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Robland bm 3000 for sale

Identified location: Ashburn (US) (Edit)
Axle 920 mm x-axis 3000 mm Material thickness Z 12 mm - 30 mm Feed speed 20 m/min. A - axis 360 degrees Minimum dimension: Plate: x = 300 mm Y = 120 mm z = 12 mm The machine is equipped with a 4 position drill chuck and a saw blade. Maximum and minimum hole diameters that can be drilled: 3 - 35 mm The saw blade runs in X - direction Max. bottom depth with saw blade: 10 mm Motor 0,75 PS , 400 Volt Required extraction capacity: 2300 m3/h Bhywpgn Location: comes to warehouse 54634 Bitburg - immedia... more
Robland products are built by Werkhuizen Landuyt, located at Bruges, Belgium. The company was founded in 1968. The first successes were achieved by building affordable qualitative combined woodworking machines, a large part of which are still in use today. Through the years the range of products has been extended with panel saws, spindle moulders, thicknesser and various other classical woodworking machines. Always conserving the original mission: offering products with the best quality/price ra... more
1 St. Working width 3000 mm ja UCHSER RU-BM-3000 PSP wing mounting table Wing mounting table, with gun screwdriver, length 3000 mm, width 1400 mm. Pistol screwdriver with pneumatic feed during screwing operation. Inclination of the work platform manually adjustable. Mounting for scissors or fitting punch. 11 pieces of swiveling brackets for mounting the Wing, completely pneumatically hinged for unhindered movement of the Wings on the table surface. Device for scanning the wing fitting leng... more
Oberkochen, Germany Germany
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6712 km
Option Working width 3000 mm ja Sash mounting table Ruchser RU-BM-3000 With RU-SH, special screwdriver Benqjqffvt Length 3000 mm Width 1400 mm Inclination of the work platform manually adjustable. Mounting for scissors or fitting punch. 11 pcs. Swiveling counterparts for hanging the wings, complete Pneumatically hinged for unhindered movement of the wings on the Table surface. Device for scanning the wing fitting length for constant and Variable / active grip and any grip height for alr... more
Staufenberg, Germany Germany
dealership location
6555 km
as good as new (ex-display)
Usable dimensions: For grate size 910 x 610 x 610 mm (L x W x H) Charging height: 1,200 mm Driving length: 1,400 mm Bfeusy3djt Batch weight: 1.000 kg voltage: 380 V/ 3/N/PE 50 HZ connected load: 13 kVA former use: charging a chamber furnace more
Manufacture: Wohlenberg Drilling method BTA Drilling range diameter 25-125 mm Cc3ccaa Max. drilling depth 3000 mm more
Clearance width 510mm Clearance height 250mm EC standards Ok Forward speed 4speeds: 5-8-10-16 M/min 7HP motor Electrically powered lift and lower Cbnyaovr Year 2007 Number of irons 4 Voltage 380V Digital display of table height Yes Star-delta start Suction outlet diameter 160mm Overall dimensions 1300mm/950mm/H1100mm Weight +-800kg more
NXSD310 400 Volt Weight: 280 kg Surface Plane Plane width: 310 mm total length of dressing tables: 1400 mm diameter planer shaft: 70 mm Tersam knife wave RPM: 5500 Dressing fence dimensions: 1300 x 150 mm Angle adjustment of dressing stop: 90 - 45 degrees Maximum chip removal: 4 mm Engine power 4 HP Thickness planer 9cy3d8xbn dimensions of thicknessing planer table: 430 x 310 mm Passage Thickness planer: 230 mm diameter of feed rollers: 30 mm feed speed: 6m/min Accessories: Teresa knife shaft Ha... more
Technische Daten: - Hobelbreite 510 mm - Gesamtlänge der Hobeltische 2250 mm - Streifenmesserwelle, Durchmesser 100 mm, Z 4 - Motor 7,5 kW (10 PS)/ 400 V - Drehzahl 6000 U/min. - Abmessung Abrichtanschlag 1500 x 200 mm Bhhglktc27 - max. Spanabnahme 6 mm - Abmessung Dickentisch 1050 x 510 mm - Durchlass Dickenhobel 250 mm - Vorschub Dickenhobel 8/16 m/min - automatischer Stern-Dreck-Schalter - elektrische Höhenverstellung des Dickentisches - mechanische Digitalanzeige (SICO) der Arbeit... more
Catalog number R059 - new machine - CE certificate - saw diameter 400mm - cutting width of the parallel gardener in Z400, Z400 EL 1000/1350 / 1525mm - dimensions of the sliding carriage 3200mmx420mm Cd78p2dos - diameter of the saw and the scoring hole 120mm, 20mm - sliding table 420x3200 mm anodized - cutting length 3500mm - blade diameter (not included) max 400 mm, 350 mm with the scoring unit - 120 x 20 mm cutter - not included - cutting height 90 ° 125 mm, 45 ° 90 mm - 3 cutting speeds 3000... more
- Head machine W&P - Brezenschlinger Fritsch built in 2005 (refurbished in 2015) - with components pretzel proofer - Leaching and packaging area FA. BM-TEC and Kunze - Food Solutions built in 2017, including connection / integration and control to the Brezenschlinger Bkhq0yuc9a - Hourly output: max. 3000 pieces / per hour more
Scope: ᐸbᐳLandbouwᐸ/bᐳ Bkf3erxlgg Serial number: ᐸbᐳOECDCS1125ᐸ/bᐳ more
Manufacturer, Model:Laser for HP Indigo 4000/3000 Series S90dv3kpy Reference Number: 59 Approved HP Indigo Laser for 4000/3000 Series, low usage, very good condition, Laser is already tested in our Factory in Dortmund and securely packed in original Shipping BoxConsumables The implementation of an HP Indigo from JORG is carried out by the model Buy Supplies on Demand. This means that the customer purchases only the consumables that he really needs. The necessary material is delivered from our s... more
Type: ᐸbᐳCompactorᐸ/bᐳ Scope of application: ᐸbᐳBouwᐸ/bᐳᐸbr Various compaction wheels in stock - Suspension CW05-10-40 or 45 - VW2: diameter 400 mm. and width 250 mm. - VW4: diameter 500 mm. and width 280 mm. - VW5: diameter 700 mm. and width 580 mm. Fn2tbhr3k - VW7: diameter 900 mm. and width 580 mm. - VW9: diameter 1000 mm. and width 700 mm. - VW11: diameter 1100 mm. and width 800 mm. more
Year of production: 2007 Producer: BM Biraghi Italy Model: SINTESI 300 The machine is a very little used machine, in very good condition. Cxougen more
Technical specification Maximum diameter of the saw: 400 mm Minimum diameter of the saw: 250 mm Diameter of the saw spindle: 30 mm Bdkm9vmza Subcutaneous diameter: 120 mm Diameter of the undercut spindle: 20 mm Cutting machine on separate motor Adjust the manual height of the saw Slope saw between 0 ° and 45 ° Manually adjust the angle of the saw The length of the car is 3200 mm auto lock Worktable 900 x 700 mm The table height is 85 mm 120 mm suction line Culaga: 1100 mm 2000 mm long line with ... more
approx. 3000 m² steel construction platform 2-storey used, good condition, see pictures Manufacturer STOW Length approx. 58,5 m Width approx. 54,6 m height lower edge 3,4 m Height upper edge 3,7 m Load 500 kg/m² C-profiles and sigma-profile construction fixed with screws and nut Grid spacing adjustable in length floor structure is 38 mm chipboard, highly compressed, tongue and groove underside white, upper side grey coated Negotiated price: Offer on request! Partial sale possible! Dismantled an... more
robland E45 Cirkelzaag Schulpzaag 45 graden schuinte Dvijyxr 450mm zaagblad zaaghoogte 150mm 7.5 pk geremde motor ce machine 400 volt werkend te zien tafel verbreding 1300mm rechts boven en onder afzuiging more
3200 SL; 1350 SB, mit Vorritzer, Digit rechts und Längenanschlag Motor 5.5 kW Gewicht ca. 900 kg C0n80ip Lagerort: Nattheim more
Interior: ᐸbᐳGrijperᐸ/bᐳ Scope of application: ᐸbᐳBouwᐸ/bᐳ CE marking: ᐸbᐳjaᐸ/bᐳᐸbr Full range available for machines from 0.8 to 200 tons. - See appendix for the specifications Bj0aq0qcyn - Available with different types of quick coupling - Contact me only by direct mail or by phone. more
ROBLAND multifunctional machine thickness width 30cm Max height approx. 200mm 3cutters 1 feed rate equalizer width 30cm tabletop length approx. 130cm 3cutters quieting combs angle-adjustable culaga milling machine pin fi30 2 speeds 3-roller feed sidecar adjustable culaga trolley saw adjustable top-to-bottom and 0-45 trolley length 125cm sidecar Press Bjrqvhm83g an executioner device horizontal drilling adjustable top-down, right-left and front/rear the machine has 3 motors of 3KW each with 380V ... more
Robland combined surface and thickness planer Exhibition machine at a special price - Exhibition machine With Tersa-knife shaft for changing planing knives within seconds. Standard with motorized thicknessing table adjustment and numerical display. Simultaneous folding up of the planing tables with tension spring support. Thicknessing table mounted on four large spindles. Ohhddsoxc Plane width 510 mm Stpmeg Engine 7,5 HP - 5,5 KW Fine adjustment via handwheel Comfort package with: 4 feeding spee... more
Plastic box blue used, good condition, see pictures Dimensionally stable and robust Stackable on top of each other. Dimensions: 40 x 18,5 x 8 cm 3000 pcs. available Partly with compartments Negotiated price: € 2,50 net per piece ex stock € 2,-- per piece with purchase of 1 pallet ( 180 pieces, €360,--) Larger quantities on request! Goods are in stock. Transportation possible on request. Visits possible at any time by appointment. Further information on request. Constantly over 5000 running mete... more
robland cirkelzaag schulpzaag e45 45 graden schuinte Bjs2yy9zq2 7.5 pk geremd 400volt tafel verlenging tafel verbreding 1250mm rechts boven en onder afzuiging more
Technical data: Working width: 3100 mm max. bending capacity: 25,0 mm max. bending: 20,0 mm diameter top roller: 390 mm diameter of lateral bottom rollers: 370 mm diameter middle bottom roll: 290 mm conical bending device due to inclined position of the two side rolls mobile control panel with digital display Engine power: 37 kW hydraulic bending aid hydraulic folding bearings Engine power: 25 kW Dimensions (length x width x height): 6000 x 2200 x 2300 mm Own weight: approx. 18 tons Accessories:... more
Scope of application: ᐸbᐳBouwᐸ/bᐳ 2rypeq CE marking: ᐸbᐳjaᐸ/bᐳᐸbr Full range of excavator buckets available from stock for machines from 0.8 to 35 tons. - Over 800 buckets in stock - Always with CW shortcut more
Made in Belgium Technical specifications: Control Unit: Digital Bndye9z3 Transport dimensions: 2400 mm x 1200 mm x 850 mm Carriage length: 3800 mm Maximum diameter of the blade: 450 mm Compressor specifications: Brand: Brown Working pressure: 12 bar • Works perfectly in very good condition Dimensions: Length: 4100 mm Width: 4000 mm Height: 1500 mm Weight: 1100 kg More info: Including extractor hood Height adjustable Different speeds Tiltable 45 ° Also for solid Automatic top with drive With... more
Steam boiler with gas / oil burner steam boiler Manufacturer: Giese-Kazép Machine type: MGK-3000/12-G 3000 kg / h Year of construction: 1998  Operating pressure approx.: 6 bar increased test pressure: 16.5 bar Design pressure: 12.5 bar Condition: very good Description: Steam boiler - equipped with Weishaupt gas- oil burners. Burner data: Manufacturer: Weishaupt Type: G40 / 2-A Year of construction: 1998 Connection pressure: min 15 max 500 mbar Power: 500 - 3450 kW Heating oil: according to DIN... more
robland nz 3200 formaatzaag 3200mm nieuwstaat nieuw model tafel verbreding tafel verlenging elektrisch hoog laag elektrisch 45 graden boven en onder afzuing voorritzer motor rem ce gekeurd Bjk07tecxa 400 volt more
BUN/BREAD/CIABATTA LINE composed of: 030.05188 dough divider RHEON type V4 VX122 Stress Free Divider year of construction 2008 with hopper for approx. 200 kg of dough with 2 flour duster dough thickness 20 - 35 mm / width 200 - 350 mm Weight range approx .: 200 - 10.000 gr. capacity approx. 4,0m / min = approx. 800 kg per hour with 2 oil pressure tanks with cross rolling unit with star cutter oiling 030.05215 BM-TEC stamping module year of construction 2017 4-rows, for decorating with decor cu... more
Formaatzaag-machine Paneelzaagmachine Platenzaagmachine Robland Z320 met voorritser compleet met verbreding recht ca. 139cm zaaglengte 320cm bouwjaar nb Afzuiging kan op uw verzoek erbij geleverd worden Nouqj Installatie en transport op uw verzoek door ons geregeld. Formaatzaag overige gegevens: Diameter zaagblad 400 x 30 mm Zaaghoogte vertikaal 125 mm Schuininstelling zaagblad 0 - 45° Zaaghoogte bij 45° 100 mm Toerental T/min 3000/4000/5000 Diameter voorsnijder 100 (120) x 20 mm Zaaghoo... more
heavy version, 870 kg max. blade diameter 400 mm Cutting height 90° 125 mm, 45° 100 mm 3 cutting speeds with mitre stop 2 folding stops Engine 5,5 kW, 400 Volt with automatic star delta switch 3200 mm Slide length with manual height and swivel adjustment Pt8fu3 more
Stainless steel tank 3000 l Double-walled with heating jacket Second-hand goods, see pictures incl. stirrer diameter 190 cm height 460 cm Height incl. feet and stirrer negotiation price: € 2.400,-- net ex stock Goods are in stock. Transport and assembly possible on request. Visits possible at any time by appointment. Further information on request. Constantly over 5000 running meters of pallet racking from numerous manufacturers in stock. (Changes and errors in the technical data, information a... more
Material number: MA1078-54 Manufacturer: Robland Type: Roby 10 / HP 1 Year of construction: Approx. 1990 Machine No.: REVS 2800 Weight [kg]: 80 Connected load: 220 / 380V / 0,75 KW Gear [rpm]: 2820 Bflkex8usg more
Swivel point MK 5 Fixed line Ø 320 The line is movable Tool holder BNA 128 + 4 halters + 1 halter MK 3 Machine lighting Vc2pb9i Pump and containers for loose liquid act OPTIONS ON REQUEST: Automatic cross support shift Spray protection L3000 Planning plate fi500 Two-axis measuring system Three-axis measuring system Fast stroke of longitudinal support CE standard more
Combined surface and thickness planer SD 410 Plane width: 410 mm Total table length: 2000mm diameter planing shaft 90 mm, 4 knives thicknessing table 860 mm * 410 mm Passage Thickness planer 250 mm Motorized thicknessing table stroke Muxe2o Weight: 615 kg Planer fair shaft Tersa - Digital display for thickness planer - 2 feeding speeds 6/12 m/min - Table extensions - Engine 4,8 KW 380 Volt - Autom. star - triangle start-up Location: From warehouse 54634 Bitburg more
with saw protection hood on gallows Sliding table 2800 mm Saw blade diameter 300 mm Cutting width between saw blade and parallel stop 1250 mm Cutting height 90° 100 mm, 45° 70 mm Discharge stop on cross table with 2 folding stops Nochj Miter stop with eccentric tensioner on sliding slide Weight 505 KG Motor 4.4 kW / 3 x 400 V Prescribes engine 0.75 kW more
as good as new table size 960 x 350 mm - Sanding belt height 200 mm Tqgfuxo - belt length 3000 mm - Oscillation stroke approx. 20 mm - belt speed 20 m/sec - Table stroke up to 230 mm - Engine power oscillation 0,25 KW (0,34 PS) - Engine output main engine 3.0 kW (4.0 PS) - heavy and very high-quality overall design - Veneer sanding device with fine adjustment, contact shoe, relief rollers and stops - Infeed ruler with grooves for veneer overhang - own oscillating drive with gear motor - extendab... more
Circular sawing machine Robland E 45 angled adjustable saw 5.5 kw engine maximum saw diameter 450 mm Saw bore diameter 30 mm Cutting width right 1300 mm Bh3zmlpewu year of manufacture 2000, CE standard Brake Worktop size 960 x 1150 mm weight of the machine 700 kg more