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Adjustable fence for sale

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adjustable geared motor, linear geared motor, electric motor manufacturers gear Lenze 11.710.03.00 Manufacturers motor Lenze 4AP71-6 Motor output 0,25 kW 110-630 RPM-regelbar RPM shaft Ø 14 mm design B3 -1 piece of motors available Award pieces Dimensions 355/160/H190 mm Mq2nh Weight 16.3 kg more
Maximum positioning length: 6000 mm positioning according to absolute or chain dimensions possible Feed slide can be folded up to push the profiles through Pneumatic stop clamp Ysdvho more
Cross cut fence KALTENBACH with material support like roller conveyor track length 4500 mm Web width 315 mm Stop length, travel distance 4500 mm Runway height 1020 mm - 4500 mm Dimension scaling - stop slide on hexagonal guide easily movable and for clamping - very stable stop slide with foldable stop arm - Extension 500 mm, for fence near the saw blade - 3 pcs. stand feet firmly welded - Table surface made of 120 double T-beam and 195 x 105 mm angle iron Space requirement L x W x H: 4760 x 450 ... more
AIGNER auxiliary fence for surface planers very good condition, like new works perfectly the auxiliary stop offers maximum safety when dressing narrow workpieces and can be quickly and easily folded upwards when not in use the fence on your surface planer must be at least 900mm wide and it must not be wider than 1280mm the universal bracket fits every stop and can be easily attached Bimwx2cuty is a tool recommended by the wood BG flawless can be attached to all commercial surface planers with mo... more
2 T - slots in the table 30° - 140 2 side stops with scale and groove for attachable backgauge Adjustable cutting depth Knife for stainless steel built-in Foot control Selector switch for use in simple step or step-by-step 2 mechanical hold-down devices Cutting gap adjustment automatic Knife length (mm) 220 Cutting capacity R = 42Kg/mm2 6,5 Cutting capacity: R = 60Kg/mm2 5 Strokes/minute: at max. length 50 Strokes/minute: with 50 mm cut 80 Bneajkit7j Working height (mm) 900 Oil tank capacity 35 ... more
Adjustable angle Elbe ear unit with SK40 recording for SCM CNC-angle unit for drilling Drilling adapter M10 and additional adapter for normal 10 mm Schaftbohrer Thank you, that you are interested in our offers. If you have specific questions, please use the telephone, personal interview questions can clarify faster than by mail. Unit can be rotated through 360 degrees C axis Adjustment range of - 10 to 90 degrees Ratio 1:1 Speed Max 6000 RPM 2qsffi The unit comes from a bankruptcy and has unt... more
adjustable geared motor, linear geared motor, electric motor Engine manufacturer SEW type DTF71D2BAZ Transmission manufacturer SEW type SAF40 Motor power 0,55 KW speed range adjustable 41-205 RPM f B5 angle Hollow shaft ø 25 mm protection type IP44 Dimensions 630/200/H275 mm Pta8ju Weight 38 kg more
Bread slicer bread frame Wabäma Manufacturer : Wabäma Model : 650.460.09.34.20 mobile 220 volts cutting width 9mm See picture Hgz29qw Please ask for shipping costs more
6 adjustable feet made of cast steel 4 PCs 20 ton payload. / 2 piece 15 ton. Height (adjustable) with mounting plate 2 piece approx. 415-600 mm Height (adjustable) with mounting plate 4 piece approx. 440 to 625 mm Foot size 4 x 260 x 250 mm and 2 piece 230 x 230 mm Plate 1 piece 125 x 125 mm, 4 piece 140 x 140, 1 piece 150 x 150 mm Threaded spindle 2 x Ø 60 mm, 1 x Ø 65 mm, 3 x Ø 70 mm -Thread spindle with Trapetzgewinde for the height adjustment Weight per foot 2 piece 25 kg and 4 piece 32 kg g... more
Height-adjustable designer desk for sale due to office closure. Condition: New, not yet used. Age: 4 months Material: - wooden plate (white), 180 cm x 80 cm x 73 cm (height adjustable). Made by local carpenter. - Tea-leg frame, white. Powder-coated metal. Bltlpyd7vr Elegant design, modern appearance. No guarantee and as seen. Pickup only. Please note our additional offer (lockable roll container, matching the desk.) more
year 1999 Condition: Used, as available Manufacturer Wabäma GmbH Model: WSG Classic 460.11 230 V / 3.4 A /0.75 kW Weight: approx. 175 kg Dimensions: approx. 62 x 68 x 128 cm Ihp3hwcew Visits are possible at any time. more
adjustable geared motor, linear geared motor, disco-disc variators, electric motor motor power 1,5 KW 6 to 44 RPM-regelbar RPM f B3 -IP 55 3qpuxmqzy Drive shaft 770/400/H270 38 mm dimensions mm Weight 105 kg more
double spiral wire diameter 1,5-3,8 mm mesh width 20-80 mm C08cidius working width 2000 mm capacity - m²/hour 150 m² tolling for mesh 50 mm more
Machine is for production of chain link fences. Isxx2pn3g Machine is completed with one complete set for mesh 50 x 50 cm. Dimensions: 5000 (l) x 1100 (w) x 1700 (h) mm Max working width: 2000 mm more
Working platform, height adjustable, mobile Robust LM construction, Al fluted covering Platform width: approx. 1,200 mm Platform length: approx. 3,500 mm Load capacity: 250 kg Height adjustment of the platform from approx. 2.010mm to approx. 3.335 mm Height adjustment by means of winches, in a grid of approx. 265 mm Chassis with swivel castors and brakes, width of chassis approx. 1,650 mm Ascent at one end via a staircase with variable inclination. Bjvtbije7v Step width 800 mm with 2-sided handr... more
double spiral Pufuhi wire diameter 1,5-3,8 mm mesh width 20-80 mm working width 3000 mm capacity - m²/hour 150 m² tolling for mesh 50 mm more
- Load capacity rotating stand: 1.000 kg - Machine body: Sheet metal construction made of quality steel, - length/width 1.000mm x 1.180mm - height 2.220mm - Stroke face plate (vertical): 700-1.400mm - diameter of face plate: 600 mm - Chuck: M-WPS500 - Machine weight (DSH): 1,400 kg - Face plate speed: 0.1- 2 rpm Operation on the control cabinet: Selector switch: Turn foot switch or Button on the control cabinet Turn: LEFT/RIGHT Htkphkj9c Lift: UP/DOWN) Potentiometer for infin... more
♻️ Versatile - our wren with 3-fold mowing star ♻️ The mowing star protrudes laterally beyond the edge of the tractor and can be guided under the fence due to its flat construction height. The tractor drives up and the mower star, with a working width of approx. 0.95 m, mows the vegetation under the fence free. Due to the central mounting of the mower star, to which the three mowing elements are attached, the mower star can rotate around the central axis in the event of an obstacle (e.g. a pole)... more
consisting of: ᐳ Stop rail 2 m long S0wwzbil ᐳ 2 pieces complete stops ᐳ 1 piece measuring scale right ᐳ left ᐳ 1 piece measuring scale left ᐳ right ᐳ Mounting screws - The delivery does not include the wooden base strip 50 x 45 mm, onto which the stop rail is screwed. more
double spiral wire diameter 1,6-3,8 mm mesh width 50x50 mm working width 3000 mm Nszu7 capacity 170 m² tooling for mesh width 50x50 + 40x40 more
- Load capacity (rotating stand): 500 kg - height: approx. 1.320mm - Stroke face plate (vertical): 550-800mm (by hand crank) Bl8ziavsu0 - diameter of face plate: 800 mm - Chuck: M-WPS800S - Component diameter: approx. Ø50-1.000 mm - Welding current transmission:400A TR1.000F-PUR Manually height-adjustable roller blocks with running gear and rail clamps, centric diameter adjustment manual height adjustment, locking with socket pin. - Type (roller block): TR1.000F-PUR - Load capacity (roller block... more
Working height max/min 1000/ 550 mm Upper frame perimetre 1140 x 650 mm Workload max 300 kg Wheels 4 Foot hydraulic pump 1 Color Ral 1007 * Bkugcloaoy Upper worktop not included Customizable Really solid, reinforced and robust steel structure. Exclusive designed Hydraulic Cylinder for high performance. Mobile with big diameter wheels and parking brake. Ergonomic and professional design. High reliability and quality of the components. more
consisting of: Ffjze8wfs ᐳ Stop rail 3 m long ᐳ 2 pieces complete stops ᐳ 1 piece measuring scale right ᐳ left ᐳ 1 piece measuring scale left ᐳ right ᐳ Mounting screws - The delivery does not include the wooden base strip 50 x 45 mm, onto which the stop rail is screwed. more
adjustable geared motor, linear geared motor, electric motor manufacturer variators Lenze type 2 Manufacturers gear Lenze type 12.103,22,1,1 Baxjlxtl3g Manufacturers motor HEW type EXF80L/4 Engine power 0.75 KW speed range 3.5-17 U/min--regelbar design B3 Drive shaft ø 40 mm dimensions 600/400/H245 mm Weight 55 kg more
Odžak Bosnia and Herzegovina
8820 km
excellent (used)
Chain link fence machine VITARI model MG3 Type: Chain-Link Fencing Machine Brand: Vitari Model: MG3 Year: 2011 Can be seen working Working range: Ø 1.5mm-3.4 mm Maximal width: 3 m Capacity/speed: 290 m2/hour Mwmmna9t Accessories: Complete tooling, winding device for compact rolls more
900330 Adjustable grooving cutter OPPOLD, 220 x 20.5 - 39 x 70 mm, Z8 + 4/12, Cbzmbb9i Number: 6, Price per piece: 50,00 € + tax more
Sold is a double mitre fence Hsn8zen - Manufacturer Lachner - Type: DGA 900 - currently used on an Altendorf F 45 sliding table saw more
consisting of: ᐳ Stop rail 1 m long ᐳ 2 pieces complete stops ᐳ 1 piece measuring scale right ᐳ left ᐳ 1 piece measuring scale left ᐳ right ᐳ Mounting screws - The delivery does not include the wooden base strip 50 x 45 mm, onto which the stop rail is screwed. Bgzdtplu more
adjustable geared motor, linear geared motor, electric motor motor power 1.1 kW speed range 8 to 40 RPM-regelbar B35 f Shaft ø 30 x 60 mm dimensions 695/210/H280 mm Weight 45 kg Qf2wi9lv more
HURRICANE / UMC MODEL HJL HINGE JOINT FIELD FENCE MACHINE 55" wide; line wire spacings: 3" to 9"; stay wires: 6"+12" wire dia. range: 2.50 to 2.85mm middle wires 2.50 to 3.15mm top and bottom, medium and high tensile stay wires: 2.50 to 2.85mm low and medium carbon 90 strokes/min. machine regularly producing 6-7-8 line wires - 6" + 12" stay tooling for 9 line wires (capable of 11 line wires) 8ysfyqnng 415V-50cycle New digital PLC electrical controls machine completely rebuilt in 2009 ... more
Adjustable grooving cutter HOWEMA, consisting of: Gol3gtg38 2 pieces: 180 x 12 x 50 and 1 piece: 176 x 12 x 50, Number: 2, Price per set: 60,00 € + tax more
Turntable / Positioner with hydraulic height adjustment max load 800 kg turning speed 0,07-1,6 rpm faceplate 650mm diameter lifting range with horizontal faceplate: 693-1351 mm Bknawbnyvc more
HOKUBEMA double-sided miter fence Type DGA analog ... Suitable for almost all Saws with a correspondingly high Sliding table! ... Corresponding adapter plates are available as an option! 2ttawi82 - For angle cuts 0-90 ° on the Sliding table / sliding table. - Length and angular adjustable about scale. - For cutting to 1370 mm with Length compensation for preferential angle 5 °, 10 °, 15 °, 22.5 °, 30 °, 45 °, 60 °, 67.5 °. - Incl. Splintertree - Incl. Practical wall mount more
Wire diameter range: 1,6 - 2,8 mm Mesh width: 20 - 70 mm Bk9jfc3gch Working width: max. 2.000 mm Output: max. 170 m²/Stunde more

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