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-complete grinding unit up to 45 ° motorized angle adjustable without table adjustment -double-sided operable with plan and contact loop page Bqjbokfq -Sanding belt dimensions 200 x 2000 mm -Belt drive motor 3 kW, 380 V / 50 Hz -CE compliant / Staubgeprueft -Half round table more
1 unit: contact roller grinding unit with pneum. jected rubberized and fluted contact roller, CA 80° shore. Contact roller level continuously about eccentric after grain scale. Tape drive motor power 15 kW. (with pneum. Rollers increase) 2. Unit: sanding pad unit with electronically controlled Segmentschelfischuh, segment width 22 mm, band drive power 11 kW, grinding unit adjustable for diagonal cut. Infinitely variable belt speed 3-18 m/sec. Oscillating band radiation. (Rolls increase b... more
Technical data according to the attached PDF document M0wm7 more
Motor 3.6 kW Grinding height 200 mm Strap length: 2620 mm Supporting table 280 x 1000 mm Veneer edge Sharpener 9g0emnz9e Pull-out frame edition 600 mm Motor-driven oscillation Electric table on / off Additional table with Schleifbarer pulley Ø 75 mm / 33 mm Total length 1.6 m width 1.0 m height 1.44 m more
K01429 1 wide-belt sander Make: Kündig Type: 1350-CdH brilliant-2 L 2015. -for the highest standards of the sanding Working width 1,350 mm Clearance height 200 mm Feed continuously 3 - 15 m / min Motor 1,5 kW Vacuum table, engine 11 kW constant working height ENORMATIC: fully automated quick setting and feed trigger ECO *-power saving mode TOUCH SCREEN programming and storage (PLC saving) Unit 1: Combined aggregate, angle-adjustable 10° Rubber contact roller pneumatic ... more
Grinding Machine Manufacturer Kündig Type Jet-K Year-300 1994 G3cxbpy more
Wide belt sander for calibrating, veneer and lacquer sanding. Sanding width: 1,120 mm Passage height: 3-160 mm 1 unit with grooved rubber contact roller 2 unit with segmented sanding pad 35 mm 3 Workpiece Entstaubungsbürste, 0,75kW grinding belt dimension: 1,120 x 2,000 mm Main motor: 15 kW, infinitely variable speed feed with: 3-15 m / sec, 0.75 kW Shell adjustment:. 0.75 kW strip blowing on 2 aggregate: Yes Vacuum connector comp .: Yes Segmented pressure pad: electro shoe einsatzgesteürt: Ye... more
Technical data according to the attached PDF document M0wkn more
1-band combined unit, working width 1350 mm, passage height 200 mm,. constant working height thanks to top adjustment, grooved rubber contact roller, all grinding unit 10° angle-adjustable, engine 15 KW, motor fine adjustable height adjustment with digital display, vacuum attachment,. Fan integrated into the machine base, belt size 1350x2000mm, facilities: thickness adjustment automatic over the whole working width Workpiece excess thickness switch smooth chip removal Dnu0enwdu continuous... more
Technical data according to the attached PDF document M0wgl more
With conveyor belt - complete grinding unit to 45 without any motorized tilting table adjustment - Integrated feed system in the main frames, conveyor belt width 50 mm below, pressure rollers 60 mm diam. above, motor 0.55 kW (0.75 hp), infinitely variable speed 3-13 m / min. - Double Sided operated with planned and wiper contact page - sanding belt size 200 x 2000 mm - belt drive motor 3 kW, 380 V / 50 Hz - programmable oscillation 10 - 90 mm Upljk more
Both sides operated with plan and contact loop page without any table adjustment -Sanding belt dimensions 200 x 2000 mm -Table 1180 x 325 mm -Belt drive motor 3 kW, 380 V / 50 Hz -Oscillation stroke of programmable 10 - 90 mm -Sanding unit motor angle adjustable up to 45 ° Nne0gbhxw -CE compliant / Staubgeprueft -Suction nozzle: 150 mm -Weight 460 kg Price on request. more

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