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Table size 3000x1000 mm, drive power 4 kW, grinding belt speed 8-25 m / s, table height adjustment 0-630mm, grinding belt lengths 9000 mm, Incl.: - Dry suction 0knzw89x - Table stand - flat wooden table for plate processing - Handling device with ball for box processing - Accessories and documentation available more
diameter of brush 250 mm width of brush 80 mm 32cl0yzsk turning speed range 1500 / 3000 U/min voltage 380 Volt total power requirement 3,0 kW weight of the machine ca. 175 kg dimensions of the machine ca. 0,7 x 0,46 x 1,16 m more
Workpiece width 1500 mm Workpiece thickness max. 0-100 mm Air requirement 6.0 bar Operating voltage 400 Volt / 50 Hz Working height 1,000 mm Total power requirement 27.0 kW Machine weight approx. 8,400 kg Equipped with: Bb9lti98wv - Deburring roller diameter 425mm Attachment of grinding diameter 300 mm Attachment made of fleece lamellae diameter 300 mm -Set of stainless steel brushes diameter 250mm - Recording for non-oscillating brush pair with pressure rollers and brushing rollers... more
Broadband deburring machine Trockenarbeitend working width 1100 mm Thickness 0, 5 mm - 70 mm Station 1: machine 749z8 to the prior Deburr by splashes of laser or optical Station 2: grinding station 3: plate brush unit for deburring Lamellenbüsrte to the edge shipping runes Station 4 fin brush to the edge rounding All stations either the Insert with the machine can punch, a very good result be achieved laser waterjet or plasma parts. The machine is a top Pflegezustang Gynabrgso more

Deburring machine Timesavers Serie 12-225 WRd

Plauen, GermanyGermany
6765 km
as good as new (ex-display)
Deburring and edge rounding machine for ver timesavers series 12-225 WRd. machine equipped with contact roller for upgrading with abrasive cloth and discus to scale by grinding and Verrundungspads. Machine also suitable for the application of finishes. Lkwua38b more

CNC 4-Roll full Hydraulic Plate Roll ROUNDO PAS 600

Handelsstrasse 4, B-4700 Eupen, BEBelgium
6366 km
excellent (used)
Plate width 3000 mm Preebending 50 mm Bending thicknes 60 mm Upper roll dia. 600 ... more
Working width 1200mm, workpiece thickness max. 100 mm Neyff more
Technical data: 2.4/3Kw 1500/3000 1 / min 600 * 1200 * 800 dimensions Yscybdgv Weight ca. 150 kg more

Deburring machine fintec Gecam g11 wwb

Zürich, SwitzerlandSwitzerland
6687 km
excellent (used)
Surface grinding machine for deburring or finish-grinding Bcbq9igsto sheet metal parts by punching, laser, waterjet and plasma cutting dry working Working width 1100 sheet thickness from 0.5 mm to 80 mm Station 1 grinding roller for deburring Station 2 sanding drum to fine grinding Station 3 Büststation for deburring or satin-finishing works Machine has a corresponding wet vacuuming for the machining of steel aluminium and V2A more
Manual deburring and edge processing rounding machine manual Grinder by timesavers. Change various sanding pads and brushes. Can be used to knock off plasma slag. Vacuum table to process secure hold of the parts to be processed. Mudpr8 more
working witdth 600mm Bcohnszlpi more
Faddder deburring machine for the rounding of the edges of sheet metal parts laser die-cuts Working width 1300 mm Vacuum table for small part machining thickness 0.5 mm to 100 mm Machine with wet separator extraction for the machining of steel aluminium and VA2 Gyni9uplm Einfachse handling alleseitig large uniform rounding possible The machine is top serviced un has a new vacuum carpet more
Working width 950mm, working height 950mm, workpiece thickness 0,5-120mm, grinding belt width 970mm, grinding belt length 1900mm, 1st unit = sanding belt, 2nd aggregate = brushes, 3rd aggregate = brushes, 4th aggregate = sanding belt. Neycv more

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