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Double cross cut saws for sale

Identified location: Ashburn (US) (Edit)
Double head Wegoma MECAL SW452 saw designed for cutting aluminum and pvmmaximum cutting length 5000 mm cutting width 140 mm cutting height 200 mm material clamps on both sides humidifying system saw diameter 500mm saw set 500 x 4.4 x 120 saw angle adjustment 90 - 45 degrees programmable cutting length production 1995, machine standard CE Dimensions: 6000 x 1500 x 1500 x 1800h mm machine weight 2500 kg 2rkhvq more
Cutting width between the saw blades max. 1000 mmCutting height approx. 100 mmCutting length 1500 mmmwith 2 motors each 2.2 kWSaw blades height adjustableSaw blades can be swivelled /- 45 Pt2lhe more
Schnittlänge max. 2200 mm min. 240 mm Vorschub pneumatisch Schnittwinkel 90 ° und 45° pneumatische Spannvorrichtung sicherheits Zweihandbedienung Wnfmtlin Maße : 2940 x 1100 x 1220 mm Gewicht : 360 kg Lagerort: Nattheim more
P3S Series RADIAL 600 P3S Industrial line with cast-iron arm. Easily interchangeable prismatic tracks; the cutting unit slides on eight bearings each fitted with a dust scraper. Self-centring locking devices for both arm rotation and motor angle. Clqvmg7 Wooden fences. oil-pneumatic feed. more
Rietberg, Germany Germany
dealership location
6460 km
ready for operation (used)
machine double cut-off saw manufacturer Eima type 12 part Id-no. 2254472 year of construction 1987 cutting width parallel 1200 mm cutting height 80 mm cutting depth 1600 mm saw blade diameter max. 350 mm motor capacity 3 kW speed 2,9 x 1000 U/min scratching motor 0,75 scorer unit yes powered adjustment yes digital indications yes feed ... more
Double squaring machine with the left head fixed and the right head movable with a handwheel. Length readout on mechanical gauge. The operating units, outward inclinable up to 45° and height-adjustable, complete with scoring blades. A special pneumatic system moves the blades to the outside when the cut has been completed, thus preventing chipping the panel during the return stroke. Overall dimensions of the machine: L = 3800 mm W = 3550 mm H = 1000 mm Minimum cutting length = 320 mm Maximum ... more
CATALOG NUMBER 5502 TECHNICAL DATA - max disc diameter 350mm - max sawing height 105mm - up / down adjustable discs + angle - shields + clamps - minimum spacing of saws 280mm - max saw spacing 1440mm - max sawing length 1440mm - 2x2.2 kW main engines - feed motor power 0.12kW   - height from the base to the table 820mm - hole diameter in the 35mm circular saw Bflnenicqh - dimensions length / width / height 2820x1560x1130mm - weight about 600kg Net price: 13900 PLN Net price: 3310EUR dependin... more
Double saw Brevetti C 16 Year of Build 1998 CE Standard Cutting width Maximum 85 mm Cutting height maximum 100 mm Saw diameter min/max – 300/350 mm 2 x 1.5 kw Motors Rotational speed of the blade 3150 RPM Extraction Nipple 2 x 100 mm Bfldn283hv Recommended Pneumatic pressure 6 bar Capacity 800/1000 cycles per hour Machine Dimensions: 1020 x 820 x 1600h mm Weight 350 kg more
Doppelablängsäge Hüllhorst Bxuqnnpw max. Schnittlänge (max. Distanz zwischen den Sägeblättern) 3200 mm Schnittbreite (Länge der Auflageholme) 4000 mm Schnittlänge elektrisch verstellbar Auflageholme fahren elektrisch von vorn nach hinten durch 2 schwenkbare Sägeblätter Vorritzer Drittes Sägeblatt im Tisch auf der linken Seite der Maschine, mit Schiebeschlitten 2,4 m und verstellbarem Breitenanschlag more

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Dimensions of machine: 3,50 x 1,70 x 1,60 mtr. Behmww98rk electrical connection: 380 V ; 15 A cuts up to 2 mtr. length possible length of feeder 1,50 mtr. more
Visual and technical condition as new Min cutting length - 500 mm Max cutting length -3000 mm Min cutting width -100 mm Max cutting width - 600 mm Min height cutting - 40 mm Max height cutting - 180mm Begftkgxcd The engine power saws 2x 11kW Diameter of saws - 500mm machine after a full renovation in 2019 more
Cutting depth 200 cm Cutting width 300 cm left 45° swivel blade was used to cut door linings including panel MITRE Wqummxyj0 more
Code: 0686 Brand: EMMEGI 3tottvhy Model: NORMA 350 - CE Standard Automatic double cut-off machine for cutting aluminium and PVC profiles - CE Standard Technical data: Vidia blades diameter mm 350 Blade shaft diameter mm 32 Maximum cutting length mm 4000 Minimum cutting length mm 405 Blade motors power Kw 2,2 each Installed power Kw 4,5 Working pressure 6/8 bar Blades lubrication Pair of horizontal pneumatic clamps Pair of vertical pneumatic clamps Overall dimensions: mm 4600 x 800 x 150... more
Two-saw Omga V 113 P Double saw set at an angle of 45 degrees Saw blade diameter 300 mm Saw bore diameter 30 mm Two engines with a power of 1.1 kw Cutting width Maximum 80 mm Cutting height maximum 100 mm Year of manufacture 1999 standard CE Machine Dimensions: 1400 x 800 x 1500h mm Built-in sawdust extraction 88qvywtu Bench extensions on the right side Machine Weight 230 kg more
Double cross cut saw Hüllhorst cutting width 2500 mm Nmvnh including scoring saw length of the cross beams approx. 3300 mm elektric width adjustment 3rd circular sawblade in the table good condition more
Gersten, Germany Germany
dealership location
6368 km
good (used)
Double Head Saw for aluminum or wood Technical Data: Year: 1991 electric FOM model Blitz 1V 7073xwc2j Working Length: 4000mm Long: 5300mm Width: 1500mm High: 2000mm Shipping Weight: 2000kg more
I sell the double mitre saw Haffner DGS 182, year 2000. Tilting heads, very good condition. Available immediately. 7tp0aoti more
Rijssen, Netherlands Netherlands
6317 km
ready for operation (used)
Capacity 90 mm Sawblade diameter 280 mm Engine power 1,5 kW Giwd9rj Connection voltage 380 V more
Double cross cut saw (2.500 mm) SMA-REF-6223 Type: double sawing machines Bblnuc8qb9 Manufacturer: IMA Hüllhorst Sawing units: Main saws: 2 x 3 kW Working range: 150 - 2.500 mm Features: Elektr. width adjustment Condition: ready for action Location: Austria Availability: on demand Terms of delivery: ex works free on truck Terms of payment: 100% before dismantling/loading more
Double Mitre Saw Omga TRF 527 - Max 2400 mm wide cutting - Min150 mm wide - Total dimensions 3000 * 600 * 1400mm (L * W * H) Nnq72 - 217 kg - Saw blade 220 mm - Saw blade shaft 30 mm - 1.18 kW Inclusive documentation (Dutch) more
Workpiece length max mm: 2500 Workpiece length min mm: 260 Workpiece width max mm: 110 Workpiece width min mm: 30 Workpiece thickness max mm: 80 Workpiece thickness min mm: 15 Capacity piece/min: 50 Main motor kW: 4 Hydraulic motor KW: 2.2 Magazine: Yes Feed infinitely variable: Yes Cross conveyor: Yes Ablongeäge: Yes Be3uycqrxf Feed: hydraulic Total connection kW: 6.38 RILESA crossband 4500 x 300 mm with 2 x pusher (reture) Operational readiness: dismantled/stored more
DGS-double miter saw Begx8xeh2w Fabr. Rapid Type DGS BJ. 1979 Working length 3 m Work height 120 mm Working width 110 mm with pneumatic pressure bar Swiveling more
I sell the double mitre saw with throughfeed Bauerle. Nolgz Available immediately. Fix price. more
Capacity 125 mm Nn2rh Sawblade diameter 300 - 350 mm Engine power 3,0 kW Connection voltage 380 V more
Double mitre saw (2.600 mm) SMA-REF-6268 Type: window construcion (metal) sawing machines Manufacturer: Omga Model: TR2-A Year: unknown Sawing units: 2.800 U/min Working range: Cutting length: 5.000 mm Digit. display Condition: ready for action under power Location: Western Germany Availability: on demand Terms of delivery: ex works Bcaujusihh Terms of payment: 100% before dismantling/loading more
Swiveling saws from 45 ° left to 45 ° right Jzfol7k0 more
Double cross cut saw Rapid for aluminum and plastic profiles Rod material or timber working length 3000 mm, min. 220 mm 2 tiltable sawblades each approx. 3,5 kW Workpiece width 130 mm Maximum cutting height 300 mm sawblade diameter max. 420 mm with pneumatic pressure cylinder Working length is adjustable manually via the hand wheel weight approx. 1400 kg price on request ***** Formatowka dwustronna Rapid do aluminium i tworzywa sztucznego oraz do drzewa dwupila 2 pily wychylne 45º i... more
Hösbach Rottenberg, Germany Germany
dealership location
6594 km
Double lab crosscut saw type SD 13 2 KW Bevel on both sides Cutting length: 3000 mm Bsrmp3 Cutting height: 60 mm Cutting depth: 120 mm Built in 1973 pneumatic more
Min cutting length: 240 mm Fqzphoz Maximum cutting length: 1200 mm Cutting height: 120 mm Saw blade diameter: 380 mm Bias point bar: 0 °-45 ° Engine data: 380V / 2800/min.; 2.0 kW Weight: 600 kg Machine dimensions (L x W x H): 2600 x 1000 x 1000 mm more
OMS double delivery saw Cut length 2800mm Cut width 140mm Cut height 60mm Aggregate swing 45-90-45 ° Aggregate adjustment over hand wheel with crank Nmsfp Cut resolution over foot pedal more
double saw motor 22 kW cutting height 330 mm cutting length of 2.6 m at the dogs feeder saw blade diameter 700 mm shaft with spacers and the pressure plates feeder machine perfectly suitable for pulpwood, new tensioners, new chain new bearings, new electrical, new feeder machine safe with all the security machine with a simple-to-use design and service firm in addition to the price of two new slitting saws to 700 mm M0gp3w7n Cutting Length mm 2600 mm Length Machines mm 6100 mm Table length 200... more
Power: 4.70 KW Speed: Cutting height: Cutting br. 90 degrees: Schnittbr. 45 degrees: Saw blade dm.: DM 450 mm Automatic crosscut saw with roller table left 3000 mm and roller table right (supply) 6000 mm Machine overhauled. Ryz3oyyt more
Automatic Double cross cut – Double mitre saw Coffinsaw Schelling type DAK with groove saws working length max. 2800 mm working depth (width) max. 700 mm, sawlift pneumatic saw units tiltable -5° bis + 45° Nfhaz saw arms turnable 50° - 0° - 50° 2-hand-operation 2 saw motors each 4 kW 2 groove saw motors width adjustment by hand wheel up to 800 mm, display for width saw units are running on a strong spindle 2 strong pneumatic hold downs on the table table height adjustable by hand wheel 0... more
Double lab crosscut saw rapid DGL • for aluminium and plastic profile rods • 2 saw blades swivel 45° • Cutting length 6000 mm • 2 Motors 3 kW 400V 50 HZ • smallest cutting length approx. 220 mm • workpiece Max 150x130mm • Saw blade diameter of Max 420 mm • pneumatic pressure cylinder per 1 piece from the front Wml0s • 1 pneumatic pressure cylinder from above • working length adjustable spindle motor • Working length indicator digital • Weight approx. 1.200 kg • pneumatic workpiece clamping • L ... more
DELL'AGRICOLTURA 11, 36040, IT Italy
6974 km
good (used)
I sell the double mitre saw Rapid DGS, year 1977. Tilting heads, very good condition. Available immediately. Nnbvx more
I sell the double mitre saw Ciemme Grafite Plus 5MT, year 1995. Beh7d0xxqm 2 motors 2,2kW with tilting heads Working length 5100mm. Weight 1410kg. Good condtion. Sellable immediately. more

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