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Plasma cutting machines for sale

Identified location: Ashburn (US) (Edit)
Kaiserslautern, Germany Germany
dealership location
6526 km
ready for operation (used)
Movement X-Axis Movement 2550 mm Y-Axis Movement 16100 mm Workpiece Workpiece X 2550 mm Workpiece Y 16100 mm Max Material Thickness Steel 40 mm Stainless steel 30 mm Aluminium 30 mm This CRM CT16025ISO40HPR Plasma Cutting Machine was manufactured in 2007 in Italy and has a working record of approximately 25000 production hours. The machine stands out due to its large Y-axis movement range of 16100 mm and the maximum sheet thickness. Bevuv79wlk Application Types Plasma Cutting more
▶ Plasma cutting/suction table (dimensions 2500 x 8000 mm), 1 piece.▶ Portal bridge.▶ Trolley with servo drives (for positioning the portal bridge in X direction).▶ Machine track, length 10 m.▶ 2 pieces HEB450 profiles for the supporting foundation of the track, 10 m.▶ Plasma cutting unit Kjellberg HiFocus 280i, 1 piece.▶ Torch suspension for plasma torch, 1 piece (motor-driven).▶ Automatic height control system IHT M4000 PCS for plasma cutting unit, 1 piece.▶ Filter/suction unit Filtercube 4H f... more
Hypertherm HD 4070 Plasma cutting unit G9yef99z more
cutting range for steel to unbek. mm capacity at 100% unbek. mm cutting medium total power requirement kW weight of the machine ca. t Ju937q dimensions of the machine ca. m more
General Data Measurements width 3900 mm Measurements depth 7500 mm Vsqxmi Measurements height 220 mm Machine weight 530 kg Control Unit Brand MicroStep Model iMSNC CNC main language English Main Drive Plasma brand Kjellberg Plasma power 20,0 kW Laser type PGE 161 Movement X-Axis Movement 6000x2500 mm Workpiece Workpiece drm 6000x2500 mm Max Material Thickness Steel 150 mm Media Main electronic connection 400 V Power consumption 32 kVa This MicroStep PlasmaCut 6001.25PG Plasma Cutting Mach... more
CNC plasma and flame cutting systemWorking range: 1500mm x 3000mm1 x Plasma Kjellberg 160i with automatic gas console1 x Oxyfuel MS 832 knife Acetylene immediately availableCommissioning on requestIncluding Kemper extraction system G79qdrm2 more
Hypertherm HT2000 Plasma cutting unit G9i3xx more
CNC Plasma cutting machineManufacturer: ESABTyp: E-Vent 2000Built: 2007CNC Control: Vision 51Operating range: 1.500 x 3.000 mm1 Plasma torch with power source Hypertherm Powermax 1000Without filter system Jvd0zu more

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HPM PLASMA CUTTING MACHINE, GU 6x2,5 MODEL, MM. 6000 x 2500 SECOND HAND TECHNICAL DETAILS Metal sheet dimension mm. 6000 x 2500 Thickness max. mm. 50 di Fe - 30 di INOX CNC D ELECTRON Z 32 SI Lenght mm. 7900 width mm. 2980 Height mm. 1900 Building year 2008 Weight Kg 6000 Fittings - Generator Hyperterm 260 A weight Kg. 555 - Sleeve aspirator clean air system 11 KW - Program EXPCAD e CUTEXPERT Binvkzme0 - Dimension Aspirator 3250 x 1950 x 1500 Peso Kg. 900 more
Serial No. 96011991 Cutting Length 4000 mm Cutting Width 2000 mm Thickness of Cut upto 35 mm Plasma Duty Cycle 300 amps Amperage 300 amps Input 415/3/50 Control HPC digital process Traverse speed 22 m/ min rapid. Cutting speed 0 - 10 m/ min Oolpph2n Fitted with Nertajet HP300 plasma unit &, fume extraction unit Nett Weight actual. 6,200 Kgs / 6.10 Tons more
cutting range for steel to unbk. mm Beoetpzt7y capacity at 100% unbk. mm cutting medium total power requirement kW weight of the machine ca. t dimensions of the machine ca. m more
Cortina DS 3100, working range: 8,000 x 2,000 mm, built in Dec. 2004 CNC controlled cutting machine with sturdy bridge suspension, interlocking longitudinal drives and precise machined leadership profiles, supply voltage: 400 V 50 Hz, TN-S Network (§ / PE/N) Track width: 3100 mm Working width: 2000 mm Dead length: 1500 mm Total width: 3525 mm Operating side: left Power supply: right Fuel: Propane Including: OmniCom Explorer C drive 15 m / min DC Carrier for double-sided longitudinal drive on Sc... more
x-axis:2500 mm y-axis:4000 mm z-axis:465 mm table height:700 mm laser capacity in Watt:ca. 3500 1459/5000 Plasma: according to plasma system m³ plasma GII 202 200 Ah Connection voltage: 203 V +/- 10% Frequnz: 50 Hz +/- 2% Temperature: 5 degrees to 45 degrees Celsius Relative humidity: 10% to 85% (no compensation) Dust protection: IP 54 Standards: EN 349, EN 614-1, EN 626-1, EN 953, EN 1037, EN 1088, EN 1760-3, EN 60204-1, EN 60974-1, EN 60974-7, EN 61496-1, EN ISO 12100, EN ISO 13849-1, EN I... more
CNC Portal Cutting Machine Manufacturer: MGM Type: Cortina DS 2600 Built: 2017 CNC control: MS 300/2 Track width: 2,600 mm Track: 6 m Working range: 2 x 4 m Go73lhg autogenous supply up to 200 mm 2 x Hoehen adjustment M4000CAP 2 x Fit+ AC/PMY autogenous torch general over-the-lead machine without table .... more
Brand: Messer Griesheim Type: Cortina DS 3100 (6000 x 2000 mm) Function: Plasma cutting Year: 1999 Made in Germany Specifications: X-Axis: 6000 mm Y-Axis: 2000 mm Plasma burner: Hypertherm hd 3070 Gas Type: Propan Control unit: CNC Omnicad Number of Torche: 2 Material thickness: 20 mm Speed: 0 - 15 m/min Power : 200.0 W More Details: Donaldson Extraction Manual Gasconsole Bfohypj33k Hyperformance torx upgrade (HPR 130) Dimensions: Width: 6000 mm Depth: 2000 mm Height: 2000 mm Weight: 2850 ... more
Serial No. ESP - 3A - 317 Capacity 3000mm x 8000mm Cutting Length 8000mm Oolzanpo Cutting Width 3000mm Thickness of Cut Mild Steel 25mm. / Stainless Steel & Aluminium 20mm. Plasma Duty Cycle 200 amp Input 400/3/50hz Control Hypertherm Edge Traverse speed 20m /min Fitted with Hypertherm HyDefinition HD4070, Acramatic Arc writer head Equipment Kemper system 9000 filtration unit, Photoline light guards. Length 8500mm Width 4200mm Height 1800mm Nett Weight actual. 11,740 Kgs. / 11.5 Tons. more
cutting range for steel to unbkt. mm capacity at 100% unbkt. mm cutting medium unbkt. Qdufu3of total power requirement kW weight of the machine ca. t dimensions of the machine ca. m more
Cortina DS 3100Table size: 1,500 x 3,000 mm,year of construction 2001 CNC-controlled cutting machine with robust bridge chassis, positive longitudinal drives and precisely machined guide profiles, supply voltage: 400 V 50 Hz, TN-S mains (§/PE/N) track width: 3100 mm , total width: 3525 mm 1 x plasma Hypertherm HT 2000, max 50mm1 x oxyfuel including extraction Donaldson Torit DF 8 D97phf more
x-travel: 8000 mm y-travel: 3000 mm cutting range for steel to: stainless steel 1-25 (30) mm cutting range for steel to: soft steel 2-16 mm cutting range for steel to: alloyed steel 1-35 mm control: DIGISAF 3.5 BURNY burner type: CPM 250-Flache Elektrode table height: 800 mm interface: RS 232 total power requirement: ca. 80 kVA weight of the machine ca.: 8 + 5 (Wanne, Basin) t space requirement approx.:: m Plasma Cutting Plant possible welding processes: - Plasma Cutting, Plasma Gouging, WIG(TI... more
CNC Portal Cutting/Plasma Cutting Machine Manufacturer: Messer Type: Cortina DS 3100 Built: 1996 / 2017 CNC control: new in 2017 Track width: 3,100 mm Suction table: on request size 1.5 x 3 or 2 x 4 m Gvfvf8 Facilities: 1 x Autogen burner 1 x Plasma Torch in alternating mode Hypertherm HD3070 power source Stitch up to 15 mm Cutting up to 30 mm .... more
ampere 120 A Stromquelle cutting range for steel to 0,3 - 30,0 mm St Beoag0oupa cutting medium 5 - 8 bar Druckluft cutting range 3.000 x 1.500 mm repeating accuracy 0,2 mm connected load 400 V 50 Hz traversing speed 0 - 20.000 mm/min. weight of the machine ca. 550 kg. Overall size 1.900 x 3.500 mm more
Description type: FP-TUBE 6000: Yr8ro0 AMG is a renowned manufacturer when it comes to cnc driven machines, where a good balance between investment and production is expressed. With a construction frame welded to a mono-block, this FP-Tube 6000 is an excellent model of its kind. All add-on components that AMG uses in its machines are of high quality and therefore guarantee a long service life. Machine structure: This FP-TUBE 6000 is constructed from a thick-walled tubular profile with six int... more
Knife Cortina DS 3100, year 19992 x oxyfuel cutting torch1 x Hypertherm Plasma HD 3070 with torch upgrade HPR 130 (approx. 1800 hours)firing table 6.000 x 2.000 mmDonaldson extraction under power to visit Vssdqy more
FOR SALE: One ESAB plasma cutting table dimensions 3000x1700Model ULTRAREX UXD-P 2000PRIX 20000€ Bfsxacn3m8 more
CNC Portal Plasma cutting machine Autogenous manufacturer: MesserTyp: Omnimat L 5600Baujahr: 1999CNC Steuerung: OmnicomTrack width: 5.600 mmTravel length: 25 mArbeitsbereich: 4 x 22 m1 Plasma torch with power source Hypertherm HD30702 Autogenous torch1 Powder markerSuction tableFilter system Donaldson. Bfkcsoktzn more
x-travel: 4300 mm y-travel: 2100 mm Plasma power source Nertajet 320-640 - cutting capacity: inox 60 - 130 mm Plasma power source Nertajet 320-640 - cutting capacity: mild steel S235 : 20 -40 mm Plasma power source Nertajet 320-640 - cutting capacity: Leichtmetall /[...] : 70 - 150 mm Plasma power source Nertajet 120 - cutting capacity : mild steel: 1 -15 mm Plasma power source Nertajet 120 - cutting capacity : high alloy steel: 10 - 25 mm control: DIGISAF burner heads: 3 Stück total power r... more
cutting range for steel to unbkt. mm capacity at 100% unbkt. mm cutting medium unbkt. Beodyl8t87 total power requirement kW weight of the machine ca. t dimensions of the machine ca. m more
Steel structure Dual side rack, pinion system AC Servo motor on X-axis and Y-axis. Precision Plasma 130/260 Ampere Standard Marking on Precision Plasma Automatic torch height control Effective cutting without reducing the cutting speed for the vectors which have the same start and end angles. (High speed machining) Bfuefgdmyp The ability to go back to any position and resume cutting. Resume feature Working with standard DIN/ISO G Codes. Possibility of working ... more
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max Dia 100 x 60 x100 mm, Power required 16 kW, Weight, ca. 4 t, LxWxH, ca. 2 x 2,5 x 2,5 m, Plasma Welding cell with: - OTC/Daihen AX-MH31-BEFN Robot Manipulator Npj0f - OTC DA 300 P Unit - Almega Robot Control Unit AXCSN1-C000 / software - OTC/Daihen Plasmamodul ""plasmaBox-MIG"" - Protective cabin with rotating table for workpieces and Siemens Automation - Siemens Simatic Panel and - Daihen Handkeyboard This Machine is located in a Warehouse in Monheim Germany and is offered dismantl... more
Plasma cutter invention PS990 Manufacturer: Invention Type: PS990 Year of construction: 2018 Plasma cutting machine invention PS990 - powerful, single-stage plasma-cutting device. Up to 20mm clean cut in Stahl.Bis 25mm cut. Contact-free ignition by HF lights to paint and rust with pilot arc. Included are 6m, standard filter and integrated pressure reducer with pressure gauge. The Inventors are devices with utmost care in Germany produced therefore invention is basically a guarantee of 3 years... more
CNC Portal Plasma cutting machineManufacturer: ESABTyp: Suprarex SXE-P 3500Built: 2013CNC control: Vision T5cTrack width: 3,500 mmRunning track length: 6,500 mm1 Plasma torch with power sourceKjellberg HiFocus 440iCutting thicknesses up to 120 mmPerforations: up to 50 mmNeedle printer for marking sheet metalWorking area: 2. Bja3tgxv more
Brand: Grotius Type: Plasma 3500x2500 Function: Plasma cutting Year: 2018 Made in the Netherlands Specifications: Control unit: Ethercat 64 bit Working area: 3500x2500 mm Maximum thickness: 120 mm Max machine speed : 18000mm/min Cutting system: Thermal Dynamics 60i Ampere plasma machine system Bfsbjcx3uc Electronics: 380 V More Details: THC - Torch Altitude Control (digital control inverter + digital THC readout). AZ - Auto Zero. CD - Collision Detection. 2 Emergency stops on the bridge. Wat... more
New control retrofit LinaTrole This machine have been fitted a new CNC control 2014, and have never been in use or production. the power source is a Kjellberg FineFocus 800 with PGE 3-800 cutting dimensions 14000X4000mm The machine is disassembled, stored in a ware house. prices for hardware added in 2014: LINATROLE control plus servo motors price 15000 EUR. IHT hieght control 10000EUR. We have all receipts and manuals. Pt2hqm Infinity CNC. 1 stk. Infinity SSI med Master WESBUS... more
Kaiserslautern, Germany Germany
dealership location
6526 km
ready for operation (used)
General Data Measurements width 3000 mm Measurements depth 8200 mm Measurements height 2400 mm Machine weight 7500 kg Control Unit Brand Tecnos Model PC 12 Main Drive Plasma brand Hypertherm HPR 260XD Plasma power 260 A Movement X-Axis Movement 1700 mm Y-Axis Movement 6400 mm Table Nn3ah Outer length 1550 mm Outer width 6100 mm Max Material Thickness Steel 64 mm Stainless steel 50 mm Media Main electronic connection 400 V Additional Equipment Vantem PL-8000 This Baykal BPL-H 1506 Plasma ... more
Manufacturer: Boschert Model: Ergo Cut 3015 Year of construction: 2016 Control System: Labod S-Box III Touch Machine type: Plasmaschneider Machine place: CNC Outlet Center In general: Workingarea: 3.000 x 1.500 mm Plasma: 161i Plasmapower: 160A Rapid travers in X/Y: 75 m/min Bfpzpt9r9f Metalsheet weight (max.): 600 kg Equipment / Accessories: Plasmahandling: Extraction Gashandling: Automatic gas mixing unit Further Equipment: Quickchange burner more
CNC plasma cutting machine ELPROMAT 1530E as attached photos - first operation 04/1998 very good and maintained condition approx. 15,500 operating hours- for sheet metal formats up to 3000 x 1500 mm - steel sheet up to 12 (20 mm still possible) - also stainless steel, ALU and other alloys are possible - gases to be used: Nitrogen, oxygen and air depending on the material- Combustion table with suction- Laser pointer with joystick to move to a different starting point- Power source: Hypertherm HD... more
CNC portal plasma cutting machine with oxyfuel manufacturer: EckertTyp: Shaphir BL2 - 3000Baujahr: 2009CNC control: ECS 872Arbeitsbereich: 2.5 x 10 mWasserertisch Größe: 2.5 x 10 m1 x plasma torch with power source Hypertherm PowerMax 12502 x oxyfuel torch gas type propaneCutting thickness plasma up to 10 mmDelivery date: 10/2019. Nmk0p more
2x6M CNC burner with ULTRA - CUT 200XT plasma generator device for precision cutting steel, aluminum, brass, bronze, etc. Production pierce thickness of mild steel, 25 mm, max. cutting capacity of 65 mm steel. Producer: AG TECHNOLOGY Type: As2060 Production year: 2016 Plasma source weight 205 kg Plasma source dimensions: 1219 x 698 x 1031 mm Qon3i0sn The rated output current is 200A. more
Cutting zone: 3000x1250 mm Thickness: 0,5-10 mm; piercing - 12mm Source: CUTMASTER A40 Windows 7 Bfodschtsh PC and 18,5'' LCD 500 GB hard disc 4 GB RAM 6,3 kW Dimensions: 3430 x 2480 x 533 mm. Machine is running, on the power. Possible to see, inspect, make testing cuts. more
Korschenbroich, Germany Germany
dealership location
6372 km
output 30 Kva weight of the machine ca. 0,15 t Be7xs9piqc more
CNC plasma metal cutting machine CNC plasma burner Messer Griesheim Corta GP400 Production year 1993 Dimensions of tables 3200 mm x 7200 mm Hypertherm HP 130 Plasma Generators - 2 pieces Bfrv7p7m78 CNC control Cutting thickness max 50 mm Firing thickness max 250 mm more
CNC Flame & Plasma Cutting Machine Useful cutting width : 2.200mm Useful cutting length : 4.000mm Plasma generator : HP100 Software : FastCAM Professional Edition ''Cutting table not included in the price'' Kgvjgxbd more
CNC Plasma cutting machineManufacturer: MesserTyp: Metal Master 4020Baujahr: 2002CNC-Control: ExplorerArbeitsbereich: 2 x 4 m1 Plasma torchStromquelle Kjellberg HiFocus 100Manuelle GaskonsoleWithout filter (can be offered separately)..... Bbku8udy2g more
Plasma cutter cutting device Engraving machine Manufacturer: Messer Griesheim Type: Statosec KJS 1500/1500 Bfpi7estxr Spindle control: Precise PCS410 Router head: SC60 more
CNC plasma cutting system Hancock Plasma line EPR-ECO-30 prepared for the power source Kjellberg CutFire 100i and water cutting table separated one made SIDEROS Width of the portal bridge (gauge) 2,820 mm Total width including the control panel 3,840 mm The portal bridge (Y1-Y2 axis) travel 3,000 mm Fevarcdv3 Total length of career construction 4.440 mm Total height of the plant approximately 1,870 mm Weight approx. 2,000 kg (without plasma torch) Drive system of axes: servo AC Operating speed ... more
The plasma cutter CR ELECTRONIC EU 3-15 S was manufactured in 2003. Technical parameters : - table size: 1500 x 3000 mm - firing chamber in pipes: for fi 400 - power source: Kjellberg HD Hi-Focus 100 Beyaehe8mp - filtering: Kemper 8000 - quality cutting HD, black steel, aluminum and stainless steel: up to 25 mm thick. more
Plasma and firing cutting system Promotec Ector 30 / 170 Working range: 3000mm x 17000mm 1 x Plasma Ht 2000 Hypertherm Cutting up to 25mm 1 x Autogen support up to 100mm With career. Ba3yrrymqa Without table and filter immediately available Installation and commissioning on request more

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