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Max. Saw blade diameter: 250 mm Manual material clamping Saw blade lubrication Roller conveyor and length stop on request Bolwnxn0tf
Technical data: - Saw blade diameter min. / max. 200 mm - Saw blade bore 30 mm - Cutting height at 90° approx. 60 mm - Saw blade tiltable - roller table 500 x 200 mm - Working height approx. 320 / 940 mm - Saw blade speed approx. 2000 1/min - Drive 400 V / 2.7 kW - Space requirement approx. W 520 x H 940 x D 580 mm - Weight approx. 50 kg Bokhbmpjuf - Hand wheel for the inclination adjustment is defective, the inclination is - but still adjustable.
Single head saw FOM INDUSTRIE PANDA 300 ECHO with electronic measuring conveyor DIGISTOP 4m with electronic caliper DIGIBAR 3,3m and inlet conveyor PORTER 4,2m Clpkudty
Wiefelstede, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
7666 km
Cut and Miter Saw, Pull Saw, Chop Saw -Dimensions 1000/930/H1300 mm -Weight 238 kg T9curfq
Maximum saw length: 4000 mm. Max. Saw blade diameter 500 mm. Control system defective, the screen is off, automatic mode not possible. Slight loss of air Ckcudxxc
motor 400 V / 2.0 kW speed 3500 U/min length of cut 410 mm (bei 90į) depth of cut 170 mm (bei 90į) miter range horizontally 45į-90į-25į miter range vertically 90į-45į (links) sawblade-O 420 mm suction plant 100 mm weight 120 kg Djlj0dz
Technical data: - Semi-automatic band saw with microprocessor control and manual function - saw blade dimensions 3320 x 27,0 x 0,9 mm Xhchn39k - Cutting speeds N 40 to 80 m/min - hydr. material vice with clamping possibility up to 325 mm - Mitre adjustable left up to 60°, right up to 45 - Cutting range at 90° round 300 mm - square 260 mm - flat 330 x 260 mm - Cutting range at 45° left + right round 260 mm - 45° li flat 270 x 200 mm - 60° li flat 170 x 170 mm - Dr...
Double miter saw in very good condition, equipped for aluminium conversion with cooling - Saw blade diameter 400 mm - Tilting the saw blades to the left and right 45° - 90° - 45° and all intermediate angles Gwq8rg - cutting length max. approx. 4,00m + extension 1,50 m
Single head saw FOM INDUSTRIE PANDA 300 ECHO, new - saw blade D 300 mm - hydro-pneumatic feed Bolxxydt2s - blade turning 0° RH/LH - 2 vertical and 2 horisontal clamps
Underfloor circular saw, crosscut saw, tension saw, chop saw, sliding table saw, table saw G7rw809 -Motor power 720 W -Speed 2950 rpm -max saw blade Ø 205 mm -max cutting height 43 mm -Table 45 ° swiveling -Dimensions 400/510 / H320 mm -Weight 12.3 kg
Saw blade diameter: 450 mm Maximum saw length: 5000 mm Two adjustable material supports. Automatic positioning via control Omyc9
Technical data: - Saw blade diameter min. / max. 215 / 315 mm - Saw blade bore 30 mm - Vertical miter adjustment - Cutting height at 90° approx. 107 mm - Cutting height at 45° approx. 75 mm - Table size 800 x 680 mm Bocovdqm0x - Working height approx. 850 mm - Saw blade speed approx. 2800 1/min - Drive 400 V / 4 kW - Space requirement approx. W 1100 x H 1150 x D 800 mm - Weight approx. 110 kg - Saw blade + fixing screw missing
We are selling our Schüco B50 double mitre saw as part of an investment to expand to a CNC machining centre. Oi2jh The B50 is in very good condition and continues to work accurately. The saw blades (2x 500mm) have just been bought new and have made about 20 cuts. So absolutely as good as new. A second set is included. The machine has a CNC controlled positioning, and 2 free programmable angles at the saw heads, which has a cutting length of 6000mm with a repositioning possibility, so that also 1...
Single head saw FOM INDUSTRIE PANDA 400 with digital measuring conveyor ASSOMAK VS 4,2m and inlet conveyor PORTER 4,2m, new - saw blade D 400 mm - hydro-pneumatic feed - blade turning 0° RH/LH - 2 vertical and 2 horisontal clamps - minimum cut 0 mm, maximum 4200 mm Bolxvcjbhj - measurement reading by encoder
Cut and Miter Saw, Pull Saw, Chop Saw -Motor power 1 kW -Speed 2800 rpm -Saw blade 290 mm -Cutting length 300 mm -max cutting height 80 mm -Dimensions 600/1160/H500 mm -Weight 76 kg Bexx7vjb38
Max. Cutting length: 4000 mm Saw blade diameter: 500 mm Automatic positioning via Beckhoff C 101, retrofitted in 2007 Spray device for material support 3qgbfpcz
Double mitre saw for plastic and aluminium profiles, 2 saw heads 330 mm saw blade diameter, hardly used. Bngzeoz2xn
Cutting to length - and mitre - rafter cut - circular sawing machine Technical data: - Saw blade dimensions 300 x 3.5 x 40 mm - Horizontal mitre adjustment 45° - 90° - 20 - Vertical mitre adjustment 60° 90° - 45 - Cutting range - at 90° W 380 x H 85 mm - at 45° W 265 x H 85 mm - at 45° inclined H 65 mm Etcnlsn - Saw blade speed 2750 rpm - Drive 220 V - Space requirement approx. W 700 x H 1400 x D 1400 mm - Weight approx. 180 kg - with: - hydr. feed brake - Saw blade
Make: Lescher Type: UK-500 L Bfjnjahe Dimensions: approx. L 1.10 x 1.10 x H 1.60 m Weight: approx. 300 kg All information without guarantee. A demonstration under power is possible at any time in our exhibition hall.
Riga, Latvia Latvia
(dealership location)
8175 km
excellent (used)
Double head saw FOM INDUSTRIE BLITZ ALVA 550 A 6,6m. Year 2018 Condition: excellent - Max.cut between heads 6,6m - New FOM blades D550mm - Profile height measuring device Hsof0xf - Label printer - Step-by-step cut - Extra long and super minimum cut - Three profile supports - Import profile section in DXF - Working with external list - Wlan and USB - Vacuum cleaner
Underfloor circular saw, crosscut saw, tension saw, chop saw, sliding table saw, table saw -Motor power 1,7 KW /220 Volt -Speed 2900 rpm -max saw blade 220 mm Bhyidhv -max cutting height 65 mm Cutting length mm Dimensions 460/640 / H330 mm -Weight 21.5 kg
Maximum positioning length: 6000 mm. Positioning according to absolute or chain dimensions is possible. The feed slide can be folded up to push the profiles through Bolwlbth83
According to Elumatec: SA 142/35 Suitable for high-volume cutting of aluminium profiles for window manufacturing and industrial applications Material infeed (cycling) protects the surface of the workpiece through a profile lifting system at the bearing and locating face One, two or three-stroke feed can be selected using a selector switch Angled cuts of up to 45° are possible by tilting the saw unit (option) Large cutting range for wide profiles Equipped with saw blade as standard Technical sp...
Sägeblattdurchmesser 280 mm Sägeblattdrehzahl 3.200 1/min. Elektrischer Anschluss 230/400 V, 3~, 50 Hz Leistungsabgabe 1,05 kW Bnd7zx8vy8 Länge 650 mm, Tiefe 750 mm, Höhe 1.300 mm, Gewicht 130 kg
WEGOMA DS130S with electronic tilting R0r9xqk
Underfloor circular saw, cross-cut saw, pull saw, chop saw, sliding table saw, table saw -Motor power 2.75 kW -Speed 2880 rpm -max saw blade Ø 350 mm -Max. Cutting width 560 mm Bilo2ngur7 -max cutting height 60 mm -Dimensions 1090/1200 / H990 mm -Weight 528 kg
Automatic positioning Max. Feed length: 4,600 mm Automatic positioning via program control Operation via touch screen Windows 2000 For attachment to saws on the left Operating instructions available Mvm8ww
Spabrücken Germany
7860 km
ready for operation (used)
Sliding table saw, Alpendorf, F90, machine no. 90-7-16, with rollable dust extraction D2hj2vn
motor 400 V speed 2.800 U/min tool -Ø 450/400 mm tool spindle diameter Ø 40 mm notching height 153 mm notching depth 128 mm notching width 250 mm 2sb33y feed manuell weight 540 kg
Notching sawing machine LGF ALFA 55 with Ø 500 mm and Ø 550 mm sawblades, new Specification: - Machine totally enclosed - Cylinder stroke 825 mm - Adjustable feeding of the sawing carriage 4-10 mt/min - Both saw blades tilting range +/- 45° by means of hand wheel - Possibility to perform cuts at any intermediate degrees - Adjustable working bench in terms of height and depth by means of hand wheels - Tilting fence on the working bench at 60°/90°/-60° - Maximum profile height 215 mm - Maximum pro...
Double head sawing machine with Ø 500 mm tungsten carbide blades with motorized movement of the mobile head and electronic control of the head tilting 72admbu
Cross-cut and miter saw, pull saw, chop saw -Motor power: 1.03 KW -Speed: 2800 rpm -Saw blade: 180 mm Qkrqrb0id -Cutting length: 250 mm
Positioning system with pusher Automatic positioning via computer control. Maximum feed length: approx. 6500 mm. Gripping pliers for clamping the material Cjzwao8e
Meirinhas, 3105, Portugal Portugal
7382 km
excellent (used)
Cutting line with automatic feeding and extraction. Machine revised G2e0n9ude
Miter saw Elumatec MGS 73 Sawblate 350mm Bltpv2vblt
Measuring roller table with digital display and manual length stop FOM INDUSTRIE ASSOMAK VS, new Ingsig9 - Minimum cut 0 mm - Maximum cut 4200 mm - Pneumatic stop locking - Positioning precision ± 0,20 mm - Loading capacity per linear meter: 20 Kg - Width of bar resting surface: 200 mm
Emmegi 5 Axis Cutting machine for aluminium, pvc, wood profiles Bk7wwmzuq7
Crosscut and miter saw, pull saw, crosscut saw, panel saw, crosscut and miter saw, radial saw, radial arm saw -on a stable base -Motor power 1.49 kW -Speed 3000 rpm -saw blade Ø 250 mm N0p8z -max cutting height 80 mm -Cut length 500 mm -Saw blade can be tilted up to 90 ? -Dimensions 840/700 / H1390 mm -Weight 150 kg
Measuring length: 3000 mm Stop side: right 3p7dcgj2 Automatic positioning of the stop with the following glass bead saw
Staufenberg, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
7872 km
Doppelgehrungssaege Sägeblatt 400mm Max. Schnittlänge: 5000mm N3omj
5-axis double head sawing machine FOM INDUSTRIE KEOPE E5 6.6 m - No.2 carbide tungsten saw blades Ø 600 mm - Minimum cutting capacity between two heads: 470 mm (with heads at 90°) - Maximum cutting capacity between two heads: 6.6 m - No.4 vertical vices and No.2 horizontal - Micro-drop pure oil blade lubrication system - Set up for the extraction of chips and fumes - Blade motors, three phase 5 HP (3.7 kW) - 230/400 V- 50Hz. Blade rotation speed 2400 RPM - Head rotation between 22.5° and 140° (Y...
Aluminum circular saw, chop saw, glass bead saw, aluminum chop saw, metal chop saw, chop and miter saw -Processing: of flat, angle and solid material, tubes and special profiles Hiupxg8ns -Saw blade: Ø 350 mm -Drive: 2.3/3 kW -Speed: 1430/2860 rpm -Dimensions: 800/900/H1600 mm -Weight: 260 kg