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Manufacturer: Wolf Zuluftanlage mit Wärmerückgewinnung, Year: 2014, Control: SeparaterSchaltschrank, Zuluftleistung m³/h: 25000, Heizmedium : Warmwasser, Temperatur vor-rücklauf: PWW 90-70, Jalousieklappen: yes, Stellmotore: yes, Taschenfilter Typ: EU 3, Umrichtergesteuert: yes, Pumps: yes, Einspeisung Wärmerückgewinnung: yes, Kann erfolgen über Produktionsmaschinen: yes, Year :2014 8vvg3xo7i more
complete painting system supply air with heater approx. 10000 m 3 suction 10500m3zuluft Ew73xss3o Dry spray booth 3 meters wide, 2 meters high more
BAJAJ type 3c-72 / UL / WW -Paint mist extraction - air conditioning with heater Second-hand machine Maschn.-No. 93/1353, 1993 Article number: KUW_G170062 Description Bo9kqdtu Supply air unit type 3072 UL/WW Air flow 3650 / 7300 m3/h Maximum heating power 83 kW Hot water 80/60 ° c. Power 380V / 50 Hz 0,7 / 2.7 kW Duct connection 360 x 360 mm Dimensions (LWH) heater 170 x 83 x 73 cm Extract air unit type 73 Air power 7000/3500/1750 m3/h Power 380V / 50 Hz 2,5/0,65/0.18 kW ... more
For sale 2 air supply devices are manufacturer S & S type NC 40 Ingxhmx with each 95.2 KW heating capacity It's hot water devices 90 / 70 ° C Air performance Max 7050 m ³/h Engine power 0.75 kw / 2,2Kw 2 speed The devices available on a matching steel frame with vibration dampers. - And drain fittings, and mixer engines are about to see as shown in pictures. Price refers to each device, there are two! more
SCHUKO air blanket 9qpt99gzt W/L/H 1600 mm x 3600 mm x 320 mm 3 items together With injection nozzle The supply ceiling is like new only ½ year more
Manufacturer: Wolf, Type: WK 241, Year: 1999, Heating register qty: 11, Damper register - kW: 312, Exhaust air m³/h: 24900, Fresh air m³/h: 24900, Electrical power consumption kW: 10, Exhaust air m³/h: 24900, Fresh air m³/h: 24900, Electrical power consumption kW: 10, Required space L x W x H mm: 3400 x 1500 x 1800, FREE TEXT: einschl. Schaltschrank, Year :1999 Obkhlx3v more
Manufacturer: Merilin, Type: 50MS EZ3/135-CB202-01, Year: ca.2004, Control: yes, SPS Steuerung: yes, Wasserenthärtung: yes, Hochdruckpumpenstation: yes, Feuchtesensor: yes, Befeuchtungsmodule: 2, Typ Hochdruckpumpe: yes, Year :ca.2004 Dv3ley more
Manufacturer: Rippert, Type: Abdunstwand, Year: 1990, Control: hand, Filter surface in m³: ca.1800 X 2200 X 300, Exhaust air m³/h: 5000, Exhaust air m³/h: 5000, Year :1990 Rnuy0hjve more

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