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2 color offset printing machine for sale

Identified location: Ashburn (US) (Edit)
370x520 mm (14.5x20") approx. 19,5 mio. impr. Alcolor CP-Tronic Easyplate Autom. ink roller wash-up device Autom. blanket wash-up device Low-pile delivery Stream Feeder Ultrasonic double-sheet Control Powder sprayer, Ocibwwcz Available: immediately more
Impression count: 27 MIO Equipment: CP 2000 Press Control Autoplate Semi automatic plate changer Bduu0czlm Alcolor dampening Technotrans CombiStar refrigeration Ink Temperature control All Automatic washing devices Coating Unit with chambered doctor blade system Extended Delivery IR Dryer Grafix Alphatronic 200 powder spray device more
Machine in very good running condition with small cylinder mistake, no problems for print-quality, 26 mill impressions only.... immed from our stock Bey8awd more
max. size 37 x 52 cm age 2007 4 printing units + coating unit (chamber duct) + extended delivery chamber duct system Tresu 0,6 mm extended stock range CP 2000 Anicolor technology without ink remote control ALCOLOR Vario film dampenings ink unit temperature control cooling unit CombiStar (water-cooled) AUTOPLATE PRESET automatic washing devices offline washer 52 Anicolor Xelpgfth antistatic device StaticStar dry sprayer GRAFIX Alphatronic 200 IR / TL dryer DryStar 2000 (water-cooled) high pile de... more
2-color offset press Fabr.: Weihai, Type: WIN PC 52-2, Model: WIN522, SN: 348, BJ.: 10/2006, Techic data: Paper format: 520 x 375 mm, Pressure shape dimension: 510 x 400 x 0.3 (total thickness) Pressure speed: 3,000-12000 leaf/hr. Pressure cloth: 528 x 437 x 1.9 mm, Paper feed: Feeder Number of rolls: 17 order rollers, 4 water rollers, Total engine power: 7.5 kW Dimensions: 2,700 x 2,230 x 1,710 mm, Weight: About 3,500 kg Hcuisxhms more
1 color Heidelberg GTO 52 + Alcolor dampening with chiller, Nheqj very good running condition, excellent cylinders more
1 color Heidelberg GTO 52 +, plus version, excellent cylinder conditions B93uy7g Alcolor dampening with chiller,electr. double sheet control , sheet brake, , immed. available. N+P on request more
max. size 64 x 92 cm perfecting: 8/0 - 4/4 age 2015 ink remote control PCS-G ink quality control PDS-E SpectroDrive RYOBIMATIC Delta film dampenings ink unit temperature control combi cooling unit TECHNOTRANS fully automatic plate change Bfuxomwqfg automatic size adjustment for feeder and delivery automatic roller and blanket washing devices LED-UV dryer after unit 4 and 8 hybrid rollers for conventional / UV - inks ink supply InkLine tap inserter Technotrans dry sprayer GRAFIX Digital shown tot... more
Counter (m): 56.8 // Power 15.000 Bows / h. Format (mm): Max.: 370 x 520 / Min.: 105 x 145 Water treatment: Baldwin Dampening unit: Alcolor film dampening unit Equipment / Additional information: CP2000 Center Autoplate Formats: Largest bow: 370x520mm Smallest bow in fine print: 105x145mm Bfunpqmmly Smallest bow in fine and reprint: 140x145mm Max. thickness: 0.4 mm more
Heidelberg GTO52-2P Age 1996 2 Colour Format 36x52 With Perfector With DDS Dampening Bftkole9og Impression: approx. 15 Mio more

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4-colour offset printing machine, Heidelberg, Speedmaster CD102-4, machine no. 542340, year 2000, blanket washer, plate punch, totalizer 158.888.773 on 08.07.1919, with machine control station, plus 3-part pallet rack with spare parts Bioqfdgpu more
Equipment Prinect Press Center Prinect Axis Control Short color flow circuit AutoPlate Program-controlled washing device Dampening unit Alcolor StaticStar Ionitation Package control feeder table Powdering apparatus Serial equipment Xaodw Machine was completely overhauled in 2017 (On request with Suprasetter A52 year 2009 and software license delivered as a package) more
1 color offset printing press Heidelberg GTO 52, built in 1991, in good condition, available immediately Bfuy0zvwn2 more
max. size 37 x 52 cm age 2009 SE model with max. 13.000 sheets/h - neutral running Prinect Press Center Compact ALCOLOR film dampenings cooling unit BALDWIN EasyPlate automatic roller and blanket washing devices antistatic device dry sprayer MEDIPRINT Cldmhzcq shown totalizer: approx. 78 mill. impressions more
Counter (m): 16 // around 3.500-10.000 B. / h Format (cm): 34x46 Equipment / Additional information: Tool and equipment Documentation Bcm0h3bp2v more
Cpc 102AlcolorPowder Spray95 mioCoater UnitIn Production No 525783 Glvriud more
approx. 115 million impressions, AxisControl, Alcolor Vario, Preset streamfeeder, chamber ductor blade, ink temperature control watercooled, ink unit washing device, blanket cylinder washing device, ultrasonic double sheet control, extd. delivery 2 moduls (X2), dryer HD Version 2, dryer cabinet watercooled, powder device WEKO AP 500, antistatic device Compact, airsuppyly AirStar Pro watercooled Br8xbc8e more
size 500 x 350 mm. conventional dampening, Eco9v0pc8 numbering unit more
approx. 33 mio. DruckPlus VersionTurnaround 2/0, 1/1Autoplate - automatic plate changePrinect OnPress CenterAlcolor film dampening unitGrafix Alphatronic 200 induction double-sheet detectorVery good conditionNot yet in production Hardrpb more
max. size 37 x 52 cm perfecting: 2/0 - 1/1 age 2008 Prinect Onpress Center ALCOLOR film dampenings cooling unit BALDWIN EasyPlate automatic washing devices PRESET dry sprayer GRAFIX Alphatronic 200 Be7mv98mpp + version (with gear) SE model with max. 13.000 sheets/h - neutral running shown totalizer: approx. 59 mill. impressions Delivery time: 1 - 2 months more
AKIYAMA BT 428 Max paper size: 520x720 mm Smallest size: 230x350 mm Image area: 490x690 mm Plate size: 550x700 mm Speed: 13.000 sh/h Power consumption: 19.4 kw Length: 4475 mm Width: 2540 mm Height: 1908 mm Weight Approx: 8800 kg Colors: 4 Offer details Location: Romania Bfu9iep0xm Still in production Yes Test possible Yes Complete and in working condition: Yes Counter approx.: 115 mio. Machine details: ACC off-press control * Alcohol dampening system * IR Infra red dryer * ROYCE cooling + recir... more
Bj 2000Straight Cpc 104Wash upsAutoplate AlcolorPowder45 mio impression Location Germany Available end of December Bhh2ltsv8 more
approx. 30 million impressions, CPC Control Register integrated, Alcolor, Bey8vgl blanket- and ink unit washing device, sheet decurler, powder device Mediprint more
Counter: 35 mio Size: 52x74cm Baldwin refrigerator, Perfecting 1/1; 2/0, OnpressCenter Touchscreen, Automatic Blanket and Cylinder washing, Bfn7en3juv Powder Star AP110, Transfer Jacket Automatic Roller Washing more
approx. 129 mio. DruckCPC ControlAutoplate - tool-free plate changingAlcolor film dampening automatic washing unit Still in production Pt2kla more
max. size 36 x 52 cm age 1992 Bfyumkg9q ALCOLOR film dampenings cooling unit BALDWIN single sheet feeder quick plate clamping bars photoelectron. double sheet control automatic ink roller washing device dry sprayer GRAFIX Junior + version (with gear) shown totalizer: approx. 76 mill. impressions more
Heidelberg SM 102 VP Year 1987 Alcolor CPC 1.02 4/0 or 2/2 Impression 83mio Bfs3gcm0cl Machine in production Test Possible Nice condition more
HEIDELBERG SM 102-10 P6-S 2001 180 mio copies 72x102 - 10 Colors, CP 2000 touch screen consolle, Bftm9nezww Preset Link, Preset, Autoplate, Steel plate feeder, N.ro 2 Eltex ion blowers, ELTEX antistatic feed/delivery, Electronic double sheet control, ZMK electr. side lays control, Alcolor VARIO SYSTEM, COMBISTAR : ink temp.combined with ref.+ Alcosmart, Set of suckers and blowers for porous paper, Rollers washer by CP2000, Blanket cyl. by CP2000, Tandem system : impression cylinder... more
KBA V 142 - 6 ZTLW LX6 color offset printingmachine straight 2x Coater Extended deliveryMax.size: 1020 x 1420 mm Remote Control for ink registersVaridamp chillerSAPCBlanket WashEltosch dryer dryer TowerVarnish Tower IRIHOT Airdryer IUV dryerExtended delivery Bfrr3mthy more
Counter (m): 75 // Print speed:15000 Bows / h Format (cm): Max.: 37 x 52 / Min.: 10.5 x 14.5 Equipment / further information: Bfomp29g3g Dampening: Alcolor dampening and cooling Technotrans autoplate Automatic washers of rollers,rubber and impressor Water Treatment HB Age .: 2014 more
Printing Quantity approx. 86 mio.perfecting 2/0, 1/1Alcolor Film dampening chemistry automatic plate changingCPTronicautomatic washing unit for impression cylinders, blankets and inking unitsGrafix Alphatronic 200 powder unitNot in production - test possibleAvailable: 12/2019 Bfr9ocpcv3 more
max. size 36 x 52 cm Bfqgfhp07w perfecting: 2/0 - 1/1 age 1994 conventional dampenings single sheet feeder dry sprayer WEKO - version (without gear) shown totalizer: approx. 35 mill. impressions Delivery time: 1 - 2 months more
Sell DC242 identical in construction with DC 250 or 260. Machine was until 31.12.2018 under maintenance contract and is without defects. The machine is equipped with large capacity paper container, finisher (stapling, folding and punching. It still gigt different. Accessories. Counter readings on 23.10.2019, SW 1.065.167 Colour: 776 877 Machine is still in use; availability immediately Bfrlgyvhca more
Counter: 107 mio Bfmazrkg8g Combistar , Alcosmart, Drystar Ink, Drystar Coating, IR dryer, PowderStar AP 232, Axis control, StaticStar compact, Presscentee Instant Gate more
Heidelberg SM 102-4 Year of Manufacturer 2000 230 Million Imp CP2000 Semi Autoplate Change Bfqff3hlc Auto Roller Blanket Washer Plate Cocking Technotrans Beta D 40 Cooling-Recirculation IR Dryer Grafix Powder Spray Plate punch and Bender Still in production – Test Possible more
approx. 35 mio. impressions, PLUS-Versions, conventional dampening unit, Bacher plate register system, powder device optionally with numbering and perferator unit with accessories Gxo3pq29 more
Print count approx. 71 mio.CPTronic with ClassicCenterAlcolor FIlmfeuchtwerkRemote control of circumferential, ink ductor, lateral and diagonal registersElectronic draw mark controlAutomatic blanket and impression cylinder washingBaldwin AutomixAutomatic inking unit washingGrafix Alphatronic 200 Powdering unitAutomatic tool-free plate changing Model SE with 13000 d/hNot in production - test possibleAvailable: 12/2019 Jcdgcjv more
max. size 36 x 52 cm Bfn20wxwaj perfecting: 2/0 - 1/1 age 1989 single sheet feeder Varn KOMPAC film dampenings quick plate clamping bars dry sprayer WEKO Delivery time: immediately from stock more
Flörsheim, Germany Germany
6543 km
excellent (used)
Model: 2 Colour - Ryobi 512 H Bfqdz0wlrz Age: 1998 Machine turns: ca. 20 Mio. Size: 36 x 52 cm Perfecting: not Location: Germany Available: 11 - 2019 Equipment: Ryobimatic dampening with Cooling ECO 15, all standard accessories, high speed Clams, register system, Documentation more
Counter 49 Mio Plusversion Baldwin refrigerator Alcolor Classic Center Mediprint powdering Auto blanket washing Cyq0vg0b AUTOPLATE more
36 x 52 cm four-color formatPCJ-S ink remote controlSAPC: semi-automatic plate changeAutomatic roller washAutomatic blanket washRyobimaticTechnotrans Alpha d.5-1Approximately 40 mioPlate punch In Production Bfpp3ccd87 more
approx. 254 million impressions, CPC 1-03, Alcolor, Autoplate, Preset streamfeeder, ink unit washing device, plate cylinder chromed, SuperBlue, pullguide control, high pile delivery, powder device Exatronic, antistatic device Eltex, airsupply central device Bfpyxpqkiu more
Size: 370x520mm Alcolor Autoplate standard equipped Npcqd more
Heidelberg GTO 52+ year 1983 mach nr.680142 25 ml. impression standard machine plus version in production excellent condition available end December 2019 Npb92 more
- 65 Mio. Impression- Alcolor Dampening- Autoplate- All washers- CP-Tronic- Perfecting 1/1 - 2/0- Plus version Bfpdtsfsry more
Size 37 x 52 cm – ca. 33 mio impr. Alcolor CP 2000 0,6 mm Autoplate Technotrans cooling ink temperature control IR dryer 8q0syinw all washing devices coating unit more
5 Colour Offset Press Ryobi 525 HXXBuilt in 2001Approx. 70 Mio. PrintPCS-HAAC Ryobimatic Dampening UnitsWasher UnitsGrafix Powder UnitGrafix IR Dryer Bfpyvdg7im more
approx. 172 million impressions (March 2019), Prinect InpressControl, WallScreen, Autoplate Pro, Preset Plus delivery with 2 extd. moduls 160 cm (X2), remote controled impression cylinder washing device, WashStar, remote controled blanket cylinder washing device with brush, CombiStar CANopen combination device for dampening ciruclation and ink temperature control, automatic remote controled ink unit washing device, distributor roller remote adjustment / position zero, DryStar Combination for Pre... more
counter: approx. 44 mill standard equipped Bernwubt8 size: 360x520mm more
212 2 colour offset printing machine,standard infeed,window infeed,suction belt table,delivery table,UV drying,cooling unit side channel compressor,spare parts,ceramic printing cylinder,etc.technical support,assembly and training Bfotecemso more

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