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Roll making machines for sale

Identified location: Ashburn (US) (Edit)
Combined Roll System Trima KBA 5 * YOC (Headmachine): 2016 Fgksgjrts * YOC (Proofer): 2009 * Weight range: 35 to 85 g * Headmachine with 5 rows, max. 6000 pieces per hour * Relaxing zone approx. 3 min * Pre-proofing zone approx. 6 min * Cutting station with separate cups * Stamping station with rotating stub head * Integrated direct run from the head machine to the deposit * Cross discharge belt more
It is a used Kemper Quadro bun roll line 5-row with punch and settling device for sale. The system is in the bakery state and is fully functional. Rustic /angular dough pieces can be produced. Suitable for the following doughs: wheat dough, wheat mixed egg, rye mixed, multigrain dough. - Weight range: 40gr. – 150gr. Xcv2e02t - Power: 2000 - 7000 pieces / hour - incl. 2 x different knife rollers Price on request. more
Cut roll line FRILADO MSA Manufacturer : FRILADO Type : MSA 80 with plank magazine for 60 x 40 cm and 78 x 58 cm planks Mup7zw Hourly output: approx. 4,800 cut rolls Baker's state Details see picture more
Used bread roll line Fortuna Head machine KM 5 Bizaebtyhx for Kaiser-, and salt rolls with pretzel delivery overhauled, with new drums Sale from stock or optionally free bakery available from December 2020 more
Stockelsdorf, Germany Germany
dealership location
6499 km
Bread roll line WP Rollmeister SC 51 * Year of construction (divider, 5-rows, type: MUS): 2007 Bhvrweljvg * Year of construction  (proofer): 1999 * Adjustable long moulder, cutting station, depositing on trays * Bypass belt for directly depositing on trays after divider and rounder * Sterilization station * Automated production process with touchscreen control * Discharge belt from the side after proofing * Hourly capacity approx. 5.100 * Proofing time: 12 mi... more
Bread roll machine for square special rolls Model: Quadro Fit incl. 3 slitting rollers Belt mistake for infeed belt LED control, Stainless steel version Bikpvugazj Machine mobile with lock Connection 400V, 16ACEE plug Used machine is cleaned and workshop checked with 6 months warranty Visit our Milbrandt Qutlet with a sample bakery for bakery machines! more
Head machine WP Multimatic MUC Manufacturer: Werner & Pfleiderer Type: MUC 5 approx. 8000 pc/h Weight Doughling 35gr. - 85gr. suitable for wheat, wheat mixing, rye mixing and special dough Bidkjautls Baker's condition Detail?s see picture more
Those dough dividers and rounders allow you to make 30 identical products in 1 work cycle. The products can be cut into pieces or rounded - depending on your needs! Weight ranges: Fortuna 3: 32-80 g Bkamu32q7l Fortuna 4: 40-110 g Both machines are available both in semi- and in full automat. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me via phone, mail or whatsapp! more
Stamping unit for roll lines WP Kemper * Year of construction: 2002 * Belt width: 800 mm * Integration with existing systems possible Vzbv38x7 * Optional with separate control more
Pallets stucco King Regina with stump boxes for Kaiserbrötchen and star / Knopfsemmeln with trolley for stump boxes Connection 400V, 16A-CEE plug used machine Ck7nkfh3 more
Kövy cut rolls plant without head machine was bad for 60x80cm tilting planks must be overhauled details see Figure Wta7k more
Used Roll machine UNIVERSUM HWM 30 + insider belt EB II - W. Machine is after repair (changed bearings, repaired electro, new drive cylinder). Complete cleaned and tested. 100% function. Gcxyoz7 We have 4 pcs for sell. more
Roll Line König Eco Twin 800 * Condition: completely cleaned and checked, all belts new * Year of construction: 2008, stainless steel version * Headmachine, type: Classic Rex I Bjxoabng9q * Piston size SK 63: 50 to 110 g * 800 mm Version: 6-/5- row working wise * Max. hourly capacity (with proving): 5040 pieces * Max. hourly capacity (only divider): 9000 pieces * Direct Transfer for products without resting time * High product variety due to quickly changeabl... more
Palettenstüpfler Werner & Pfleiderer ST 78 with punch boxes 5 x 7 for Kaiserbrötchen Njllz with trolley for stump boxes Connection 400V, 16A-CEE plug used machine more
Bread roll press Fortuna Automat A3 Manufacturer : Fortuna Type : A3 Dough weight: from 32-80gr, dough filling: 960-2400 gr. Dough filling: 960-2400 gr., Connection: 400 V, 1.6 kW, 16A-CEE plug, Bd2vaoxwuw Dimensions: 69 x 80 x 147 cm, WxDxH 32 - 80 grams / 30 graduations In baker's condition more
Divider-rounding machine for rolls WP (WERNER & PFLEIDERER). The machine is used to quickly divide and form dough into rolls or donuts. Three forming plates are attached to the machine. Bjxy9wyvum Manufacturer: W&P Model: Rounder Weight: 200 kg Capacity: 30 pieces l Efficiency: about 1300 pcs / h more
Trima automatic dough divider Model: Trima KM K2 bread roll plant, two pocket version, weight range 30g - 75g, twin outfeed conveyor, 3Ph Bjgt3ik0b3 more
Long Moulder Unit Fritsch BW 900 * Year of construction: 2004 * Compressed air connection required * Adjustable belt speed * Height-adjustable pressure roller * Adjustable moulding channels * New belt and new control box * Machine works independently F37rhxd7 * Reconditioned more
Erika Record 30pc BDM in good condition Nxnr0us more
Fortuna / Trima Bread Roll SystemTM Quadrangle and Ciabattaanlage Model: Type: TM-T5 with BAK Dough dividing machine 5 rows square bread roll line Weight range 40 to 200g Head machine for square rolls with dough strand infeed conveyor Peel-off tape sheet removal 3 flour with sprinkling station Touch screen control Bh8n7zzco8 Output max. 6000 pieces / hour Bakery machine in stainless steel Connection 400V, 4 kW, 16A-CEE plug Dimensions: 6415 x 1100 x 1850 mm, WxDxH Used machine in the bakery st... more
Bread plant Gulliver IRIS 20 Manufacturer: Gulliver Model : IRIS 20 Type: Special-R Bdzswrd7wg Built: 2000 Long dough laying tape / inlet belt LED control stepless cutting length adjustment Machine is mobile with Mehler Inlet belt and disused belt foldable Weight range: from approx. 25 to 1200 gr depending on the type of dough Connection 400V, 1.5 kW, 16A-CEE plug Dimensions: L 2200 x D 670 x H 1700 mm Tested and cleaned more
KOMBI - BUN LINE composed of: Fortuna head machine type Primus K6 year of construction 2014 6 rows weight range 40-110gr with TOUCH display Kövy KOMBI bun proofer type KHA-S Bhc8cu8tsv year of construction 2004 with stamp and cutting station with seeding station with dropping station capacity approx. 8,000 pieces / h On request, we would be happy to offer you a suitable pre-portier and other KÖVY bun lines with cutting station! more
6 rows Hourly capacity to 18000 pieces 2tqbkep7h with 1 volumetric flask for various weight ranges also suitable for soft dough more
Transport belt with Guillotine Lippelt * Stainless steel covers * Spreading belt * Guillotine Bhvq0w9eck * Unit for cutting wheels * Variable speed * Cutting length adjustable * Cleaned and checked more
Bread roll line Lippelt Mini Rustica Manufacturer: Lippelt Year of construction: 2000 with 2 rollers 400 volts 1.1kW Bakery condition Gweapg more
Head machine for angular special rolls Model: Mini-Rustica GS, with guillotine and punching device incl. 3 slitting rollers 2-, 3- and 4 rhg. Belt mistake for infeed belt LED control, year 2017 Stainless steel version Bhztzqvmry Tapes NEW Machine mobile with lock Connection 400V, 16ACEE plug Machine is cleaned and workshop checked with 6 months warranty more
Bread plant Kemper Quadro fit Manufacturer: Kemper Type: Quadro fit Year: 05/2000 with 4 rollers 230 Volt 16 amp. 50 Hz tested and cleaned See image Nb2qf Shipping please ask more
BUN/BREAD/CIABATTA LINE composed of: 030.05188 dough divider RHEON type V4 VX122 Stress Free Divider year of construction 2008 with hopper for approx. 200 kg of dough with 2 flour duster dough thickness 20 - 35 mm / width 200 - 350 mm Weight range approx .: 200 - 10.000 gr. capacity approx. 4,0m / min = approx. 800 kg per hour with 2 oil pressure tanks with cross rolling unit with star cutter oiling 030.05215 BM-TEC stamping module year of construction 2017 4-rows, for decorating with decor cu... more
We sell a Fortuna K4 head machine. The machine is running, but needs to be overhauled. Machine number K4-1049 Dpjpqkn more
Hamburg, Germany Germany
6477 km
excellent (used)
Fully automatic bread roll system, consisting of a 5-row dough dividing machine and a setting device Manufacture of square dough pieces in the best quality craftsmanship and in many variations with the possibility of or bilateral sprinkling Unique and only with this square bun system, the grain can be worked in for coarse grain or the cheese sprinkled onto the dough sheet in the rolling mill - a particular advantage is that the coarse grains are pressed into the dough the system can be equipped ... more
König Mini Rex 4000 with proofer G 2000 For round, stippled, long-rolled and wrapped-long rolled, as well as rustic rolls 2-ring head machine, swiveling up to 45 ° SK 58 + RK 58 Weight range: 35 - 85g piece of dough Output up to 4000 pieces / hour M8idll Proofer 2 rhg. with long roller and bread roll Output up to 2000 pieces / hour Bread roll line in stainless steel Connection 400V, 16A-CEE plug Used machine more
Bun attachment Gulliver IRIS 20 Manufacturer: Gulliver Model: IRIS 20 Type: 4C. Year of construction: 1998 for all special rolls Long Teigauflegeband / infeed conveyor LED controller stepless cutting length adjustment Machine is movable with Mehler Inlet and outlet band can be folded up Weight range: from about 25 to 1200 Garmm depending on the type of dough Connection 400V, 1.5 kW, 16A-CEE plug Dimensions: L T 2200 x H 670 x 1700 mm Tested and cleaned See image Wprhat8 Shipping please ask more
KÖNIG BUN LINE TYPE ECO TWIN 600 for approx. 4000 kaiser rolls and approx. 3,000 cut rolls per minute year of construction 2011 composed of: REX Automat Classic head machine type SK 58 Czxjizns weight range approx. 35 - 85 g 6/5/4 rows with interchangeable slides teflon-coated aluminum grinding plate driven pressure roller on the spreading belt machine operation via handwheels stainless steel cladding Pre-proofer, type ECO TWIN 600 proofing time at 14 strokes / min approx. 9 min climate controll... more
machine is optically in good condition Boxes of stubble in 5 by 7 are also in excellent condition Machine needs a small repair by electrician Czuj3xmy 380 volts mobile more
Bun Line Lippelt Mini Rustica Bhvrpsrn3q * Year of construction: 2010 * Stainless steel cover * Digital with keyboard * With guillotine and shape punch * Belt speed regulator * Several cutting roller * Several dough shapes * Seeding station, type: Rumo * Checked & cleaned more
W&P Rollmeister bread roll line with MUS G head machine - Head machine W&P Multimatik MUS G - Head machine is year of construction 2010 - 4-row - with pretzel discharge Cast8odg - Stainless steel - Rollmeister bread roll line from year of construction 2006 more
Head machine dough part and knitting machine King Industri Rex T5 Bread roll machine 5-row Performance 15000 pieces / hour Vssij3 Weight range from 40 to 100 grams with spreading band Connection 400V, 16A-CEE plug Used machine for export not guaranteed more
Kemper Quadro Q-5 (5-row) bun system, digital control Manufacturer: Kemper Type : Quadro Q-5 Kemper Quadro Q-5 (5-row), digital control 2 cutting tools (5-row) Bbsunwrpan incl. net conveyor belt (humidification) and 3 trays for grains / seeds. 380 V, 16 A CEE Baker's condition See picture Shipping costs please ask for more
It is a used Fortuna bread roll line (BJ 2004) with head machine 5 rows (BJ 1999) for sale. The line is thoroughly cleaned and customer service is carried out. Defective parts are renewed. Tapes can be exchanged on request (at an additional cost). The system has a proofing cabinet with an integrated stub station for round, stippled dough pieces (e.g. Kaiser rolls). Round, smooth dough pieces can also be produced. Bh2vltldny The system has an automatic depositing device with which the pieces of d... more
Daub Model: DV10 J8n3gr bun divider / rounder Daub semi automatic bun divider rounder For dividing and rounding rolls, 36 divisions at a time, 3 phase, 3 moulding plates" more
Seeding station WP Kemper * For seeding dough pieces for bread roll lines or other systems * Condition: reconditioned * Own control * Special adjustments on request Bhvrv00ebf more