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Wide belt sanders 1100-1199mm working width for sale

Identified location: Ashburn (US) (Edit)
2 aggregates/ sanding from top sanding width 1100 mm sanding belt length 2150 mm belt change left side working height ca. 3 - 160 mm feed speed 4 + 8 m/ min feed motor 1,3/ 1,8 kW, 400 V, 50 Hz Pmin 6 bar suction connection 2 x 150 mm dimensions approx. L x W x H = 2660 x 1800 x 2100 mm weight approx. 3400 kg Mu3vvn7t 1. aggregate roller, DM 200 mm, rubber 70 SH Hmo8vhj motor 15 kW, 400 V, 50 Hz 2. aggregate combined aggregate, sanding pad with air, timed + roller DM 150 mm, rubber... more
Provisional specification A high quality wide belt sanding machine suitable for many different types of sanding work. With 2 contact rollers followed by a sanding pad, the machine has the advantage of both calibrating and fine finishing in just one pass with different grit sizes for an optimal finish. Technical Specification Sanding width 1100mm Sanding height 150mm Bjze8mgqh3 Sanding belt dimensions 1100 x 1900mm Sanding belt motors 3 head machine Model KKC 25 HP (18,5 kW) - ... more
Machine type CCCT 4+4, 1150 mm,in good condition, flow processing machine, with through-going feeder in machine, number of motors 12, works above the item, works beneath the item, working width 1150 mm, with infinitely adjustable speed, with 6 rollers, 2 sanding rails. Dlk2ltsf more
Wide belt sanding machine SCM SANDYA5 RCS110 with vacuum device Bj3r7idqfq 2 sanding units Abrasive carpet in good condition Weight 1227 kg The machine will be available for sale due to new purchase on approx. November 2020 Viewing with test run at the customer possible more
COUTFERING VEGA- 111 E Automatic wide belt sanding machine with 1 combination unit For the optional use of contact roller and/or grinding shoe Solid / veneer and lacquer sanding working width 1100 mm Year of manufacture 1994 - Sanding unit with grooved rubberized height-adjustable contact roller and Grinding shoe and with electronically controlled segment grinding shoe Segment width 30mm Varnish sanding equipment with: - Infinitely variable sanding belt speed - Belt blow-off device workpiec... more
2 aggregates/ sanding belts for top and 2 agregates/ sanding belts for bottom sanding belt length 1900 mm sanding belt width 1120 mm working width 1100 mm sanding belt mounting from left side work piece height 3 - 140 mm Pmin 6 bar autom. work piece height adjustment feed speed var. 2 -2 m/min Pudtsq floating pressure bars on first bottom machine Vacuum system 4,0 kW on first bottom machine table elongation front & back(2 rollers each) touch screen control CE certificate dimensions appr... more
2 Bürsten hintereinander Durchlassbreite 1300 mm stufenloser Vorschub 0 - 20 m/min Motor 7.5 kW mit stufenloser Drehzahl 175 - 1000 U/min Struckturierbürste 250 mm D [...] 1575 Gewicht ca. 2000 kg Maße : 3050 x 1800 x 1750 mm Lagerort: Nattheim Bhyv88pirv more
2 sanding units: 1st roller 2. grinding shoe Bjwwrt3qy0 Technical data: Working width: 1100 mm Working height: 3 - 160 mm Engine: 17 kW Weight 1.900 kg Equipment features: ⦁ Blow-off device ⦁ Feed infinitely variable ⦁ 2 sanding units both electrically switchable on/off from the control panel ⦁ Unit 1 calibrated ⦁ Aggregate 2 is optionally switchable either always at the bottom for continuous grinding or for veneer or sensitive workpieces using on the workpiece edge or recessing at the end of th... more
Used machine Year of construction: 1998 Condition: maintained, overhauled with new belt feed with combination unit with steel contact roller and electronic CPS sectional pressure beam Yclectf2 grinding width 1100 mm Sanding belt length 1900 mm workpiece thickness min./max. 3 - 150 mm feed speed: infinitely variable 2.5 - 13 m/min sanding unit 11 kW Weight 2200 kg suction capacity 1850 ³/h Compressed air connection 6-8 bar Air requirement 10 l/min availability: short term Location: Hochheim more
VIET- grinding machine Challenge 211A R TEL24-1100 Calibration fine grinding machine working from above with two belts and one main motor. 1. aggregate: roller, diameter 160mm, 80 degrees shore 2. unit: electronically controlled fine grinding shoe with 24 segments Machine is equipped with: - Main engine 15PS - Motor with two running speeds on transport carpet - Pneumatic abrasive belt oscillation - Rubber transport carpet - Electrical system Siemens - working width 1100mm - Working height 3-160m... more
working width 1100 mm 1.unit: calibrating roller 85 sh 2.unit: combinated roller 40 sh + pad inverter on motor for sanding belts 11 kW stepless adjustment feed piece N7yfz vacuum table more
2 aggregates/ sanding from top sanding width 1100 mm sanding belt length 2150 mm belt change left side working height ca. 3 - 160 mm feed speed 4 + 8 m/ min feed motor 1,3/ 1,8 kW, 400 V, 50 Hz Pmin 6 bar suction connection 2 x 150 mm dimensions approx. L x W x H = 2660 x 1800 x 2100 mm weight approx. 3400 kg 1. aggregate roller, DM 200 mm, rubber 70 SH motor 15 kW, 400 V, 50 Hz 2. aggregate combined aggregate, sanding pad with air, timed + roller DM 150 mm, rubber 85 SH motor 1... more
max. Durchlasshöhe : 200 mm Schleifbandlänge 1. Aggregat : Querband mm max. Arbeitsbreite : 1350 mm Bandanzahl : 3-Band 1. Aggregat: : Querband Durchmesser 2. Walze : Stahlwalze 3. Aggregat: : Schuhaggregat Reinigungsbürsten : Ja Lackschliff möglich : Ja Bandabblasung : Ja Vakuumteppich : Ja Materialdickenmesseinrichtung : Ja Jvbefy Steuerung : Handbedienpult Elek./pneu. Bandoszilation : elektrisch Tischhub : elektro-motorisch Tischanzeige : digital Maße : 2000 x 2500 x 2200 mm Gewi... more
Elbląg, Poland Poland
dealership location
6995 km
good (used)
Wide belt / Calibration sander SMA-REF-6747 Type: wide belt sanders Manufacturer: DMC Model: Europa 110 RP-RR Year: 1994 Working range: Sanding width: 1.100 mm Workpiece length: min. 200 mm Working height: 3 - 170 mm Infeed: max. 12m/min. Features: 1 sanding unit Vacuum belt Fcowptid8 Take-off table Condition: under power board defective Location: Southern Germany Availability: on demand more
CATALOG NUMBER 4959 TECHNICAL DATA - max width of the workpiece 1100mm - max. thickness of the workpiece 170mm Bb9furpocv in advance: - rubber, slip and pressure roller - grooved rubber roller for calibration - shoe with pneumatic clamp - metal roll, slip, smooth - rubber, slip and pressure roller from down: - pulling tape   - oscillation of the tape on photocells - raising the electric table - 11kW main engine - electric brake - 2 types of feed speed - working pressure 6-8bar - diameter of th... more
Övermalax, Finland Finland
6643 km
ready for operation (used)
VIET calibration sanding machine with 3 belts. Year of manufacture 1994 from a training school for woodworking working width 1100 mm Three units: 1. drum diameter 240mm ( 2200 x 1130mm ) 11kW 2. drum diameter 240 mm (2200 x 1130 mm) 15 kW 3. drum diameter 160mm ( 2200 x 1130 ) connected with 2. unit via gear for hardwood, chipboard, veneer and varnish S.C.S. Synoptic control system smooth carpet to work at a minimum height of 0.5 mm Cleaning blower for grinding Carpet brush sandpaper 2200... more
Bandanzahl : 1-Band max. Durchlasshöhe : 160 mm max. Arbeitsbreite : 630 mm 1. Aggregat: : Kombiaggregat Ausführung 1. Aggregat : Stahl genutet Schleifschuh 1. Aggregat : starr Schleifbandlänge 1. Aggregat : 1525 mm Bj8jzmsmba Schleifbandbreite 1. Aggregat : 640 mm Schleifbandgeschw. 1. Aggregat : 16 m/sec Antrieb 1. Aggregat : 11 kW Vorschubgeschwindigkeit : 4.5 - 9 m/min Steuerung : Handbedienpult Elek./pneu. Bandoszilation : pneumatisch Tischhub : elektro-motorisch Tischanzeige : mecha... more
1100mm working width 4-170mm thickness 1115 x 2620mm sanding belts Feed speed 4.5 - 9m/min 3 working units : Bhm2dlxh0n 1.Steel calibrating roller x 22kw [ 30hp ] 2.Rubber roller x 18.5kw [ 25hp ] common to heads 2 / 3 3. Combination roller and pad Pneumatic on / off selectors for 1st roller and sanding pad In and outfeed support tables for long workpieces Automatic working thickness positioning Floating pressure shoe on 1st roller Floating pressure shoe on 2nd roller Model number - 10S- M3 ... more
Very good Wide belt sander Work wide 1100mm Valse-Valse-Shoe-Brush 20 box extra band Ndwrvjfj more
Kündig Enormous wide belt sanding machine Feed carpet defective - must be replaced Bicm2scg32 functionally tested working width: 1100 mm Working height max. 135 mm Total connected load: 11 kW Sanding unit roller and sanding shoe electrical vertical adjustment Feed speed: 3-18 m/min. grinding belt dimensions: 1900 x 1120 mm Dimensions: 1300 x 1600 x 2000 mm Suction connection: 180 mm Weight: 1500 kg more
Kundig Duplex 1100 KS Wide Belt Sander Kombination Head Roller and Segmented Platen 15KW Sanding Pad Segmented 11KW 1100mm sanding Width Constant Passline Vacuum Table Cleaning Brush 1999 CE J9at0b more
-Max. working width 1100 mm -Max. Working height 160 mm -1. grinding unit:-contact roller -2. sanding unit combination roller / shoe - Digital display with automatic workpiece thickness adjustment - pneumatic sanding belt cleaning Harqunj more
max. Durchlasshöhe : 160 mm Schleifbandgeschw. 1. Aggregat : Walze m/sec Schleifbandlänge 1. Aggregat : 2150 mm max. Arbeitsbreite : 1350 mm Bandanzahl : 3-Band Cmbgf7du 1. Aggregat: : Kontaktwalze Stahl Durchmesser 1. Walze : 175 mm D Schleifbandbreite 1. Aggregat : 1350 mm Antrieb 1. Aggregat : 15 kW 2. Aggregat: : Querband Schleifschuh 2. Aggregat : elektronische Einzelglieder Schleifbandlänge 2. Aggregat : 4600 mm Schleifbandbreite 2. Aggregat : 140 mm Schleifbandgeschw. 2. Aggregat : 2... more
OTT Omegatronic 11 year 1994 Prpbpkch 2-Band electronic sanding pads - optical detection of the workpiece to control the segments of the sanding pad depending on the workpiece max. working width: 110cm workpiece thickness: min. 3 max. 160 mm Digital display grinding belt dimensions: 1.120 x 2.150 x mm sanding belt speed: 18 m/s Feed speed: 4 + 8 m/min. Engine power per unit: 15 kW Operating pressure: 6 bar Air consumption: 20 l/min Power: 32 kW rated current: 67 A Vacuum table incl. vacuum gener... more
"UNIDUEMILA" WIDE BELT CALIBRATING/SANDING SANDER, mod. LC 1120 3N RRRT, with 3 upper wide abrasive belts with calibrating and sanding roller for calibrating and sanding wood panels and veneer surface Main technical data : * Maximum working width mm. 1100 * Maximum sanding height mm. 160 * Minimum sanding height mm. 3 * I° unit : Steel calibrating roller with motor HP 12,5, P7dsncrj * II° unit: Rubberizzed sanding roller 80 Shore - blower unit * III° unit : Rubberizzed sanding roller 70 Shore... more
working width mm 1100 min/max working width mm 3/160 abrasive belt lenght mm 2620 abrasive belt width mm 1150 oscillating cleaning blower for 3°belt cleaning blower  for  panel in exit vacuum table ON/OFF from PC electric speed variator on the carpet 1°belt- calibrating roll in steel, motor 15 kw 2°belt-sanding roll  45 SH, n°2 speed,motor 11 kw 3°belt-electronic sectioned pad with 20 sections, n°2 speed, motor kw 11 Ccszj39 more
"Wide belt sanding machine SAC - CLS 1100 RT D3jibprb 380 V/50 Machine functional, but should be overhauled " more
Wide belt sanding machine Bi8x9a8jat BÜTFERING used more
max. Arbeitsbreite : 630 mm Fhjysmqui Bandanzahl : 2-Band 1. Aggregat: : Kalibrierwalze 2. Aggregat: : komb. Schleifaggregat Lagerort: Lieferant more
- NEW - GENERAL CHARACTERISTICS: Machine frame and work table * Steel structure with electrical control cabinet on the front of the machine * Introduction of the sanding belts from the left side of the machine * Motorized table height regulation * Main motor integrated in the machine frame Electrical equipment * Electromechanical control panel on the left front side of the machine * Automatic star delta start for the main motor * Motor protection switch for the motors * Motors in insulation ... more
with "R" unit with roller and second "CS" combination unit with roller/sanding shoe working width: 1.100mm Min./max. working height: 4 - 170mm sanding belt dimension: 1.115 x 2.150mm Main engine power: 11 kW feed speed: 4,5 / 9m/min -Rubber-coated calibration roller -Rubber-coated grinding roller -Hard grinding shoe -electronic amperemeter for the main- motor for indicating the current consumption -Electronic display of the working height -Electronically controlled grinding belt oscillation -R... more
Ilkeston, United Kingdom United Kingdom
5795 km
good condition (used)
Power rise and fall numerical readout Auto table positioning device 2 roller infeed and outfeed Automatic anti dubbing 2 speed feed mat Sanding group – hard rubber (85sh) roller + pad combination head 1100mm max width. 160mm max depth No0sv 20 hp (to be confirmed). more
Wide belt sander Bütfering type: MA2W1100 year of manufacture: 1983 working width 1100 mm 2 sanding untis: Roll and pad, cleaning brush Nyuvt with vacuum transport carpet complete with ventilator constant table, the top part with sanding units is height adjustable input power 35 kW heavy duty machine – industrial version more
Ott Megatronic wide belt sanding machine working width 1100 mm Bixosseobp workpiece thickness min. 3 /max. 160 mm grinding belt dimensions 1900 x 1120 mm Sanding belt speed 18 m/sec. feed speed 5/10 m/min Motor power grinding unit 11 kW 1 unit steel roller 2 Aggregate Kombi with electronically controlled sanding pad EMS 45 mm segments Year of manufacture 1995 condition very good more
- NEW - GENERAL CHARACTERISTICS: Machine frame and work table * Steel structure with electrical cabinet on the front of the machine * The grinding belts are inserted from the left side of the machine * Motorized table regulation * Main motor integrated in the machine frame Electrical equipment * Safety microswitch for excess strength * Electromechanical keypad on the left side of the machine * Automatic star-delta starting for the main motor * Motor protection switch for the motors * Motors i... more
Grinding width 1100 mm. grinding height 150 mm. 2 units. Feed 3 - 15 m/min stepless. Luftleitschuh etc. For further information on request. Beeueqr9qe more
Widebelt sander Brand:Stemac Type:LCKM 1100 Maskin no:199504 Techn info: Through feed width max 1100mm E298dst Contact roller and sanding shoe Brush for cleaning Sanding paper in dimension 1100x2150mm (included sanding paper) Variable feeding speed Power 380 volt, 50 Hz 3 phase Stock no:104139 more
Working width 1100 mm Bitasakpq8 N. 2 Bottom spindle 22 KW (30 hp) N. 3 Top spindle 22 KW (30 hp) Vacuum feeding floor Front and rear support roller, ideal for parquet strips Motorized brush in the exit Entry and exit roller conveyor included more
CATALOG NUMBER 5397 TECHNICAL DATA - max width of the workpiece 1100mm - max. workpiece height 160mm in advance: - 2 metal rollers, sliding - pressure - grooved rubber roller for calibration - pressure with rollers - metal cylinder with a boot - pressure with rollers - cleaning brush Bewyxsxiqj from down: - 1 inserting roller, rubber, sliding - 1 intake roller, metal, slip - pulling tape - 1 displacement roller, rubber, sliding   - oscillation of pneumatic straps on photocells - raising the ele... more
With 2 pieces of sanding units consisting of: - 1 piece calibration roller - 1 piece of electronic shoe lacquer sanding dust brush Vacuum carpet 4.0 kW Roller table at the inlet Roller table at the outlet second hand Make Ott Type Lambda WSE 1 Built in 1992 Mach.-No.. 2933 Working width approx. 1100 mm Nv2yj Passage height approx. 160 mm Aggregates from above 2 pieces Band dimensions 2620 mm x 1120 mm Infinitely variable feed speed 5-30 m / min. 1 piece calibration roller 15 kW, channeled, rub... more
Model / type SCSB 3 1100, is in good condition, the machine is used run, with closed cabin, with continuous feed into the machine, number of motors 5 piece, work on the workpiece, working width 1100 mm, height 150 mm, Speed of feed 7 & 14 m / min, engine power HP 20-20-15, which is the motor of the machine designed for 380 volts, 2 rollers, with 1 piece sanding shoes, belt size 1130 x 1900 mm, connection value 42,67 kW, machine width 2300 mm, machine height 1920 mm. Machine length 2020 mm, machi... more