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Hydraulic Clamps (manual height adjustable) 8 pieces Position adjustment Vende device 2 pieces Vinkel and lift roller 4/2 pieces Longitudinal feed rollers driven 2 pieces Stock loader 2 pieces Electronically adjustable cutting height with stepless speed via display Feed stepless Max. Trunk passage Ø 1200 mm Wheel diameter 1100 mm Wheel width 90 mm Max. Height of a section 450 mm Max. Saw belt stroke 840 mm Min. Thickness of last cut 25mm Hydraulic saw blade tensioning Saw head width 3020 mm Yhsa...
PRIMULTINI log bandsaw line type 1600 SIB-CFE-IFB Manufacture year 1990 Consisting of: - Heavy duty cross chain transport for logs - Loading deck with separations arms - PRIMULTINI hydraulic log carriage, type CFE - PRIMULTINI hydraulic driven rope feeding, type IFB Booejqezmo - Control cabin with MUDATA controller - PRIMULTINI band saw machine, type SIB 1600 - Roller conveyor with reload deck (moveable) - Outfeed roller conveyor with brush
Complete sawmill plant consisting of Primultini band saw Pini & Kay 65 cm saw Edger Raw wood conveyor Conveyor boards Ys3gmo The complete plant is still in operation. The disassembly is carried out by the operator of the plant.
Stranice 27a, 3206 Stranice, Slovenia Slovenia
8550 km
Wheel diameter: 1250 mm (double bearing - cast wheels) Wheel width 135 mm Width / length of saw blade: 160/180 DOUBLE-SIDED) L = 9045 mm Motor power: 75kW + frequency converter Bosjji2mkw Saw width: Approx. 4500mm (depending on equipment) Rail width: Approx. 2300mm (depending on equipment) Saw weight: Approx. 23,500 kg (depending on equipment) Max cutting width (between guides): 1300 mm Max log diameter: 1250 mm
A complete sawmill is sold here. Only all machines can be sold together, a single sale is not planned at the moment. Gwvaa8 The sawmill is fully functional and a trial run is possible by arrangement if there is serious interest. Furthermore, the whole round timber yard (see my other advertisements) would also be available. The sawmill includes among other things 1. round timber feeding 4 strands with taper roller conveyor with main turner with separation with inlay 2. clamping carriage remote co...
4 blade construction wood circular saw Schuhmacher overhauled cutting height 350mm Driven roller conveyor - extension rollers next to the saw blades Chain infeed up to 6m timber length, with infeed mandrels that can be set up via foot switch Feed infinitely variable Electrical cutting width adjustment 4 pieces saw motors, power 4 x 18 kW 4 pcs. pull-out roller motors, power 4 x 0,37 kW 1 piece feed gear, power 2.2 kW 1 piece Cutting width adjustment motor, power 0.18 kW Total power 76 kW Txawdjt...
MEBOR horizontal log bandsaw machine, type HTZ 1200 Super Profi Manufacture year 2012 Vtnn03 - Max log diameter 1200 mm - Log turners - Liftable outline rollers - Disc cleaning circular saw - Log infeed conveyor - Liftable outfeed conveyor with cross transport
1100 028 Sawmill consisting of: Gate system Stocker type Argus Extra, two carts + auxiliary carts, Gantry crane, two sharpening machines, Locking apparatus, Trimming saw with hydraulic adjustment, Oi89l Lot of saw blades, Further technical data and video on request, Price for self-dismantling and self-collecting: 7.900,00 € + VAT.
Artiglio st130 Bkpbs9aac2 Saw blade 180mm wide Carriage 4 graifes pneumatic Motor 55kw Carriage needs some reparation
passing width 1,250 mm, stroke 1.050 mm, high adjustment by new gear motor with break, automatic lubrication pump, mechanical clamping carriage 4.000 or 8.000 mm length, new Switch board D7p9oejd
Trak Taśmowy Szwajcarskiej produkcji KÄLIN Długość szyn 6m Szerokość taśmy 3m Whaxp79z
LBL Brenta log bandsaw line, tandem version with canter and undependable headridges Type Bibat DL 140 Tandem - Spider 1060 - CT 700 Consisting of: - Length transport with outfeed system - Cross chain transport with loading deck - Control cabin with digital controller - LBL BRENTA log carriage, type Spider 1060 undependable headridges G03vp7o - Rope feeding unit for log carriage - LBL BRENTA canter, type CT700 - LBL BRENTA tandem bandsaw machine, type Bibat DL 140 - Reload deck - Outfeed rolle...
EWD log carriage EW 1000 Bnd8tvu9hv loglengths 2,5 - 10,5 (12,5) m Logdiameters 0,15-1,1m 5 hooks 4 logturners new rails new motors
Gate system from carpentry sawmill consisting of. - 2 Mobile cross conveyors for logs and model. - Hydraulic log and model feeder. - Hydraulic clamping carriage with electric auxiliary carriage. - Möhringer sash gang saw OSS 71 with width adjustment, saw attachment, Drive and driven splitting wedge. - Roller conveyor with take-off cross conveyor and roof chain cross conveyor. - Model elevator on mobile cross conveyor - Cross conveyor for side goods. Everything also for sale separately. Qq8mby...
BAND SAW CRM with SNT 1800 BICOUPE and MEM Canter - Complete, completely overhauled system with tracks, cabin and s.w. - Year of manufacture 2007 - Mechanization is included (not yet outdated). K0koekmc Condition as new! If the carriage is too big for you, we can reconstruct it to the 4 or 3 clamps according to your wishes! More details on request.
Scheeßel, Germany Germany
(dealership location)
7745 km
reconditioned (used)
pulley-Ø 1250 mm, opening under the blade guide about 900 mm, saw motor 37 kW, electric saw tensioner, electric saw guide adjustment, carriage length 5,0 m, 4 hydraulic clamping claws each separate movable, 4 log turner with hydraulic lifting, 4 hydraulic devices for claw distance adjustment, 4 hydraulic move off devices for the back motion of the carriage, break motor drive for thickness adjustment for two speeds, automatic lubrication pump system, heavy hydraulic feed drive incl. steel-rope, ...
Stranice, Slovenia Slovenia
(dealership location)
8550 km
good condition (used)
maximum log diameter 1150 mm maximum log height 1300 mm main motor 37 kW, Wheel diameter 1200 mm Cast wheels 115 mm wide Mxzmuv0k All-wheel drive
ARTIGLIO modular hydraulic log carriage, type Falco 1100 Manufacture year 2008 Ewbu3c9 Consisting of: - 3 pc. Falco 1100 moduls - independing control - hydraulic clamping - each module with double log turners - each module with slab turner - horizontal opening 1100 mm - with cable winch, rails and digital controll unit
EWD log carriage EW 1000 loglengths 2,5 - 10,5 (12,5) m Logdiameters 0,15-1,1m Ryccmftd 5 hooks 4 logturners new rails new motors
Catalog number WA015 - max. log diameter 1000mm - min. log length 2000mm - max. log length 6000mm * Gfxo39upo - max. dimension of the cut element 2000x2000mm - diameter of the circular saw 450mm - power of main engines 2x11kW - spindle speed 1400 rpm - 1.1kW feed motors - feed motor rotational speed 1450 rev / min - feed speed 0-30 - capacity 10m3 / 8h - overall dimensions without the track length / width / height 2860/2130 / 2190mm - track dimensions, length / width / height 12,500 / 1,670 / 6...
- Complete, overhauled system Kt9pttcz - Cutting height 225 mm, 6 pieces variable, reverse machine - 7 varies possible - New controling system, saw programs with a new Siemens S7 Basic PLC More details on request.
Idstein Germany
7872 km
excellent (used)
PRIMULTINI log bandsaw line type 1600 SIB-CFG-IFB Consisting of: 01 Heavy duty cross chain transport for logs 02 Loading deck with separations arms 03 PRIMULTINI hydraulic log carriage, type CFG - 4 hydraulic headblocks Bnnjjjbij2 - Opening headblocks horizontal 1000 mm - Horizontal movement headblocks by hydraulic motor - Distance between headblocks 2000 – 1400 – 2300 mm - Total length carriage ca. 7500 mm - headblocks with moveable hooks by hydraulic cylinder - 4 he...
Karlholmsbruk, Sweden Sweden
(dealership location)
7630 km
Small log saw line Soderhamn Eriksson / USNR with Euromill Log lenght 2,4 – 6 m, log diameter 8-30 cm Capacity 120 m3 ready material 8 h/shift averege log diameter 18 cm Machine list1. Log deck, 5 chains2. Elevator3. One piece feeder4. Chain conveyor.5. Infeed to the debarker.6. Debarker CAMBIO 71-45.7.Outfeed from the debarker.8. Chain conveyor with kicker9. Cross conveyor10. One piece feeder11. Chain conveyor12. Centring conveyor13. Chipper canter Soderhamn 240-12C14. Roller conveyor.15. Belt ...
Complete Sawmill incl. log bandsaw, cutting line (ProfiRip KR 610 M, MaxiCut 900 OptiCut 200 Elite) and respective conveyors in good condition is sold. Bnrbrlpk7l
Log Saw band GUILLET Right Wheel 130 Rims 165 Engine : 50 horsepower Bnizwvbyuc Dismantled - Ready to transport
passing width 710 mm, stroke 500 mm, automatic swinging frame, hydraulic infeed gear unit steppless variable, hydraulic roller lifting device, saw dust shaker, 1 hydraulic saw blade tensioner, 2 hydraulic side pressing units, 1 outfeed wedge separator incl. 2 side pressing rollers, 1 set saw blades and spacers, 1 hydraulic clamping carriage incl. control panel, 1electric auxillary carriage, 3 switch cabinets, if necessary 90 kW saw motor and counter shaft equipment, incl. 2 flat belts Bdz3be8c7...
Sawmill consists of the following main machines and aggregates: 1. Roundwood carriage for mooving to band saw, about 6 m length, geared. 2. Main vertical band saw "Brenta". Wheels diameter about 1500 mm, width of band saw about 220 mm, electro motor about 90 kW, with laser showing sawway, seperated control room. 3. Take of roller transporter, length about 18 m. Roundwood peaces are seperated automatic to 2 different places. On first place remains of first cut are seperated and shiped t...
ID000482Log sorting line 2 X 19 bins,- manufacturer Ingvars Persons,- log deck,- double step feeder,- log diameter from 10 - 60 cm,- log length 2,5 - 6,0 m,- speed up to 90 m/min,- bins with hydraulic kickers,- Rema control you need more information about the equipment, please contact our manager.   Bhmisteryi
Complete resaw MEM Cobra with 6 moveable achsis 7 products! Canter in front of the saw, new Siemens S 7 plc and cabinet. Infeed, canter, resaw, board seperator. Max cutting hight 225 mm. Excellent almost new condition. Hmpmupz
Frame saw with 600 stroke width 950 mm height 915 mm power 132 KW Rvcwq2ud
BRENTA 1400 logbandsaw headrig . Right hand turning built to the last generation of the original BRENTA. (= short footprint) Wheel diameter 1400 mm by width off wheel face = 165 mm Mvos0qbp Cutting height max = 1.250 mm Saw to headstock max = 700 mm For sawblades 9.400 x 180 x 1.47 mm Machine number : EVYELEC 4068896 S221 N8161 Electric blade tensioning Manual tracking of the saw Electric rise and fall to saw guide Pressure guides This machine was equipped with PRIMULTINI model DPA circula...
Hardinxveld-Giessendam, Netherlands Netherlands
(dealership location)
7575 km
BRENTA log bandsaw line Consisting of: BRENTA hydraulic log carriage, type Progress - 4 hydraulic headridges - horizontal opening 1250 mm - length of carriage ca. 6500 mm Cibbzedg - movement of carriage by rope feeding - incl. rails and accessories Central control device unit with Mudata digital controller for cutting thickness BRENTA bandsaw machine, type BE1400 - Flywheels 1400 mm - Electric adjustment blade guide - Electric adjustment blade tension upper wheel - Motor ca. 50 Hp
Sawmill Bongioanni SNT 1300 Motor 75kw Biwfqjddpv Hydrostatic drive Full hydraulic Sawmill working
Karlholmsbruk, Sweden Sweden
(dealership location)
7630 km
Sawmill for SALELog intake conveyor with kickerLog chain cross conveyorLog elevatorRoller conveyor for multi rip saw with chain cross conveyorSecond cut block roller screw type conveyor Multi rip sawRoller conveyor screw type after multi rip sawBelt conveyor Infeed to Circular SAWCircular SAWRoller conveyor after SAWBelt conveyor  for chipperCross chain conveyor, to belt conveyorRoller conveyor to Edger ARI KT5 infeed tableInfeed to Circular SAWCircular SAWBelt conveyor after SAWBelt conveyor ti...
Gjuterigatan 28, 652 21 Karlstad, Sweden Sweden
7531 km
good (used)
Max cutting diameter 60 cm Capacity 25000 m3 Sawn timber in one shift per year. Dvroki
Fauvillers Belgium
7746 km
ready for operation (used)
Plank remover Plank length cutting (WD) Centering device H80 hydraulic (WD) 27gbijrb FR 18 canter - circulaires Evacuation of the boards 5 exits Sorting of sawdust and woods waste (VECOPLAN) Conveyor belt +/- 20m Container loading device 3 exits
Gidle Poland
8425 km
ready for operation (used)
Solid sash gang Esterer SS71/HP Passage height 710 mm Passage width 710 mm 500 Stroke with width adjustment with reduction gear with splitting wedge Arta C with drive motor 55 kW with hydraulic feed with hydraulic roller lifting with automatic overhang adjustment with external hydraulics with control cabinet Bmvhsrx8he
From little Sagewerk, Very little use. Bgresrbxdx Very powerful machine cca 12 t 600 stroke passage 560+560 ++ ++++ splitting wedge S 3 Auxiliary car H 25 Carriage H 32 new stilts Water cooling systems original pictures coming
Karlholmsbruk, Sweden Sweden
(dealership location)
7630 km
ID000561Log sorting line 5 pockets one side- 5 pockets one side,- log deck 12 m length,- step feeder 3,3 m length and 2m, (2 years old),- electric log kickers,- all electrics,- operating e is in good working you need more information about the equipment, please contact our manager. Bjuiyraet0
for re-cutting of short pallet timbers and models, frame width 450 mm, passage height 400 mm, saw stroke 320 mm, shortest cutting length 800 mm, hydraulic roller lifting via hydromotors and operating rods, feed drive step-less variable, 1 automatic central lubrication, 1 automatic saw dust shaker Bhu0mf3h09
Tauberbischofsheim Germany
7993 km
excellent (used)
1100 002 Gate system consisting of: MÖHRINGER sash gang saw type OS65, motor, 28 kW, Carriage, auxiliary carriage, splitting wedge, roller conveyor, ejection station. The plant has been overhauled in the workshop and is in very good condition. Be0pjxaq0e