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Air dry machine for sale

Identified location: (US) (Edit)
Leicestershire, United Kingdom United Kingdom
dealership location
7179 km
ready for operation (used)
Serial No. 007005 Nail size 10 - 50mm, 2mm Head, Gauge 18 Shank size Width 1.26mm, Thickness 1.05mm Bj0niqytdf Operating pressure 60 / 100 psi Air inlet 1./4" BSP more
I sell the compressor set: D2n9q8nf8 Compressor Airpol 22 - 22kW, 3,16 m3/min., 10 bar Air dryer KSI ECOTROC KTD-B C 220 Oil separator Absolutely new. Was not working before. Possible to buy also the bottle 500l or 1000l. Please write me or call me for more details. more
Hot Foil Stamping machine AIR HYDRAULICS AH Year 2006 - Serial-No. AH 930002 Str2nw -We would be very pleased with your visit - more machines on Stock- -Available Immediately- -Can be inspect- -On Stock Emskirchen / Nürnberg - Can b more
Carpet cleaning machine, carpet cleaner, cleaning machine, spray extraction device Qv9iva9x - Working width: 300 mm -Frischwassertank -Schmutzwassertank - 220 V connection -Power 1.3 kW -Dimensions 320/500 / H950 mm -Weight 26 kg more
- serial number: 1094/03 P. - new chrome roller and water heaters/boiler - working light/lamp: 106 cm - max. laminating size: 102 cm - min. sheet size: 30 x 32 cm Dxfl8e - max. sheet size: 106 x 143 cm - max. production speed: 60 - mechanical speed: 60 - max. number of copies per hour: 8500 - installed power: 35 kW - working power: 20/25 kW - dimensions: 2100 x 6500 x 2050 [cm] more
Working width 1300 mm Material thickness 0.5-170 mm Delivery time approx. 6-8 weeks from the date of placing of the order Working width: 1,300 mm Be23vc8xkk Material thickness: 0.5-170 mm Belt dimensions: 1,320 x 2,200 mm Two speeds: 2.5/19 m/min Engine: 1.5 kW Suction volume: 6,000 m3/h Length: 1.560 mm Depth: 1,740 mm Height: 2,250 mm Weight: approx. 2,500 kg The G135 DRY is suitable for plasma and flame system cuts with a useful working width of up to 1,300 mm and a thickness of up to 170 mm.... more
Flash off AIR DRYER WITH RECIRCULATED AIR Type FEV E3 / 7 Lateral and top plates made of 7 module segments of 1500 mm. Supply and recirculation fan with supply air from outside with filter grade G4. Heating register with automatic temperature control. Exhaust fan with adjustable flow rate. Ventilation with air flow against the direction of rotation Designed for the installation of IR lamps. Overall length 10500 mm VS supply and recirculation fan: throughput 4000 mc / h exhaust fan Installed elec... more
Automatic spray machine type Dualtech 415-Dry-SBC (guns and pumps excluded) The machine is suitable for the spray application of glue, stain, base and top coats on every type of surface. Infeed conveyor A roller conveyor is positioned at the inlet side to load the workpieces. Paper belt with uncoiling and recoiling system The machine is equipped with a motorized synthetic belt covered with a paper belt (synthetic film material can also be used). The belt is equipped with two trapezoida... more
Ceetec A/S produces since 1970 wood painting machines in Norre Aaby, Denmark. According to the motto "keep it simple" all machines are reduced to necessary things combined with innovative technology where it makes sense for our customer. This makes our machines very long living but also very cost effective for the customer. Our innovative drying systems are available in longitudinal and transversal version and can be combined with all our painting machines. We can also add IR-stripes for fast... more
Working width 300 mm Material thickness 0.5-160 mm Delivery time approx. 6-8 weeks from the date of placing of the order Working width: 300 mm Material thickness: 0.5 - 160 mm Belt dimensions: 320 x 1,900 mm Two speeds: 5/10 m/min Prdncgma Engine: 0.75 kW Suction volume: 2,000 m3/h Length: 1.430 mm Depth: 860 mm Height: 2,100 mm Weight: approx. 610 kg Finishing machine for metal surfaces with a working width of up to 300 mm and a material thickness of up to 160 mmIdeally suitable for narrow part... more
The dryer was needed for an order, it is now available and can be viewed at the customer's site including conveyor and suction lance. Bown8i2w New price 16.800€ more
working pressure: 6 bar workpiece height max.: ohne Tisch: 350 mm workpiece height max.: mit Tisch: ca.150 mm foil width: ca.800 mm cycle time: 32 sec control: Siemens S5 voltage: 220 AC V / Hz total power requirement: 119 kVA weight of the machine ca.: ca. 9,5 t space requirements of the machine approx.: L:11,0xB:6,0xH:4,8 m THERMO FORMING MACHINE for vacuum forming and laminating of interior panelling in vehicle construction with films and textiles. Additionally to this Machine a Laminating Pr... more
An innovative leap in dry ice blasting. Aquila Triventek proudly presents the new generation of dry ice blasting machines. The device is characterized by a very good price-performance ratio. The BL25 MINI is a professional unit that has been developed for small but frequent cleaning jobs. With our special nozzles we achieve higher cleaning efficiencies at a lower pressure, even below 5 bar with a low noise level. The BL25 MINI is suitable for heavy soiling as well as for special cleaning work. I... more
we're bidding: Central granulate drying Dry air generator Digicolor DP 206 NT 28 kW with molecular sieve The plant is dismantled and stored. They are taken over as part of a plant takeover. It was overdimensified at our customer. Therefore it is no longer needed and sold. Manufacturer: digicolor Bielefeld Type: DEHUVIDIFYNG DRYER Model: D 206 NT No. 99D001 Year of construction:1999 Air flow rate: 350 m³/h Dry air pressure: 230 mbar molecular sieve weight: 2x 22,5 kg Connection: 400V~50Hz Blower:... more
overhead wire guide inlet wire diameter 6,5 mm finished wire diamter 2,5 mm number of drafts 5 Ejq70dg9c speed -meters/sek 9 m/s dia. of capstan 600 mm more
The medium-sized Aero 40FP is a full pressure dry ice cleaner with a new radial feed unit. The new radial feed unit reduces wear on the rotor and surfaces with aerodynamic loading. Using a compact motor, it reduces weight and electricity consumption, thanks to the advanced rotor, it provides an impact-free spraying and precise feed ratio control. There is a pressure regulator on the machine. The best results can be achieved with its original accessories. Features Performance Warranty Flow Syste... more
Gathering machine, manufacturer: C.P. Bourg, type: module collator, double fault and jam control, suction calibration, electronic control for programming, year of construction: unknown, machine number: unknown, dimensions: approx. 1,500 mm x 1,200 mm x 1,800 mm St3j98 more
Inhalt: 3 x 50 Liter Trockenbereich: 60° - 160° C Cglna38c Gebläse: 132 m³/h Restfeuchte (%): ᐸ0,02 more
TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS: Dimensions (LxWxH): 700 x 530 x 1100 mm Weight: 88 kg Container capacity: 23 kg Dry ice consumption: 30 - 80 kg / h Air connection: ¾ " Air volume: 2-12 m3 / min Air pressure: 1-14 bar Power supply: 110/230 V - 50/60 Hz Connected load: 750W Description: User friendly control panel / control • easy handling • One-hose system • Low weight • Easy handling • highest air / dry ice speed • Compact design with low weight • easy to transport • easy to move 2m3xfnkqf • Large, i... more
These are two dry air generators Luxorbin 2400 from Motan. With the warm air dryers plastic granulate was dried. The devices are hardly used. Obl0d more
overhead wire guide inlet wire diameter 7,5 mm finished wire diamter 2,5 mm number of drafts 5 drum dimension 560 mm Bivv2ajmtd speed -meters/sek 10 more
For sale is the following items: -Our offer number: Classical: -Manufacturer: FILL TECK -Type: FTK 400 -Serial number: 00205 -up to 8m ³ of air cushion pad material per hour -with separate and rollable material winders -for film width of 420 mm -Operating voltage: 230V, 50 Hz -Operating air pressure: 7 bar -Measures L x B x H in mm:-Machine 1250 x 1050 x 1500 -Rolroller 700 x 660 x 1200 -Weight approx: Machine 380 kg + scooter 70 kg -optical state according to photos -needed -functional, se... more
Manufacturer MSM Plastic Division - little used, like new! Cpbz803au Type DR 60/H 100 Year of manufacture 1998 Insulated drying container 100 L Heat output 3500 watts Drying temperature +150 C Cooling water connections Dew point -25 C Material handling device Manufacturer MSM Plastic Division Type HL 15 Year of manufacture 2000 Output 850 watts more
Air cushion machine, FROMM / Brüninghaus, air, air cushion machine - second-hand -: Price from site: €2.950.-(net)! Manufacturer: Fromm / Brüninghaus Type: AP 420.004 or 50.1164 Year of construction: 1998 400V, 50 Hz, 1.5 kVA, 16A Condition: good Ptpkry Available: available now Location: Room FFM The offered machine is used for the manufacture of air-filled protective and filling elements for use in the packaging sector. It can be produced different format. The produced air cushions are wr... more
Inhalt: 110 Liter Trockenbereich: 60° - 160° C Gebläse: 132 m³/h Restfeuchte (%): ᐸ0,02 Cb9kpdym more
SOMOS TF40 + 100l GFK hopper + MC1 Bfu999n3z3 dry air dryer for plastics - 2 Stück auf Lager - colour: turquoise Dry air flow rate: 40m³/h Heating capacity dry air: 4.5 kW Drive capacity: 0.5 kW Connected wattage: 5.0 kW Additional information: - 100l GFK hopper - lid for separator in place - hand filling Completely overhauled 2019 with 1 year guarantee excepting wear parts Location: Germany Measurements: 110x512x220 (LxBxH in cm) - without dismantling conveying pip... more
straight through inlet wire diameter 6,5 mm finished wire diamter 2,8 mm number of drafts 4 Bivv2j0she speed -meters/sek 7 m/s dia. of capstan 640 mm more
Air Tapping Machine /Pneumatic tapping machine 23cwtzrg2 For Tap M3-M16 Speed (rpm) 400 Work Range Rmax 950 mm Rmin 100 mm Weight 24 kG Standard Accessories - Pneumatic tapping Spindle - Stretch arm - Slanted arm - Table mounting column - Air unit - Choose any six safety clutch tapping adapters more
Round plastic cup printing machine with 6 color heads. Maximum color heads 8- With UV on mandrel, Pre-Treatment arcotec. Patanosta elevator feeding, Counting unit, stacking table and packaging unit in PE foil. Till 600 cups per minute. Dwsiki more
SOMOS TF40 dry air dryer for granulate plastics with 100l GFK hopper + MC1 control colour: turquoise Dry air flow rate: 40m³/h Heating capacity dry air: 4.5 kW Drive capacity: 0.5 kW Connected wattage: 5.0 kW Dryer+hopper: 95x66x230 (LxBxH in cm) for transportation Weight: 165 kg Additional information: - 100l GFK hopper - lid for separator - includes automatic dry material conveyance to the machine - hopper filling on customer request; using conveyor system or hand-f... more
we bid: 2 dry air generator Digicolor D 112 NT spare part dispenser 11 kW with 2 molecular sieves The plant has been dismantled and stored (last operation in 2014). There are 4 relays missing. The plants were taken over as part of a plant takeover. They are no longer needed and sold due to a business change and or new acquisition by our customer. Manufacturer: digicolor Bielefeld Type: D 112 NT Item No. 9003509 / 9103594 Cfht9lq0 Year of construction: verm. 1994 Connection: 380V~50Hz 11 kW Di... more
dryer dry-air Plastic Systems ,DP 806 P HT TCH 600 m³/h + 1500 L Tank ,year: 2010, price: 15.500 €, contact: Mr. Rainer Eckerle Dgu33si more
Berlin, Germany Germany
dealership location
7997 km
Air volume: 750m³/h, drying output: 375kg/h, working temperature: 140°C, connected load: 18kW, weight: 530kg. Dyg2eit more
This suction air folding machine is factory-overhauled and in very good condition. The price includes commissioning and training by a factory technician. 12 months of service. Fast set-up times, high speed and exact folding results with a flawless appearance of the final product – all this meets the DocuFold Pro. In addition, it has, among other things, a coloured operating touch display, an automatic adjustment of the two folding pockets and 99 program memory. Paper sizes (LxB): min. 160 x 14... more
SOMOS TF40 + 100l GFK hopper + MC1 dry air dryer for plastics - 2 available - colour: turquoise Dry air flow rate: 40m³/h Heating capacity dry air: 4.5 kW Drive capacity: 0.5 kW Connected wattage: 5.0 kW Additional information: - 100l VA hopper - lid for separator in place - includes automatic dry material conveyance to the machine - hopper filling on customer request; conveyor system / handfilling Completely overhauled 2019 with 1 year guarantee excepting wear par... more
Dry air quantity: 400m³/hConnection value: 45.7 kWHeating output: 18 kW (drying)Heating output: 22 kW (regeneration)Fan output:3.7 kWDrying hopper: 2 x 50 L5 x 100 L1 x 200 L1 x 20 L Bfrx9vcn33 more
dryer dry-air KOCH CKT 500, 500 m³/h, year: 1999, price: 7.900 €, contact: Mr. Rainer Eckerle Ibtjfykn3 more
Workpiece diameter: 600-5000mm, workpiece length: 4500mm, workpiece thickness: 10mm, current source: Kjellberg 1250 A. F727isojm more
Willstätt-Eckartsweier, Germany Germany
dealership location
7960 km
refurbished (used)
RD140HD - completely overhauled with 1 year guarantee except for wear parts Colour: turquoise MC2 micro-processor with graphic display Dry airflow rate: 140m³/h Heating capacity dry air: 12 kW Heating capacity regeneration: 6 kW Zacqq3fhz Drive capacity: 1.2 kW Connected wattage: 13.2 kW Additional information: 4x100l hoppers with 4x additional heating Weight: Measurements: more
dryer dry-air KOCH CKT 300, 300 m³/h, year: 1994, price: 4.900 €, contact: Mr. Rainer Eckerle Reuq997v8 more
Berlin, Germany Germany
dealership location
7997 km
ready for operation (used)
There are two identical machines available, length: 1000mm, width: 1200mm, height: 1500mm, weight: 250kg, year of construction machine 1/ 2: 2006/ 2010, including 20 rolls of film. Bgzpwenfya more
Machine type: Dry air dryer for plastics Completely overhauled: January 2020 with 1 year guarantee excepting wear parts Colour: Turquoise Dry air flow rate: 10m³/h Un78ggs Heating capacity dry air: 1.1 kW Drive capacity: 0.4 kW Connected wattage: 1.5 kW width: 84cm depth: 49.5cm height: 220cm weight: 100kg Additional information: Dry air hopper 25l GFK, insulated Location: Germany more
dryer dry-air KOCH CKT 1000, 1000 m³/h, year: 1998, price: 10.900 €, contact: Mr. Rainer Eckerle Vsmq0a more
Dry-air dryer Nr: OD4 2201-4639 8.8kW 400V 50Hz with hopper and additional heating: T200 IX P0tmrq23 IZ 525-4639 Type: F2 Nr: 1AL 5153 4639 1.1kW 400V 50Hz more
dryer dry-air KOCH CKT 300, 300 m³/h, year: 2003, price: 6.900 €, contact: Mr. Rainer Eckerle Gouxv9v more

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