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Portal milling machine 3/5 axis FPT Dino
FPT Dino HSC Portal 3-axis Year of construction: 2001 Control: HEIDENHAIN TNC 430 M Hours of operation: K.a.. Technical data: ----- -Spindle 18,000 rpm HSK-A63 -Magazine for milling heads with 2 seats for automatic change -Tool magazine with 40 stations -Traverse path x-Y-Z in mm: 2,800 x 2,200 x 800 -Table size: 1200 x 3.000 mm -Internal Cooling 6 bar -LAN interface -Maximum table weight: 6,500 kg -Dimensions of the system: 30 m² -Weight: approx. 29 t... more
5-axis Portal Milling Machine  EiMa GAMMA
CNC – Portal Milling Machine manufacturer EiMa type GAMMA built 2006 travels x-axis 1.800 mm y-axis (vertical) 1.400 mm z-axis 1.000 mm Linear scale for best accuracy feed rate X + Y-axis stepless 2 - 60.000 mm/min Z-axis stepless 2 - 40.000 mm/min rapid traverse X + Y-axis 60.000 mm/min Z-axis 40.000 mm/min milling spindle tool taper HSK 63 F min./max. spindle speed 24.000 min-1 power 15 kW max. torque 11,5 Nm water cooled spindle 5 – axis milling head C – axis +/- 186°, 14 min-1 B... more
5-Axis-Turning-Milling-Machine NT4250 MORI-SEIKI NT4250DCG-1500SZ
Turning-milling center MORI SEIKI NT4250 1500SZ with 40 x tool changer, revolver downstairs with driven tools, increased accuracy, otherwise see operating instructions DPLYVF7N7H2 more
Universal Milling Machine CHIRON FZ 08K S MAGNUM 5 AXIS (2011)
UNIVERSAL MILLING MACHINE CHIRON FZ 08K S MAGNUM 5 AXIS Bought 2011 / Installed 2012 CNC Siemens 840 D Spindle speed max 30,000 rpm Power 7/9 kW (100%/25%) Axis X/Y/Z 450x270x310 mm ATC 24 positions HSK-A 40 Rapid movements 75 m/min 4°/5° NC axis, minimal increment 0.0001° Probe system Renishaw TS 27 R 5 axis milling package Thermocontrol Coolant system 100 l, capacity 60 l/min, 1 bar Liquid filtering by plate BQ03HQVK7JA more
3-Axis milling machine DMG Mori  DMC 650 V
Technical specifications : Control unit Heidenhain TNC 640 Speed ​​[rpm] 18.000 Travel distance X [mm] 650 Travel Y [mm] 520 Travel distance Z [mm] 475 Installation dimensions LxBxH (mm) approx. 5.800 x 4.800 x 2.600 Weight (kg) approx. 6,000 Clamping surface [mm] 900 x 570 Spindle: Speed ​​range 20 - 18,000 rpm Power 25 kW Tool holder SK 40 Torque 87Nm In general: Tool magazine 30 places Rapid traverse 36 m / min Clamping surface 900 x 570 mm Workpiece weight max. 800 kg Equipment / acces... more


Markgröningen Germany
6634 km
Project No.: 903318 Kind of machine: Machining Centres and Milling Machines (universal) Amount: 1 Manufacturer: METROM Type: PG2020 Control: Andronic 2060 PKM Year of Manufacture: 2013 On power approx.: 2000 h Location: Germany Machine under power: yes Availability: on short call Delivery terms: EXW (at machine location) acc. to Incoterms 2010 Limitation of liability of defects: no Description: Max. workpiece dimensions for 5-axis machining: approx. 2000x2000x1000 mm. Max. workpiece diameter ... more
5-axis milling machine MAKA MAKA KPF - CNC 2400 R
MAKA KPF - CNC 2400 R when things get really tight! The ideal machine for the finishing of plastic. By the small size of precise, almost all edits to deep-drawn parts are possible Milling spindle. The two tandem tables guarantee a continuous working in alternating operation. Linked tables can be edited also over a large area. The machine is still in production use in Hungary and can be visited by appointment. Particularly noteworthy is the converting on a current BWO control and on a BWO 930 ... more
5-axis CNC milling machine MIKRON UMC 600 TNC 426 Mikron UMC 600 TNC 426
1 x used 5-axis CNC milling machine Manufacturer: Micron Type: UMC 600 TNC 426 Year of construction: 1995 s/n: 5310301 Technical data: Steuerng: HEIDENHAIN Stroke: x 600 mm y 600 mm - z 500 mm Toolholders: ISO 40 Tool places: 44 Tool changer for 44 tools Speed: 6,300 Terms of delivery: free loaded terms of payment: prior to pick-up IGAC80SMNIT more
Milling machine with 4th axis Mikron WF 72CH
Milling machine MIKRON type: WF72CH BJ.ca. 1990 (not specified) Control: HEIDENHAIN TNC 355 Spindle taper ISO 40/M 16 E - Handwheel Procedures: X 900mm Y 630mm Z 500mm 4th axis rotary table diameter 800 mm. Speeds 15-4000 RPM. Feeds 2 - 3000 mm / min. Rapid traverse X & Y axis 6000 mm/min - Z axis 4000 mm / min. Tool changer with 40 seats. Chip conveyor. Total power consumption: 400 Volt 22KW (spindle motor 10,3KW). Part.No. Attention: power supply is defective, machine no... more
5 axis Gantry type CNC Milling Machine imes-icore GPY 138/148
Made in Germany X,Y,Z Travel 1380,1480,580 mm Gantry clearance (Table to bottom edge Z axis) 700 mm Travel speed 8 M/min Stable mechanical configuration in industrial design Protective hood per CE guidelines with sliding folding doors Clearance height: 200mm to 700mm EC/AC servo technology X/ZY: Linear guides 5th axis fork head design Ball screw in X/Y/Z axis Very fast and user-friendlycontrol system under WINDOWS® Gantry drive in Y and Z direction CHSPJSSO7IR more
5 axis universal milling machine Jobs LINX Compact  35
• CNC-contouring-control by SIEMENS SINUMERIK 840 D Hardware: NCU 573 Pentium III in 5 axis/1 spindle – 3 MB user database, 192 KB PLC – system software memory card – NCU box for central processing unit CN – flat screen OP015 process INTEL CELERON 1.56 Hz, 512 MB ram, XP-floppy-disc 3.5” – 32 input/output 8 output 2 A – IM-R 361 – 8 analog input – 4 analog output – dynamic servo control standard machining cycles – 3 data base increments PLC – look ahead – programmable speed-up 5D-package,... more
CNC 4-axis tool room milling machine Deckel  FP50CC/T
CNC 4-axis tool room milling machine FP50CC/T · Workspace X 1200 Y600 Z500 · NC rotary table Ø800 mm (2 x side table) Automatic Schiebekopf · · 40 specialist universal tool changer · Control dialog 11 IKZ 40 bar · FWNQHT3ONHV more
5 axis CNC portal milling machine WALDRICH-COBURG MC 2000
5 axis CNC portal milling machine with pallet changer Manufacturer: WALDRICH-COBURG MC 2000 Year of construction: 1999 X axis travel 3250 mm Y axis 3000 mm Z axis travel 1250 mm Passage width 2000 mm passage height 1,500 mm clamping 2x 1,500 x 2,000 mm pallet load 12,000 kg rapid traverse direction X 30,000 mm / min rapid traverse Y direction 30,000 mm / min rapid traverse Z direction 30,000 mm / min main spindle 5000 U / min. 2-speed gearbox max. 1,250 Nm tool changer HSK 125 60 seats main spin... more
CNC universal milling machine Deckel Maho DMU 70 eVolution 5 axis
Deckel Maho DMU 70 eVolution 5 axis CNC universal milling machine WORK AREA (X-Y-Z) mm 750 x 600 x 520 RANGE OF SPEED RPM 20-18000 TOOL NUMBER 32 PROGRESS OF WORK MM / MIN 20000 RAPID M / MIN 50 NC ROTARY TABLE WITH TILT AXIS NC N. TURN AXIS ROTARY min 19/21 SURFACE WORK DIAM MM 700 X 500 HOLE CENTERING DIAM MM 30 H7 AXIS TILT 0-180 DEGREES MAX ADMITTED LOAD 350 KG CNC HEIDENHAIN 426 CHIP CONVEYOR PROBE HEIDENHAIN TS MOD YEAR 2001 ON machine hours 43200 hours work spindle 18700 level 108000€ DG0... more
4-Axis milling machine Deckel FP4 NC
Control system Dialog 11 Spindle speed [rpm] 5.000 Workpiece weight 800 kg Movement X (mm) 560 Movement Y (mm) 500 Movement Z (mm) 390 Spindle: Spindle power max. 7,5 kW Spindle speed 31,5 - 5.000 rpm Taper SK40 In general: Stroke X/Y/Z 560/500/390 mm Stroke 4-axis Ø 500 mm, 360°, 0,001° Sleeve stroke 80 mm Rapid traverse 6.000 mm/min Equipment / Accessories Electronical handwheel Machine lamp Coolant supply CNIMCDBX7I9 more
5-axis Portal milling machine HG Huber & Grimme PSF 25/ 10
P-S-F (25-10) a table system component size X/Y mm 2,450 x 1,000 (cube dimension) Z height mm 600 to 1,000 (cube dimension) traverse path X/Y 3.000 x 1.500 mm rapid traverse rate m/min 60-110 rotary axes C/A 540° / 360° / 220° high-performance Milling spindle with automatic tool change Speed RPM 30,000 CNC control Siemens 840 D sound enclosure available from Q1 / 2017 DJV23VOE7I8 more
5 axis universal milling machine DMG DMU 60eVo

5 axis universal milling machine DMG DMU 60eVo

Kirchheim b. München Germany
6846 km
Verfahrwege 600 mm x 500 mm x 500 mm Motorspindel 20 - 18.000 1/min NC - Schwenk - Rundtisch, d= 600 x 500 mm Max. Tischlast: 400 kg B-Achse Schwenkbereich: -15 bis +110 Grad C-Achse: 360 Grad Steuerung Heidenhain iTNC 530 SmarT.NC DMG ERGOline, 19‘‘ Display HSK-A 63 120-fach – Werkzeugmagazin (Kette mit Doppelgreifer) IKZ Spaenefoerderer Betriebsart 4 Tischkuehlung Infrarot – Messtaster Heidenhain TS 649 3D quickSET Laser – Werkzeugvermessung Dynamic – Paket: Rapid traverse in X, Y, und Z: 80 ... more
5-axis milling machine GEISS FZ2500x600
Machine is available at the customer and is completely ready for use. Machine is being sold because the order has expired. Control Siemens 840 D Extraction Vacuum pump and plate various recordings 2 5 axis heads Portal processing possible X 2662.5mm Y 1200 mm Z 780mm C-axis 520 degrees B-axis 210 degrees Speed milling spindles 32,000 rpm Power 9KW like more pictures on request IRL3P2Q8NHV more
Milling machine 5 AXIS Mikron UCP 800 DURO
Travel 800 x 650 x 500 mm Swivel range 100 / + 120 degrees Solid machine construction Motor spindle 20,000 rpm HSK 63 HEIDENHAIN of iTNC 530 control HEIDENHAIN glass scales for all axes HEIDENHAIN spear air unit to the security HEIDENHAIN network connection 3D infrared Laser Vermesuung of tools Rotating viewing window Electronic Handwheel Tool changer 30-fach Large internal Coolant system with band filter Dual filter system for internal Coolant unit Chip conveyor with side dischar... more
4-axis CNC milling machine HERMLE UWF 1001 H

4-axis CNC milling machine HERMLE UWF 1001 H

Bretzfeld-Schwabbach Germany
6641 km
Very well preserved high performance milling machine, control HEIDENHAIN TNC 407/TNC 415, portable Control Panel, tool changer type HTC 32, NC swivel rotary table HTHNC 160, Overarm make Hofmann and Chuck, separate spindle lubrication for constant operating temperature. Solid angle table 1000 x 500 mm XYZ-axis 700 x 550 x 500 mm Speed range 25-4200 RPM. Toolholder SK 40 Vertical Quill stroke 95 mm 4.Achse resolution 0.001 degrees Total connected load 18 kW Total weight approx. 4500 kg Accessori... more
5-Axis milling machine DMG MORI DMC 60 U duoblock
Year of manufacture 2011 Control system Heidenhain MillPlus iT Spindle speed [rpm] 18.000 Pallet size (mm) 630 x 500 Workpiece weight 600 Movement X (mm) 600 Movement Y (mm) 700 Movement Z (mm) 600 Assembly dimensions LxWxH (mm) ca. 5.000 x 3.600 x 3.100 Weight (kg) ca. 13.000 Mounting table [mm] 630 x 500 Spindle: Speed 18.000 rpm Power 28 kW Torque 121 Nm Taper SK 40 NC swivel head: B-Axis 180° NC rotary table: C-Axis 360°, 40 rpm Torque 1.550 Nm Clamping force 2.600 Nm Cla... more
CNC univ. milling machine (C-axis) Maho MH 700 C
CNC univ. milling machine (C-axis) SMA-REF-5087 Type: CNC milling machines Manufacturer: Maho Model: MH 700 C Year: 1985 Control: Phillips MAHO 432 T Spindle: ISO 40 3.150 rpm Working area: X: 700 mm Y: 450 mm Z: 500 mm Features: Rotary table Condition: ready for action under power Location: Western Germany Availability: on demand Terms of delivery: ex works plus dismantling/loading Terms of payment: 100% before dismantling/loading FIGYKKWH7J9 more
5-Axis HSC Gantry Milling Machine MTorres MGP-51500-TT + TorresTool
MTorres TorresMill Router 5-Axis Gantry Routing & Drilling Machine. Designed for high speed milling and drilling of aircraft structural components. Applications include net trimming and drilling of compound contoured fuselage panels, wing skins, composite structures, frames, stringers, honey comb components, etc. By integrating the TORRESTOOL® with theTORRESMILL® 5-Axes High Speed Milling Machine, the system provides the highest grade of flexibility and reduces change over time from o... more
5-axis CNC universal milling machine Deckel Maho DMU 60 P hi-dyn
Year of construction: 2001 Control: HEIDENHAIN Millplus IT Dual processor software V530. 00 (latest version) Feed: Longitudinal/transverse/vertical: 15,000/15,000/15,000 mm / min. Rapid traverse: Longitudinal/transverse/vertical: 40/40/40 m / min. Workspace: Length: 600 mm Cross: 700 mm Vertical: 600 mm Main spindle: SK40 Speed: 10-18000 min-1 with air conditioner Tool Magazine: 60-fach change horizontal NC rotary table: Diameter: 630 mm NC Swivel Head Laser breaking control Blum can be fo... more
5-axis CNC milling machine DMG DECKEL- MAHO DMU 80 T
5-axis CNC milling machine Make DMG lid MAHO, type DMU 80t, built in 2001. Control HEIDENHAIN 430 (5-axes simultaneous), x/y/z 880/ 630 / 630 mm, table 1250 x 700 mm, in the rigid table is a NC rotary table (diameter 700 mm),. Tool places 32 times, recording SK 40, 20 speed 8000 U/min. with internal Coolant (make STEIDLE GERMANY, minimal quantity lubrication) through the spindle from the outside; Spindle cooling unit, coolant tank, operating instructions, chip conveyor, 37533, 14645, ... more
4th axis for Chiron milling machine Simon Nann NT 13.3
Here we offer a 3 - spindle 4th axis , which has been an ongoing Chiron FZ 12 S machining center Siemens 810 M taken control. Therefore, it is also functional. The 4th axis is welcome to visit by appointment in our warehouse and functionality are reviewed. Manufacturer: Simon Nann Type: NT 13.3 Model year: 1991 Sales with bill. VAT will be. Reported on the bill The 4th axis is sold to the exclusion of any guarantee. So I recommend to visit it before buying. 38HRW92NKC more
5-axis universal milling machine Maho MH 600 C mit Werkzeug-Wechsler
5-axis universal tool milling machine Maho MH 600 C with tool changer, control CNC432 workspace: horizontal longitudinal axis X 600mm (horizontal longitudinal movement of the cross slide) Vertical axis Y 400 mm (vertical movement of the cross slide) adjustment headstock horizontal Qürachse Z 500mm (horizontal Qürbewegung of the headstock) Work table A-axis (pivoting movement of the tabletop (parallel to the X or Z axis) clockwise or counter clockwise) worktable B axis (rotary movement of the t... more
CNC 5-Axis Universal Milling Machine Ferrari C.B. A16
5-axis controlled milling centre Control: E 160 CNC Work piece clamping: 2 axis cradle type with tool-taper clamping Indexing of work piece cradle (A/B) full rotary and tilting controlled Traverses: X 1050 mm Y 420 mm Z 420 mm Spindle motor rating: 9 kW Spindle speeds to: 4000 rpm Gear steps 2 Torque: 450 Nm Pick up magazine tool positions: 15 with 2 places for extra large tools Tool taper: ISO 40 Equipped with: 2 Axis clamping system for parts, taper ISO 50; Vertical milling head ISO 40; F... more
Needing 4-axis CNC milling machine KLOPP KORRADI UWC 3 H / TNC 415
Need of repair machine for repair or for spare parts 4-axis CNC milling machine KLOPP KORRADI type UWC 3 H / TNC 415 CNC Bahnsteürung Heidenhain TNC 415 Machine No. 5571 1991 driveways X: 800 mm Y: 500 mm Z: 450 mm Table size 630 mm (W 063 NTC) spindle taper ISO 40 Spindle speed 20-4000 U / min. infinitely variable feed rate 1-2000 mm / min. Rapid 7 m / min. Main spindle motor power 11 kW Power supply 380 V, 50 Hz - spindle gear with 4 steps for high torque across the rev range - CNC rotary tab... more
Saw milling machine Felder KF 700 P
Perfect for small craft or professional Heimwerker.Zum sale due to relocation, stands the fields of KF 700 professional in fully equipped with accessories! As soon as possible to sell! Year of 2014Maschinenausstattung circular saw: circular saw unit with double segment suspension for blade D = 250-315mmSchnitthoehe max. 104mmSpindel D = 30mmDrehzahl = 4800 U/minElektrische HoehenverstellungElektrische WinkelverstellungDigitalanzeige for height and WinkelKreissaegeanschlag with FeineinstellungSch... more
Tool milling machine, used Auerbach FUW 315 / III
with digital display Heidenhain, Tool holder: SK 40, Speed range: 35 - 1800 rpm. Stepless, Weight: 1,8 t, quill stroke: 80 mm Accessories: Counter bearings GYQ30WYENIH more
Circular saw milling machine Hammer B3 winner comfort
Motor voltage 400 V (50 Hz) Engine performance 5.5 HP (4.0 kW) Number of motors 2 Engine brake Yes Cutting height 102 mm Cutting width 800 mm Cutting length 2100 mm Table size 1100 mm The length stop 1300 mm Formatschiebetisch 2050 mm Circular saw angle adjustment manual Saws manual height adjustment Saw swiveling 0-45 ° Circular saw blade ø 250-315 mm Cultivator direction of rotation left / right Cutter height adjustment manual Cutter angle adjustment manual Milling machine til... more
CNC bed milling machine Reckermann Beta 10
with control Heidenhain iTNC 530 , vices, chip conveyer travel ways x,y,z : 1500 x 800 x 500 mm,table 1800 x 700 mm weight appr. 7,2 to GKKE7NR77IJ more
Universal tool milling machine MACMON M 100 D
Spindle speeds: 16 40-2000 RPM. Spindle inner taper ISO 40 Feed gear box with 16 feeds 9-450 mm / min. Table size 640x195mm Laengsbewegung-automatically / manually 290/310 mm Vertical movement - automatically / manually 310/340 mm Drive motor 1,3 / 1,8KW Dimensions 1066 x 1048 x1330mm Weight 800kg With instruction manual E0AANBQBNIH more
CNC Milling Machine Deckel FP 3-50
Angeboten wird hier eine CNC Fraesmaschine des Herstellers Deckel FP 3-50 mit Grundig Dialog 12 Steuerung. Die Maschine befindet sich in einem sehr guten Zustand und kann gerne nach vorheriger Terminabsprache besichtigt und getestet werden. Manufacturer: DECKEL MAHO Type: FP 3-50 Control Unit: Grundig Dialog 12 Year built: 1995 Travel: X 500 - Y 400 - Z 400 mm rapid feed: 6000 mm/m Spindle: max. 5000 U/min SK 40 Table: 800x500 2350x2700x2200 mm 3000 kg free loading on truck DJV23VOE7HV more
Universal angle milling machine table Avia DSU
General information / technical data: Rod parter universal precision T-slot table with horizontal mounting surface for smaller tool milling machines Table dimensions: (l x w) 730 x 315mm Clamping surface: 630 x 315 mm Mounting surface: 440 x 250 mm (distance between centres of the Anschraubnuten ca. 128 mm) Grooves: longitudinal 5 piece running t slot DIN 650 size 14 x 23 Adjustability of the table: ±90 ° swivel ±30 ° of tilt and ± 40 ° swiveling Comment / optional equipment: • The cla... more
One spindle copy milling machine elumatec
elumatec one spindle copy milling machine AS 70/44 Accurate cut-outs with minimal effort To set a few simple steps. Copy milling in the ratio 1:1 2 x pneumatic clamps horizontal Dosiersprueheirichtung Table device Technical data Cutting area horizontally to stop 230 x 90 mm Cutting area horizontally to template 230 x 90 mm Spindle speed 12,000 1/min. E9V7FR9KNIF more
Kondia milling machine Kondia Powermill K 76
Kondia CNC milling machine Model Powermill K 76 RPM : 60 - 4000 Spindle : BT 40 Table : 1200 x 360 mm. Movements X-Y-Z : 700 - 350 - 400 mm. Spindle movement : 150 mm. Control : Heidenhain TNC 155 II2BLC0A7HZ more
bevel gear milling machine WMW SCHLEIFmaschinenwerk SA 6Ux1500
Details: Universal cylindrical grinding machine for processing of cylindrical and conical workpieces in longitudinal and plungecut grinding method, Inspection according to DIN standards, new Control Siemens SIMATIC S7 Specifications: distance between centres: 1500 mm swing diameter: 355 mm centre height over table: 260 mm workpiece speed: stepless, 12,5-500 rpm weight between centres: 500 kg total connected load: 18 kW Grinding Wheel grinding wheel external diameter: 630 mm grinding wheel ... more
Milling machine Deckel FP 2

Milling machine Deckel FP 2

Düsseldorf Germany
6381 km
Milling machine, cover FP 2 Digital display available (faulty) Feed of the Y-axis (defective) GYQ30WYENJH more
Drilling & milling machine Bohr & Fraesmaschine BF - 550
Number 07-07-210 Drilling & milling machine manufacturer Type BF 550 Machine data Year of construction: approx. 1985 L x W x h: approx. 1400 x 1000 x 2000 mm Weight: approx. 500 kg Machine hobbyist machine is sold as a defect Technical data Control: conventional Procedures: X - axis: approx. 550 mm Y - axis: approx. 210 mm Z - axis: 400 mm Table clamping surface: approx. 1000 x 230 mm Spindle: Speed range: approx. 88-1400 RPM Chuck: MK 3 Power: approx. 1,1 kW Dri... more
Milling machine - Auerbach FUW
Short description: Universal tool milling machine of brand Auerbach suitable for the tool, fixtures, training, as well as the mold ■ procedures: 500x400x330mm ■ Control: Siemens 810 D Technical data: Auerbach FUW 400 (494) Built in 1991 CNC control Siemens 810 Table 710x400mm Longitudinal travel (X, Y, Z axis) 500x400x330mm Tool changer no Spindle taper: ISO 40 Vertical spindle speeds: 28-4000U/min Feed 1-1250mm / min Connection 50 Hz 3 x 380V Spindle motor 14KW Machine weight appr... more
CNC universal milling machine Mikron UMS 600
CNC universal milling machine Make Micron Type TO THE 600 with HEIDENHAIN control type TNC 426 X/Y/Z 600 / 500 / 450 mm hydraulic tool clamping Infrared touch probe Table size: 900 x 530 mm 8 T slots 14 mm wide 400 volts Documents available little hours Program run 2700/h Control: a 12523 / h II8B3ASKJM8 D0XSGG297IX more
Millingmachine Mikron VCP600
Control: HEIDENHAIN TNC 426/430 x trail - 600 mm y-WEG - 450 mm z-way - 450 mm Table size - 850 x 530 mm Tool holder - HSK 63 Spindle speeds - 20,000 rpm Spindle power - 13,5 KW Tool changer - 30 x Total power consumption - 16 kW Machine weight - approx. 6.1 t Blum laser Chip conveyor Uni Magnifier Extraction m & h IXBZIMAHNKK more
bevel gear  milling machine MODUL ZFTK 250
Details. Available with CNC conversion, completely modernized, designed for maximum performance and accuracy in flexible manufacturing, Inspection according to DIN standards, CNC-Control SINUMERIK 840 D SL, digital drive engineering SINAMICS Specifications: max. workpiece: Ø 250 mm distance workpiece spindle / top of cone: 40…280 mm angle of pressure: 14…28° spindle adaption: 80 mm total connected load: 16 kVA Cutter-Head cutter head-diameter: 355 mm max. module: 7 mm number of teeth: 6-100 ... more
CNC - milling machine Maho MH 700 C
Travel 700 x 500 x 600 mm Control DMG CNC 432 Change storage batteries fall 2015 Can be tested under power. HGXUX98K7IU more
Machining center milling machine Deckel Maho 600 W Heidenhain TNC 425
-Traverse path about: x: 600 mm, Y: 400 mm, spindle nose to table: 500 mm -Clamping surface (table) ca: 900 x 480 mm -Control: HEIDENHAIN TNC 425 -Tool magazine for 16 tools -Sleeve: SK 40 -solid angle table -Speed approx.: 5000 RPM -Milling head swiveling -Screen graphics -Interface available -Power consumption: 22 KVA -Approximate weight: 2,600 kg -Transport dimensions approx.: L: 3.0 m, T: 2.0 m, H: 2.0 m Accessories: external coolant, spray booth, documentation Under exclusion... more
Milling machine  Deckel FP 3 A (#259)
Short description: Universal tool milling machine of brand cover suitable for the tool, fixtures, training, as well as the mold ■ procedures: 400x400x400mm ■ Control: contour 3 Technical data: cover FP 3 A (259) Built in 19989 Control CNC contour 3 Table 600x400mm Longitudinal travel (X, Y, Z axis) 400x400x400mm Tool changer no Spindle taper: ISO 40 Vertical spindle speeds: 31.5 3150U/min Feeds 2-3600mm / min Connection 50 Hz 3 x 380V Spindle motor 3,4KW Machine weight approx. 20... more
Table Type Boring and Milling Machine GRAFFENSTADEN AP091
spindle diameter:90 mm x-travel:2000 mm y-travel:1100 mm z-axis:800 mm total power requirement:13 PS weight of the machine ca.:15 t dimensions of the machine ca.:4,4 x 3.5 x 3 m table-size:1350 x 1100 mm Used Floor Type Boring and Milling Machine Warranty: none DX3TZ8ULNIP more
Knee-and-Column Milling Machine - hori. IMATEC FU145
x-travel 1100 mm y-travel 350 mm z-travel 500 mm spindle taper 50 SK throat 350 - 650 mm table-size 1600 x 320 mm 12 speeds of the milling spindle 35 - 1500 Upm feeds and rapid traverse in all directions total power requirement 7,50 kW weight of the machine ca. 1,50 t dimensions of the machine ca. 1600 x 2000 x 2100 mm BQ03HQVK7JO more



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