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Autom. extrusion-lamination/coating line GAP S.r.L.  Italy EC-1300/130
AUTOMATIC EXTRUSION – LAMINATION / COATING LINE IN THE FIELD OF LAMINATION OF PAPER AND CADBOARD COMBINED WITH ALUMINIUM FOIL OR BARRIER FILM 1 – GAP model EC-1300/130 Year 2011 Max. web width 1.300 mm Min. web width 800 mm Mechanical speed 270 m/min Production speed up to 250 m/min Electrical device needed 380 Volt / 50 Hz 3-phase + N+T Installed 1.000 KW Needed in full production 560 KW Primary unwinder for paper, cardboard, polymer films:max dia 1.000mm core 152 For Alu foil max dia 600... more
Foil cutting machine Josting unbekannt
The good order sake we would point out that is an online auction, which means the sale is carried out against bid. The displayed price is the starting price. This fall 15% Commission + 19% VAT on. Starting price: €500,00 DR038OKIHK8 more
Construction year 2000 max wdth 1600 mm. max reel diam.(unw) 1000 mm. single shaft Max reel diam (rew) 600 mm. double shaft (center driven) G2ABD9E8XLE more
downstream for edge-bands Battenfeld + LSF diverse
concerning short description attached FNQ092KWXI0 more
rollenschneid-and winding machine Ad. Mueller GmbH & Co. KG  ZSR 1600
. Type: double spindle slitter ZSR 1600 Working widths: min. 50 mm Max 1600 mm (2 x 800 mm) Working speed: 200 m / min. max. to verarb. Materials: Paper, laminates, hard and soft slides Fabric, blended fabrics, tapes, etc. Material thickness: from 0.01 to 0.4 mm Cutting system: Paper cutting system Unwind: sep. Roll-off station, with edge control . Max reel diam 1000 mm . Maximum roll weight 1000 kg Edge control: fixed side +/-100 mm Winding: friction winding for 70 + 76 mm cores (fi... more
Automatic welding machine Leister  varimat inkl. Transportkiste
Voltage 400V power 5700W speed 0.7-12m / min temperature 20-600 ° C air flow 500 l / min air volume range 50-100% weld width 40 mm dimensions 640 x 430 x 330 mm weight 35 kg type of certification CCA protection class I CE mark of conformity HMBXNQSZXJN more
Cast film extruder 9 layer Windmoeller&Hoelscher FILMEX cast line
CAST FILM EXTRUDER FOR PRODUCTION OF BARRIER LAYER IN THE FIELD OF FOOD PACKAGING 1 – WINDMOELLER & HOELSCHER FILMEX Cast Line - 9 Layers Year 2011 Film Nominal slot width 2.700 mm Film Effective net width 2.400 mm Film thickness range 20 - 250 mikron Film output speed (mechanical) max 350 meters/min Film output gross material max 1.000 KG/h Electrical device: 400 Volt / 50 Hz Up to 1.350 kVA GPUHS8GMXKZ more
Roller cutter Kampf U5F(U525)
Working width: 1800 mm Handling: 1000 mm diameter Winding: 600 mm diameter 4 individual stations with control for each winding pair of arm Web Guide: also for films with control stripes Sleeves recording 76 mm and 152 mm and processing Winding arms hydraulically tweeter Trailer handling with a hydraulic lifting device Processing with double-sided controlled brake Cutter for blade and plate (round knife) Wide track roller available GVKELOVVXKL more
Model TR410 Construction year 1993 Working width 1450 mm. Double turret rewinder, center driven CKBTS09JHK3 more
Hot stamping machine with control unit GIULIANELLI GPS-8-EP
Hot stamping machine Brand: GIULIANELLI Type: GPS-8-EP with control unit Machine is sold without warranty warranty od! The machine is located in a seemingly very good condition. Because I do not know with the machine, I set up my offer only to specialized buyers! The machine can be seen daily from 9 am to 6 pm in 75334 Straubenhardt, Humboldstrasse11. D0LYDHBFXJX more
Cutting and winding machine SM Engineering AG  RSM 1000
. Type: Cutting and winding machine RSM 1000 Working widths: min. 5.0 mm maximum of 1000 mm working speed: 200 m / min maximum. to verarb. Materials: Paper, laminates, hard and soft films, polyester Fabric, blended fabrics, tapes, aluminium - u copper foil thickness: from 0.01 to 0.4 mm Cutting system: Paper cutting system Unwinding unit: built-in rolling station, with manual control of the edges. Roll Ø max./min. 700 mm / 85 mm. Maximum roll weight 200 kg edge control: manual correction... more
PVC dispenser, Sheet Roller, Abrolls Max Bahr
1 PVC dispenser Dimensions: 0,9m x 2m for rolls up to 1.52m 3SNOXFBHIW more
Die Head for mono-layer extruder W&H
Blown film die head for mono-layer extruder. Die diameter 420 mm; Rotating type. Die gap 1.8 mm Can be mounted on an extruder with a screw within a range of 90 to 120 mm. Dual flow air ring, Air ring ADDEX. Electrical control panel. GPUHS8GMXIU more
Kallfass sealer Kallfass KW5050

Kallfass sealer Kallfass KW5050

Blieskastel Germany
6496 km
Offered are here Kallfass sealer with conveyor belt. Format 500x500mm 5 Pieces available BKZFMALHXIY more
MACCHI COEX 3 layers line for LDPE MDPE meLDPE screw diameters : 80-100-80, 30 L/D kw.100-150-100 motors 500 mm diam.still die COEX FLEX type, IBC gap.1,6 mm. Kunding thickness control system gusseting units web guide Recotrim system collection thickness gauge average output 450/500 kg/h MISSING OF ROTATING/OSCILLATING TAKE OFF UNIT ***** MISSING OF COLLECTION FRAME ***** Construction year 2006 EOIMZAWVHKN more
extrusion-line for cast-film OMV 3-layers
concerning description attached DMFAF709HKQ more
Foil cutter welder nightcap EUROMA #2685 St 2000
Manufacturer: EUROMA Type: St 2000 Cutting width: 2000 mm Special features of the machine: the welding head can be rotated in 180 degrees. FCFBO0MEXKM more
Foil Cutting Machine MAVEG HM 250/1300
. Film cutting machine Fabr MAVEG type HM 250/1300 Masch 8634 Year 1994 Technical data:. Max. Roll length 1300 mm max. Roll diameter 250 mm drive capacity 3,0 kW Overall dimensions 1800 x 800 x 1600 mm with - movable cutting unit - infinitely variable speed of the roller used, in excellent condition FE992CTZHJK more
Wicket bag making machine STIEGLER RH ST700W-R
For production of wicket bags and bread bags. Bag length 230-650 mm; bag width 100-400 mm. Can process LDPE, HDPE, PP and recycled extracts. PLC control, servo motor, handle punch unit, web guide, and more accessories. 2 machines available. Price each machine EUR 33.000,- Machines in good working conditions. FNQ092KWXI3 more
Foil cutting machine Ochsner KM 80
Foilcutting machine Ochsner KM 80 simple, solid build foilcutting machine the roll is driven with finger on inside of core that way there will be no damage to foil quick exchange system for rolls 1" and 3/4 " shaft available exchangeable knife protection on cutting shafts resharpable knife Technical Details: foilwidth: max. 750 mm foildiameter: max. 120 mm standard shaft diameter: 25 mm optional shaft diameter: 17 mm knife diameter: 150 mm D0LYDHBFXKM more
KIEFEL 3 LAYER BLOWN FILM EXTRUSION LINE for LDPE MDPE LLDPE meLDPE Screw diam. 50-70-50 mm. 5 components gravimetrical dosing units for each extruder die diam. 350 mm., IBC Plastcontrol automatic thickness control with air ring and gauge rotating pull off unit 1800 mm. wide web guider Nordmeccanica turret type, central driven double winding station width 1800 mm. Construction year 1998 IFUI20XSHJD more
Bag machine Lemo Indramt
Machine for manufacture plastic wicketer bags Unwinder = width 1520 mm Folding unit max. width 820 mm Main machine with Punching unit for hole making. Wicket delivery Bottom folding min /max = 30 -100 mm deep, Max. Length bottom folding bag = 740 mm, Feed rate Min / Max = 100 - 400 mm Foil thickeness min = 20 my Output minimum = 100 piece / minute IRACM2WEHKJ more
Pouch bag making machine Waterline Ritebag 600-STEBs
Can produce 2-3 side seal pouches, 2-3 side seal pouches, Security and courier bags, STEB pouches w/wo pocket, STEB Airport bags, STEB Duty free bags. Operator interface terminal with touch screen. Tension control, Web guide, Gusseting station, and more attachments. In good working conditions. IWV9FMFNHKP more
MACCHI COEX EXTRUSION LINE mod.PLASTEX Construction year 2006 For LDPE, LLDPE mdpe and blends Film width 1700 mm. Screws : 65 - 80 - 65 mm. L/D 30 kw.74 - 100 - 74 a.c. motors IBC Jet 6 system Cooling ring Still die type COEX FLEX TE 502, die diam. 300 mm. Gap.1,6 mm. KUNDIG thickness control system E & L automatic web guide *** the line is missing of : thickness gauge, take off unit and winder (which we can supply separately) C78IIUUYXJA more
blown film extruder MAM ES-K 63,5
MAM EXTRUSION PLANT for LDPE, MDPE and blends. type ES-K-63,5 Average output 80 kg/h depending on material rotating die 200 mm. diam. double winding station 1400 mm. wide 120 kw d.c. motor max reel diam. 1000 mm. automatic reel unloading construction year 1988 tower included the machine has been well maintained and has been running unitl one month ago. E9KDCSEQHKK more
blown film extruder GHIOLDI 3 LAYERS
GHIOLDI BLOWN FILM CO-EXTRUSION LINE Completely reconditioned in 2013. Including: N. 2 extruders diam. mm.55, 78 kW 30 L/D N. 1 extruder diam.75 mm. 142 kW, 30 L/D n. 3 lever type screen changers Melt control system 3-layers still die mm.300 gap. mm.1,4 IBC cooling system AM500/2 dual flow cooling ring 2 temperature exchange batteries electrical cabinets with Mitzubishi inverters Oscillating pull-off system width mm.1700, working width mm.1600 FIFE web guider mm.1700 Bubble driver with vertical ... more
blown film extruder TECOM TECOM

blown film extruder TECOM TECOM

6731 km
TECOM BLOWN FILM EXTRUDER for LDPE type E40 screw 40 mm.diam.- needs replacing 80 mm die diam. 3phase 40 Hp motor Pull off unit 700 m. wide Corona treatment single winding station 700 mm. wide construction year 1983 Is offered completely refurbished or as is. H0IPKZZAHKG more
blown film extruder UNITECH 90 mm.
UNITECH BLOWN FILM EXTRUSION LINE extruder mm.90 200 mm. + 250 dies 1600 mm. single winding station 90 kw a.c. motor with inverter 200 kg/h depending on material no tower construction year 2000, screw/barrel group new in 2013. Now producing appx 180/200 kg/h, depending on material, with die 250 mm. BFDITP28XKF more
blown film extruder GHIOLDI 35 mm (lab size)
GHIOLDI 35 mm. EXTRUDER for LDPE 80 mm. die screw diam. 35 mm. winder 500 mm. pull off unt 500 mm. NEW a.c.motor with inverter NEW screw / barrel group FY3UQ3JIXI0 more
blown film extrusion DOLCI 35 mm.
DOLCI 35 mm. EXTRUDER for HDPE and LDPE 80 mm. die screw diam. 35 mm. double winder 800 mm. pull off unt 800 mm. NEW a.c.motor with inverter ***MISSING OF CABINET AND ALL ELECTRICAL PARTS. NEW screw / barrel group Completely refurbished in 2005 GBNPVVAGHIY more
blown film extrusion DOLCI 35 mm.
DOLCI 35 mm.EXTRUDER (lab size) for HDPE and LDPE 80 mm. die screw diam. 40 mm. winder 800 mm. pull off unt 800 mm. completely reconditioned in 2005 NEW a.c.motor with inverter NEW screw / barrel group NEW electrical cabinet and all electrical parts. G2ABD9E8XLI more
blown film extruder PRANDI PPL TUBE
PRANDI PPL BLOWN FILM EXTRUDER total installed power 120 kw screw diam 90 mm. pull off 1500 mm. rotating die 240 mm. diam. machine in very good conditions, can extrude PPL in bubble min/max film thickness : 40 to 100 mm. nim/max material width : 950/1200 mm. n.2 SCAE slit and seal units MERO corona treatment cooling system to crystalize material G709QHMTHJL more
blown film extruder TECOM 40 mm.
TECOM MONO E 40 EXTRUDER for HDPE and LDPE 120 mm. die screw diam. 40 mm. double winder 700 mm. pull off unt 700 mm. NEW a.c.motor with inverter NEW original TECOM screw / barrel group NEW reel holding, expandible shafts Martignoni corona treatment FY3UQ3JIXJM more
blown film extruder TECOM MONO E 40
TECOM MONO E 40 EXTRUDER for HDPE and LDPE 120 mm. die screw diam. 40 mm. winder 700 mm. pull off unt 700 mm. NEW a.c.motor with inverter NEWoriginal TECOM screw / barrel group NEW reel holding, expandible shafts Martignoni corona treatment FH08HK2NXJC more
Creasing machine / folding machine CMC Maschinenbau GmbH 037
Creasing and folding machine with Qürschneideeinrichtung for folding laminates according to the following description: 1) unwind with pneumatic clamping shaft 2) folding 3) main drive and folder 4) Cutting 5) Operating and Steüreinheit 6) ionization fold 7) stacking unit to groove / from pressboard and flexible laminates EC3TH9YDHLE more
laminating Fritz Optimat Pum 120/45/DK/R
We have a new Fritz Kasch Iran able to coat the coating of plastic profiles for sale incl. Reflow more details see label HRXUGBCCXJP more
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