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4 color offset printing press for sale

Identified location: Ashburn (US) (Edit)
Heidelberg SM 74-4-H used offset printing press 4 colours. Equipped with CP2000, Autoplate, Alcolor Vario, Technotrans cool- and circulation device, all automatic washup decives, palletfeeder, ion blowers, Alphatronic 200, and more Nppdh more
2008 Mitsubishi Diamond 3000  6 + Coater  16,000 IPH.  28 x 40 inch six-color format Straight 6 color Dedicated tower coater  Full APC Autoplate closed loop color control Automatic blanket washers  Impression cylinder washer  Remote Soft-Proofing at press Be7qh09rtn High-speed continual feed with swing gripper infeed Paper presets – Automatic Sheet Size set up for infeed and delivery Automatic ink-up and ink Pre-sets Personal Computer Management Software for repeat data Baldwin Automatic Cloth ... more
Size 36 x 52 cm, CP 2000 center, Alcolor dampening, Autoplate, Anicolor inking units, Inking unit temperature control, Coating unit, Extended delivery, High pile delivery, Heidelberg IR dryer, Grafix Alphatronic 200 powderspray. Bfvctxijwv Machine nr: 208047, Impressions: 47 million more
Counter 49 Mio Cyq0vg0b Plusversion Baldwin refrigerator Alcolor Classic Center Mediprint powdering Auto blanket washing AUTOPLATE more
series 257, ma.no.: 23422B RCI 2 remote control Rolandmatic dampening system Edelman coll and cerculation device Baldwin automix High pile delivery Non stop feeder to delivery Quick action plate clamps Steelplate in feeder and delivery specially coated plate cylinders specially coated blanket cylinders Ssshts specially coated impression cylinders electronic double sheet control electronic side lay control registersystem 425 on the plate cylinders sheet decurler brake sheet Weko T66c powder spray more
Alcolor Vario Autoplate Preset feeder and delivery Ink-unit temperature control AirStar Air transfer System Autom. ink roller-, blanket- and impression cylinder wash-up device 2rjwge Perfecting 2/3 Eltex Antistatic in feeder and delivery Steelplate in Feeder, Steelplate in delivery Electronic doublesheet control Powder sprayer more
Heidelberg KOR max size 40 x 57 cm second plate-cylinder for GTO 46 size Glvfe72 very good condition immed. from our stock near Düsseldorf more
Counter: only 12.5 mio. Impression Format: 52x74cm Equipment: 4 color Bnxa7yb Control Panel RCI II Register control Ink control Rolandmatic Dampening Quick action plate clamps more
Size 53 x 74 cm, CPtronic, Alcolor dampening, Baldwin cooling and recirculation, Autoplate, Blanket wash, Roller wash, Impression cylinder wash, Eltex antistatic in feeder, Grafix Alphatronic 200 powderspray. great condition, no perfecting Bfuzsbrnij Machine nr: 622633, Impressions: 63 million (counter says 7 million) more

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PQC off press controls CIP3 pre-press link PDC-SII Full APC Plate Cocking Technotrans Combi Cooling Device Komorimatic damping Ink Temperature Control Auto Ink roller wash Auto Blanket Wash Auto Impression Cylinder Wash Non-stop feeder & delivery Preset Be7wdjtelc I/R Dryer + Hot air Doyle Sheet Cleaner Ink agitators 2 x Interdeck U/V - All Units Prepared U/V end of press 3 lamps Anilox Coater Extended delivery elevated Impressions: 137 million more
approx. 91 million impressions (June 2019), PrinectCenter, WallScreen, InpressControl, Preset Plus Feeder, Preset Plus Delivery, Autoplate, Technotrans CombiStar aircooled, CleanStar Compact, coating unit with chamber ductor blade and varnish supply, blanket-, impression- and ink unit washing device, double sheet control-pulling device, extd. delivery 2 moduls (X2), DryStar Combination IR + HL 3 slide-in aircooled, AirStar Pro compressor aircooled, powder device AP500, antistatic device Compact ... more
1 Color Heidelberg GTO 52+ Lzrzr 36 x 52 cm 1991 Varn Kompac III dampening, Cylinder repaired marks, very good running condition, cheap machine 36 mio imp. immed available from our stock Germany complete export service more
Descriere Marca Müller Martini Model 2040 ID SH3765 Status Pret redus Pret 12.000 € + TVA An fabricatie 1985 Locatie București / Bucharest (RO) Utilaj tipografic recondiționat Primatech Format de tiparire variabil latime hartie 520 mm latime tiparire 508 mm diametrul rolei la alimentare 1270 mm diametrul axului la alimentare 70 mm dispozitiv control lungime hartie aliniator de banda 2 inversoare intre 1+2 si 2+3 grupuri de tiparit 5 Offset Umed caseta grup tipar 24 " sistem umezire alcool Dahlg... more
Size 53 x 74 cm, CP 2000, Axis control, Autoplate, Alcolor Vario dampening, Non stop feeder, Blanket wash, Roller wash, Impression cylinder wash, Non stop delivery, Weko powderspray, Perfecting 2-3 Machine nr: 450793, Impressions: 185 mio Vspcuy more
Roland 204 HOB offset printing press 4 colours equipped with high pile delivery, RCI 2, Rolandmatic, Baldwin Automix, non stop feeder/delivery, Bfdz3lbbua more
max. size 37 x 52 cm age 2007 4 printing units + coating unit (chamber duct) + extended delivery chamber duct system Tresu 0,6 mm extended stock range Xelpgfth CP 2000 Anicolor technology without ink remote control ALCOLOR Vario film dampenings ink unit temperature control cooling unit CombiStar (water-cooled) AUTOPLATE PRESET automatic washing devices offline washer 52 Anicolor antistatic device StaticStar dry sprayer GRAFIX Alphatronic 200 IR / TL dryer DryStar 2000 (water-cooled) high pile de... more
Ref.-Nr.: 1560 1-Colour Offset Heidelberg GTO 46 + Beso0fcvnq Format 320 x 460 mm Masch.-Nr.: 654162 Year 1974 no total-counter only jobcounter standard dampening Plusversion Technical Data: Format max.: 320 x 460 mm Format min.: 105 x 108 mm Printingarea max.: 310 x 445 mm Speed max. /h: 8000 Plate thickness: bis 0.15 mm Platesize: 370 x 450 mm Length: 127 cm Width: 129 cm Hight: 155 cm Weight: 1.145 kg Power consumption: 1,5 kw more
age 10/2013, installation 2014 20 million impression Without perfector, low pile delivery, SuperBlue in delivery, Nmowr Alcohol dampening Alpha, more
Heidelberg GTO Z 46 + Age: 1978 Format: 32x46 Pm9aeg3ue Counter: 36,5 mio. + version Alcohol dampening more
Size 53 x 74 cm, CPtronic, Autoplate, Alcolor dampening, Cooling and recirculation unit, Powderspray, Segmented ink blades, Blanket wash, Impression cylinder wash, Roller wash, Superblue in delivery, Low pile. Bdqgr072xc Machine nr: 624591, Impressions: 50 million more
coater type two roller system combi dryer infra-red /hot air high pile delivery CP2000 remote control and service center * Color Assistant * Instant Gate (Preset Link) * Master Level Preset Alcolor dampening system inktemperature control Technotrans Alpha C.90-G cool- and circulation device (watercooled) Autoplate automatic plate change automatic washup devices for inkrollers automatic washup devices for blankets Hmog8l2ca automatic washup devices for impression cylinders electro-mechanic do... more
Format: 33 x 46 cm Cfr7q8r Prints: 38 Mio. approx. Location: Germany • Plus Version • With N + P • Aquatron Damping Unit more
EVO PRINT V-43 Web width max. 435 mm Printing width max. 427 mm Unwinder Web guide E+L (Ultrasonic) 6 x wet offset 6 x printing cassettes with 2 cylinder – formate 20", 22 4/6", 23", 26 5/6", 25 3/3", 28 2/6 UV curing Printconcept 10 lamps ink exhausting hoods cold foil laminating and embossing 2x Flexo units 22“ – 30“ Corona Be22ll0dv8 Register control Die cutting and waste rewinder Rewinder more
We have for sale Solna 164: Year: 1993 Colours: 1 Size: 480 x 660 mm Water dampening Condition: Very good working condition Location:Poland Y3lza7xvm Available immediately more
Size 72 x 102 cm, Intelligent Press Control (IPC), Semi automatic plate change, Mitsubishi Multi Mode Dampening system with Delta, Automatic Preset Inking, Inking unit temperature control with Baldwin cooling, Paper preset, Non stop feeder and delivery, Double sized impression cylinders, Blanket wash, Roller wash, Harris and Bruno Anilox coater, Grafix IR dyer with Hot air knifes, Cardboard device for printing up to 1 mm, Skeleton delivery drums, Grafix Megatronic S powderspray Ptcq9q more
Size 53 x 74 cm, CP 2000, Axis control, Alcolor dampening, Combistar cooling and recirculation device, Ultrasonic double sheet detector, Frontlay control, Sidelay control, Speed compensated blast air, Autoplate, Weko AP 232 powderspray, High Pile delivery, 15.000 sheets per hour 3fk0lza Machine nr: DS000873, Impressions: 80 million more
CP 2000 center Alcolor dampening watercooled technotrans high pile delivery powderspray Weko AP232 perfector 4/0 or 2/2 blanket and roller wash double sheet and side lay control ionistation feeder and delivery Pt2pee Machine nr: 627677 more
Size 36 x 52 cm, CPC classic center, Alcolor dampening, Baldwin cooling and recirculation, Easyplate, Blanket wash, Pull lay control, Double sheet control, Sheet decurler, Alphatronic 200 powderspray Ce8v9x73 Machine nr: RS000101, Impressions: 72 million more
Size 53 x 74 cm, CPC classic center, Easyplate, Alcolor dampening, Baldwin cooling and recirculation, Blanket wash, Impression cylinder wash, Alphatronic 200 powderspray, Low pile delivery, very good condition, free from damages Xatv0 Machine nr: PM741272, Impressions: 169 million more
Size 52 x 72 cm, PQC off press controls, PDC density control, Komorimatic dampening, Quick action plate clamps, powderspray. High Pile delivery Bewwhdzzp2 Machine nr: 2162, Impressions: 89 million more
Size 53 x 74 cm, CPC 1-04, Cptronic, Alcolor dampening, Technotrans cooling and recirculation device, Autoplate, Double sheet control, Sidelay control, Blanket wash, Roller wash, Impression cylinder wash, Grafix Alphatronic 200 powderspray, Eltex antistatic device. Machine nr: 622678, Impressions: 135 million F3yqgfb more
Counter (m): 49.7 Colors: 5 Format(cm): 52x74 Power : Max. 15000 B/h Min. 300 B/h Equipment: CP2000 Center Feeder: suction ALCOLOR TECHNOTRANS PLATE CYLINDER DIAGONAL ADJUSTMENT AUTOPLATE WASHING DEVICE Print sheet: Max.sheet size 530 x 740 mm Min. Sheet size 210 x 280 mm Max.printing size 510 x 740 mm Gripper margin 8-10 mm Substrate to 0.6 mm Printing plates Autoplate Biard9pqy L x W 600 x 745 mm rubber wipes L x W mm 627x772 mm Thickness of 1.95 mm paint wi... more
Size 36 x 52 cm, 5 color printing with UV coating unit, Mabeg feeder, Semi automatic plate change, 8.000 sheets per hour, prints plastics and carton from 0,1 mm – 0,8 mm Cz7hvkmg more
Control Unit: CPC 1.04, automatic size setting, Feeder type: stream feeder with ramp, electromechanical double sheet control, Double sheet control, Number of printing units: 5, Number of coating units: 1, Perfecting: 1/4, Plate changing: Autoplate, Alcolor, IPA, Washing device: all automatic washing devices, Ink temperature control, Delivery type: High Pile Delivery, Dryer: IR Dryer and Hotair Dryer, Powder device: Alphatronic 200, Gripper: Stainless steel, Technotrans beta-c, Excl. Chiller, Exk... more
370x520 mm (14.5x20") approx. 19,5 mio. impr. Alcolor CP-Tronic Easyplate Autom. ink roller wash-up device Autom. blanket wash-up device Ocibwwcz Low-pile delivery Stream Feeder Ultrasonic double-sheet Control Powder sprayer, Available: immediately more
- CX - equipment - raised +375mm - format : 740 x 1.050mm - field of application : 40g/m2 - 0.6mm - counter: only 160.000.000 Bcvf9olxob - all washers - prepared for connection to Densitronic-S and CipLink - top conditions - on stock, ready for test more
2 color offset Solna 264, machine number: 0410, format A 2, original yellow model, with serial equipment and plate puncher. Bfr7ppyfhk In production, printing on a daily basis. Availably immediately. Can ship worldwide. more
Counter (m): 16 // around 3.500-10.000 B. / h Format (cm): 34x46 Equipment / Additional information: Tool and equipment Documentation Bcm0h3bp2v more
Size 36 x 52 cm, CPC 1-04, Cptronic, Alcolor dampening, Cooling and recirculation device, Autoplate, Blanket wash, Roller wash, Impression cylinder wash, Plus version Bfuetp20z9 Machine nr: 200640, Impressions: 50 million more
Norderstedt, Germany Germany
dealership location
6470 km
ready for operation (used)
32 x 46 cm Nngvx Availability from stock more
4-colour offset printing machine, Heidelberg, Speedmaster CD102-4, machine no. 542340, year 2000, blanket washer, plate punch, totalizer 158.888.773 on 08.07.1919, with machine control station, plus 3-part pallet rack with spare parts Bioqfdgpu more
Machine d'impression offset OMSO DM 144 lids Destinée à l'impression offset de couvercles 6 couleurs diamètre 50 à diamètre 150 Année 2004 Lmdk7pox more
-100PPM-Dublex-M, 2TOHCFAccessories:-Interface module incl. additional cooling and smoothing-Light Production Finisher with Booklet Maker (D5)-High Capacity Stacker HCS w Dolly CP75-Multi Sheet Inserter -MSI, 2-fold oversize paper container-XEROX EX-P 2100 Print ServerAvailable from:approx. 15.03.2020Delivery conditions:ex location - EXW Payment conditions:Payment before delivery/collectionAccessories without guarantee. The rule is: "Object bought as seen". The prospective buyer has to convince ... more
Bj 2000Straight Cpc 104Wash upsAutoplate AlcolorPowder45 mio impression Location Germany Available end of December Bhh2ltsv8 more
1st machine: Unit: 22280, 22279, 22278, 22277, 22479 Electronic cylinder deposition Dexter feeder w/backhouse style head 2nd machine: Unit Nos.: 22373, 22374, 22375, 22376, 22163 Eletromat Farzone Remote Sage FSS-2 Fincolor Dexter feeder w/Mabeg style head upgrade All machines equipped with: Miehle Web/sheet feeder Dahlgren Alcohol Wetworks Central Water Supply Quint Krymat Delta 8 kW Fast-release rails Lehner PADUS Bev9dntn0j WEKO powder pollinator AP230 All printing cylinders matallized in s... more
Norderstedt, Germany Germany
dealership location
6470 km
ready for operation (used)
32 x 46 cm Dwkery Availability from stock more
Counter: 108 Mio. Perfecting: 4/0 - 2/2 Colortronic Varidamp Semi automatic plate-change Baldwin cooling Grafix Hitronic S All washing device Steel plate feeder/delivery Ink Temp. Control Baldwin Antistatic device feeder/delivery Bacher register I.R. Dryer Operators Tools and Accessories Electrical Equipment Bftdorb8kx more
Machine d'impression offset OMSO KEYCUP 202vgv Destinée à l'impression offset de pots 5 couleurs jusqu'au diamètre 150 Année 2004 more

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