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Casting line HEK MCP C 003
working area 0 mm material 0 capacity Stück/h Vaccum-Casting-System more
Die casting machine IMR BP 240
Max. tool diameter: 420 mm Max. tool width: 200mm / half Max tool weight: 70 kg Cycle speed: 60-70 casts / h more
Foundry Plant Teilaufloesung Giesserei
flask inner length flask inner width flask inner height Part resolution Foundry complete with div. Tools and flasks Crucible furnace HINDENLANG, type KLVP-220 Yr .: 2001 Use: 220 kg Power: 370 kW max. Temperature: 900 ° C Voltage 400 V Frequency: 30 HZ Crucible furnace for melting cast materials Yr .: 2006 Unit FDU 2-2301 200 M for degassing Bj .: 2000 Pleophony. Blowers - Gas burner with HP switchgear Bj .: 2000 Components f. Gas detection equipment foundry Bj. 2001 The cost of di... more
Foundry for sale in Romania
Foundry for sale with following specification: The foundry was established in 2007-2008 and worked between 2008-2015. It is composed from : - 2 electric induction furnaces made by EGES – Turkey with ABB electric components. Capacity 1 to each furnace. - 2 Casting pots 500kg - Semi automatic installation for mold forming and casting made by OMEGA – UK. mixer, carousel for forming with 6 stations, casting cooling line of 120m length, shake off- regenerator , sand pneumatic conveyor. - Max. ca... more
fork-lift truck Toyota
Forklift, TOYOTA brand, gas powered, model 425FGF15, built in 1988, carrying capacity 1500 kg., Lifting height max. 3300 mm, weight 2720 kg., Sideshift, reach about 1250 mm, 9393 hours of operation. more
Continuous Casting Press Schloemann Siemag SMS Presswerk / Zieherei fuer Rohre- Profile-
Schlömann Siemag extruder for profile tubes and winding wires material: copper, brass Specifications - press for indirect extrusion: operating pressure: 250 bar nominal press force: 25/29 MN (2500/2900 Mp) main piston contact force: 22.06 MN Contact piston grinding force: 3.08 MN 25.14 MN 29.16 MN contact force coupling: 4.02 MN punching force: 3.97 MN shear: 0.63 MN Mobile stroke crosshead: 3200 mm length 1450 mm housing lift pins & relative lifting height: 850 mm height: 3200 mm 1450 mm hou... more
Die Casting Machine FRIEDRICH PFUDERER DMZ 80 Classic Shot For processing of Zinc alloy by die casting under pressure Force 950 kN Stroke: 300mm Form height: 160-420mm Distance between columns: 360x360mm Column diameter: 40mm Ejector force: 62kN Back stroke force: 35kN Back travel distance: 180mm Die casting force: 80kN Die casting stroke: 140mm Working force: 125kW Plunger diameter: 55mm Max. Weight of detail: 1500g Low working hours, very good condition. more
X-Ray control unit for castings Seifert DP 235-P-17
X-Ray control unit for castings SMA-REF-5767 Type: other machinery Manufacturer: Seifert Model: DP 235-P-17 Working range: Max. test volume: 1.500 x 400 x 300 mm Workpiece weight: max. 50 kg Focus-detector-distance: 1.000 mm Dimensions: Cabin: 3 x 4 m Condition: ready for action under power Location: Eastern Germany Availability: on demand Terms of delivery: ex works Terms of payment: 100% before dismantling/loading more
ladle casting systems LMP TRA.S # 2224
Contents: 300 liters Year 2008 Number: 2 pieces Hydrauilisch. Without aggregate Hydraulic pull. !! more
Molding boxes, molding frame
Flasks, mold frame 270 pieces, Different dimensions, see PDF list, very good, immediately operational state. The mold boxes are mounted on Euro pallets with steel strapping to ensure safe transport. more
monorail-ray system Berger -Tayfun
Enema monorail blast machine, Make BERGER Typhoon, foundation perfectly level, chamber dimensions W / D / H = 2200/2300/2800 mm, inlet door Dimensions W / H = 1850/2700 mm, Max. Workpiece dimensions about 1800 mm x 2500 mm. Height, inlet monorail just with E. train, carrying capacity 2000 kg., Overall dimensions approximately T / B / H = 3100/3200/7000 mm, blasting agent feedback via bucket elevator preseparating sifter, dry dedusting (cartridge filter), cleaning of compressed air, outlet flap i... more
Moulding line Disamatic 2095, DISAMATIC DENMARK 2095
1974 Chamber (600 x 480 x 280) mm Moulds per hour 300 AMC 18 000 mm SBC 12 000 mm Line consist of: Disamatic 2095 machine Electromagnetic core setter AMC 18 000 mm SBC 12 000 mm Not included (not for sale): Furnace and it accessories Sand conveyor ( on top of machine) Machine fully operational, under power, possibility to test. All technical data in attach. Available on end of may 2016 see movie : more
Induction Furnace AEG ELOTHERM MTG 2000
Medium Frequency Induction Furnace, AEG MTG 2000 Producer: AEG Elotherm, GERMANY Serial No. 225-0168 1000 kW Medium Frequency Solid State Induction Melting Furnace (Ideal Scrap Melter) Condition- Used. Refurbished in 2004 Power rating 1000 kW Capacity 2,2 – 2,5 tons (Volume) Melting rate: 2,5 t/hr based on Cast Iron, 2,0 t/hr based on Steel Frequency 500 Hz The Furnace is complete with furnace body, electric control boards, operator control stand, hydraulics, water pumps, bus bars, power cable... more
X-Ray control unit (through feed) for ca Yxlon MU 59
X-Ray control unit (through feed) for castings SMA-REF-5768 Type: other machinery Manufacturer: Yxlon Model: MU 59 Year: 2001 Control: Windows NT 4.0 PXV 5000 Conveying system: Pallet system 8 workpiece holders 2 liftig units Working range: Field dimension (test piece): 200 x 200 mm X-Ray tube: MIR - 160/20 Dimensions: Space requirement: Weight: Condition: ready for action under power Location: Eastern Germany Availability: on demand Terms of delivery: ex works Terms of payment: 100% before dism... more
Rotary transfer machine Thoenshoff DAF 9-5
M O R E W E G A U T O M A T Fabr. TÖNSHOFF type. DAF 9-5 Year 1993 in 2006 overhauled material receiving stations: 5 tool spindle: 9 11/2010 Pinole changed u mounted gear again.. 09/2014 Central lubrication repaired. The plant is used for processing fittings brass parts. Editing Rotgussarmaturen (drilling and threading to 1.5 inches) feed: continuous processing: all work stations operating simultaneously. System complete with hydraulic, electrical cabinet, div. Spare parts and accessories. more
Furnace, ladle furnace Nabertherm T 110 / 11 - 80
Nabertherm aluminum melting furnace / oven scoop Year: 2000 pot content: 300kg aluminum crucible new (about 10 melting) max. Temperature: 1100 C Heating power: 80kW power rating: 400V / 115A kpl. with control, regulation Nabertherm Program Controller C18 (shown on the left) For more details see details Nabertherm, pdf-document more
Spectrometer Bruker Quantron Kleve Columbus
REF nr. 700.00 Spectrometer Manufacturer: Bruker Quantron Kleve type: Columbus Year: 2005 Dell Computer Optical system Vakuumsprectrometer Good for gray and Shäroguss With Calculator / Screen / Keyboard elements: C / Si / Mn / Fe / S / CR / AL / Cu / Ni / PB / more
Die Cast unit for counter balance weight Manousek AVOR 1108/10
Die cast machine for counter weights - steel rims Zinc SeSerial no: 02887 SPS-Type: Siemens S7 incl. conveyor RNA Type SR8-B-250-2L Voltage: 3x400V, 50Hz, contoller voltage: 24V, pneumatic: connector 3/8, Bpressure: 5bar, Dimensions: LxBxH: 2900x2380x2410mm, Weight: ca.1800kg, air volume: ca. 100l/min, electro cabinet with siemens equipment more
Forging hammer Kalinin M4140A
Manufactured by Kalinin plant (Russia) Year of manufacture app. 1991 Nominal weight of falling parts, kg 1000 Energy of impact, Kj 30 The greatest number of impacts in a minute, 103 Ram axis-to-frame distance, mm 800 Working zone daylight, mm 750 Die impression size, mm 360 x 140 Lower die impression-to-floor distance, mm 750 Optimum workpiece cross-sectional dimensions, mm: - square 160 - rounded 180 Main electric motor power, kW 75 Machine dimensions, mm 4400 x 1780 x 3570 Weight... more
Induction melting furnace Inductotherm VIP 1250 R
Furnaces dimensions: length: 2300 mm, width: 2150 mm, height: 2600 mm 1250 kW, 250 Hz Power: +/- 2,5 t/h, consumption: 530 kWh/h Power requirement: 1360 kVA First transformer: 15kV – 6kV Second transformer: 6kV-590V Cooling-tower, hydraulics, pumps, control cabinet, feeder more
Rolling mill DUO KOCKS 400. (H V) (4 stands), Indipendent cc motor Roll gap dimension (cold) 103.5 x 103.5 mm Roll gap dimension (hot) 105 x 105 mm Incoming tollerance DIN 1014 Outgoing dimension (cold): 71 mm. - round 75 mm. Outgoing dimension (hot): 72 mm – round 76,5 mm. Disassembled, in good condition, with spareparts. more
Kernschiessmschine Roeperwerk H 5
Core shooter Röper H5 with Begasungsautomatik, incl. Various shooting heads and Begasungsplatten, matching core sand mixer available. more
Tumblast conditioning Modena Italien CM-L90
REF-No. 600.00 Tumblast conditioning Fabr.Italien Modena CM7.475,00 type L90 With elastic blower drive: 1,5 PS spare rubber band drum size: 700mm diameter 850 mm wide beam Hours: 21,098 basic dimensions: W / D / H 1400/1500 / 5000mm more
Flat tin melting pot  unbekannt
I have this melting pot of a Zinnschlepplötbad expanded oversight with temperature sensor. Parts of el.Steuerung would be still present. If there is a need, the crucible wedern also connected and tested more
Aluminum foundry completely
Complete aluminum foundry list: 1 core shooter Röper, type H25 with lateral. Roller conveyor 1 core shooters Röper H5 with Begasungsautomatik several core sand mixer 2 jolt squeeze molding machines Wagner HRP 2 with sand bunker 2 jolt squeeze molding machines Formtec FRPA 20 sand bunkers 1 molding sand processing plant (vibrating, mixer, etc. without the used sand bunker) 2 Nabertherm electric crucible 300kg 1 kpl , Handte suction with air scrubber (melting pot) 1 Screw Compressor Kaeser A... more
compressor Kaeser BSD 72
 Compressor cheese Type: BSD 72 Year: 2003 Serial number: 1438 Operating hours: 15250 Laststd: 6087 Voltage: 380 Volt / 50 Hz power input. 37 KW / 3000U / min Volume: 6.98 m / min with dryers, air tank, condensate dryer fab cheese, Year 2003 Type TE 141 Item no... 1.8015.1 Serial no. 1165 Year. 2003 Maximum operating pressure refrigeration system:.. 18 bar operating pressure Max air system: 16 bar Nominal voltage / phase / frequency 380 V / 3/50 Hz / 14.3 m / min condensate separator ECO DRAI... more
Tin - Stirrer  unbekannt
This agitator was installed in a Zinnschmelztiegel. Upon request, the device is connected and tried wetrden more
Degassing, impeller degasser Foseco FDU-Geraet Mini-Degaser
Degasser, degasser, Impeller with lifting eye and forklift recording. Manufacturer: Foseco GmbH Type: FDU-unit mini degasser Year: 2002 Opening: 2006 equipped with new quick-lock coupling, a new graphite shaft, a new graphite-Rotor, New INSURAL 180-plate (3 pcs in addition, new, original packaging) The unit is in very good condition ready for immediate use, it was very little used. more
Core shooting machine Roeperwerk H 25
Core shooting machine Röper H 25 available with stand increased to 650mm (core box to 610mm possible) and side roller conveyor, incl. Various shooting heads and Begasungsplatten, sand vibrating feeder, suitable core sand mixer. more
Core sand mixer Vogel&Schemman, Lueb WLB
Core Sand Mixer: Content 50-250L, various designs and manufacturers, machines are in working order immediately, the current production were taken. more
Krangiesspfanne Mozer

Krangiesspfanne Mozer

Kirchenlamitz Germany
Krangiesspfanne content 75kg aluminum more
Ladle, Krangiesspfanne
Krangiesspfanne, Syphonpfanne content about 500kg, with additional recording truck, more
Molding machine Heinrich Wagner HRP 2, jolt squeeze molding machine lift-off with two-hand operation. There are two identical machines available, both engines were completely overhauled two years ago. The passenen sand bunker to the machines are also stocked. more
Formtec Foromat FRPA 20-2 jolt squeeze molding machine lift-off with two-hand operation There are two identical machines available that passenen sand bunker to the machines are also stocked. more
Core shooting machine Röper H5 with Begasungsautomatik, incl. Various shooting heads and Begasungsplatten, suitable core sand mixer available. more
Core shooting machine Roeperwerk H 12
Core shooting machine Röper H12 available with side roller conveyor incl. Various shooting heads and Begasungsplatten, sand vibrating feeder, suitable core sand mixer. more
Furnace, ladle furnace Nabertherm T 110 / 11 - 80
Nabertherm aluminum melting furnace / ladle furnace Year: 2001 crucible contents: 300kg aluminum, crucibles new (about 10 melts) max. Temperature: 1100 C Heating capacity: 80kW Power supply: 400V / 115A cpl. with control box, control Nabertherm Program Controller C18 Other technical data see details Nabertherm, pdf-document more


Dortmund Germany
external dimensions (approx.) width 1200 mm height 1400 mm depth 1200 mm temperature: 300°C - 1250°C connection value: 41,5 kVA more
Steel-teeming Ladle Bulgarien K 130/
Steel-teeming Ladle, volume 130 t. For liquid steel K 130/ Newly built / Brand new. Available 4 items. Consists of housing, sliding-rule INTERSTOP 3QC, and reversing mechanism. The housing is conical vessel with an angle 2°45' , with flat bottom. The housing and bottom are welded construction of low-alloy steel. Cone is made of thick steel sheets 25 mm, and bottom- thickness 50 mm. The upper edge of the ring is stabilized by an inner and outer rings. The inner is 25 mm thick, and ... more
Gas fired rotary drum-melting furnace VEI-Engineering SO_GB
rotary drum dimensions: length: 6000 mm inside: Ø 1600 mm outside: Ø 2280 mm max. temperature: 1200 ° C heating: gas eating power 2700 kW melting capacity: 6000 kg / h The plant consists mainly of: - furnace - hydraulic power pack and tilting mechanism - heating system - carousel with molds - charge box - measuring and control system more
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