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Bandsaw machine for sale

Identified location: Ashburn (US) (Edit)
cutting diameter 240 mm Saw blade size 2700x27x0,9 mm cutting speed 35-70 m/min Cutting capacity – round (0°) 240 mm cutting capacity – square (0°) 240x240 mm cutting capacity – rectangle (0°) 210x280 mm Cutting capacity – round (45°) 185 mm cutting capacity – square (45°) 175x175 mm cutting capacity – rectangle (45°) 140x180 mm Ysld38 Cutting capacity – round (60°) 115 mm cutting capacity – square (60°) 110x110 mm cutting capacity – rectangle (60°) 110x110 mm weight of the machine ca. 0,290 t more
Bandzaagmachine HU 270 DGH met hydraulische aansturing, zwaar uitgevoerd. Gunstige prijs/kwaliteitverhouding. Met instelbare zaagdruk en koelpomp met reservoir. Uitgevoerd met elektrisch-mechanische zaagspanning. Ideaal voor grote werkplaatsen en de kleine productieomgeving. Aandrijving met geharde en geslepen worm-as. Zaagafslag d.m.v. schakelaar. Met draaibaar bedieningspaneel. Levering met voet. Verder met aanslag, inverter en met voetbediening met noodstop. Europees fabrikaat. Machine is sle... more
Bandsaw sharpening machine VOLLMER Cana/SL (with feed from left to grinding wheel) complete with accessoires grinding wheel diameter: 250mm Pitch: 25 to 100mm Tooth hight by 0 degree rake angle: to 30mm bandsaw width: 70 to 360mm rake angle: 0 to 30 dregree feed rate: 30 teeth/min 2gvt789a (More details you can find in the attached pdf below) more
Column-guided CNC horizontal bandsaw machine Fabr. BTM type 410/420 A CNC Fabr.# 41420240, built in 2002 Technical data: Cutting capacity 90 ° round 420 mm flat 420 x 420 mm Band saw blade size 4100 x 41 mm Belt speed 17-127 m / min Cut 0-200 mm / min fast ironing motion 3500 mm / min Material feed 4000 mm / min Cutting accuracy UNI 5307 Feed accuracy UNI 5307 Hydraulic pressure 40 bar Clamping stock pressure 3-25 bar 3mzdgftx9 Hub material feed 550 mm programmable length 9999 mm Frequency-con... more
Technical data: Cut diameter round steel: max to 520 mm Cutter diameter square steel: 500 x 500 mm Saw length: 7239 x 50 x 1.3 mm Sawing speed: 10 – 130 m/min. Engine power: 10 kW Dimensions (length x width x height): About 3500 x 2400 x 2400 mm Weight: About 4.3 to Accessories: Conveyor Power-driven taxiway: 3000 mm Ckupj8d8 Roller: 1000 mm Cooling unit The seller is not liable for writing or data transfer errors. The machine is in optics, technique and wear and tear acc... more
Weil der Stadt, Germany Germany
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6633 km
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MEP SHARK 332 CCS [with semi-automatic reduction] Artikelnummber SH332CCS Motor kW 1,5/1,8 Bank opening 335 mm 3320 x 27 x 0, 9 mm tapes Weight 640 kg Speed 40/80 m / min. Section area 0 ° 300 / 260 x 260 / 330 x 260 Interface 45° right 260 / 250 x 250 / 270 x 200 Cut 45 ° left cutting surface 60° right intersection 60 ° left description works in CCS execution: after it has pushed forward the material and has closed the vices, the cutting operation in progress is used. The reduction is carried o... more
Technical details: cutting diameter: 260 mm Saw blade size: 3300 x 27 x 0,9 mm cutting speed: 16 - 120 m/min Nx0o2 Cutting capacity – round (0°): 260 mm cutting capacity – square (0°): 260 mm cutting capacity – rectangle (0°): 260x310 mm Cutting capacity – round (45°): 260 mm cutting capacity – square (45°): 260 mm cutting capacity – rectangle (45°): 120x290 mm Cutting capacity – round (60°): 180 mm cutting capacity – square (60°): 180 mm cutting capacity – rectangle (60°): 90x190 mm weight of... more
The HU230DGH is a popular sawing machine and is heavily sold, due to its favourable price-quality relation. With adjustable sawing pressure, coolant pump with reservoir and electrical-mechanical saw blade tension adjustment, this machine is ideal for large workshops and small production lines. Special promotion price! Motor power 1,0 - 1,5 kW Blade speed 35 - 70 m/min Sawing capacity 45° rectangular R-220 x 60 L-230 x 140 mm Sawing capacity 45° round R-180 L-220 mm Sawing capacity ... more
Fully automatic electrically controlled leveling machine OPPILGER PBS860 with pneumatically actuated rollers to compensate the bumps - Max. Sawblade width: 300mm - Electronic measuring system with error indication - Blade length: 6 to 12m (adjustable) Pfceqcnxv - Runs and cycles: 1-5x (adjustable) - Power supply: 380V/50Hz - Pneumatic connection: 3bar more
Wide band saw blade sharpening machine Cam profile CP Nway7 more
MEP SHARK 282 CCS [with semi-automatic reduction] Artikelnummber SH282CCS Motor kW 1,5/1,8 Bank opening 285 mm Measuring tapes 2950 x 27 x 0, 9 mm Weight 440 kg Speed 36/72 m / min. Section area 0 ° 250 / 220 x 220 / 280 x 220 Interface 45° right 230 / 200 x 200 / 220 x 200 Cut 45 ° left cutting surface 60° right intersection 60 ° left description basic equipment: Usozdaxv0 Vice with quick adjustment and adjustable Rails Hydraulic band tensioning device with clamping pressure indicator -Unterges... more
vertical band saw with 4 cutting heads, infeed and outfeed conveyor belts. Dimensions: Length: 4900 mm, width: 1600 mm, height: 1950 mm, table height: 860 mm. Material: Max .: Height: up to 400 mm, Width: up to 400 mm, Length: 500-3000 mm. Min. Prism size: 55 mm. CZP-4: Length: 6300 mm, width: 2400 mm, height: 2200 mm, table height: 860 mm. Material: Max .: height: 350 mm, width: 350 mm, length: 1200-3000 mm. Min. Board thickness: 25 mm. Motors: 4 x 5.5 kW. Energy requirement: 24 kW in total. (4... more
MEP SHARK 281 CCS [with semi-automatic reduction] Artikelnummber SH281CCS Motor kW 1,5/1,8 Bank opening 285 mm Measuring tapes 2950 x 27 x 0, 9 mm Weight 375 kg Speed 36/72 m / min. Section area 0 ° 250 / 230 x 230/ 280 x 200 Interface 45° right 190 / 180 x 180/180 x 180 Cut 45 ° left cutting surface 60° right intersection 60 ° left description blade bows and Vice unit and base resistance side cast iron precision degree mark on the cast iron structure Electrical system (with fully identifiable e... more
Type 600 Motor power 3.5 kW, 1450 rpm Blade length 4590 mm Blade width 19~38 mm Bdaned0r9e Blade speed 18 m/s Throat / max. cutting width 600 mm Max cutting height 430 mm Table dimentions 780 x 480 mm Tilting table 0°~ 45° Dust port diameter 2 x 100mm more
Type 500 Motor power 3 kW, 1450 rpm Blade length 4100 mm Blade width 19~38 mm Blade speed 18 m/s Hxjnigdpa Throat / max. cutting width 500 mm Max cutting height 350 mm Table dimentions 730 x 480 mm Tilting table 0°~ 45° Dust port diameter 2 x 100mm more
Type 700 Motor power 4 kW, 1450 aps/min Bdkt0fxv9k Blade length 5020 mm Blade width 19-50 mm Blade speed 18 m/s Throat / max. cutting width 700 mm Max cutting height 430 mm Table dimentions 790 x 500 mm Tilting table 0°- 45° Dust port diameter 2 x 100mm more
Type 800 Motor power 4.5 kW, 1450 rpm Blade length 5611 mm Blade width 19-50 mm Blade speed 18 m/s Throat / max. cutting width 800 mm Max cutting height 470 mm Table dimentions 840 x 500 mm Tilting table 0°- 45° Dust port diameter 2 x 100mm Bmr2ppxq more
Frietsch sawing machines For sale and purchase of KASTO sawing machines Dear Sirs, we buy and sell, rework, overhaul and varnishing KASTO - sawing machines For more than 38 years we have experience with KASTO sawing machines and have specialized in overhauling the machines. Jvmnqi The machines are overhauled by qualified personnel according to KASTO factory standard. We also search for your requirements KASTO - Sawing machines for machine overhaul. Good price - performance ratio due to professio... more
Halfautomatische metaalbandzaag met hydraulisch daalsysteem voor verstekzagen van 0 ° tot 60 ° rechts en 0 ° tot 60 ° links Beschrijving: - Hydraulische aanvoer van het zaagframe traploos instelbaar via een flow controller - mechanische zaagbandspanning met elektrohydraulische bandbewaking - Tandwielreductie met afgeschuinde, geharde en geslepen tanden - traploze bandsnelheid 28-140 m / min. (Omvormer) - hydraulische matriaal klem met snelverstelling - Hardmetalen zaagbandgeleiders - Borstel vo... more
Standard equipment • Fast adjustment of mitre, stepless from 90°-30°. With indication to 0,5 accuracy on scale. The swivel is directly above the intersection of the saw blade and the fixed vice jaw so that there is a datum measuring point which does not change with the mitre angle • End stop at 30°+45° left side • Fast material clamping. Material is always clamped at 90° regardless of the angle to be cut Mtc02 • Reduction of cutting pressure through weight of heavy and torsion free sawfram... more
Standard equipment • Fast adjustment of mitre, stepless from 90°-30°. With indication to 0,5 accuracy on scale. The swivel is directly Cid9tesa above the intersection of the saw blade and the fixed vice jaw so that there is a datum measuring point which does not change with the mitre angle • Powerful motor 2000W • Manual material clamping • Complete coolant equipment with electro-pump • saw blade tension, monitored electronically • Colour silvergrey/ bluegrey (RAL 7001 / RAL 7031) • Saw blade 19... more
Radial drill press in good condition. With motorized boom (Up / Down) Morse taper 4 Travel on the boom: 725 mm. Travel on spindle: 270 mm. 32 - 2500 rpm. 0.06 - 0.8 mm / rpm feed rate. Spindle diameter: Ø65 mm. Max height between table and spindle: 995 mm. Bnxo2cb Total dimensions: 180 x 85 cm. Height: 248 cm. (Transport height: 228 cm) more
Eyeletting machine for advertising banners The device is in perfect condition, ready for work. Technical data: 1 head laser indicator N2y0j Foot pedal operated more
Duberring machine for small tubes Dwmd3kzw0 more
Ingersoll Hansen Center 300 EDM CNC Erodiermaschine Hersteller [manufacturer]: Ingersoll Hansen Typ [ type]: Center 300 Steuerung [control unit]: MultiPulse Control Baujahr[construction year]: 1997 + Inkl. Handheld + Inkl. EROWA Preset Comfort 3D-22 / Robot X system EDM dynamic tooling system (optional) + Inkl. EROWA 3-D Koordinatenmesssysem (optional) Vollständige Dokumentation ist vorhanden. Besichtigung unter Strom kann kurzfristig erfolgen. Für weitere Fragen stehen wir Ihnen gerne zur... more
GARNET 5X 5-axis machining centre The 5-axis CNC machining centre, GARNET, has the capacity to machine aluminium profiles of different sizes, thanks to a spindle that allows machining at any angle between 0/135 on the A axis and 0/360 on the B axis, providing solutions for a wide range of operations. The machine has been developed for all-in-one milling: Open a channel, punch, mark and finish milling on profiles and perform special custom operations on different profiles. N3fdx The high processi... more
Size: 760 x 1000 mm Bgntif8ohp Equipments: unbranded electric drying tunnel primary and secondary lamps including 1996 Svecia SMC 30 x 40 seri screen OZS ultra violet systems jumbo infeed deck outfeed stacker 1200mm width capacity fully automatic cylinder-screen printing machines seri screen SUVD/De Jager engineering UV drying conveyor more
The AC series has been designed for the transfer and stacking of moulded profiles such as picture frames, valances, match-boarding, door and window frame components etc. onto arm-equipped drying trolleys. The additional implementation of an ACR (de-stacker) machine will provide for automated load flow onto the subsequent work stations. This machine thus enables automation of the in-line spraying, extrusion, hot foiling, engraving and handling station cycles, resulting in increased productivity, ... more
Printing press Hot foil machine Knee Press The machine is fully functional, ready to work. It can also be used as an decorative exhibit. Bjcgt2adh3 Work table format 370x390mm Top plate format: 380x240mm 230V power supply more
VERTICAL CNC lathe HNK controling FANUC Bjbqkvsmjd Offset Y - 2000mm Table diameter 4000 Max turning diameter 4500mm Two supports, static and driven more
Schwerlastdrehmaschine Meuser Lathe machine Drehbank Heavy Duty lathe machine Typ: Meuser Maschinenzubehör wie auf den Fotos ersichtlich. Die Maschine stammt aus einer Betriebsauflösung und aus erster Hand. Aufladung durch uns möglich. Maschinen/Anlagen Abmessungen ca. in cm. (LxBxH) Tisch/Maschinenbettlänge: cm Tisch/Führungsabmessungen: Maschinengewicht ca.: 14000 kg Die Maschine befindet sich im Originalzustand. Für weitere Fragen stehe ich gerne zur Verfügung. Bitte schreiben oder ... more
LEPUS X - plotter and machining centre in one CNC router for aluminium machining 4m, 3 axes APPLICATION: It is used for cutting, machining and milling aluminium and composite panels. FUNCTIONS: - Types / classes of recyclable materials: aluminium board, aluminium composite board, laminated composite, wood composite, various plastic boards, aluminium industrial or semi-industrial boards - Automatic storage for 8 tools - Vacuuming in independent sections - Intelligent CAM post processing - Automat... more
Size: 760 x 1000 mm Equipments: jumbo infeed deck seri screen SUVD/De Jager engineering UV drying conveyor primary and secondary lamps Bgnth3nito unbranded electric drying tunnel primary and secondary lamps including 1993 Svecia SMC 30 x 40 1200mm width capacity outfeed stacker seri screen OZS ultra violet systems fully automatic cylinder-screen printing machines more
Location Gorzow Wielkopolski. Conditions of delivery Xlxhzz88q Pick your own Cost of delivery Client cover startup type negotiated Description Comments Pour SIDED ADHESIVE Pour DOSING ROLLERS imposing TOTAL 4 ROLLERS LENGTH OF ROLLS 1600 mm more
The roughness of the machined surface of the hole during fine boring with a cutter Ra = 1.6 μm. The machine is made in a layout with a fixed stand, carrying a vertically movable spindle head with a retractable spindle and an integrated rotary table having longitudinal and transverse (relative to the axis of the spindle) movement. Separate feed drives allow simultaneous processing in three coordinates and select the most optimal cutting mode, as well as change the feed rate of the nodes during th... more
vice Make Chick machine tool Length 500 mm Width 150 mm Height 130 mm Weight 22 kg Bgoxj0wamo Age estimated Jaw width 150 mm more
not much used NC lathe with control Fagor 8055 TC, turning length 895 mm, distance between Centers 1120 mm, Center high 265 mm, swing-Ø over bed 530 mm, swing-Ø over carriage 300 mm, bed width 350 mm, bore Ø 80 mm, spindle speed 48-2200 U/Min., motor 15 KW, dimensions 2300x2000x1950 mm, ca. 3000 kg, incl. 3-jaws chuck Röhm Duro T-315, increased spindle Speed with cooler, steady rest with bearings Ø 80-280, coolant device, 2nd door, manual Nuehn more
ALCOR II C 8-axis CNC-controlled cutting and machining centre 7 spindles APPLICATION: For cutting, milling, punching and marking on 4 profile surfaces MAIN FEATURES: Nvkij - Precise cutting at any angle from 30° to 150° - Up to 10 profiles can be loaded - No waste cutting - CNC control, touch screen - Data transfer via remote network connection, Internet and USB - Remote access - Pneumatic maintenance system - High processing capacity to increase efficiency - Processing on 4 profile surfaces pos... more
Driven table Measuring device Table diameter 1520mm Table height 880mm Measuring device: -Rotating Bfd0ziddlb -Cross adjustment manual 745mm -Vertical adjustment manual 1250mm MARCELS MASCHINEN CH more
FERMAT machine tool, s.r.o., Prague / Czech Republic Fk2zobn Universal cylindrical grinding machines BHC 63 CNC with cast iron bed * max loop length of 6,000 mm * swing up to 1,000 mm * workpiece weights up to 5,000 kg (with Bezel)-general product description Machine base made of cast iron Machines are with control Siemens 840 d sl (828 D sl) or B + R delivered power Panel 900. Remote Diagnostics free to current warranty and beyond! CNC Schleifscheibe Abrichtung Reference visits throughout Germ... more
1 used very well preserved high performance CNC turning and milling center with FANUC series Oi-TC and bar feeder SAMSYS MUS 3000 Max. Swing diameter 550 mm Max. Turning diameter over slide 350 mm Max. turning length 255 mm Bar work up to a diameter of max. 45 mm Speed range - 6,000 rpm Spindle holder A 2-5 Drive power 11/15 kW Spindle positioning C - axis yes Tailstock MK 4 Machine dimensions L x W x H 2020 x 1650 x 1820 mm Machine weight 3800 kg Accessories / Special features: - CNC path contr... more
LEOplus LEOplus automatic cutting centre 550 mm disc with automatic profile feed robot APPLICATION: Used for cutting aluminium, PVC and wood profiles FUNCTIONS: ⦁ fully automatic operating system J82pyb ⦁ hydropneumatic cutting ⦁ Automatic positioning. All levels between -22.5° to +45° with an accuracy of +-0.1° ⦁ Industrial PC with Windows, 10" touch screen and easy, practical interface ⦁ Precision slicing function ⦁ Big memory ⦁ Adjustable disc stroke speed ⦁ Automatic cutting with previous... more
Modular drilling machine GOMAD WU 2 C 2 G 2 T 2020 new machine Location Gorzów Wlkp. Conditions of delivery OWN COLLECTION Cost of delivery Customer cover Startup Type to be agreed Description Comments Cqu2egkl3 Double-sided WU multi-spindle drills are designed for making holes for dowels in wood, chipboard and wood-based materials. The WU drill has three drilling units - two vertical and one horizontal side, which allows drilling three rows of holes simultaneously. WU Number of drilling... more
Sweeper applied 414 RS Nr. 6, year 2011, B-92597, 1427 hours, 2 cylinder diesel Kubota Z483E, 9 kw, 6 km/h, sweeping width up to 1140 mm, first and reverse, Push broom and brush plate is missing, scratched Panel and eigerissen, marker lamps broken,. Suction mouth flap is missing, missing sprinkler pump Nclud more
Complete automatic system for the production of conical buckets, Hobbocks, 10/15/20/25 l Diameter bucket top 285 mm Diameter bucket bottom 272 mm Noyit Production capacity approx. 50 pieces/min The plant has been completely overhauled, is in a very good operational condition and is still in production!!! If necessary, a complete assembly and commissioning can be offered to the buyer!!! more
FERMAT Machine Tool, s.r.o., Praha / Czech Republic FERMAT HORIZONTAL TABLE DRILLING AND MILLING PLANT - WRFT 130/150/160 CNC *** X: 2.400 mm to 9.500 mm *** Y: 2000 to 6.000 mm and spindle diameter up to 160 mm The horizontal bench-type boring and milling machine WRFT 130/150/160 CNC offers a new, conceptual machine solution among the large bench-type boring mills with an efficient and powerful headstock. This in turn consists of an extendable stick (travel V) and an extendable spindle (travel ... more