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8xyaaxgzl GOLD door tool IV 68, 3-piece WEPLA stocking, BG test 50mm hole, screwed onto 40mm Used tools 1x door frame inner profile set 1x door frame inner profile counter set 1x door leaf Abfalzgarnitur more
Indexable insert of window - and door - milling set Obi WEFIX IV 68 excellent condition, mint consisting of 18 double fold profile and slot milling heads the cutter set is UNICONTROL was once bought for a VINOUS, will of course also fit this machine, was used only for a few Windows on a spindle moulder each head you get a detail drawing, to get some interface drawings with accurate dimensions, the documents are complete the Fraeskopfe are for a 50 spindle or recording You can get many years... more

Windows production Line GUBISCH GUBISCH

MarcinkowicePoland dealership location
7337 km
good (used)
Fully automized production line for windows incl.: - Four-side planing machine BS200/1 - Gubisch, - Double end profiler DST/H - Gubisch, Bbhgkwvpqa - Profiler FM2000 - Gubisch, - Grinder - Stahle, All components can be controlled via Computer or can be split and work separately, Together with machine comes a set of cutters for Alu-wood windows. more
MITRE / sprouts press F7, BJ. 1958, cutting height 150 mm with table spread, cutting width 60 mm, 8 mm rungs strength Foh3mzdts more
Huge collection of window cutters for CNC SK40 taking for example SCM Manufacturer Leitz, profile-cut, the cutter mounted on SK40 recordings, can be mounted but also on other recording thorns like E.g. HSK63. According to the documents probably for IV66 euro fold and front doors Drawing numbers 161501195 and 161501196 But apparently for greater thicknesses of wood (approx. 74 mm) is part of the milling cutter on the third range A total of 70 milling heads, of which about 58 piece on SK4... more
System verschiedene Number of tools Werkzeugpaket Bore 40 mm 3u0nsnjpn Demonstration tools Manufacturer Leitz tuned to Kuper Planer- and Kehlautomat SWT XL 6 Window version Tools for the four - sided planing with glass strip removal as well as the Manufacturing. Perfectly matched to the machine! See attached drawings. In the package with the machine are the tools in Offered at an absolute special price. Arrange Sin a Demonstration date in our demonstration center in Oberkochen! You can... more
used Enhdwnybu manufactured by Stehle HSS-equipped 2-parts blades - inside machining LVP: 460,00 EUR located in 97447 Gerolzhofen sale in current condition more
Type UF 2s, built in 1986, 30kW, Oppold tool set 68 mm with indexable inserts Technical data: Crosscut saw: Saw blade ø 400 mm, speed 2800 rpm, maximum cutting height 140 mm, blade swivel 0-45 °, pre-programmable settings (turret) 8 Slotted spindle: Engine speed 2800 rpm, spindle speed 4000 rpm, slot screw 40 mm Ø, clamping height 220 mm, height adjustment handwheel 130 mm, spindle stroke of 130 mm, maximum tool diameter 322 mm, maximum PIN length 320 mm tool diameter 125 mm Roller tab... more
Convolute on window cutters Leitz with indexable insert and firmly tipped Manufacturer Leitz According to the documents probably for IV66 drawing numbers 92153 A total of 21 milling heads It's following Mills: Leitz 54395 FIoL 54396 FIG 54397 FZ 54398 FS 54511 FK 54416 RZao 54417 RZau 54419 RS 54421 RIso 54429 FIoL 54430 FZq 54431 FSa 54434 FAsou Dggjyne2k 166020043 FAso GLL 166020044 FAIM 166020045 FAso 170026971 RZau 170026972 RIu 170026973 RKau 170040... more
manufactured by Stehle BG-Test Jup9rq bolted to 40 mm for window sill nside and outside complete located in 97447 Gerolzhofen - free on truck - more
Collection of window cutters manufacturers steal and Leitz Steal a total of 14 milling heads and 5 milling heads Leitz firmly fitted It's following Mills: Sanford 46-24 52 3 cutters without identifiable number + 5 screw bushings + Suitcase with stealing spare documentation and drawings for the most steal cutters. A tour of the tools is best... more
Collection of window cutters Leitz system Dufix length profiles, system exactly and tenon Manufacturer Leitz According to the documents probably for wood thickness 66 and 71 mm A total of 20 milling heads It's following Mills: Leitz 100067387 RZaoau 100067386 RSq 100067388 RKaoauq 100067389 RIsou 100062933 FZ 100062936 FS 100062940 FK 100062929 FI 100062943 FAsou 100062946 FAsou 100062944 FAlM Beyhfh2 6 large and 3 small slices, extra cutters Including documentatio... more

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