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Throughput pressBrand: ComilType: CF 2000 with attached pre-assembly table Machine length: - press 4.350 mm - table 2.700 mm machine width: 1.300 mm machine height: 2.600 mm working length: 2.500 mm working width: 600 mm working height: 1.200 mm Max. passage width: 720 mm Feed height: 500 - 700 mm Feed speed: 7.5 - 37.5 m/min. set-up speed of the horizontal element carrier: 6.85 m/min. cylinder bore: 60 - 100 mm cylinder stroke: 80 - 1,140 mm Working pressure: 6 - 8 atü. Air consumption per wo...
Liverpool L33 7XW, UK United Kingdom
7032 km
good condition (used)
Press head 750mm x 430mm Table length 8m [ extendable ] Pressure 15 tons Manual press head movement 2 button safety control for pressing Bn0cobjawx Serial nr - 19-2017-52562 Delivered - February 2018 Condition - Very Good
Technische Daten: - Pressfläche 2500 x 1300 mm - stabile Stahl-Heizplatten 42 mm mit Thermo-Ölheizung - Gesamtpressdruck 120 t (3,7 kg/cm2) - 8 Hydraulikzylinder 100 mm - Öffnungsweite 250 mm - Schließgeschwindigkeit 20 - 60 mm/sec. - Öldruck 20 Mpa - Vorschubgeschwindigkeit 15 m/min Bhhfs3svrl - Heizplattenleistung 45 kW - max. Temperatur der Heizplatten 120 CC - Gesamtanschluss 10,0 kW - Abmessungen L=8500, B=1800,H=2150 mm - Gewicht ca. 6000 kg
Complete line consists of: 1. Continuous press Pressing area 3500 x 1900mm Plate length 3500 mm Plate width 1900 mm Pressing force 3kg /cm2 Number of cylinders 15 Diameter of the cylinder 85 mm Medium the hot plates - hot water Infeed conveyor belt - width 3700 mm - length 2450mm Outlet conveyor belt D909ev - width 3700 mm - length 3200mm 2. Pillar jib crane with chain hoist and vacuum lifter 3. Column jib crane with chain hoist and gripping device
Machine was used to produce glued cover layers (2 bars or multiple bars). Special feature: press can press veneers from 3,5mm and Maximum length: 2,50m Machine has few operating hours Eycy8bkkg
The PWR500 is a system with one-sided adhesive application for low-cost and economic production. Workpiece dimensions Length approx. 600 - 3000 mm width approx. 200 - 1300 mm thickness approx. 3 - 100mm Bmdmywwod0 Capacity 1-6 parts / min.
Through-feed press Brand: Italpresse Type: Storm/S 14-30Year: 2007 1. driven disc roller conveyorDimensions 1400x3000mm 2. receipt and loading beltDimensions 1400x3500mm 3. through-feed pressPlate dimensions: 1400x3000mm2 pcs. Hot PlatesHeating medium: thermal oilCylinder stroke and floor opening 140mmLoading side 1400mm Electropneumatic vibrator of upper Mylar foilElectronic flatness controlCompressed air device in the lower press tableElectric thermal oil boiler Boiler 36 kW 4: outfeed roller ...
Dieffenbacher 6 - HPUG 3500 stack press, general overhaul, working hours after overhaul 1000h Feeding aluminium sheets: in pairs Mass: length 6949mm, thereof usable 6800mm width 3130mm, thereof usable 3100mm thickness 5-6mm Chemically etched matt effect 6-story press: Press plates (changed in 2003, from Dieffenbacher) Mass: length 6800mm width 3260mm thickness 70mm Free lift without loading aluminium sheets 135..145mm Lifting basket equipped with 2 x 6 pairs of loading aluminium sheets (...
- Pressfläche 3000 x 1600 mm - stabile Stahl-Heizplatten 42 mm mit Thermo-Ölheizung - Gesamtpressdruck 200 t (4,2 kg/cm2) - 8 Hydraulikzylinder 120 mm - 2 kurze Hydraulikzylinder FI 80 mm - Schließgeschwindigkeit 20 - 60 mm/sec. - Öldruck 20 Mpa - Vorschubgeschwindigkeit 15 m/min - Heizplattenleistung 45 kW - max. Temperatur der Heizplatten 120 CC - Gesamtanschluss 10 kW - Abmessungen L=5500, B=4000,H=2250 mm Bhhftpvazn - Gewicht ca. 8000 kg
- pressing surface (mm): 3000 x 1500 Bljc8mm0de - Pressing pressure (kN): 1400 - Operating pressure (bar): 245 - Specific pressure (daN/cm²): 3.1 - piston diameter: 6 x 110 + 2 x 65 mm - Connected load (kW): 74,9 - Nominal operating current (A): 108.2 - Voltage (VAC + N + PE): 3 x 400 - Frequency (Hz): 50 - CE version
Hadsten Denmark
7567 km
reconditioned (used)
Press with side pressure cylinders for glueboard - Size 3000 x 1800 mm B3t32f2 Baioni Oil heater
press area 1800 x 900 mm press force 450 kN spec. pressure 28 N/ cm2 press cylinder DM 90 mm revolving press belt medium heating platen electric connectivity 4,4 kW, 400 V, 50 Hz overhead operating panel control unit, SPS programmable digital temperature adjustment 2 x incl. infeed/ out feed transport belt approx. 2000 x 1000 mm incl. light barrier sensor Advise used machines: • Technical data without obligation, mistake and intermediate sale reserve. • Price is considered ex-location pric...
Wemhöner Single-daylight through feed Press line, Type VOF 2-480/3 Biwiplkgfu consisting of: - Feeding device Lödige - Brush cleaning machine, Bürkle, type CBM 2400 - 4-roll Glue application machine Bürkle, type CAK - Knife disc roller table - Loading transport belt - Hydraulic short cycle press, type VOF 2 - 480/3, YOC 1978 Single daylight down stroke press with foil belt transport system 4 x 3 Press pistons Heating platen size 4200 x 2200 mm - Out feed transport belt - Stackin...
Throughfeed press Ott Gvxobc pressing area 2500 x 1300 mm pressure approx. 15 kg/cm electric heated
Pfalzgrafenweiler, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
8001 km
as good as new (ex-display)
Pressing surface: 3150 x 1600 mm Jgbp7oejb Total pressure surface: 150 to specific pressure: 30 dAN/cm² operating pressure 350 bar Daylight height: 200 mm Throughfeed belt speed: 22 m/min Loading from the wide side heating platens for heating with hot water maximum temperature 130°C
Pösing Germany
8183 km
ready for operation (used)
Wemhöner short cycle press with pile band Max plate formats. Width 1220 mm Length 3000 mm Thickness 50 mm Pressure Max 8 kg / cm² as normal short cycle press or printing device for pressing of 1 - and 3-layer solid wood panels Gwuccu3f including inlet and outlet mechanization including thermal oil pump and control system with Siemens control S5 Investment is still under power
Taiskirchen, Austria Austria
(dealership location)
8310 km
Sample - production on customerdemand: Press area: 3500 x 1350 mm No. of cylilnders: 8 pcs. Diameter of cylinders 85 mm Specific pressure: 3,4 kg/cm² (with 350 bar), based on 80 % of the press area Press force: 16 - 160 TO Max. operating temperatur: 120°C Heating power: 230/400 V, 12,7 kW / heating plate, separately adjustable Stroke / opening: 400 mm Fnyexv9wy Closing / opening speed: approx. 20 mm/sec Working height: ~900 mm Belt speed: max. 15 m/min
Throughfeed hot press - ITALPRESSE P25-21/7 year of manufacturing 1999 drilled solid steel platens dimension 2500x2100 mm platens thickness 90 mm each 2rtste No. 12 vertical cylinders diameter 100 mm each daylight approx 130 mm total vertical pressure 300 tons pressure of 7 kg/cm2 (on 80% of total pressing area) automatic loader with disc conveyor 3300x1300 mm and motorized belt 2500x3200 mm automatic downloader with motorized belt 2500x3200 mm accessories not included: general electric cabinet ...
I sell the throughfeed press Dimter VSH-Contipress-H. Year 1999. Working length 2500mm Heating. Pt882e Available immediately.
Throughfeed press line Wild type: Optima year of manufacture: 1992 with infeed band and destacker At the infeed side: Veneer laying table with 3 shelfs for veneer L 3600 mm x W 1350 mm Infeed band type: PB/F II 3000 with lifting facility to feed the 2 floors of the press type: PB/F II 3000 L 4000 mm x W1350 mm 2 transport bands each 650 mm wide each with drive and moveable to the side to feed the press in 2 rows Throughfeed press Wild type: Optima 2 x 1 pressing plate size L 3600 mm x W 1400 ...
Gravina di Catania Italy
9190 km
good (used)
Kolmag press size 3500X1900mm Dwz2mm
The increased income significantly shortened the planned amortisation time. According to our satisfied customer, this investment – a large one by its standards – was one of its very best decisions. 3-fold capacity increase as compared to conventional production methods with veneer presses Adaptation of the plant to the customer specifications Goupbt7 Best ergonomic design Pilot laser systems ease placing the boards Fully-automatic measuring of the components and cylinder shu...
Taiskirchen, Austria Austria
(dealership location)
8310 km
Total press force: 120 to Size: 3000 x 1350 mm Spez. Pressure: 6 kg/cm² Number/Diameter cylinders: 6 pcs. / 85 mm Max. opening/stroke: 400 mm Side pressing cylinder: 8 pcs. Side pressure force: 24 tons This two-in-one press finds application where solid wood is being worked and also allows the pressing of veneers. When pressing veneers using the Model MHP, the procedure is the same as by all standard models. Vwallx9e This machine has a special hydraulic cycle which is to activated when pressin...
Taiskirchen, Austria Austria
(dealership location)
8310 km
Sample - production on customerdemand: This heavy press series, constructed as a down-stroke machine, has been designed especially for high specific pressure. Due to the high specific pressure, this state-of-art model comes with drilled steel heating plates. The control unites are located in a central switch console. The design is corresponding to our newest developments in technology. Press construction: Vv9xk3ep - Lengthwise feed  gantry construction (gantries = solid steel frame) - Cross ...

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