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Alligator shear Schäfer proto 2 H Schäfer Proto 2 H
1 x used alligator shear manufacturer: Schäfer Type: Proto 2 H Year: 1979 s / n: N6125 Weight: 4 tons. Technical specifications: Diameter: 620 mm elektr./hydr. switchable down device delivery: free loaded payment: before collection DMFAKSUDNDN more
alligator shear table type TOS MOLDAVA NTP 100 / 2 A
cutting length 1000 mm max. sheet thickness 2 mm length 1900 mm depth 900 mm height 1200 mm weight 520 kg IIPHMXYK7A8 more
Alligator Shear JMC 640

Alligator Shear JMC 640

Kalkar Germany
6327 km
JMC 640_180 Blade lenght: 640 mm Weight: ca. 3 Tonnen Drive: Diesel engine recondition H0IPPOSENCM more
Alligator shears, scrap shears HSV SCHAEFER PROTO 3
Scrap shear/alligator scissors mechanical Manufacturer: Heinrich Schaefer machine factory VELBERT(HSV) overhaul in 2016, u.a.Neue ball bearing in the flywheel. Blade length: 810 mm Maximum opening width: 300 mm Motor: 15 kW Holders, Weight: ca. 7000-8000 kg. Test/screening if you are interested by appointment possible GBNP0JZKNDD more
Alligator shears Bronneberg Powerbird
Year built 2012 meter length 500mm diameter opening max. 270 mm hydr. Downholder Motor 7.5 kw Cutting power. 50 mm round (St37), 800kN Weight 1600 kg BNUD37MANCY more
Alligator Shear McIntyre JMC 500 KAT
JMC 500 KAT Drive: 7,5 kw Blade lenght: 508 mm Extra: Catalyst equipment Forklift Shoes/Wheels recondition BY97N8KSNBE more
Alligator Shear McIntyre JMC 640_180
JMC 640_180 cutting force: 180 tons Length of blade: 640 mm Machine was overhauled at the factory. New parts:-Steürblock with attachments Knife Electrical overhauled hydraulic oil filters changed, etc. IT2A7YW37CD more
Alligator Shear Deltax DTX 400
Deltax DTX 400 Alligator Shear Blade lenght: 406 mm Drive: 7,5 KW Weight: 900 kg Adjustement by feed Forklift Shoes recondition IFUJAPQWNCH more
Alligator Shear Lindemann 400
Lindemann 400 Alligator Shear Blade lenght: 406 mm Drive: 7,5 KW Weight: 1070 kg Adjustement by feed Wheels and Forklift Shoes recondition GJ8K9CQH7CP more
Alligator Shear Lefort 900

Alligator Shear Lefort 900

Kalkar Germany
6327 km
Lefort 900 YEAR / Production Year: unknown / unknown !! Drive / Drive: 22 KW meter length / Blade lenght: 900 mm mouth width at the tip / blade tip to tip: 340 mm hydraulic hold-down / Hydraulic hold down obsolete / recondition DR07DDDMNCC more
Alligator Shear, Scrap Shear Lindemann/Duesseldorf ALIBO
Hersteller/Producer: Lindemann Typ: ALIBO Antrieb/Drive: 15 Kw Schnitte/Cutts: 35 min Messerlaenge/Blade lenght: 750 mm Gewicht/Weight: 4,5 Tons Niederhalter/Hold down plate komplett ueberholt/complete recondition C2DKBBGINBW more
Hydraulic plate shears Fasti TCHE 2000 x 4 mm
Make: Fasti type: TCHÊ 20/4 year: 1985 Sheet size: 2000 x 4 mm dimensions: approx. L 2.70 x W 2.44 x H1, 80 m weight: approx. 3000 kg Accessories: - motorized Backgauge with digital display - angle stop - support arms - cutting length limit - pneumatic high restraint All information without guarantee. The machine is located in a very good condition. A demonstration is at any time possible in our showroom. ET8JWF9CNBK more
Shear Promecam GHE 6030

Shear Promecam GHE 6030

Drachten Netherlands
6251 km
Plate shear manufacturer Promecam Type: GHE 6030 Capacity: 3100 x 6 mm Electric behind ahnslag Electric schitt angle High just on the tables behind page 3SNTL8FNA2 more
Hydraulic guillotine shear Mengele GWF S16-3000
Mengele GWF Model S 16-3000 digital control bacvkgauge cutting lengte 3050 capacity 16 mm. motor power 30 kw. weight 14.500 kg. CHGVLHQY7BV more
Plate shear Scharringhausen
1000 x 3, UVV2017, replacement blades EWZICOGW7B8 more
Plate Shear - Hydraulic LVD HST-C 31/6
sheet width:3000 mm plate thickness:6,35 mm distance between columns:3100 mm cutting angle:0,5 - 2,5 ° Number of downholders:17 strokes per minute:12 - 50 clearance from/to:0,05 - 0,8 mm back stop - adjustable:750 mm quantity of oil:120 l work height max.:ca. 770 mm total power requirement:7,5 kW weight of the machine ca.:5,5 t dimensions of the machine ca.:3,9 x 1,8 x 1,8 m GEIOGSA87C7 more
Plate Shear - Hydraulic KRAMER TM II Hy 2000/7
sheet width 2050 mm plate thickness 7,0 mm cutting angle 0,5 - 3,0 ° down holder 12 Stück no. of strokes 13 - 30 Hub/min back stop - adjustable 0 - 750 mm engine output 7,5 kW weight 4.200 kg range L-W-H 3,0 x 2,2 x 2,1 mm EISQFFAQNCL more
Demolition shears unbekannt mit Stahlschere
Demolition, concrete cutter, excavator shears -Baggerklasse ca 11-20 to -Knifes Oeffnug 220 mm -Messerlänge -Gesamtlänge scissors 350 mm -concrete Kneifer opening 390 mm 352/200 mm inside -Baggeraufnahme Bolts 60 mm -Dimensions 1420/800 / H800 mm - weight 500 kg H98MH9BNNBQ more
Plate Shear - Hydraulic PROMECAM GH 1230 Z
sheet width:3000 mm plate thickness:12 mm distance between columns: mm total power requirement: kW weight of the machine ca.: t dimensions of the machine ca.: m CM3SDYAB7CG more
Plate Shear - Hydraulic HACO HSLX 4010
plate width: 4000 mm plate thickness: 10 mm distance between columns: 4010 mm throat: mm back gauge - adjustable: 1000 motorisch mm work height max.: mm down holder: mm control: SC 70 cutting angle adjustment: automatisch ° table:: mm total power requirement: 18,5 kW weight of the machine ca.: t dimensions of machine: mm transport dimensions LxWxH: m The control of the plate shear is via foot control or control panel. On the shear there is a sighting device and and cutting line illumination to v... more
Plate Shear - Hydraulic BLEMAS (Hera) TK 3006 (Ausstellungsmaschine)
sheet width 3050 mm plate thickness 6 mm distance between columns 3050 mm cutting angle 1 - 3 Grad no. of strokes bei 1° = 13 per Min. back stop - adjustable 1000 mm hydraulic motor 7,5 kW weight of the machine ca. 5400 kg dimensions of the machine ca. 3,9 x 2,1 x 2 m Electric 380 Volt Motorized back gauge 2 Geschwindigkeiten Foot pedal Side stop Shadow line lighting cutting split adjustment manuell Cutting lenght bound Unused machine with steering Blemas control E 200 for back ga... more
Section Shear - Combined MUBEA HPSN 350
round bar steel mm square edge steel mm L-beam mm flat steel 350x9,5/300x12 mm weight of the machine ca. 700 kg EISQFFAQNBM more
Plate Shear - Hydraulic FASTI 509-25/4
sheet width 2525 mm plate thickness 4,0 mm thickness at "Niro-steel" 2,5 mm distance between columns 2600 mm down holder 14 Stück no. of strokes 12-55 Hub/min cutting angle 1,5 ° engine output 9,0 kW throat 50 mm weight 3.400 kg. range L-W-H 2926 x 2124 x 1606 mm HAV8BENL7BU more
mechanical shear CIDAN MS-R 20-3
max. cutting lenght 2.050 mm max. thickness 3 mm incl. Back guide HGL0ZU3U7B9 more
Plate shear ESPE PIESOK NTC 2000/4
more tech. Data in the annex IT2A7YW37BB more
Press brake/shears/folding machines GRIEBEL SAS 75-30-4  3000x4 mm/75 t
3-fach kombinierte hydr. Blechbearbeitungsmaschine Hydraulische Schwenkbiegemaschine - Abkantpresse - Tafelschere Fabr. GRIEBEL Typ SAS 75-30-4 Baujahr 1981 Technische Daten: LEISTUNG ABKANTPRESSE Arbeitsdruck 75 t Arbeitslaenge 3050 mm Ausladung 120 mm Hub 270 mm Vorlaufgeschwindigkeit 37 mm/sek. Arbeitsgeschwindigkeit 0 - 30 mm/sek. Ruecklaufgeschwindigkeit 45 mm/sek. Anzahl der Winkelprogramme 6 LEISTUNG SCHWENKBIEGEMASCHINE Laenge 3050 mm Blechstaerke 3,0 mm Ausladung 400 mm Hub der Oberwa... more
sheet thickness 2.8 mm cutting length 1.250 mm strokes 45 per minute EZUGOWOLNB3 more
Shears SAGITA / MANURHIN BJ CA 1980 Working width 3.100 mm Performance up to 26 mm Machine weight approx. 10 to. 2 set blades Stellmasse CA Lxwxh 370 x 180 x 190 cm, weight approx. 10 tons. EOIM7VPZNCC more
Plate Shear - Mechanical HM DAENEMARK NCS 100 P
sheet width 1000 mm plate thickness 1,5 mm distance between columns 1000 mm back stop - adjustable 1.000 mm table width 470 mm compressed air 9,0 bar total power requirement pneumatisch kW weight of the machine ca. 310 kg. dimensions of the machine ca. 1,5 x 1,8 x 1,4 m EZUGOWOLNCN more
Plate Shear Kramer TM II HY125
Hydraulic Plate Shear Manufacturer Kramer performance 1300 x 7 mm back gauge manual Weight 3800 Kg space 210x200x200 cm .. HUSSW8C2NDN more
hand lever shears - Mubea  3S / 4R
Power at 450N / mm br / br / - sheet - 4mm br / br / - sheet 70 x 5mm br / br / - round material 10mm br / br / blade length 70mm br / br / with sheet downholder br / br / space B - 260 x T - 100 x H - 1060mm br / br / weight 8kg br / br / BNUD37MANCE more
Plate Shear - Mechanical WMW 6,3 x 3150
sheet width 3150 mm plate thickness 6,3 mm distance between columns 3200 mm throat 350 mm back stop - adjustable 750 mm total power requirement kW weight of the machine ca. 9 t dimensions 4,6 x 2,3 x 2,1 m HAV8BENL7CC more
Circular Shear PARX KSM/3

Circular Shear PARX KSM/3

Bühl Germany
6578 km
6 mm throat 1420 mm round blank diameter max. 2600 mm round blank diameter min. 240 mm sheet thickness - max. 6 mm cutting speed 12 m/min total power requirement 3 kW weight of the machine ca. 1,8 t BWE9BWC77CR more
sheet width - max.: - mm plate thickness: 4-7 mm knife length: 160 mm total power requirement: - kW machine weight ab.: 35 kg dimensions of machine: L:0,4xB:0,15xH:1,13 mm cutting capacity: sheet= 4mm and profile=7mm hand lever with protection downholder usable as table device HDQ3NMVANBQ more
Plate Shear - Mechanical KARGES & HAMMER Tafelschere
sheet width - max.:800 mm plate thickness:1 mm table-size:920 x 400 mm limit stop range -forward:500 mm total power requirement:1,1 kW weight of the machine ca.:480 kg dimensions of the machine ca.:1200x 1600x1100 mm Year:ca 1960 CM3SDYAB7DK more
Shear Mubea KBL 80-40 Optima B
original painting Round steel 50 mm Square steel 45 mm Angle steel 90 x 11 mm Snips: flat material 150 x 20 mm Notching device: Rectangle Klink tool 12 mm Notching device: Triangular Klink tool 12 mm Pressure 80 t Punching: printing performance 80 t Hole punch: gr. Stroke length 28 mm Hole punch: Throat depth 500 mm Operating voltage 400 V Total power consumption 4 kW Machine weight approx. 3.5 t Space requirement approx. 2.0 x 1.0 x 2.0 m with documentation 5 functions in 1... more
Guillotine shear (3.000 x 6 mm) Wieger SWS 6/30
Guillotine shear (3.000 x 6 mm) SMA-REF-5906 Type: guillotine shears Manufacturer: Wieger Model: SWS 6/30 Year: 1961 Sheet thickness: Steel: max. 6 mm Working range: Cutting length: 3.000 mm Condition: ready for action under power incl. spare blade Location: Western Germany Dimensions: Weight: 8 tons Availability: on demand Terms of delivery: ex works free on truck Terms of payment: 100% before dismantling/loading CPXQQAHWNDP more
Notchingshear Boschert LB 12 4

Notchingshear Boschert LB 12 4

Drachten Netherlands
6251 km
Notching machine by Boschert in new condition Type: LB 12 4 Capacity: 225 x 225 x 4 mm 90 angle fixed graad GSPGD2HFNDO more
Shear punching Peddinghaus Peddiworker 800
Punching power: 80t Throat depth: 200 mm Hole punch punching performance: Ø 30 x 20 mm Flat steel scissors 350 x 16 mm flat steel Blade length / angle 375 mm / 3 ° Profile and Rod steel scissors Angle steel 90° 100 x 10 mm Round steel 32 mm Square Notchers Maximum sheet thickness 13 mm Klink width 52 mm Klink depth 70 mm Engine power: 4,0 kW Dimensions L x W x H: 600 x 980 x 1700 mm Weight: 1400 kg Special features: -Including pipe Notchers up to Ø 60 mm with ... more
Veneer shears Monguzzi TRM 2L 3100
Cutting length: 3100 mm. Section length: 500 mm. Cutting height: 100 mm. Double knife. Cross-cutting device. Machine program control. Strip width of 520 mm. Strip width of min. 10 mm. Main motor: 7.5 kW. Cross-cutting scissors. RIP fence programmatically. Pressure bar: hydraulic. Knife drive: hydraulic. Digital display. Protection device. Stop control. Set light. Total connection: 10 kW. Space Lxwxh: 4900 x 1450 x 1900 mm. Approximate weight: 9500 kg. Condition: very good... more
Hand shear Schechtl HT 200
Schechtl hand shear 200 HT 2000 x 1.25 m (dir. Steel sheet) incl. depth stop and base plate 750 mm The machine is in good condition and is ready for use. Forklift loading available. F8SROBRV7BZ more
Section Shear Peddinghaus Peddiworker 500
Technical data Pressure power 50 t Punch diameter 20 in 17 mm 50 in 5 mm 32 mm round steel shear Square steel 30 x 30 mm Shear angle steel 100 x 10 mm Cut flat steel 150 x 15 mm. 190 x 10 mm 4 Kant from brick 10 mm Foot switch Dimensions 800 x 1200 x 800 mm Weight approximately 870 kg div. stamp & matrices FCFBTPFI7BB more
Hand shear Bernardo HLS 1280 x 2,0
1 hand shear Manufacturer: Bernardo, Model: HLS 1280 x 2.0, Construction year: 2014 Cutting length: 1,280 mm. maximum sheet thickness: 2.0 mm,. Weight: 560 kg. hardly used very good condition, HMBXSFL77DN more
Punching and shearing system Muhr- und Bender Mubea-Matic CNC-P30/F30-2 FP-1P
Punching capacity: 600 kN cutting capacity : - t control: auf Anfrage cutting capacity : 1800 kN flat material: 40x4 bis 200x15 total power requirement: 46 kW space requirement approx.:: auf Anfrage m weight of the machine ca.: 3,0 t F2XTBZKBNBR more
Hand shear 2.0 x 1060 mm Fasti 505
Hand shear, plate shears, tin snips, sheet metal shear -Hand shear Cutting width 1060 mm -maximum cutting thickness 2.0 mm Backgauge 530 mm Transport dimension 800/2000/H1200 mm Weight 420 kg FTGX7ATD7CA more
Plate Shear - Mechanical FASTI 527 - 25/3,25
sheet width:2500 mm plate thickness:3,25 mm distance between columns:2540 mm cutting angle:1,2 ° no. of strokes:50 Hub/min throat:20 x 125 mm back stop - adjustable:600 mm total power requirement:7,5 kW weight of the machine ca.:3,2 t dimensions of the machine ca.:3 x 2,4 x 1,6 m DDUFFZ7F7CR more
Plate Shear - Hydraulic EHT S 3050
sheet width 3050 mm plate thickness 12,0 mm down holder 13 Stück engine output 22,0 kW range L-W-H 3,8 x 2,48 x 2,1 m IWV9KA8RNA0 more
Section Shear Peddinghaus Peddiworker 400
Peddinghaus steelworker type Peddiworker400 Max punching and shearing power:.. 400 kN sale including selection of matrices pressure force 40 t 650 x 1200 x 1850 mm high electric for L- and T-steel 80x8mm weight 800 kg Mass. Device and foot switch electr. Stop triggering up to 3000 mm Rechteckausklinkwerkzeug 42 mm square notching machine has original above the razor paint .. CBQYSXBP7A7 more
Plate Shear OMES IL CI 8

Plate Shear OMES IL CI 8

Düsseldorf Germany
Another 11 days
Weight approx.: 300 kg Dimensions (l x w x h) approx.: 1500 x 600 x 2000 mm Description: For technical details see pictures In Online Auction with approx. 57 further Machine Tools and other Assets! Bidding ends: Monday, 19 December 2016 from 10am (local time) Auction start price: EUR 150 (plus VAT and 15% buyers premium) Your contact person: Alessandro Icardi GPUHXS9Q7DK more
Section Shear - Combined WMW nicht bekannt
plate thickness: 2 mm knife length: 220 mm round bar steel: - mm angle steel: - mm square edge steel: - mm puncher: Bohrung/drill hole 10 mm punching distance : 8 mm punch head: diameter x length: 9,5x15 mm machine weight ab.: 96 kg dimensions L x W x H: 0,8x0,4x1,6 m combined hand leveller shear with punching press standing on an under frame, moveable shear with downholder punch with scrapers/ counter holder D7GWUEB8NDH more



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