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5-color printing machine Heidelberger SM 102-5P
130 million printing Perfecting 2/3 Alcolor Vario good technical equipment IR drying Machine was overhauled technically in 2016 for €60.000 Still in production IWVTDLCF9ZQ more
1-color offset printing machine Heidelberg GTO 52-1 +
Impressions: approx. 270.000 Technical Data: • Plus Version • Numbering and imprinting unit • Hydrostar Compact • Top Condition Machine is coming soon in November 2016 – Top Condition On-site inspection possible B8VN9Y7P9ZX more
1-color offset printing machine MAN ROLAND PRACTICA 01
Sheet size 480 x 660 mm MABEG investors -Film dampening system -Moist medium cooling / circulation -Powder sprayer The machine is in operation. CBQMMBFEPYC more
Offset 2 color printing machine Heidelberg GTOZ Heidelberg GTOZ
Heidelberg GTOZ 2 colours machine size: 36 x 52 cm no perfecting - straight machine 51 mio impressions water dampening available immediately under the power ERC9DH2CPYW more
Offsetprinting Machine Heidelberg MOZPS Alcolor
Alcolor Streamfeeder Perfecting 2-0 / 1-1 27 mio Powder Spray EISD8PEE90E more
6 color gravure printing machine Windmoeller & Hoellscher Rotttiflex 3000
Year of construction: 1975 Condition used Item number 006754 DXQNU7WJ90J more
4-color printing machine Sakurai Oliver 466SD
approximately 12 million print Format Max 508 x 660 mm SSC III Leitstand control RS400 measurement and control system QSS quick standby system Semi automatic plate change Alcohol dampening system Olivermatic Cooling unit Baldwin with autom. Dosage Autom. Washing devices High-pile delivery HUSGQIGP9ZM more
2-color offset printing machine Heidelberg SORMZ
2-color offset printing machine Manufacturer: Heidelberger Druckmaschinen Type: SORMZ Year: 1992 Machine No.: 534876 Format: 52 x 74 cm Imprints: approx. 56 Mio. Location: Germany Technical Data: • Alcolor Dampening • CPC 1-03 D0LMBF78P0A more
2-color offset printing machine HEIDELBERG Printmaster PM 52-2
aggelesener Tote stand about 33 million Sheet size 370 x 520 mm Sheet size min. 105 x 145 mm -HD CP-tronic -EasyPlate -2/0 - straight off machine / without twist -ALCOLOR film dampening works -BALDWIN dampening media circulation / cooling -Auto. Blanket wash-up device -Bogenbestaeuber -Plus version with numbering and perforating equipment! The machine will be / has been serviced every year by the HD service. A tour of production is of course possible after agreement. CHGJERUN... more
Offset 2 color printing machine Roland 202 TOB  Roland 202 TOB
Roland 202 TOB 2000 year 2 colours size : 52 x 74 cm 67 mio impressions 4 grippers Rolandmatic dampening very good condition under the power available immediately CKBHQZ3B90R more
1-color- offset printing machine MAN-Roland PR 00+
size 500 x 350 mm. conventional dampening, numbering unit HJGM9HH79ZD more
6 color gravure printing machine Windmoeller & Hoelscher Merkur 1950 E
Year of construction: 1984 Condition used Item number 006753 CSSCVSS9PZV more
Digital printing machine Xerox Colorqube 9203
Xerox ColorQube 9203 brochures finisher Digital production machine copier/printer/scanner - DIN A3 - color laser Resolution: up to 2400 FinePoint Speed: up to 50 pages per minute in color and b/w first print: 7.2 seconds. Printer language: PCL® 5c, PCL 6 emulation, Adobe® PostScript® 3? , PDF, XPS Duplex function: no -1200 dpi x 1200 dpi -Up to 50 ppm b & w and color -Memory: 2 GB -Network map -USB all -2,500 sheets -Finisher -Dimensions (WxDxH): 1,398 x 722 x 1,156 mm / weight:... more
4-color printing machine Heidelberger SM 52-4P+
about 58 million print Perfecting 2/2 Auto mix CombiStar compact Ink unit temperature control Discharge electrification, StaticStar compact DDTY9EA0P0X more
Offset printing machine 1-color Heidelberg KORD
Machine is in good condition, 46 x 62 cm EFXFSG3QPYD more
Offset 2 color printing machine Adast Dominant 724
We have for sale Adast Dominant 724: Colours: 2 no perfecting- straight Year: 1980 Size: 48x66 cm Dampening: water Location: Europe Condition: Good In operation: no Available immediately FY3IO2GBPZB more
2-color sheetfed printing machine Heidelberg GTOZP 46+
size 46x32 cm, 49 mill. imps. perf. 1+1 , 2+0, plus-vers. (geared for numbering), conventional dampening, electr. double sheet control, powder sprayer, N+P unit on request FY3IO2GBP0C more
Heidelberg Autoplate Anicolor Grafix Alpha Tronic 200 Prinect 2000 BCH8FGRC90C more
6 Color digitalprintingmachine HP HP Indigo S 2000
HP Indigo S 2000 Year of prod: 2002 6 Colors 2.8 Mio prints Available now Located Swizerland ex-site or make best possible offer for a quick deal Fotos on requet HJGM9HH79ZK more
4-color printing machine WIN PL 52-4
BJ. 09/2009, approximately 19 million print Print size 520 x 375 mm BCH8FGRC9YT more
4 color digital-printing-machine Xerox C 700
4 color digital-printing machine excellent condition , out from service contract immed. available ca. 1,5 mil impr. incl. light production finisher with booklet maker. Export service world-wide. DDTY9EA0PZB more
Offset 1 color printing machine Solna 164
We have for sale Solna 164: Year: 1993 Colours: 1 Size: 480 x 660 mm Water dampening Condition: Very good working condition Location: Europe Available immediately BNTXWHPU9YK more
Pad Printing Machine Tampocolor TC120-150
Pad printing machine; is sold as is, without verification. IFT3ZZUK9ZF more
Printing machine - One Color Gestetner 311
Printing machine - One Color Gestetner Model 311 Year 1990 Minimum size 76 x 76 mm Maximum sheetsize 280 x 393 mm Dampening Varn Kompac II dampening (molleton dampening also available) Details Chute delivery, washing device for blanket Footprint 1550 x 640 mm Available Direct H7DBVA7NPYG more
total impress. approx 45 Mio. DGOXLMIO9YD more
1-color printing machine UV equipment 9M9Y8JOPYH more
1 color offset printing machine Ryobi 520
1color Offset press Ryobi 520. Built in 1995 ex. non profit printer in Germany. conventionel dampening, 48 mio impr. immed. from our stock ET77PQCW9YT more
Offset 1 color printing machine Solna 154 Thomson blue model
We have for sale SOLNA 154 (Thomson): Year: 1986 Size: 540 X 390 mm, blue model Machine complete Water dampening Condition: Good working condition Machine in stock in Gdansk - Poland Available immediately GSOZ7FKZ90J more
digital printing machine XEROX Docu Color 8080
DocuColor™ 8080 Digital Press The DocuColor 8080 with our Low Gloss toner produces prints with a pleasing matte finish that looks great on every page. With our Automated Color Quality Suite we can automate color calibration and destination profile creation, enabling unmatched productivity, consistent color, and high quality output on a reliable production device. At a Glance Standard Capabilities Color printing Rated speed 80 ppm Recommended average monthly volume 100,000 - 300,000 pages... more
Printing machine - One Color Gestetner 353 (Hamada 700CD)
Printing machine - One Color Gestetner Model 353 (Hamada 700CD) Year 1986 Minimum sheetsize 133 x 140 mm Maximum sheetsize 365 x 470 mm Dampening Crestline dampening (Molleton dampening also available) Details Chain delivery Footprint 1760 x 870 mm Available Direct HO3JXXXG90A more
Pad Printing machine ColorPrint CP

Pad Printing machine ColorPrint CP

Nürnberg Germany
6735 km
ColorPrint CP 803 Year 2000 - Serial-No. 900200532 Size 80 x 250 S -Available Immediately - -can be inspect- -on stock- can be test- BKYZJ9IAPZG more
approximately 100 million print Perfecting 4/4 o. 2/2 UV equipment CPC 1-02 B8VN9Y7P9Z0 more
one color offset printing machine Heidelberg GTO 52  Plus
Heidelberg GTO 52+ on color Plus - good condition - age 1990 Counter 38 Mio - max. size 36 x 52 cm - moleton dampening - Powder CPXEJKLK9YN more
Offset 1 color printing machine Adast Dominant 515
We have for sale Adast Dominant 515: Year: 1991 Colours: 1 Size: 360 x 520 mm Water dampening No damages on cylinders Condition: Very good, working Location: Poland Available immediately ELNCKXLZPX9 more
8 color printingmachine Roland 308  P
Roland 8 colors Perfecting 308 HOB Machine year 1999 Around 108 Millions printed Perfecting mode 8/0 4/4 - 2/6 Deltamatic CCI ALL Washing washing devices Interface Job memory card drive Weko Powder Sprayer High pile delivery Advanced information Max. paper length 50 cm (19.7 in) Max. paper width 74 cm (29.1 in) GEIB93ETPZI more
5-color printing machine Heidelberger SX 74-5 H
2011 (Jan. 2012 in production), approximately 66 million print Size: 53 x 74 cm Prinect Press Center fully automatic autoplate Ink unit temperature control Alcolor Vario all autom. Laundry facilities Ultrasonic double sheet control Electr. Pull brand control HydroStar compact DryStar PowderStar AP 110 Anti static device Software package - color fast solution Non-stop in and BOOM CombiStar with AlcoSmart Exhaust hood for CombiStar C773GTRRP0S more
one color silk screen printing machine SPS VITESSA XP 2
Original PLC STOP cylinder principle for punktgenaün Passer, independent of the speed-Multi-function trailing edge investors for dandruff and Sheet-fed; electromechanical double sheet control, with access to the throw-off, steel pile carrier plate - Investors vacuum belt table made of anodized aluminum, to reduce static build-investor suction head with independent angesteürten separating and forwarding suckers for reliable sheet separation; clocked sheet feed rollers feature Secure suction dra... more
Offset 2 colors printing machine Planeta P-24
We have for sale Planeta P-24 Supervariant SW-1: Year: 1988 Colours: 2 Size: 720 x 1020 mm /B1 Perfecting: 1+1, 2+0 Dampening: Water Condition: Very good Location: Europe Available immediately Price negotiable BQOWCPXJP0E more
1-color printing machine MANRoland Praktika PR 01
Built around 1990, no cylinder damage. Rolls were always renewed. Format 48x68 cm HDQQGWYU90U more
Five colors dry offset printing machine KBA metronic / Meprint Genius 52-5F-UV Lack
Five color Dry offset printing machine KBA metronic Genius 52-5F-UV varnishing from end 2006 approx 5655 working hours max. stock 0,75 mm max. speed 8000 sheets/hour max. sheet size 36x52cm - 5 colors - 1 UV dryer - varnishing unit - long delivery 10m for optimal varnishing process - 2 UV dryer at delivery - plate punch and bender - two anilox roller - wash basin for chamber blades H7DBVA7NPYF more
Offset 2 colors printing machine Adast Dominant 526A
We have for sale Adast Dominant 526A: Year: 2004 Colours: 2 Impressions: app. 13,200 mio. Size: 381x520 mm Varn compact dampening system Powder sprayer Standard machine Condition: Perfect Machine in production Location : Europe Available immediately 9M9Y8JOP0O more
2-color printing machine Heidelberg Printmaster PM 74-2 P(1/1)
approximately 2.3 million pressure, excellent condition, only rolls went in 2005 Produtkion with current software in good condition CPC1, EasyPlate, Alcolor, turning unit semiautomatic CKBHQZ3B9ZJ more
Offset 2 colors printing machine Roland 202 TOB
We have for sale Roland 202 TOB: Year: 1989 Size: 52 x 74 cm Colours: 2 Counter: 50 mio impressions Grippers: 3 No damages on cylinders and gears Rolandmatic alkohol dampening Condition: Very good Location: Poland Available immediately B8VN9Y7P90P more
Offset 5 colors printing machine Heidelberg Speedmaster SM 74-5-P3 L
We have for sale Heidelberg Speedmaster SM 74-5-P3 L: Colours: 5 Year: 1996 Size: 520 x 740 mm Impressions: 157 mio. Perfecting -SW3 Dampening: Alcolor TechnotransCPC 1 - 04 CPtronic Autoplate Powder spray Washers Dryer HD-IR HL-Preset Heidelberg Coating unit High pile delivery Pull lay control with intermediate tank Varnish supply unit 180 l/h Classic Center Additional double sheet detection Lateral sheet separation blowers Programme-controlled washup device Blanket wa... more
Offset 2 colors printing machine Adast Dominant 826P
We have for sale Adast Dominant 826 P: Year: 1995 Colours: 2 Size: 520 x 740 mm Water dampening Perfecting Perfect working condition No damages on cylinders Available immediately IFT3ZZUK9YM more
Offset 4 color printing machine Adast Dominant 846P
We have for sale Adast Dominant 846 P: Year: 1995 Colours: 4 Size: 520 x 740 mm Counter: app. 64 mio impressions Perfecting: 2+2 Alcohol dampening Technotrans Condition: Very good Location: Europe Available immediately CPXEJKLK90V more
Offsetprinting Machine Heidelberg KORS

Offsetprinting Machine Heidelberg KORS

Salzgitter-Bad Germany
6564 km
Standard Dampening FWBKCS8M9Y7 more
Printing machine Heidelberg CD 74-5 LX (C)
in production since 2006 Prinect CP2000 Center with Axis control Autoplate all autom. washing device cameracle coating device extended delivery electr. double sheet and side lays control Technotrans CombiStar CAN with AlcoSmart , watercooled ink unit temperature control PowderStar AP 232 IR dryer DryStar 2000 combination air supply AirStar , watercooled PrepressInterface with drive ca. 138 Mio. impr. GBNDTT3890H more
offset printing machine HEIDELBERG KORS
Heidelberg Kors year 1973 machine nr. 346677 standard machine weko T55 powder spray good working condition machine on stock and ready for immediate delivery E9JXARBI9YG more
2007 KOMORI LITHRONE LS 429 + LX 16,000 sph PQC II, PDC-SII Spectral Densitometer, Komorimatic Damp, Technotrans Cooling, Semi Auto Plate Change, All washups, Dedicated Coater, Delivery Extension, IR Dryer, Powder Sprayer, HRXID982PYN more



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