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Chain belt for sale

Identified location: Ashburn (US) (Edit)
Manufacturer Bollegraaf Typ HBT 600/2000 x 21,986 Year of contruction 2000 (overhauled 2017) Drive power 7,5 kW Length infeed conveyor over all 6,723 mm Length module infeed conveyor 5,500 mm Height infeed conveyor over all 1,300 mm Height side wall infeed conveyor 500 mm Length elevating conveyor over all 13,923 mm Lrzny2i0 Lenght module elevating conveyor 13,300 mm Height side wall elevating conveyor 800 mm Gradient of elevating conveyor 30° Length gooseneck 1,340 mm Lenght module gooseneck 1,... more
Manufacturer Bollegraaf Recycling Machinery Type HBT 1900 Year of construction 1992 Drive power 2,2 kW, 1.410 / 1.710 minˉ¹ Electrical power supply 400/690 V / 50 Hz Nominal current 5,0 A Quantity of tappets 36 Height of driving axle over ground approx. 3.650 mm Yrwahc Feeding conveyor 6.600 mm Elevating conveyor 13.950 mm Goose neck 1.000 mm Height of lateral wall for feeding 530 mm Height of lateral wall for elevating unit 840 mm Grade 32° Total width approx. 2.400 mm Belt width approx. 1.900 ... more
Trough chain conveyors are conveyor systems suitable for bulk material transport in which an endless chain with carriers runs in a closed trough. Depending on the shape of the carriers, they can be conveyed horizontally, upwards or vertically. In contrast to troughed chain conveyors, however, the conveyor trough is open at the top, which means that they can only convey horizontally or with a slight inclination. The carriers push the material to be conveyed onto the bottom of the housing for disc... more
Double-plate chain belt The plate chain conveyor is used as a transport system for machined and unprocessed workpieces. The workpiece transport takes place directly on the chain. By using a hardened plate chain, raw parts can be transported with cast or forged skin as well as workpieces with a smooth contact surface. Field of use: -Werkstücktransport directly on chain -Dry and wet processing -Rohteile Workpieces: for medium weight workpieces -stable bearing surface Properties: - hardened pl... more
Technical data baler Manufacturer BOA Type 80-1 LB Super Year of construction 1993 Press power main press 90 tons Feed channel 1,620 x 1,080 mm (l x w) Bale size 1,100 x 800 mm (w x h) length adjustable Driving motor 37 kW Connected load 49 kW Tying system 4-fold vertical, fully automated Throughput rate at a bulk weight of 40 kg/cbm up to 7 tons/hour Be3oilnanm bulk weight of 60 kg/cbm up to 11 tons/hour bulk weight of 100 /cbm up to 16 tons/hour Bale weight approx. 500 up to 600 kg Transport ... more
ZENO subsurface chain belt conveyor ZKFB 1.500 x 20.000, constructed in 2013, effective width approx. 1.500 mm, total length 20.000 mm Technical specifications Manufacturer Zeno Zerkleinerungsmaschinenbau, Norken, Germany Type ZKFB 1500 x 20000 Year of construction 2013 Drive power 2,2 kW, 1.500 minˉ¹ Electrical power supply 400/690 V / 50 Hz Nominal current 5,0 A Conveying velocity 0,029 m/s Quantity of tappets 48 Height of driving axle over ground approx. 6.700 mm Feeding conveyor 4.800 mm Ele... more
AMIS offers a wide range of conveyor belts as standard accessories for our shredders and granulators. We can also integrate belts into existing lines. All tapes are ruggedly built to meet recycling requirements, corrugated belts and the ability to integrate metal detectors, overband magnets and magnetic head rollers are natural options. Kpdhuzu more
Technical data conveyor belt Manufacturer not known Typ KGF 800-1200 Year of construction 2018 Driving motor 5,5 kW, 400 V, 10,5 A, yoc 2017 Length feeding conveyor 4,970 mm Length elevating conveyor 13,400 mm Length goose neck 2,530 mm Grade 30° Height of drive axle above ground approx. 6,400 mm Effecting width 1,170 mm Height of side wall feeding conv. 530 mm Height of side wall elevating conv. 800 mm Bexw7fy3vr Transport dimensions feeding conveyor 7,000 x 1,700 x 1,800 mm (L x w x h) Transp... more

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Machine number: 9359Power: 1.1KW Belt length: 2,500 mm horizontal 3,000 mm ascending 500 mm horizontal Drive: 1.1 kW Frame: aluminium, mobile with switch cabinet Bgfgw7sbw more
Technical data baler Manufacturer JiaJing (JiaBao) Machinery Co. Ltd. Typ JPW150QT Year of construction 2017 Hours of operationapprox. 3.000 h Quantity of pressed bales 2.365 piece, stand Jun 2018 Press power main press 150 tons Feed channel 2,000 x 1,100 mm Capacity per cycle time 2,4 m³ Bale size 1,100 x 1,100 mm, length variable Driving motor 67 kw (37 kW + 30 kW) Connected load 90kW Tying system 5 fold horizontal, full automatic Throughput rate 14 up to 18 tons/h, depends on material and ba... more
Machine number: 9858Conveyor belt Curve: 4099 x 90° x 18 Drive 0.55 kWNew condition Jb3dcinv more
Technical data baler Manufacturer Bollegraaf Typ HBC 80 A Year of construction 1997 Hours of operation 31,477 hours Press power main press 78 tons Press power of pre-press 42 tons Feed channel 1,485 x 1,100 mm (l x w) Capacity per cycle time 2,9 cbm Theoretic cycle time 22 sec. Throughput rate under operating conditions 300 ? 450 cbm/hours Bale size 1.100 x 720 mm (w x h) length adjustable Driving motor 45 kW Connected load 60 kW Tying system 5-fold vertical, fully automated Throughput rate at... more
Technical data baler Yfqxujlq Manufacturer Paal Typ Likon 600 Year of construction 1990 / 2005 completely overhauled at the manufacturer Paal Hours of operation 53,461 hours Press power 120 tons Feed channel 2,000 x 1,020 mm (l x w) Capacity per cycle time 2,6 cbm Throughput at idle speed 650 m³/hour Throughput capacity under operating conditions 430 m³/hour Bale size 1,100 x 1,100 mm (w x h) length adjustable Driving motor 2 x 55 kW Capacity of main pumps 2 x 360 l/min. Drive power ruffler 11 ... more
Technical data chain belt conveyor Manufacturer Bollegraaf Typ HBT 600/1000 Year of construction 2010 Driving motor 2,2 kW Belt speed 4 up to 13 m/min. Length elevating conveyor 10,440 mm Effecting width 1,000 mm Height of side wall elevating conv. 800 mm Belt type 250/2, 3+1, 2 layers with one top layer and one bottom layer, total thickness 6.2 mm, wear-resistant Angle steel per 800 mm, height 50 mm Colour RAL 5010, gentian blue Transport dimensions over all 10,500 x 2,200 x 1,700 mm (l x w x h... more
Technical data baler: Manufacturer BOA Typ Continette II Year of construction 2006 Press power 43 tons Specific press power 65 N/cm² Feed channel 1,200 x 840 mm Theoretic cycle time 12 sec. Cz0ii8s3 Theoretic throughput rate 120 m³/hour Throughput capacity under operating conditions approx. 72 m³/hour Bale size 800 x 800 mm, length variable Driving motor 35 kW Tying system 4-fold horizontal, fully automatic Machine weight baler approx. 9 tons Condition of the baler with conveyor belt: The press... more
Technical data baler: Manufacturer unoTech GmbH, Niederlangen, Germany Typ 120 V5 Year of construction 2009 Press force main press 100 tons Specific press force 145 N/m² Max. cutting force 120 tons Press force free stamper 25 tons Feed channel 2,000 x 1,020 mm (l x w) Capacity per cycle time 1,5 m³ Theoretic throughput rate 650 m³/hour Bale size 1,100 x 750 mm (w x h) Driving motor 2 x 75 kW Connected load 160 kW Rated current 280 A Tying system 5-fold vertical, fully automatic Throughput rate ... more
Technical data baling press Manufacturer Avermann Typ AVOS BP 1411-45-80 Year of construction 1997 Hours of operation 9,005 hours Press power 80 tons Press force free-stamper 15 tons Feed channel 1,400 x 1,100 mm (l x w) Theoretic throughput rate 250 m³/hour Bale size 1,100 x 700 mm (w x h, length variable) Driving motor 45 kW Tying system 4-fold vertical Throughput rate approx. 8 up to 10 tons/hour, depends on material Bale weight 350 up to 550 kg, depends on material Machine weight baler app... more
Technical data baler Manufacturer Paal Typ Konti MK 325 D-SO Year of construction 2001 Hours of operation 28,898 hours, stand January 2019 Press power main press 94 tons Feed channel 2,000 x 1,020 mm Filling volume 2,15 m³ Theoretic throughput rate 825 m³/h Throughput rate under operating conditions 400 m³/h Bale size 1,100 x 750 mm, length variable Driving motor 2 x 45 kW Ruffler 15 kW Connected load 128 kW Rated current 240 A Tying system 4 fold vertical, full automatic Throughput rate at a b... more
Timesaver 52" Wide-BeltSander Model:3331-25-001 MaximumWidth Stock 51" Abrasive Belt Size 52" X 75" Maximum Thickness Opening 6" Infeed Loading Space 30" Variable Feed Speed15-60 FPM First Head11", Diameter Rubber Contact Roller 40 H.P. Second Head 11", DiameterRubber Contact Roller 30 H.P. Third Head Combination Head 7" DiameterContact Roller, 3"Wide Adjustable Platen Spring Loaded Holddown Shoes and Rolls Air Operated Disc Brakes Dial Indicators on Adjustable Drum/PlatenHeads Electroni... more
Sankt Peter im Sulmtal, Austria Austria
476 km
good condition (used)
within 30 sec. a complete lock case pocked can be made no re-clamping for the whole operation quick change from left to right doors also usable as a normal chain mortiser 3 separate motors motor power 1 x 2,2 kW & 2 x 0,5 kW, 400 V, 50 Hz mortising length 320 mm mortising depth 150 mm mortising width 6 - 40 mm Bkkk2wsq door thickness 40 - 80 mm door width 400 - 1050 mm weight 192 kg incl. clamping device oil lubrication device 1 stop drum 2 side fences 1500 mm Advise used machines: • Tec... more
The belt conveyor is used for the transfer of the chives, bark, section etc. from the saw, debarking machine etc. to the silo or to the trolley. The material is transported in the upper part of the gutter - pulled by wooden loadeys on the side of a transport chain. Technical data: Length of system: 11500 mm Height of the system: 6000 mm Inner width of the trough: 580 mm Outer width of the trough: 820 mm Nnzrf The angle of inclination: 35° The distance of the support discs: 650 mm Transport ... more
Leicestershire, United Kingdom United Kingdom
dealership location
5824 km
ready for operation (used)
Capacity 150mm Belt width 150mm Noo8p Input 380/3/50 ac 2.2/2.8 kW Usable flat area 480mm x 150mm Fitted with Push Button Starter Length 3'4" / 1.02m Width 1'10" / 559mm Height 3'10" / 1.17m Nett weight approx. 200 kgs more
Taper bushes, Bush Type 1615-25 Bore 25 mm Dimensions Ø57/38 mm -2 x available price per piece Dzbwwb93a Weight 0.41 kg more
tube diameter 6 - 75 mm grinding band dimension 75 x 2000 mm Band Speed 1500 / 3000 Upm. engine output 1,5 - 2,0 kW weight 130 kg Be02g3qmod more
We offer to you, a used band filter plant of the manufacturer Knoll. the coolant plant originates from a Maho MH600C and has worked up to the dismantling. volume approx. 1000 litres. rinsing pump and high pressure pump (IKZ) uncleaned / inclusive circuit diagram and spare filter roleOur offer addresses itself to commercial persons in the sense of the trade regulation after §14 GewO are seized. the offer is not-binding, intermediate sale reserved. Please enter your full contact details to receive... more
Technical data bunker chain belt conveyor Manufacturer Bollegraaf Typ HBT 600/1000 Bexw7pkcjs Year of construction 1999 Driving motor 0,22 up to 0,9 kW Belt speed 1,4 m/min. Bunker volume approx. 21 m³ Length feeding conveyor 10,950 mm Effecting width 990 mm Height of side wall feeding conv. 1,960 mm Transport dimensions over all 1,950 x 1,600 x 2,650 Weight approx. 7,700 kg Remarks: The bunker belt comes from a paper sorting plant, shows very little wear and tear and is in a really good condit... more
Second-hand machine Condition: age-appropriate -Space: 4200 x 2600 mm -Band dimensions: 7800 x 150 mm -Table size: 2900 x 1400 mm -Working length: 2800 mm -Passage under band: 340 mm Jbudw9wau -Bend right: 1100 mm -Drive motor: 7,5 kw -Weight: 1100 kg Availability: short term Location: Solingen more
Make NEUERO Farm und Fördertechnik GmbH (DE), Type NBT, New (Unknow, manufacturing tag is missing), Material Mild steel, Cooling belt , Belt width 2000mm, Belt length 11000mm, With motor +/- 2,2 KW, Feeding with roll /band, motor +/- 1,5 KW, With scraper (3x) , With motor 0,75 KW, Outlet 200x300mm, Screwfeeder, motor 1,3 KW, 400 Volt , Mounted on frame in 40ft. container, With switchgear , Floorspace 16,5x4,0 M, Extra Specifications Including fan and centrifugal dust separator, motor 18.5 KW, 4... more
E-chain hoist GIS type EM 100 / F Fabr. No: EM 100 7913 1999 built Load capacity 1000 kg Hook path 4.8 meters Main stroke speed 4 m/min. Fine stroke speed 1 m/min. - Electric trolley with a speed for double T-carriers - 2 load strands Bfb9c7se0x good condition more
Grinding width is 1400mm Feed with vacuum table and stepless unit 1 Long belt electronic link shoe unit 2 Combination unit Metal grinding roller electric. Link sanding shoeBelt speed infinitely variableAggregat 3 Fine sanding unit elekt. Link sanding shoeBelt speed infinitely variable Jvd7k3 more
Wide belt sanding machine (1.100 mm) SMA-REF-6472 Type: wide belt sanders Manufacturer: Bütfering Model: AWS 1100 Year: 1984 Equipment: 1 Kombi-unit Working range: Sanding width: 1.100 mm Workpiece heigth: max. 150 mm Bfnyl2cjev Sanding belt: 1.900 x 1.110 mm Features: Vacuum carpet like new Condition: in use ready to be tested Location: Western Germany Availability: on demand more
The offered machine will be available shortly (approx. end of November). Further technical data are not yet available. If you are interested in this machine, please send us an inquiry and we will answer it as soon as possible.Article location (in brief): 58730 Fröndenberg/RuhrThe machine can be inspected and tested under power as soon as it is available. We will be happy to send you further photos by e-mail as soon as possible. A stacker/crane for loading is available. Subject to prior sale. The... more
Make Gebrüder Kaiser (DE), Type FG 0,8 x 2,8, No 34989, New 1999 / 1990, Material Stainless steel 1.4313, Mild steel, Stainless steel 1.4301 (304), Cooling belt Material 1.4313 (Nicro 31), Belt width 800mm, Belt length 2800mm (total 8113mm), With motor 0,75 KW, 380 Volt (Ex.), Belt speed 3-18 m/min, Belt can be cooled (water), With variable speed drive , With scraper , Outlet product dia.150mm, Inlet product dia.50mm, Mounted on frame , Floorspace 4,0x1,2 M, Total height 2,7 M, Extra Specificat... more
Conveyor belt rollers, wheels, rollers, conveyor belt, roller, rollers Jagged pick roller Diameter roll 270 mm Thga3agh Transport role 626 mm wide -Gesamtlänge 626 mm Recording wave 80 mm -1 x roll available Award pieces Weight 137 kg / piece more
Doppelschleifbock, double-sided belt Sander, belt sander Manufacturer GREIF type DV 25/2 Fabr. No. 164631 Grinding wheel diameter: 250 mm Shaft diameter: 20 mm Disc distance: 600 mm Band dimensions: 2000 x 50 mm Engine power: 1,3 kW Engine speed: 2820 R.p.m. Power supply: 380 v, 50 Hz -Contact roller for belt sander with polyurethane coating Ø 200 mm, 50 mm wide Bdesgi0r7u -Dust Extractor flange ø 90 mm -Band grinding arm is left completely and with protective housing -Band grinding arm is seen ... more
Type: finish 1302L, machine from demonstration workshop Lohmar, Segementgrinding shoe, 24 segments, on and off of first and second contact roller, automatic thickness measurement at the feed table, brush device at the machine outlet D=150 mm, two-sided Roller table extension, 2 motors with engine power 18.5 + 11 kW Njkf9 more
BÜTFERING Belt Grinding Machine type C 55Masch. # 6397Technical data:Grinding table size2500 x 850 mmRoll center distance2900 mmGrinding belt size6630 x 150 mmBelt speed: dry grinding (main switch to "2")20 m/sec.wet grinding and polishing (main switch to "1")10 m/sec.Size of pressure plate150 x 110 mm1 Roll has a lateral grinding surfaceDrm. 225 mmHeight of support table to lower belt max. 500 mmdrive motor4 PSAouter dimensions approx.3500 x 1500 x 1300 mmWeight750 kgUsed, in good condition€ Lm... more
width of the strips 360 mm band length mm band speed m/min ----- SPECIFICATIONS THROUGH FEED GRINDING MACHINE - Working width 360 mm - number of linishing stations 3 - number of brushing station 2 BELT CONVEYOR - width 360 mm - coolant unit: yes BELT GRINDING UNIT - width 360 mm - workpiece height (max) 45 mm BRUSHING UNIT - number of brushes 7 ELECTRICAL SPECIFICATIONS - total power consumption 48 kW - mains voltage 400 V - mains fr... more
Make Eimco / Larox Pannevis bv, Type WL 10, No 145.011, New 2005 (1986), Material Mild steel, Vacuum belt filter , Filter surface +/- 8.15m2, Filter width 1500mm, With motor 7,5 KW, 220/380 Volt, With variable speed drive , Knife discharge , With vacuum pump Nash 2bel303, Motor , With vacuum tank , With switch , Floorspace +/-12,0x2,5 M , Weight +/- 12.000 Kg What you can expect from Foeth: all our machines are in working condition, and at a reduced price compared to new. They are ready for ship... more
Conveyor belt rollers, wheels, rollers, conveyor belt, roller, rollers Transport role width 440 mm Recording ø 30 mm Btfngl7w -2 rolls available Award pieces Weight 8.4 kg more
working wide: 1100 mm working height: 140 mm min. Workpiece length: height adjustment: elektrisch read out Workpiece thickness: digital Grinding Units: 3 1. Unit: Kontaktwalzenaggregat 2.Unit: Kombi-Aggregat (Walze / Schuh) 3.Unit: Schuhaggregat Dedusting Brush: ja motor power: 3 x 15kW electricity: 80A suction connection: 4 x 200mm Bfmcu2egqn machine length: machine width: weight: 4000kg more
Robinson heavy duty mortiser that combines chain and chisel side by side for the perfect marriage of heavy stock removal and perfect finish. Heavy construction, high quality engineering and large specification combine to cater for the full range of mortising needs. Depth stops fitted Technical Specification: Model SL/E Serial number 489 Max thickness of workpiece 305mm D8f8pwh Max width of workpiece 230mm Max width of mortise chain 32mm Minimum chain width 6mm Max dep... more
Belt material Plastic, Conveyor belt , Belt width 350mm, Belt length 4000mm, With carriers , Carrier height 20mm, With motor 0,37 KW, 400 Volt, Floorspace 4,2x0,5 M What you can expect from Foeth: all our machines are in working condition, and at a reduced price compared to new. They are ready for shipping to any destination worldwide. You are welcome to inspect our machines in Barneveld, The Netherlands. Visit our website Foeth for more information and many more machines! Fq079rz more
Conveyor belt, belt conveyor made of aluminium System profile type 1600 x 380 Useful length 1650 mmBelt width usable 380 mmBelt length 3500 mmOverall width 550 mmConveyor belt height 400 mmConveyor speed approx. 0,75 to 6,7m/min stepless mains connection 400 Volt, 50Hzmotor power 0,18 kW- drive via gear motor with chain- adjustable gear motor HEYNAU Minidrive, type 2HV49M- plastic belt with fabric- conveyor belt frame made of aluminium- system profile dimensions L x W x H 1760 x 550 x 400 mm dea... more

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