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Abb acf nt for sale

Identified location: Ashburn (US) (Edit)
ABB controller with DSQC1000 main computer. Bg0fyyba8d Year 2015 Perfect condition. more
Herne, Germany Germany
dealership location
6394 km
good condition (used)
various backup enclosures and terminal boxes. 993xxqdah partial with busbars, circuit breakers,. Fuses, surge switches, etc. compatible with Hamilton MI Mounting frame all parts separately for sale Bid price after inquiry more
3HAC17396-1 ABB Serial measurement unit Lgtqkzzj more
ABB S4C S4C + Teachpendant 3HNE00313-1 Beeaka0vzt more
ABB IRC5 Flexpendant DSQC679 3hac028357 I03toxm7q more
Semiconductor contactor, relay, contactor Cjexjoo8 -Max 22kW 400 V -24V-DC Price per piece -16 pieces available Weight 1.5 kg more
ABB Robots 2rojfi Robot IRB 140 M2000 Control system S4CPLUS M2000 Range 810 mm Load capacity 6 Kg 2 pieces in stock more
Remscheid, Germany Germany
6410 km
defective spare-parts repository (used)
Control: S4 2tnjwse For mechanics: IRB1400 No accessories. Condition: used. Dismantled The control cabinet is untested and due to its age is only sold as a spare parts carrier. more
Kangasala, Finland Finland
6829 km
ready for operation (used)
Robot painting line's all machines. Listing of devices enclosed. Will be sold as complete, all devices together. MAKE OFFER ! Fwz0tff more
Buchen, Germany Germany
dealership location
6624 km
Iserlohn, Germany Germany
dealership location
6429 km
Mainly consists of: 9rnwkd7cq - 2x3 t furnace body with furnace lid, hydr. tilting chair and hydr. cylinders - Inverter 2400 kW 250 Hz - DICU control and capacitors - Control and hydr. panel - Hydr. power pack - 3-ph.-oil transformer 2900 kVA, 20 kV - water recooling unit (primary section) - techn. documentation Incl. dismantling, as seen, ex works more
Gratings, grating, light grids -Safety contact mat -Price per piece -Number 2 pieces -Dimensions 1350/670 / H15 mm -Weight 22 kg / each Beyrh9wc77 more
ABB robots robot Djkqrqz IRB 140 M2000 Controller S4CPLUS M2000 2 pieces in stock more
Control without robot. Hours of operation: 66317, 8 h Errors and changes reserved in the technical data. Bctpewarwb more
Fully automatic Bin picking part loading system with ABB robotics Kamera, Scape Software, camera detecting system invluded. Nnmip Fully automatic bin picking of parts out of a box Year 2014 Including robotic cell Was used for automatic loading of driving shafts, but can be also used for any other picking assignment. Is in very good condition and was only used very less. Please contact us for further information or more pics. more
Used dsmc fig 112 floppy-disk controller ABB DSMC112 57360001-HC Weiterhin auf Lager: abb ADVANT STATION SERIE 500 abb DSPC171 abb DSPC172 abb DSPC172H abb DSMC113 abb DSCS140 abb DSMB175 abb DSMC112 abb DSCS131 abb DSBC173 abb DSCA114 abb DSAO130 abb DSDI110A abb DSDO110 abb DSBC172 abb DSAO120 abb DSAI130 abb DSSR122 abb DSSB146 abb DSSA165 abb DSTC452 abb DSDX452 abb DSDI452 abb DSAX452 abb DSDX451 abb DSDI451 abb PM630 abb SA610 abb AI620 Ibi00t9 abb DO630 abb DI636 abb RF615 more
ABB robots robot IRB 140 M2000 Bgs9ivtwav Controller S4CPLUS M2000 2 pieces in stock more
More ABB DCS600 DC Thyristor Motor Controllers for Sale Betycm2qp8 1x ABB DCS600, DCS602-0900-61-15000A0, 755 HP (560 kW) DC Motor Drive, Input: 3 ∼ 600 V, 730 A, 50-60 Hz, Output: 625 VDC, 900 A Net price: 1000 Euro. Reference number: FREK0075 1x ABB DCS600, DCS601-0900-61-15000A0, 845 HP (625 kW) DC Motor Drive, Input: 3 ∼ 600 V, 730 A, 50-60 Hz, Output: 700 VDC, 900 A Net price: 1000 Euro. Reference number: FREK0073 2x ABB DCS600, DCS601-1500-61-15000A0, 1400 HP (1036 kW) DC Motor Drive, I... more
Control without the robot Bctyiopvqu Hours of operation: 54578, 6 h more
3 x 400 V 50-60 Hz Hvml09h 6.7 kVA Errors and changes reserved in the technical data. more
ABB DSQC 245 (gebraucht) Serial measurement Board More details and pics on request. Srm3zg Unit comes from the industry, has been tested and is fully functional. The goods is sold solely as used goods and spare parts donors, under exclusion of any warranty or guarantee more
Buchen, Germany Germany
dealership location
6624 km
Tönisvorst, Germany Germany
dealership location
6357 km
as good as new (ex-display)
PCB circuit board , HRVI Scanner control board ABB Accuray 082157-002 HRVI A Yxbtrrj0m -Two pieces of stock more
PC Interface circuit board, PC ASSY,GPU Accuray 083883-004 GPU BD Yxbw0ohwx more pieces /4/ more
Advant Controller 110/160 Card rack ABB RF 615 typ:3BHT100010R1 Have is stock ABB PM630 009b0s2hi ABB SA610 ABB AI620 ABB DO630 ABB DI636 more
Digital Output Module ABB Advant Controller 110/160 Yu9j7owp7 ABB DO 630 Advant Controller 110/160 16 channel more
Babberich, Netherlands Netherlands
dealership location
6312 km
ready for operation (used)
RABBA Guillotine 1250 x 16 mm - Make : RABBA - Type : HS 16 / 1250 - Serial No : 65 - YOP : 1989 - Cutting length : 1.280 - Cap Steel 37 : 16 - Cap stainless : 12 - Blade length : 1.300 - Size blade : 60 x 25 - Down holders : 7 pieces - Cutting anlge : 0 – 3 Gr. - Number strokes : 12 - Angle cutting : 2 – 3 Gr - Number off downholders : 9 - Positioning speed X : 30 - Dimensions - Length : 2.100 - Width : 1.400 - Height : 2.000 - Weight : 3.900 - Power : 18... more
Weedcontrol Air Combi comfort 100 front attachment implement for weed control with hot air recycling of approx. 400 degrees, automatic temperature control with digital display. working width 100cmRequired hydraulic power approx. 20-30l/min1x EW with unpressurized returnWe offer here only the attachment implement !The Avant is for display only!As a specialist for municipal technology, agricultural machinery and cleaning machines, we always have well over 100 devices in stock and will be pleased t... more
former MultiFormer : all stainless steel hopper capacity 270L die width 400 mm usable die surface 370 x 130 mm maximum volume per stroke ± 1,47 kg maximum 50 strokes / minute total power 8 kW air consumption ± 300 L / min. variable speed mobile 3x400v 50hz dimensions (l x w x h) : ± 3.140 x 914 x 2.568 mm weight 1200 kg PLC control J8jcepu9 + Interleaver : max capacity 45 strokes/min max paper dimensions 140 x 140mm Type paper (silicone) Plc controlled all stainless steel mobile more
Former : all stainless steel die width 400 mm usable die surface 370 x 130 mm maximum volume per stroke ± 1,5 kg speed up to ± 55 strokes / minute power 7,5 kW air pressure 6 bar Bftglg9uao water pressure max 4 bar air consumption ± 300 L / min. hopper capacity 250L weight 1200 kg 3x400v 50hz PLC control variable speed mobile + Interleaver : max capacity 45 strokes/min max paper dimensions 140 x 140mm paper type : 2 sided with wax layer outfeed conveyer 3 x 400v 50hz all stainless steel ... more
Leipzig, Germany Germany
dealership location
6727 km
Make: ABBType: DMA+450+65W G0rqsbn more
ABB IRB 1600 industrial robot! Cjigksnx0 - refurbished and completely tested indutrial robot in standard or premium quality (we can offer you a 6 months component guarantee separatly) - building year 2008 - control system ABB IRC-5 - payload 8 kg - working range 1450mm - complete with cable set and teach panel - very good condition - test under power is possible - if you need more robots or other models, please contact us. - we have always many robots in stock We can offer you the complete ... more
ABB IRB6600 ROBOT , S4C+ ( 175 KG-2.55 MT , 225 KG-2.55 MT , 200 KG-2,75MT , 175KG-2,8MT ) Be2ycynm89 WILL BE DELIVERED AS IT more
KARDEX Shuttle 500-2450X863-NT Tray Lift used, good condition, see pictures floor space approx. 300 x 300 cm height 8,5 m Load capacity/tray max. 347 kg up to 44 tons load capacity/lift 1 x 80 pcs. Shelves 2 x 42 pcs. Shelves width 2,45 m depth 90 cm Year of manufacture 2003 Manufacturer Kardex Type SHUTTLE-500-2450X863-NT 3 pieces available Vienna site Negotiation price: € 23.000,-- Purchase of 1 pc. € 39.000,-- purchase of 2 pcs. € 59.000,-- purchase of 3 pcs. Stock is on hand. Tran... more
You can also make direct contact in Polish. Bfs2rg0qif more
originally packed ABB frequency inverter from ABB overstock - unused as far as we see. Type ACS800-04M-0260-3+E210+H354. Including inbuilt EMV-filter and operator panel. More data acc. to datasheet in the offer. Before shipment the inverter can be formatted - if desired - packaging is not originally sealed afterwards. Optional modules available (e.g. K454 profi-bus). We ship worldwide, pricing EXW Germany. Packaging: 125x57x84cm - 124kg 9x8jcvq8 more
3HAB8101-6 ABB Drive unit BAD Ewbayrh more
ABB IRB 140 M2000 industrial robot - refurbished and completely tested indutrial robot in standard or premium quality we can offer you a 6 months component guarantee separatly) - building year 2004 - control system ABB S4cplus - payload 5 kg U3gjvso9d - working range 800mm - complete with cable set and teach panel - good condition - test under power is possible - if you need more robots or other models, please contact us. - we have always many robots in stock We can offer you the complete in... more
Warburg, Germany Germany
dealership location
6519 km
ready for operation (used)
Description: -The plant was visited by us during operation and was taken off the grid in week 44/2018. -The system would be flushed and cleaned. -The vacuum evaporator has been serviced every six months by H2O, last service 09/18 next 03/19 or: in 494/h. -The Vacudest has received a new Roots blower in exchange ( bj 2008 ) which currently has 9877 operating hours (read operating hours, see photo). -The plant is stored in our warehouse in Warburg. -The Vacudest includes a lot of accessories and ... more
Palettierroboter ABB IRB 640 Steuerung: S4C M97A Anzahl der Achsen: 4 Max. Traglast: 160 Kg Givlmnz Max. Arbeitsbereich: ca. 2905 mm Baujahr 1997 DSQC 328 without vaccum pump Lieferumfang : Roboter,Steuerung,Kabel,Teachpanel,Bedienungsanleitung,Schaltpla ene more
Year: 2007, revision in 2017 Bccxneod3 Working area X/Y/Z: 3000x1500x120 mm CNC Control: LC20BP2 Laser-Type: CO2 4000W Max. Workpiece Weight: 730 kg Max. Material Thickness- mild steel: 20 mm Max. Material Thickness- stainless steel: 15 mm Max. Material Thickness- aluminum: 12 mm Required space- length/width /height: 11715/5000/2390 Weight: 11700 kg more
CERNAY, France France
6567 km
good (used)
Robot ABB IRB2000 Armoire de contrôle M93 Câbles Baie-robot Teach pendant S3 Js0zmlvs Working Hours: 1380H This robot is on very good condition it come from a university laboratory. more
ABB IRB6600 2.55-175 M2000 Bezb8vl S4C+ Controller Teachpendant SMB Cable Motor Cable 50.000-60.000 hours more
ABB IRB 1600 M2004 Industrial Robots - revised and tested industrial robot, available in standard or premium quality - (On request, 6-month component guarantee possible) - Year of construction 2005 - Control unit ABB IRC-5 W9bjk - Lifting capacity 7 kg - Working radius approx. 1200 mm - with cable set and manual control unit - very good condition - several, also other robot types in stock We are also happy to offer you the complete integration of the robot into your production process. We alw... more
6-axle ABB robots with control cabinet Version: IRB4400/1.95.45 Serial number: 4400-0735 Weight: Robot 900 kg. Control cabinet: 300 kg, Control Panel Wwrhc Built in 1996, used in a training center. no mass-production, no continuous operation, very good condition more

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