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Roller levellers for sale

Identified location: Ashburn (US) (Edit)
Ennepetal, Germany Germany
dealership location
6414 km
material width 1650 mm material thickness 6 - 20 mm no. of straightening rolls 11 straightening feed 10 m/min straightening roll diameter 160 mm adjustment 10- 40 mm total power requirement 76 kW weight of the machine ca. 39,2 t Machine does have exchange cassettes of rolls. We supply 1 set of extra cassetes along with the machine. Rolls are supported by backup rolls. Bhyvy9xybb more
sheet width: 250 mm plate thickness: 2 mm number of rolls: 11 straightening feed: 5...30 m/min infeed height: 1250 mm total power requirement: 4,0 kW weight of the machine ca.: 620 kg dimensions of machine: 1,15x1,02x1,5 mm S8wcbeykz dimensions electric cabinet LxWxH: 0,66x0,53x0,32 m Band Leveling Machine with feed equipment: - sideways band guidance rolls model: - band intake height horizontal:1250mm - tiltable: positiv 30°; negativ 15° more
pressure 50 t throat 350 mm stroke 350 mm total power requirement 12 kW Bibbc2l3z9 weight of the machine ca. 3,5 t dimensions of the machine ca. 1,5 x 1,3 x 2,3 m more
material width:420 mm material thickness:0,5 - 6,5 mm no. of straightening rolls:9 straightening roll diameter:50 mm speed:0 - 20 m/min Power capacity:5,5 kW Weight:3,1 t Yr2ivw Dimensions (WxDxH):1,6 x 1,4 x 1,8 m more
Technical data: Plate width: 2000 mm table width: 2200 mm Sheet thickness Material: 2.0 - 6.0 mm Number of rollers: 15 Number above: 7 Quantity below: 8 straightening roller diameter: 78 mm The seller is not liable for writing or data transmission errors. The machine is in appearance, technology and wear and tear according to its age; used machines are sold without any warranty. Eqy7lq8z more
plate width:120 mm plate thickness:1,5 mm no. of straightening rolls:19 straightening roll diameter:12 mm dimensions of the machine ca.:0,8 x 0,7 x 1,4 m H2kczqd precision machine with 19 straightening rollers, pressure manually adjustable and readable via 4 measuring gauges, forward and reverse run more
EXECUTION: PARTS LEVELER material width 750 mm daylight width 780 mm material thickness 0,50 - 12,00 mm no . -leveling rolls 19 leveling roll diameter 50 mm speed 3 - 30 m/min. total power requirement 31 kW Bkqmhkg2z7 machine weight app. 10,0 t infeed height 900 mm parts length min. 100 mm more
plate width: 1250 mm plate thickness: 4 mm smallest sheet thickness: 0,6 mm distance between columns: 1500 mm control: SPS S7 300 Number of Straightening rolls: 21 Stück / pieces straightening feed: von 10 bis/up to 20 m/min roll diameter: 60 x 1400 mm number of rollers: oben/up/arriba: 10 St. number of rollers: unten/down/abajo: 11 St. current capacity: 72 A total power requirement: 33 kW weight of the machine ca.: 13,5 t dimensions electric cabinet: L:0,6 x B:0,8 x H:2,6 2550 m dimensions L x... more
material width 80 - 400 mm material thickness 2 - 12,7 mm no. of straightening rolls 3-7 total power requirement 6 kW weight of the machine ca. 0,9 t dimensions of the machine ca. 1,5 x 1,4 x 1,7 m length x width x height 2.000 x 2.000 x 1.700 mm weight 900 kg Djklzfz - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - #Tags: more
pressure 025 t throat 250 mm stroke 300 mm total power requirement 12 kW weight of the machine ca. 3,5 t Cglmuwkc dimensions of the machine ca. 1,4 x 1,3 x 2,3 m more
Heavy duty machine to straighten and stress-reliev Bhf2d7a9c2 more
material width:600 mm material thickness:max. 6 mm no. of straightening rolls:23 straightening roll diameter:30 mm bending speed:10 m/min connected load:4,5 kVA dimensions of the machine ca.:1,00 x 1,80 x 1,60 m weight of the machine ca.:2,45 t Ltfzqmap precision double-roller machine, motorised push-button roller adjustment (divided front/back), forward / reverse roller drive control, manual central lubrication, 2 precision straightening roller-positioning gauges more
Max. sheet width: 3150 mm Max. sheet thickness: 40 mm Z709tna more
material width: 650 mm material thickness: 0,6 - 1,0 mm no. of straightening rolls: //3 no. of straightening rolls: unten/down/abajo:3 diameter of upper rolls: Ø 71 x 690 mm diameter of lower rolls: Ø 71 x 690 mm throughput speed: 50 m/min height over floor: 1400 mm total power requirement: 14 kW weight of the machine ca.: 1,4 t 7nkbrtiy0 dimension machine xH: 1,35 x 1,4 x 1,8 m - 3 pcs feeding rolls Ø 80 x 680mm, not adjustable, revolving - upper rolls: 3 pcs bending rolls Ø 71 x 690mm, adjust... more
LEVELLER UNIT .. sheet width max: 150 mm .. sheet thickness max: 1.5 mm .. number of leveller rolls: 19 DIMENSIONS / WEIGHTS .. space requirements -left/right-: 1100 mm .. space requirements -front/back-: 500 mm .. total height: 1200 mm .. total weight approx.: 300 kg Hpor8wl Dokumentation is not available Machine can be inspected in operation more
material width 1250 mm material thickness 2 - 7,1 mm no. of straightening rolls 17 total power requirement 50 kW weight of the machine ca. 21,5 t Gltpubl dimensions of the machine ca. 4 x 2 x 2 m more
High strength part levelling/straightening line fo Nuu3h more
material width:260 mm total power requirement:4,5 kW Y7na9dmm8 dimensions of the machine ca.:1,15 x 2,90 x 1,80 m more
leveller UNGERER RM 1800/3,5/17 with the dimensions: 1750 x 3,50/5,00/7,00 mm, 17 rolls, diam. of the rolls 69,50 mm Equipment: - Electromotive infeed and electrical swiveling of the upper yoke - 5-fold lower support with support rollers (individually adjustable) - 2-fold upper support with support rollers - crowning below - Circular lubrication of transmission and cardan shafts - Infeed and outlet table available - Reversible - New three-phase motor 18.5 KW - control cabinet The leveller was ... more
material width: 400 mm S8x08vk3y material thickness: 2 mm Number of Straightening rolls: oben/upper/arriba: 5x Number of Straightening rolls: unten/lower/abjo: 6x roll width: 410 mm throughput speed: 9-20 m/min total power requirement: 5,5 kW Weight approx.: 1,3 t space requirement of the machine approx.: L:2,1xB:1,0xH:1,35 m description: - upper rolls adjustable around 14mm, not driven - lower rolls not adjustable, driven - each 1 intake/output roll (dia 35x410mm) equipment: - drum intake (L:1... more
GF (Hämmerle) parts-rolling straightening machine Type TRM 50 / 750 Bmmab9kilr Year of construction (commissioning) 1990 sheet thickness approx. 0,5 - 12mm Part length in throughfeed direction min. approx. 100mm Feed speed 2-20 m/min Straightening rolls Quantity 19 pcs. diameter 50mm Workpiece infeed height 900mm straightening unit length 2300mm, width 1800mm, height 1800mm Hydraulic power unit (length x width x height) 1400 x 1000 x 1600mm Control cabinet (depth x width x height) 600 x 400 x 19... more
material width 125 mm material thickness 2 mm Cfhtnbs0 straightening feed 5 - 30 m/min total power requirement 1,5 kW weight of the machine ca. 460 kg swiveling straightening unit more
Type: T2 EXP Behzsjhyap with many toolholders power: 1,5 kW more
sheet width:0 mm coil weight:0 t coil internal dia.:0 mm Capacity:1000 kg total power requirement:0 kW weight of the machine ca.:0 t dimensions of the machine ca.:0 m Y7nacp2q2 more
Material width: 400 mmCoil weight: 2.0 tMaterial thickness: 0.4 - 3.0 mmCoil inner diameter: 460 - 530 mmCoil outer diameter: 1500 mmNo. of straightening rolls: 21Straightening roll diameter: 30 mmMaterial cross section: 1200 mm²Belt infeed - left-hand control - Infrared roll chair adjustment - motorizedMeasuring gauges - Digital displayMachine infeed - 2 rollsBelt take-offMachine outfeed - Belt guide designed as belt feed table for max. belt feed rate: 0.4 - 3.0 mmCoil inner diameter: 460 - 530... more
band width: 80 mm plate thickness: 1,5 mm number of rolls: 5 total power requirement: 1,2 kW weight of the machine ca.: 150 t space requirements approx. LxWxH: 1,1 x 0,7 x 1,4 m straightening rolls: - 2 upper rolls, 3 lower rolls Bnmwkdf0 - material feed is performed via two compressed air controlled rolls - compressed air connection is not mounted i.D. more
Heidenheim an der Brenz Germany
6722 km
repair required (used)
Max. Guide width 2200 mm Passage width of the straightener: 2300 mm Motor power in KW: 22KW Number of straightening rolls: 9 pieces Straightening roll diameter: 95 mm Number of backup rolls: 22 pieces Blz7ldspzw Back-up rollers below: 12 pieces Support rollers above: 10 pieces Sheet thickness max: 8 mm more
PIESOK - XRM 2000/6,3 - 1981- min/ max thickness 1,6/6,3 mm (50 kp mm2) ..... 7 mm (37 kp mm2)- width 2200 mm- number of rolls 11- roll diameters: 90/94/95 mm- roll length 2200 mm.- distance between rolls 105 mm.- number of rolls (5+6=11).- max sheet thickness 6,3 mm.- min sheet thickness 1,6 mm.- speed 12 m/ min.- motor 20 kW- weight 12500 kg- can be shown under power in working condition but needs new electric cabinet 7jd0mly more
sheet width - max.:130 mm straightening roll diameter:40 mm :5 :2+2 sheet thickness - min.:0,4 mm sheet thickness - max.:3,5 mm weight:0,4 t dimensions of the machine ca.:0,6x0,65x1,15 m Gxkimq7d3 with integrated, stepless adjustable Vari-drive, reversing, operating-mode switch for manual and automatic operation, introduction roller cage, position indicator of straightening rolls via analogue display, adjustment of straightening rollers via hand wheels, automatic swivel arm control, very go... more
Number of Straightening rolls: 15 Stück plate width: 1000 mm plate thickness: 8 mm smallest sheet thickness: 2 mm distance between columns: 1340 mm infeed width: 1280 mm straightening feed: bis - up to 16 m/min roll diameter: 100 mm number of rolls: oben / upper / arriba: 7 number of rolls: unten/ lower/ bajo: 8 Stück / pcs Beffuzuqk3 Total power requirement: ca. 31 kW weight of the machine ca.: 21,5 t dimensions L x W x H: 4,0x2,15x2,8 m Machine is still in the technical department! Optionally... more
material width 1.600/1.700 mm material thickness 0,50 - 2,50/3,00 mm no. - leveling rolls 23 leveling roll diameter 53,72 mm distance between stands 1.760 mm length of rolls 1.800 mm speed 40 m/min. total power requirement 30 kW leveling roll length 1.800 mm no. - supports 7 Bh322cwm no. - support rolls 175 (84 x above / 91 x below) support roll - ø 113,52 mm height adjustment motor driven tilting adjustment mechanically / motor driven support roll adjustment mechanically spare parts: 1 set of... more
Sinsheim Germany
6608 km
excellent (used)
leveller ARKU TRM 30100/21, year of constr. 1997 with the dimensions: 1000 x 6 mm, 21 rolls, diam. of the rolls 30 mm under power here in our warehouse. leveller is checked by us. Hd28ggwtw more
material width:120 mm material thickness:0,3 - 2,0 mm no. of straightening rolls:19 roll diameter:18 mm speed:0 - 60 m/min :150 kg 2p9yze band width:120 mm diameter of the mandrel:260 - 430 mm external diameter:800 mm weight of the machine ca.:0,85 t dimensions of the machine ca.:2,35 x 1,07 x 1,52 m more
Straightening machine GSW Schwabe Model: CRL 30/ 95 Year: 1996 Band width approx. 300 mm Up to 3 mm sheet thickness Sheet reel: A&B Kempen model. AHC 1500 year: 1991 Band width approx. 300 mm diameter 1500 mm Engine power. 1.5 KW 380 volt 50 Hz Xmfwo more
material width: 400 mm material thickness: 2 mm Number of Straightening rolls: oben/upper/arriba: 5x Number of Straightening rolls: unten/lower/abajo: 6x roll width: 410 mm Lqzqz throughput speed: 9-20 m/min total power requirement: 5,5 kW weight of the machine ca.: 1,3 t space requirement of the machine approx.: L:2,1xB:1,0xH:1,35 m leveling machine with coil / machine has 11 rolls - upper rolls adjustable around 14mm, 1st and last roll driven - lower rolls not adjustable, driven - each 1 intak... more
Passage width 630 mm Max. workpiece cross section at 40 kg/mm2 tensile strength 4 x 630 mm Material thickness - 0.3 - 6 mm Number of straightening rollers 23 pcs, diameter 30 mm throughput speed 3-15 m/ min Reading of the machine setting 0.01 mm Max. roller distance vertical 20 mm infeed table length - 400 mm Blokszznvu Connected load - 5 kW, slow blow fuse 16 A, Control voltage 24 V more
FEEDING LEVELER daylight width 500 mm material thickness 0,63 - 4,00 mm no. leveling rolls 9 leveling roll diameter 50 mm speed 60 m/min. no. - infeed rolls 2 adjustment - infeed rolls hydraulically adjustment of roller block motor driven run out feeding unit motor: ABB Drives power 26,7 kW infeed side: infeed table with feeding rolls (2 x horizontal / 4 x vertical) adjustment central - manually run out side: run out table with mounted measuring unit (measuring wheel) adjustment central - moto... more
CNC strip feeding straightening machine with switch cabinet Dreher Company, no documentation available was never used by us, function not tested good condition with traces of use (see pictures) Inlet height: 160 cm Material width 500 mm Material thickness ca 3 mm Switch cabinet 80 x 40 x 2000 Conditions of sale When selling used forklift trucks and used machines, any kind of warranty or guarantee is generally excluded. This offer is directed exclusively to entrepreneurs (commercial users) or de... more
sheet width:120 mm coil weight:75 kg Lrhgzor7 dimensions of the machine ca.:2,50 x 1,25 x 1,50 m more
leveller HÄMMERLE TRM 80/1250 with the dimensions 1250 x 12 mm, 19 rolls, diam. of the rolls 80 mm Fn3m02p more
plate width: 2500 mm plate thickness: 16 mm smallest sheet thickness: 6 mm Number of Straightening rolls: 11 roll diameter: 180 mm straightening roll diameter: 180 mm straightening feed: 10-16-20 m/min throughput speed: 10 m/min total power requirement: 75 kW weight of the machine ca.: 56 t dimension machine xH: 5,0x2,5x4,0 m The machine will be modernized and refurbished. If you are interested, please contact us and we would like send you an offer. Cold Sheet Metal Levelling Machine Deydsfeak... more
Max width: 1000 mm B9c8gi3w Number of rolls: 5 With scissor more
Material width up to: 120 mm Bjgco8ubpo Material thickness: 1.2 - 4 mm Straightening roller Ø: 18 mm Number of straightening rollers: 19 Graduated guide speed adjustable: 3 - 18 m / min electr. Connection: 380 V, 3 kW Weight: approx. 650 kg Space requirement: 1850 x 1100 x 1500 mm more
Babberich, Netherlands Netherlands
dealership location
6312 km
ready for operation (used)
material width:300 mm no. of straightening rolls:13+2+2 straightening roll diameter:60 mm Y7kj8mbt0 more
Hagen - Hohenlimburg, Germany Germany
dealership location
6427 km
Material Width 300 mm Daylight Width 330 mm Material Thickness max. 1,50 mm No. of Levelling Rolls 9 Levelling Roll – Ø app. 29 mm Levelling Roll Length app. 320 mm No. of Supports 4 (2 x upper / 2 x lower) No. of Back Up Rolls 11 (5 x upper / 6 x lower) Vdzjmysko Back up Roll – Ø app. 28 mm Levelling Speed m/min. Power – Main Motor kW Height Adjustment mechanically Tilting Adjustment mechanically Support Adjustment mechanically Dimension (L x W x H) app. 1.500 x 600 x 1.430 mm Weight 840 kg Mo... more
material width: 200 mm material thickness: 1,5 mm Number of Straightening rolls: 5x oben/upper/arriba no. of rolls: 6x unten/ lower/abajo S8ummrdvf throughput speed: nicht bekannt/ unknown/desconocido m/min current: 220/50 A/Hz total power requirement: 1,5 kW weight of the machine ca.: 0,447 t space requirements of the machine approx.: L:0,88xB:0,76xH:1,26 m description: machine does have 11 rolls upper roll: width: 210mm, dia. approx. 60mm, driven adjustable lower roll: width: 210mm, dia. appro... more

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