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Gubisch for sale

Identified location: Ashburn (US) (Edit)
Window processing line, CNC window production line, window angle system -Double end tenoner, make Gubisch, type DST H -BJ. 1994, Ser. 7593 Qlodfkmma -2x 2 tool towers a 5 heads -built tools from Leitz -Wellenaufnahme Ø 50 -max tool Ø 350 mm -max tool height 650 mm -4x milling motors 11 kW 2800 rpm -Control, Fabr. Gubisch -Roller conveyor, L / W 4,000 x 200 mm -Milling machine, make Gubisch, type FN2000 -BJ. 1994, Ser. 7490 -4 milling shafts -4x milling motors 9.2 kW 2800 rpm -Tools from Leitz -... more
Number of machnines 14 St. Loading meters, approx. - m Total weight, approx. - kg A production line from a window construction company still in use consisting of: Pos. 1 - Window system Gubisch CW 3 (Option: Tools Gold IV 68/78/92 year 2010) El. cross-cut saw / el. length stop 3000 mm 2 slit spindles with 320 mm each, stepless distribution, 9.2 kW 3 profile spindles each with 300 mm, 2 x 100 mm stroke, 9.2 kW 1 glass saw, 3 kW Workpiece return to the operator Screen control Siemens Pos. 2... more
The offered machine will be available shortly (approx. end of November). Further technical data are not yet available. If you are interested in this machine, please send us an inquiry and we will answer it as soon as possible.Article location (in brief): 58730 Fröndenberg/RuhrThe machine can be inspected and tested under power as soon as it is available. We will be happy to send you further photos by e-mail as soon as possible. A stacker/crane for loading is available. Subject to prior sale. The... more
Working width from saw to saw max. 3500 mmPer side one cross-cut saw : cross-cut saw motors 2 piecesMotor power per saw 3 kWExhaust connection per saw Ø 80 mm. One slot unit on each side : slot units 2 piecesmotor power per slot unit 11 kW clamping length 150 mm x 40 mm flight circle diameter 350 mm suction connection per slot unit Ø 160 mm. Feed speed Feed speed 15 m/minCutting range 5 m/minReturn speed 30 m/minIn cycle mode Workpiece height max. 140 mmElectromechanical width adjustment Require... more
Capacity: 170 x 140 mm. Spindles: 6 Bottom 3 kW, fence 3 kW, near 5,5 kW, 2nd fence 5,5 kW, top 4 kW, universal spindle Cardan shaft drive Pneumatic pressures Spindle diameter: 40 mm. Variable feedspeed 5 to 30 m/min, motor 1,5 kW Ltmaf free space between spindle 5 and 6 for bottom spindle motor from universal spindle is missing more
4-side Planer with 4 spindle YOM: 1987 Nr.: 6367 Width170/140 mm height 140 mm Bcu9l2i392 Type BS 200 Motors: 18 kw all 4 together Feed up to 30m / min more
Tenoning spindle - Number of milling agregates - St. Blowinb0 Spindle diameter - mm more
Rietberg, Germany Germany
dealership location
6460 km
ready for operation (used)
machine moulding machine manufacturer Gubisch type FSP 180 part Id-no. 2248957 year of construction 1994 planing width 180 mm planing height 120 mm table length 2000 mm number of spindles 4 1. spindle bottom motor capacity 5,5 kW 2. spindle right motor capacity 7,5 kW 3. spindle left 4. spindle top motor capacity 5,5 kW feed m/min... more
Four side planer Gubisch type: 172/7 year of manufacture: 1980 length of the surfacing table 1950 mm planning width max. 170 mm Ptyfve planning height max. 120 mm 6 spindles: bottom 3,0 kW right 3,0 kW left 5,5 kW right 7,5 kW top 5,5 kW spindle with 2 positions top or bottom 3,0 kW spindle diameter 40 mm infeed speed 1,5 kW infeed speed stepless variable 5 – 30 m/min. with connector for suction pipes 6 planer heads on the machine machine is in good working condition weight: 2800 kg overall... more

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Slot machine: 2 lengths (1x left, 1 x right) Abongation saws electronically controlled 4 slit spindles: (2x vertical left, 2x vertical right) 3x Profile spindles vertically on the right: 2x Profiling spindles vertically left: 1 Nutspindel horizontally above: . . Performance of the plant: About 3-4 items/minute, or About 200 frames per shift work . The window manufacturing system can be Location to be visited! . This window manufacturing plant was 2015 Overhauled! Noicz Dimensio... more
power 2 x 40 kw linespeed 0-40 m/min. Bfpcgsebbb max. cuttingheight 200mm max. cuttingwidth 200mm more
Pawłówek, Poland Poland
6966 km
ready for operation (used)
Tenoning spindle 2 St. Number of milling agregates 4 St. Spindle diameter 50/40 mm Control CNC !! In order to sell !! # 6437 Gubisch CW 3 with CNC slot spindles Technical data summary (possibly additionally included accessories please inquire) General > Dimensions: 7500x2500x2400 mm > Machine weight, approx .: 5200 kg Ablängsäge > Crosscut saw controlled electronically > Number of tools: 1 pcs. > Spindle speed: 2800 rpm > Spindle diameter: 30 mm, secondary hole > Tool diameter max .: ... more
Four side planer Gubisch type GN17/7 planning width 190 mm planning height 160 mm length of the surfacing table 1900 mm arrangement of 7 planer spindles: 1 bottom 5,5 kW 2. right 4 kW 3. left 5,5 kW 4. right 7,5 kW 5. top 7,5 kW 6. top or bottom 4 kW 7. universal 4 kW spindle diameter 40 mm, turning speed 6000 U/min. Clqsbyv infeed speed 5 – 30 m/min. input power 31 kW complete with planer heads and a lot of additional parts incl. connection for dust suction pipes more
Gubisch / Wadkin 8 spindle moulder. 170 x 120 mm. finish max sizes. Siko numerical counters on all spindles. bottom 4 kW Bfixq9qaq9 right 4 kW left 7,5 kW right 7,5 kW Top 7,5 kW Bottom 5,5 kW Top 11 kW bottom 11 kW more
With digital display. It's part of a complete manufacturing. Attention! Can be purchased as a complete window manufacturing facility! All parts (automatic roller delivery device, four-sided lift machine from Gubisch, Flowcorol impregnator, Siemens automatic loading system) are available. Technical data: Brand: Gubisch Type: DZT 7 BJ: 1977 Ocoj9mho Left and right slit spindle pneumatically high and deep for the use of 2 sets of tools each. Tension length: 250 mm Clamp length: 125 mm each ... more
Machine type G 617, in good condition, inspected at the workshop, four face planer, with long inlet table, with chain feeder, with through-going feeder in machine, number of motors 6, working width 170 mm, working height 100 mm, with 6 tool spindles, 1 lower, 1 right, 1 upper, 1 left, 1 right, spindle length 170 mm., blade diameter 350 mm., maximum cutting height 100 mm. spindle nr.6 with 15 kW for multiripsaw Ok7gwc72 more
Number of spindles 4 St. Number of tools 9 St. Spindle diameter 50 mm Dimensions (L/W/H) 3650x1500x2000 mm Weight 3000 kg !!! Detailed technical description from manufacturer, more machine pictures as well as machine videos - if available - at the end of this techn. description as Dateanhang !!! # 2443 Gubisch CF 2 Automatic outside profiling machine with glasing bead saw - Machine suitable for wood thickness 68 to 92 mm [...] [...] Blxk0qgx Technical Specifications Summary (possibly addit... more
Spare parts and service for all Gubisch planing machines, angular machines and window production lines. Clyhzftg Please indicate machine type, machine number and year of manufacture. more
- Machine in stock - After the technical review - Prepared for work - YEAR OF PRODUCTION 1997   TECHNICAL PARAMETERS : - Planing width 20-220 mm - Planing height 8-120 mm - FOR WOK wood - 40 mm spindles - Threaded spindles - rolls in the counter in front of the first head - Feed rate infinitely adjustable on the motor gear 4-32m / min - ELECTRICAL HEIGHT ADJUSTMENT - Spindles equipped with brakes - MACHINE CONNECTED FROM THE SURFACE   Ciq8eyt Spindles 5 pieces arranged: BOTTOM + RIGHT + ... more
With an automatic 5000 mm long roll feed. Attention! Can be purchased as a complete window manufacturing facility! All parts (automatic roller delivery device, four-sided lift machine from Gubisch, Flowcorol impregnator, Siemens automatic loading system) are available. Ocoaogtn Technical data: Brand: Gubisch Type: FM 2000 BJ: 1992 With 5 vertical and 1 top. Nutwave 1st vertically right, 2nd vertically right, 3rd vertically right, 4th vertically left, Stretage load 300 mm Rest: See data sh... more
Complete factory for wood house production finger jointing, profiling, moulding, cutting and corner jointing and drilling Iqgv7eb more
Tenoning spindle 1 St. Number of milling agregates 4 St. Spindle diameter 50 mm Control ja !! Machine is still in use !! Window system Gubisch EST-H 2000 Ablängsäge ----- Engine 3 KW Speed: 3,000 rpm Saw blade diameter: 400 mm Flange diameter: 80 mm Npe9p Adjustment: horizontal: manual after mechanical display Adjustment range: 0 - 120 mm length stop ----- Length 3,250 mm, by hand slot spindle ----- Engine 9.2 KW Spindle speed: 4,500 rpm Spindle diameter: 50 mm Spindle length: 300 mm Sp... more
Four side planer Gubisch type GB71706 planning width 220 mm planning height 160 mm length of the surfacing table 1600 mm Arrangement of the 7 spindles: 1 bottom 4 kW 2. right 3 kW 3. top 7,5 kW 4. left 5,5 kW 5. right or left position possible 5,5 kW Bfsk8rrs 6. universal 7,5 kW 7. universal 5,5 kW spindle diameter 40 mm, turning speed 6000 U/min. infeed speed 4,5 – 40 m/min. input power 36,4 kW with 2 pallets spare parts and additional parts, incl. 1 spare spindle, incl. 1 reconditioned inf... more
They also receive an olive drilling station, also from Gubisch. Technical data: Brand: Gubisch Type: UFA F7 BJ: 1993 Working height: max 100 mm/min 40 mm Speed of spindles: 6000 u/min Spindle dimensions: 300 x 50 mm With a maximum of 100 mm clamp length each. Dmjwlll V: 380 more
Garner Umfaelzer with 3 spindles, including Olivenbohrgeraet,. 7jajzfasu more
Kempten-Leubas, Germany Germany
dealership location
6779 km
Gradenfeld/Wundschuh, Austria Austria
7159 km
good (used)
Art No. 4-76 Type B220 Make Gubisch Dpjdd07 Masch No. 171026 1989 Bauajhr Weight 1660 Kg Power 20 Kw 4 Spindle Working width 220 mm more
Double-sided cones tailors in the cycle procedure type CDZ 7fzx8q9kq more
Gubisch four-sided plank Strugarka Foursquare Gubisch Kardan Drive Etbpnsf Planing width 17 cm Height 12 cm Number of spindles 4 more
Working width 170 mm Working height 120 mm Spindles: 6 B-R-L-R-T-B Befru8qehf Made in Germany Machine is in Denmark. Delivery term: ~ 1 working week. more
Total power: 23,4 kW weight of the machine approx: 1400 kg Description: SIMULTANEOUS SPINDLE: Motor 7,5 kW, spindle revolutions 6000 rpm, diameter of spindle 40 mm, useable length of spindle 100 mm, horizontal stroke pneumatical 50 mm, fly circle 240 mm. PROFILE MILLING UNIT: Motor 9,2 kW, spindle revolutions 6000 rpm, spindle diameter 40 mm, useable length of spindle 300 mm, vertical stroke for 2 tool-sets 2 x 100 mm, fly circle max. 240 mm. SLOT CUTTING UNIT: Motor 3,0 kW, spindle revolutions ... more
Complete Gubisch Windows productin Line incl.: Bfa2wxphya 1x 4 sides planner, Gubisch BS 200/1 1x Double Tenoning (Left/Right) Gubisch DST/H 1x Profiler Gubisch FM 2000 1x Sandingmaschine Stahle, SaturnD Maschines can work separately, but also connected together with computer controler which is also included. Line also works idealy for production of boards with front and back tennon! more
The illustrated Schneeberger Dorado profile knife sharpening machine is sold. no. Weinig Gubisch Holzher Festo Vieseitenhobel Sharpening machine Rondamat Sthalo more
Technische Daten: - Baujahr 1988 - inklusive Fensterwerkzeigsatz IV 68 und 78 Iei7gqr - Gubisch Umfälzer - ab Standort more

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