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Twin-shaft - much saws Grimme DW V2 200 Year of construction: 1995 only 1700 hours, very good condition 2-wave machine Cutting height 50-200 mm Clamping height of saw blades 200 mm Saw blade diameter min. 225, 320 mm Bore 50 mm Power 2 x 45 KW Speed 4800 RPM Universal feed 5,5 KWT, feed speed 10-50 m / min Number of feed rollers: 3 feed rollers pairs, 3 pairs of excerpt reel left feed roller, pneumatically controlled via lighting button The feed rollers diameter 140 mm Infeed hei... more
Max. Cutting width 310 mm Track Width 330 mm Max. Passage width 770 mm Diameter pressure rollers 120 mm Max. Cutting height with pressure below 180 mm Rake Max. Cutting height with pressure plate down and pressure shoe / pad shoe above 180 mm Min. Length of wood with use of the print board 410 mm 320 mm Feed rate 5 - 35 m / min Engine power up / down 2 x 55 kW / 2950 u / min Number of pressure rollers 4 Shortest length of wood with multi-blade 700 mm Saw shaft diameter 65 mm Diameter Aufspannbu... more
Electric motor 37 KW from an Esterer DKV Technical data: see images Price negotiable Uhz0o0ivy The machine is available in a small sawmill. The machine is disassembled and ready for pickup. more
A.COSTA double spindle multi-rip saw, type Jaguar/2/75 Manufacture year 1991 Machine specifications - Max. cutting width 350 mm - Width of feeding chain 370 mm - Max. cutting height 200 mm - Max. saw blade 320 mm - Saw motor 2 x 75 Hp each 2dilt0gnp - Electric setup for cutting height and saw spindles - Mechanical readout for positioning saw spindles - Adjustable feed speed - Feeding chain in good condition more
DOUBLE CUTTING MACHINE AND AUTOMATIC BORING MACHINE GENERAL SPECIFICATIONS ► Useful working cutting width 250 / 2000 mm ► Useful working cutting height 90 mm FEEDING AND STACKING OF THE PANELS ► Panels stacking: front and manual SAW BLADES UNIT TECHNICAL DATA ► Tiltable 0 - 90 degree ► Main blade - max. tool diameter 300 mm - motor power 2,55 KW BORING UNITS ► Nr. 2 (1+1) horizontal units - nr. 3 spindles for the horizontal drilling heads - motor power 0, 86 KW CONTROL OF THE MACHINE ... more
"A. COSTA" mod. PUMA/2 - 2-SPINDLES AUT. MULTIBLADE CIRCULAR SAW with MOTORS HP 50 + 50 SPECIFICATIONS: Maximum height of cut : mm. 150 Max. width of saw aggregates : mm. 350 Width of feed belts : mm. 350 Bbghlp7m Minimum lenght of pieces (Headed) : mm. 800 Diameter of blade-bearing sleeve: mm. 60 Feeding speed: from 4 to 40 mt p. m. Speed of blade bearing sleeve about 4500 r.p.m. Maximum distance between two exterior blades: mm. 350 Maximum diameter of circular blades: mm. 250 Total power i... more
2 x 30 kw, 5 kw feed motor stepless electronically controlled 4,520 kg incl. 60 reconditioned saws, of Sanford, Vorfuehrbereit power Tzdjf3m more
ACCEPTANCE OF SELF feed head is held on the guides of hardened cylindrical surface and additionally treated grinding. Three-phase motor power 3HP 2800 rpm / min. Output frontal saw blades with cutting heads. Feed discs cost of delivery cover customer Startup 2 a head for precision cutting of aluminum profiles GAMMA. Precise double miter saw for serial production of blanks at an angle of 90 ° and 45 °. Convenient and safe execution of multiple c... more
Max cutting height 200 mm maximum cutting width 400 mm maximum passage width 490 mm Feed 5-30 m / min. Saegemotore 2 x 37 kW (also more kW possible) Feed motor 2,2 kW Saw shaft diameter 70 mm Saw blade diameter 325 mm Weight of 2,800 kg Basic amenities Brtocxq Electrical height adjustment of the upper rollers Special equipment Laser with adjustment device Powered roller conveyors Electronic brake device more

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