/4 m / min Well maintained machine. Runs very well. Geometry in X/Y/Z axis below 0.01 mm Spindle concentricity 0.01 C2C70LJ39YK more
CNC milling machine MIKRON WF 21 C

CNC milling machine MIKRON WF 21 C

Schwarzenbach Switzerland
6704 km
CNC Vertical Milling Machine, Control Heidenhain TNC 150 Table 800x450 mm, X/Y/Z axis 450/400/400 mm 18 Speeds 0-3150 rpm; Motor 4 KW Dimensions 1600x1600x1950 mm, 1400 KGs with hydr. Tool clamping, el. Handwheel Coolant System, Splashguard, autom. Lubrification HO3JXXXG9ZE more
CNC univ. milling machine (X: 500 mm) Maho MH 700
CNC univ. milling machine (X: 500 mm) SMA-REF-5734 Type: CNC milling machines Manufacturer: Maho Model: MH 700 Year: unknown Control: Phillips MAHO Spindle: ISO 40 Working range: X: 500 mm Y: 300 mm Z: 400 mm Features: Documentation Condition: ready for action under power Location: Southern Germany Availability: on demand Terms of delivery: ex works plus dismantling/loading Terms of payment: 100% before dismantling/loading BY9RHIOG90M more
CNC milling machine MCV1000
There is a MCV1000 machine in good condition for sale! X-Y-Z away 1020x510x500mm 8000 U/min max. For questions or if you are interested we are gladly at any time at the disposal! DJJVXUQDP0A more
Milling machine INDUMA MBM 25 CNC
Axes travel 2.000x1.000x900 mm Table dimension 2.500x700 mm Max weight on table 5.500 mm Spindle taper ISO 50 Max spindle speed 1.800 rpm CNC FAGOR 8025/30 E9JXARBI9YJ more
CNC milling machine Maho MH 800C
Year of construction: 1990 Control: Philips 432-10 Solid angle table: 1100 x 600 mm clamping surface Head: fold-out head (horizontal and vertical arrangement) Dimensions approx.: 4800 L / B 3900 / H 2450 mm Approximate weight: 6000 kg Autom. Tool changers: no Procedures and axes: X 800 mm Y-axis 500 mm Z axis 600 mm Feed speed and rapid traverse: X-axis 20-10000 mm / min and 12m / min Y axis 20-10000 mm / min and 12m / min Z axis 20-10000 mm / min and 12m / min Milling spind... more
Milling Machine - Vertical TOS FV 30 CNC
x-travel 760 mm y-travel 381 mm z-travel 450 mm table surface area 1300 x 305 mm spindle taper SK 40 control HEIDENHAIN TNC 310 spindle turning speed range 100 - 4000 U/min feeds longditudinal/cross/vertical 2,5 - 3000 mm/min rapid traverse longitudinal and cross 7 m/min rapid traverse vertical 5 m/min table load max. 360 kg quill stroke 152 mm spindle throat 450 mm distance spindle nose and table max. 544 mm total power requirement 8 kVA weight of the machine ca. 2,4 t dimensions 2,15 x 1,63 ... more
CNC milling machine MIKRON WF51C Mirkon WF15C
1 x used milling machine Manufacturer: Mikron Type: WF15C Year: 1987 Weight: 3 tons. Technical specifications: Control: Heidenhain 145 SK40 receiving spindle speed: up to 3,000 rev / min. Traversing x-y-z in mm: 800 - 500-500 hydr. Vise clamping table: 1,000 x 500 mm Arbeitsraumumhausung delivery: free loaded payment: before collection 3SBMWBZ9ZC more
CNC-portal milling machine SZIM MZP 2800/12000
1 used CNC-portal milling machine – gantry tandem type - universal brand SZIM model MZP 2800/12000 year of construction 1991 / *retrofit in 2006 control *Siemens 840 D travels X 18200 mm Y 3900 mm Z 1500 mm table surface clamping 2 tables ( each 2800 x 8000 mm ) distance between columns approx. 4500 mm ( pls. see drawing of machine ) number of spindles 2 ( for horizontal or vertical milling ) spindle revolution 2250 rpm spindle power 45 KW ( each spindle) tool taper ISO 50 tool changer ... more
CNC Milling machine HAAS TM2
X,Y,Z travel : 1000,400,550 mm Spindle taper BT50 Spindle speed 4000 rpm Can be inspected under power CKBHQZ3B9ZU more



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