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Packaging machinery for sale

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Montana, Bulgaria Bulgaria
(dealership location)
1625 km
excellent (used)
Seamer is in good working conditions. Equiped with tooling for 99mm, 73 mm and 84mm cans. Height from 25mm to 150 mm. Speed up to 150 cans per minute. Iwg9ar7
Wiefelstede, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
7608 km
Vacuum packing machine, vacuum packing machine -with: input and output conveyor belt -Siemens control type: Simatic Panel Touch Qk8mdjtxi -Aluminium lamination -Film width: 600 mm -3-fold decoiler -Teller unification -tubular bag formation with heating mirror separation -Partial protective housing -Body: made of stainless steel VA -Dimensions: 4500/1400/H2150 mm -Weight: approx. 2000 kg
Ilpra Formpack Easyform thermoformer The ILPRA Formpack Easyform thermoforming machine has been renewed. Thanks to the constant research and to the consolidated experience of ILPRA , the new Easyform model has been improved both in design and components: the forming moulds and sealing are now of new conception. Also the working area, which has been enlarged compared to the previous Easyform version, is now more performing and allows high production capacities. The machine is anexcellent packagi...
Traskernagh, Co. Galway, H62 ED23, Ireland Ireland
6634 km
excellent (used)
Used GEA Powerpak 440 Thermoformer All stainless steel Model 440 With gas flush facility Dies 710 x 430 (6 pot), 430m x 710mm (4 pot). 440 x 440 (1 pot) In daily use Last serviced buy manufacture in October 2020 New drive chain fitted then (€ 10K) Comes complete with all manuals and a list of new replacement spare parts. Year of manufacture 2008 Video available of machine in use. Currently used for packing pizza basis O90up
Oldenburg Germany
7619 km
good (used)
Tray sealing system SE ... Tray closing system SEALPAC GmbH SEALPAC Bq938w2haq
Vacuum packing machine, vacuum packing machine -Transfer in current condition as seen -The machine comes from a bankruptcy and has to be restarted -with foil dispenser: max. 420 mm -Throughing device -Sealing station Qleesrogt -Punching -Chip extraction -Shift control unit
Automatic thermoforming machine for thin-walled foamed polystyrene cups - EPS Machinery b.v. - THERMOWARE type THW 3510 with a form up to 10 forms - cups with a diameter of up to 95mm. Other forms may be used for other products: Ysjvw0 - automatic basket loading system with dry polystyrene - mold filling system - pressure - PLC control cabinet with digital front panel - mold fixing with a toggel lever - electric eye for discharge - electronic speed controller and vacuum control switch Tec...
Carton forming and folding machine complete with unstacker P8klkrzl Good general conditions Immediately available
Traskernagh, Co. Galway, H62 ED23, Ireland Ireland
6634 km
as good as new (ex-display)
Twin Head Electronic Liner Weigher - Never Used Weighs 16/20 weights / min (in relation to the condition of the product). Technical description: N ° 1 - LW5 - ELECTRONIC LINEAR WEIGHER mod. M2 • 2 Head weigher with 2 OFF-CENTER load cell • 2 Weigher device (with “deceleration system”) with 50 recipes Bty9xuhgoe • 2 Stainless steel basket • 2 Independent vibrating channels (2 for each head weigher) • 1 Stainless steel hopper of 76lt • 1 Stainless steel discharge chute of Ø110mm • 1 Adjustable red...
Kronoholmsvägen 4, 271 51 Ystad, Sweden Sweden
7770 km
refurbished (used)
SIAT PC 5600 + SIAT FR 33 ID.NO. 2013 Siat PC 5600 + Siat FR 33 packaging line with hot air shrink tunnel. Max size of products 60 x 40 cm Height 23 cm. Max Kapactiet 1500 package / Tim. Year mod 2008. O7sql Dimensions PC 5600 200 x 140 H 125 cm Dimensions FR 33 200 x 120 cm H 165 cm.
Vacuum packing machine, vacuum packing machine Ekbhhwx -Film width: max. 400 mm
Timed electronic sealing machine with top runner for the exact timing of light trays. Tray dispenser, see pictures, can also be purchased. Machine like new. Driven film dispensers. Pneumatic pressure rollers. Linear feed. Up to 90 cycles / min. Please ask for a video from packaging with this machine. Buairtyetk
Vacuumator Technical description : 5 - 40 °C
 : < 71 dB
: 12 hours/day 
: 70 x 55 x 76cm (W x L x H) : 220 - 230 Volt (50/60)
 : 10,5 Ampère Bubrxphsvq 420pcs of Alumum Big-Bags with special vacuuming valve. Size of bags: 95x95x180cm
Traskernagh, Co. Galway, H62 ED23, Ireland Ireland
6634 km
excellent (used)
Ilapak Vegatronic VT400 Vertical Form & Fill Machine Complete with Stainless Steel Platform & Stairs In use until February 2021. Btrc3acxrv
Root, Switzerland Switzerland
(dealership location)
8011 km
excellent (used)
Grundmaschine: 8375 mm Gesamtrahmenlänge Rahmenlänge 5875 mm Maschine teilbar mit Trenndose Steuerung: MC96-Ausführung Fotoelektrische Druckmarkensteuerung Transportkette: 5/8" CRG Begasung: ja Hartfolie: ja Folienaufnahme: FA05 76 mm/3 Zoll mech.Abspulung Folienaufnahme: FA05 76 mm/3 Zoll mech.Abspulung Wz. Nr. 33647 1/1 459 Unterbahn 459 Oberbahn AZL 240mm Bri2bdauen Tiefe 75mm Packungsmasse 420mm x 240mm Wz. Nr. 36852 3/1 459 Unterbahn 459 Oberbahn AZL 240mm Tiefe 75mm Packungsmasse 140mm x 2...
Baden-Württemberg, Deutschland Germany
7969 km
good (used)
Carton tape closing machine fully automatic with automatic upper lid closing device Manufacturer: Normpack Type: NCF 045 Year of manufacture: 1999 glueing heads for tapes with maximum width up to 76 mm in rolls with maximum diameter up to 335 mm External dimensions for cartons: 9oxvfvyj0 length: min. 150 to 600 mm width: min. 100 to 500 mm height: min. 100 to 500 mm ....
Carton sealer, packing machine Gve93w -Carton width: max. 530 mm -Dimensions: 1250/760/H850 mm -Weight: 33 kg
Very nice Shrink Multipack overwrapping machine In excellent condition , as a new Used in production for a short time Ogo0l Manual and technical documents available Two (2) shrink films PLC siemens
The TF-OPTIMA is a Thermoforming Machine for Food, Non-Food, and Medical Products. Capable of both Flexible and Rigid Packaging. This machine has vacuum and gas flushing systems to create (MAP) Modified Atmosphere Packages. The machine is constructed of stainless steel and corrosion resistant materials for easy maintenance, and sanitation. Bx0qve9k The machine’s solid construction makes it, the most suitable solution for applications that require larger product dimensions, in relation to, film ...
Warszawa Poland
8362 km
good condition (used)
Automatic tray sealing machine for preformed trays. Can make modified atmosphere (MAP) and vacuum packing. Tray transport system. Medium to high production performance. Last running prepared foods. Dimensions: 4169.0 × 1140.0 × 1956.0 Power: 7kW Moulds: 2:2 251x181 mm (4 packs per cycle) 2:2 232x146mm (4 packs per cycle) Btmpfbzf8a
Hradná 3, 945 01 Komárno, Slovensko Slovakia
8541 km
good condition (used)
Foil machine for chocolate, pralines and pastries Go0zdjrs8 - For easy packaging in aluminum foil - Lower fold - Manual loading, power approx. 40-60 cycles / min.
Angle welder with shrink unit, vacuum packing machine, vacuum packing machine, hood shrink machine, hood shrinker, film packing machine -electronic temperature control -Max. Pack size: 800 x 600 x 310 mm -Max. Packing weight: 18 kg -Dimensions machine: 1870/1010/H1200 mm Bkxr97x -Weight machine: 212 kg
Labeling system for cans with hot melt glue and paper labels. Mvxmwg Speed up to 10 000 cans per minute.
Traskernagh, Co. Galway, H62 ED23, Ireland Ireland
6634 km
excellent (used)
2014 Ross Impack Tray Sealer Model A10 Bspmtfmnts In excellent working order.
A Good used Alipack Label applicator on a heavy duty stand with height adjustment and lateral adjustment - max label width is 100mm Btf9ymbbcd
For hard and soft folie, 3 different moulds Zgmeqe 3 pc, 240 * 133 mm 2 pc, 240 * 200 mm 1 pc, 240 * 360 mm
Seamer is in good working conditions. Fully stainless steel. Equiped with tooling for 99mm, 73 mm and 84mm cans. Height from 25mm to 150 mm. Oxgbr Speed up to 150 cans per minute.
Traskernagh, Co. Galway, H62 ED23, Ireland Ireland
6634 km
good condition (used)
Used Mondini E340 VG Tray Sealer. Complete with all spare parts and tooling. Bspll0rg9o Combining high performance in a compact design whilst still delivering all the benefits of the PLATFORM Technology. The TRAVE-340 is the smallest tray sealer in the range but is still a fully automatic system built on the same principles as the rest of the TRAVE range. It can be used as a single unit or easily integrated into a fully automatic packaging system. This compact unit delivers high performance on ...
A Zebra Print Engine ex demonstration used for development only 0x79bo3b
Item: D-2260-Cryovac-Shrink-Wrapping-Tunnel Stainless Steel Shrink Wrapping Tunnel Wrapping Tunnel for packing products with strech foil, Type: CJ51T LH KW: 15 - 21A Year: 2000, Good condition! Dzvitehru Stainless Steel
The box dispenser is used for the quick, automatic removal of boxes. The box dispenser is used to quickly and automatically remove up to 60 boxes per minute in order to increase your production efficiently and reliably! Why is the box dispenser worthwhile? + Removable up to 60 boxes per minute + Different box sizes mobile + Made interely out of stainless steel Brnvu3both + Easy integration into existing production system + Individual customer wishes available on request
Packaging machine Elixa Plus, type B.205, Machine runs on 48 V AC, with transformer to 230 V, 1.2 kW, Bsytz7dj0e Built 1996, dimensions LxWxH approx. 115x98x125cm, approx. 177kg, Machine functional, on/off switch defective
Safeline Metal Detector with an aperture size of 350mm in width and 200mm in height in excellent condition, this machine was never used and has been in storage. Will be supplied with manual and test pieces. Mvvlcg
Packing machine designed for packing butter, consisting of two main ones systems: packing butter into cubes and bulk packing cubes into cartons. The machine also enables packing 2swupe other pasted products such as margarine, cottage cheese, lard, yeast. The machine in question packing in cubes is a double row machine. The butter in the form of a paste is led from the outside to the compensator, where it occurs mass homogenization and compaction. At the same time, the packaging paper is unrolled...
Warszawa Poland
8371 km
excellent (used)
Specifications Manufacturer ULMA Model Galaxy Year 2014 Description GALAXY machine has been specially developed to meet market sectors that are demanding a great productivity in fresh product packaging with stretchable film. Their incredible possibilities, their easy operation and cleaning make it the perfect machine to work in Packaging Centres. This machine has a robust mechanics and state-of-the-art electronics, which reflect its great reliability and flexibility to deal with a wide range of...
Vacuum packaging machine VC999 K7, Svm8tvu automatic vacuum chamber tape machine, with 300cbm vacuum pump, built in 2009, new control since the beginning of 2021, Total dimensions LxWxH approx. 298x110x157cm, feet adjustable in height, for more technical data see photo, good condition, fully functional, as returned from the customer. PRICE ON REQUEST
Stretch film winder with lid holder. Loading works automatically from the right. Pallets are removed from the front with forklift. Can handle Düsseldorfer (half pallets) and Euro pallets. Capacity up to 20 pallets/h. Available from June/July 2021 as the machine will be in operation until then. 82s0ep

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