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Robots for sale

Identified location: Ashburn (US) (Edit)
Welding robot / pick & place robot This robot is compleet, installed and tested. It can be put in production directly. Brd383x0 Multiple available. Fabrikant: Kawasaki Type robot: UX150 Type controller: C42F-A001 Aantal assen: 6 Werkgewicht: 150kg Reikwijdte: 280cm more
Brno, Czech Republic Czech Republic
7108 km
good (used)
Catalog No. : 4741 Type: IR-SA 840 M Producer: Tiesse Made in: 2006 Characteristic: Height: 3300 mm Width: 7000 mm Length: 5600 mm Equipment: Robot KAWASAKI FA 06 E C14 VK robot support MIG welding equipment: Fronius Transpuls Sinergic 5000 Inverter TIG welding equipment: Fronius Trans TIG 3000 DC Welding torch: ROBO 455 S S Bho030nryp Fronius FK 4000 cooling unit Burner support: Binzel MOD CAT CPL-M Space for wire feed Fronius VR 1500 Euro 4R Burner cleaning station Binzel MOD BRS-... more
Leipzig, Germany Germany
dealership location
6727 km
current capacity: - kVA number of controlled axis: - workpiece weight: - t control: IGM Software Version 6.70 total power requirement: 32,0 kW weight of the machine ca.: 8,0 t space requirements of the machine approx.: L:6,0 x 11,0 x H:3,7 m dimensions electric cabinet: L:1,06 x 0,8 x H:2,55 m Welding Robot Plant Construction Model Portal consists of: robot IGM Klaro: - working area - straightened length = 9100mm, radius = 1550mm - welding gun turned = 8480mm, radius 1240mm - throat 2490 mm - t... more
MAG robot cell incl. Fronius TPS 4000 welding unit Robot controller KRC1 Kuka robot KR6/2 (serial no.: 750821 External dimensions: Bitbyfa9u8 3,90 m x 2,50 m x 3,00 m The robot was purchased used in 2018 and fully serviced when it was put into operation again. Since then it has been in operation, but has now been replaced by a larger one and is therefore to be sold. The robot can be inspected in operation on site. If you are interested we can send you videos of the welding robot in operation. Te... more
turning table, 2 positioners, W 2.000 mm, welding robot, make Kuka, robot control, type KRC4, programming terminal, cabin, high speed gate, make Albany, welding source, make Fronius, type CMT Transpuls Synergic 5000, cooling unit, wire feed case, nozzle cleaning station, head changer for folder and welding head, system control No. 54, item 774 Bjobxyzbqa On behalf of the entitled persons we sell a welding robot system "Einfachroboter" from Motive Welding The general terms and conditions of Lüd... more
Motoman Roberzelle Control XRC Ezasniz UP20 robot automatic 2 station turntable 700 x 550 mm Fronius Trans Pulse Synergic 4000 RCU 5000i Push Pull burner from Dinse Shut-off box from Dinse Burner cleaning device Machine fully functional and can be inspected under power more
Control system: Fanuc R-30iA Hours in operation: 2248 Robot FANUC AM 120 IC / 10L Migatronic MIG / MAG / TIG / PLASMA welding robot Welding radius: 156-1600 mm Machine dimensions: 9000x3200x3200 mm Service by the manufacturer Accessories: TIG welding machine 22iye7 MIG welding machine 2 x welding table Pipe welding accessories Accessories for welding of pressure cylinders Motor for material rotation Documentation more
Leipzig, Germany Germany
dealership location
6727 km
current capacity: 5 kVA number of controlled axis: 6 workpiece weight: t x-travel: 3000 mm y-travel: 1500 mm z-travel: 1300 mm control: CNC Robot star V total power requirement: ca. 16 kW space requirements of the machine approx.: 6,6 x 2,5 x 5,0 m Welding Robot consisting of: Robot Portal - type SPL 80, circular movement welding robot = swiveable approx. 90° left/right , turn 360 degrees, swivel radius 1000mm, circle movement welding gun = swiveable approx. 90° left/right, turn 360° - throat o... more
Year of manufacture 2009 6-axis welding robot, including 7th external axis, transformer, teachpendant P7ikpf For technical specifications see attached photos. more
Panasonic PA-ET-XL-LC robot welding cell Year of construction: 2010 Evm7fik0c Industrial robot TA 1400 with G2 control, 6 axes Repeatability: 0.1 mm max / min distance: 1.374mm / 352mm Panasonic 350 A power source MIG / MIG Plus / MAG / MAG Plus Steel, stainless steel, aluminum Automatic wire feed Binzel welding torch water-cooled including Binzel torch adjustment device Electric 2-station cycle table 2 x 1,000mm x 600mm TBi JetStream torch cleaning device Panasonic PA-ET-XL-LC system for autom... more
Turning table with 2x positioner turnable, W 1.500/3.000 mm, 3 robots, make Fanuc, type ARC Mate 120iB/10L, year 2004, robot control, make Fanuc, system R-J3iB, 3 hand programming terminals, 3 welding sources, make Fronius, type Transpuls Synergic 5000, Ser.- no. 16321454/ 16321453/ 17270551, welding power 500 A/39 V, welding control Comfort, cooling unit, ext. operating/programming terminal Fronius RCU5000I, 3 cleaning stations, 3 spring balancers, cabin, switch and control cabinets, system con... more
Robot mit 2 stück rotator und 1 festtisch Bdhb0vq7u2 more
Offer a little used WIG clamping bench of the company Mösslang Maschinenbau - incl. power source and manometer Dimensions and weights - welding length: approx. 1600mm - welding speed: 0.1 - 1.8 m/min - width: 2,4m - length: 2,4m - Height: 3,8 - 4,2m - Weight approx.: 4to - Traversing unit 2-axis motor support: 50mm Bjro7gp7gk - Burner lift-off stroke: 160mm Connection values: 400V, 3N, 50Hz On-site services..: - Fuse rating: 32A - Suction: must be specified by the customer - Exhaust air capacity... more
Brief overview: welding robot Panasonic TA 1400 techn. overhauled - 6-axes - integrated welding power source - with external 7-axis rotary axis: face plate Ø 800mm a) Unit weight up to 1 1to b) with face plate c) with continuously adjustable Lynette Operating hours Controller on = 4403 h Servo on = 2165 h Arc on = 575 h Details: 1.1 Panasonic robot type TAWERS TA 1400WG Robot type TA-1400WG Permissible payload 6 Kg Number of axes 6 Brakes All 6 axles braked Drive AC - Servo Motors... more
Year of production: 2009 MIG / MAG / TIG / PLASMA Maximum length: 9,000 mm Maximum height: 3,200 mm Maximum width: 3,200 mm. 2248 operating hours Sndssbmx FANUC AM 120 IC / 10L robot Welding radius: 156 - 1600 mm Machine: MIG welder, TIG welder The machine has been regularly serviced by the manufacturer. Plus technical documentation more
- Compact welding robot station - Turnkey and cost effective Scope of delivery: - OTC welding robot FD-V8 - OTC TIG power source Welbee WB-A350P - Push-Pull TIG cold wire torch - Siegmund welding table System 28 - 2000 x 1200 mm - 7th axis OTC horizontal rotary positioning A2PB250 Bjngoisxyn - Safety enclosure more
RotateArc is a mobile compact cell including a welding robot and a horizontal additional axis. There are two possible ways of transportation: One option is to move the cell with a forklift The second option is to move the unit with an indoor crane The welding power supply is manufactured from Fronius and the robot from Kuka. The whole cell was setup by ERL Automation GmbH. In addition, it has a cooling unit. We bought the cell in 2017 with approximately 50 operating hours. The robot was as good... more
-robot type YR-MA01800-B00. -serial S16Z98-1-3. -on TsL-1000SD rail, length 6m. -4 welding spots/tables. -with automatic cleaning system. Fq2tlez -with wire feeder. -with Fronius Transpuls Synergic 4000CMT welding machine. -including welding curtains. -Including safety light curtain. more
CLOOS - ROMAT 310 - 2002- welding robot type R-32-TC - upto 10 kg - upto diameter 3100 mm - dismantled Bjbpwncnw9 more
KUKA Fronius CMT SprutCAM in a container only 300 working hours Mobile workshop lake HighCube SideDoor Container KR60 L30 with DKP400 rotary tilt positioner running simultaneously. Mu2z3g Fronius CMT welding machine with wire roll cabinet feed system Suction Welding gun cleaning system Crane runner 100kg through the whole container Safety circuit for the container inner door. SprutCAM license for this robot including additive manufacturing by build-up welding. Up to 600cm³ / h License for other... more
Fully automatic robot stud welding machine make: ABB order no.: 1 welding robot make: ABB, type: IRB6400RM99, SN: 64-15374, year of construction: 2006, empty weight: 2.240 kg, 3 stud welding heads M4, M5, M8 thread, automatic change system, torch gauge, control cabinet make: ABB with tray, 3 stud welding units make: ABB with tablet, 3 stud welding machines make: ABB with tabletSchöler and Bolte, type: Maxi-as, 4 stud feeders make: Schöler and Bolte, type: VB2-S01, power: 16 kiloampere, electric ... more
Cell with welding robot TIG OTC DR-4200 Year of construction: 2001 2 tilt/turn tables Be7p7ul3 Power source TIG: OTC DA300P Control: CNC OTC more
Schweißroboter KUKA mit Fronius TPS 330 und H-Wender 2500 Spannweite Nygnl Max.Aufspannbereich pro Seite 2500x1400mm Steuerung: VRS1b Anzahl der Achsen: 6 Max. Traglast: 125 Kg Max. Arbeitsbereich: 2610 mm Baujahr: 1999 Lieferumfang: Roboter, Steuerung, Kabel, Teachpanel,Fronius TPS 330,H-Wender Bedienungsanleitung, Schaltpläne. more
Bretzfeld-Schwabbach, Germany Germany
6647 km
good (used)
used welding robot, yoc 1996, control Robotstar IV. max. load 6 kG Repeatability -0.05 mm connected load 2.2 kVA FRONIUS TPS 4000 welding equipment Bizvc30qkc Manual rotary sight SRM001 max. load capacity per side approx. 80 kg max. swivel range 180 Repeat accuracy +-0,2 mm pneum. connected load 6 bar Weight approx. 2000 kg more
Complete system: Cloos Romat 320 Bivafqji8m Control system ROTROL II-V04 Year of manufacture 2004 Technical condition: very good! System was regularly serviced and overhauled in 2018 last maintenance and renewal of the control unit: December 2019 plant components: - Robot (hanging) - Manual control panel for heavy loads (for setup) - Automatic cleaning device for MAG nozzles - Applicators with 2 axes and rotary table 180° rotation (max. 700kg per side) - Control system - Light barriers - LED hea... more
KUKA KR16L8 ARC robot KRC4 controller 2 x rotary positioners Ideal for container production 3.5 m long and 1 m in diameter Fronius TP 4000 CMT welding system Bg2hmkerc3 Additional control cabinet must Safety be revised. Sweat enclosure must be adjusted. more
Robot welding machine make: Cloos Romat 310, type: WPHK-DP-KP 2.500 N, SN: 7766205, year: 2000, 2 electrically controlled rotary tables, SN: 850320220113 and -114, Ø: 600 mm, 1 Mag welding machine make: WPHK-DP-KP 2.500 N, SN: 7766205, year: 2000, 2 electrically controlled rotary tables, SN: 850320220113 and -114, Ø: 600 mm, 1 Mag welding machine make: Cloos, type: GLL 353 MC3 R, with digital display, hose package, power up to 350 Ampere, 4 torch gauges, 1 TIG welding machine make: Cloos, type: ... more
Welding Robot Robot FANUC 100i Bizadycstw Year of construction: 1998 Country of origin: Japan Axis range: J1: +/-165° J2: +135 -75° J3: +150 -149° J4: +/-190° J5: +/-140° J6: +/-320° Max arm range: 1 368 mm pallet: 850 x 810 mm Power source: OTC Max load capacity: 6 kg Control: CNC SYSTEM R-J2 more
KUKA Roboter KR16L6 KRC2 mit 2 Drehtischen und Fronius TransPulsSynergic 4000 Steuerung: KRC2 D2rk0fwrg Anzahl der Achsen: 6 Max. Traglast: 6 Kg Max. Arbeitsbereich: 1811 mm Baujahr: 2004 Lieferumfang: Roboter, Steuerung, Kabel, Teachpanel,Fronius TPS 4000,2x KUKA Drehachse Bedienungsanleitung, Schaltpläne. more
ESAB GANTRAC ARC Profile Welding Gantry - Make : ESAB - Type : GANTRAC 14000 - No : 322 0014 - Age : 2013 - Table length : 16.000 - Table width : 2.000 Damo8ot - Table height : 500 - Number off clamps : ca 30 x - Gantry width : 2.200 - Gantry height : 1.500 - 2 unit welding arms - ESAB A6 - 2 unit torches - ESAB A2SF J1 SAW - 2 unit controllers - ESAB PEK - 2 unit Power supply - ESAB ARISTO 1000 AC/DC SAW - 2 unit off operator ESAB GMH - - - - - Please Note: T... more
Fully automatic welding machine TIG, Bg3ga0a8rw with welding robot and turntable, Frames are currently being welded. The system was regularly maintained. Documents completely available more
Letchworth, Herts, United Kingdom United Kingdom
5900 km
good condition (used)
Can be used as a manual welding set or linked to a robot for robotic welding to create robotic welding cell. Sbmcrvul This welding set will weld all metals, to the quality expected from Fronius machines, torch has control of power at fingertips for increased productivity in production . more
Fronius Robacta TC 1000 Art. Nr. 4,075,122 Nz9yv Very nice condition. more
OTC DR4200-L welding robot 2 turntables Table 1,000 x 2,000 mm Carrier: 6,000 mm Ego2uf7oa Welding device: Digital Pulse PULS 350 Year of construction: 2000 more
CNC plasma cutting machine with waterbed and suction deviceCutting capacity: 15mm mild steel Bfw0jj7jzp more
gebr. 6-axes welding robot Make FANUC Xf3hs Model Robot ARC Mate 120iB Year of manufacture 2005 With FANUC R-J3iB controller Max. Load capacity 20 kg Max. range 1667 mm Range of motion: A 1 340° A 2 250° A 3 460° A 4 400° A 5 280° A 6 900° External dimensions: width 1700 mm Depth 3200 mm Height 2000 mm With wire feeder Fronius more
“Ant-Welder” is a brand for Ltd Nord Robotics welding cell. The cell is easy transportable and launchable. Once in place and connected it is ready to start operating. Has fully enclosed work areas, which ensures safety. The internal weld doors ensure operators are protected from weld arc. The doors are opened automatically ensuring maximum production output. The robot is always welding at a high production rate. Xva8b7yf more
ABB Welding Robot With Welding Cabin Manufacturer ABB Type IRB 1400 M2000 Robot version IRB 1400 Built in 2002 Scanning Welding cabin with automatic roller door company Albany ABB Welding Robot Type IRB1400 ABB passionier type IRBP 250L ABB Torch Cleaner Type TC 96 Baom00revp Welding-rifled SKS Leipold Type LQS 4 HYFRA Cooling System Type VWK 7-1 S SKS wire supply Albany Rolltor All underlays and software Maassen Length 3200 mm Width 2400 mm Height 2600 mm Weight 6000 kg more
ABB 1400M2000 WELDING ROBOT WITH IRB250R POSITIONER Year 2004, 9 axis cell consisting of: - 1 x IRB1400 M2000 six axis robot with S4CPlus controller, 1.5 m arm reach and 6 kg payload. - 1 x IRBP 250R welding positioner, 250 kg payload and 2 m between head and tailstock. Maximum fixture radius: 500 mm - 1 x Fronius TransPuls Synergic 5000 - 1 x automatic torch cleaning station All components fully integrated and operational. Arc welding software included. All welding parameters controlled throug... more
Dual-lane, consists of self driven overhead crane with 2 rotating beam clamping units, max load 2720kg/piece, 2 long material transport trolleys, 25 meter rail track, 2 exchange transport tracks 27meters, with chains and clamp devices, 1- 6axis Fanuc R-2000iB pick&place robot arm- 1 6axis Fanuc arc-mate 120iC 10L pre-welding robot arm with Lincoln Electric welding source, 1- 6axis Fanuc arc-mate 120iC 10L flexible position welding robot arm with Lincoln Electric welding source, chain guided tabl... more
gebr. 6-axes welding robot Make FANUC Model ARC Mate 50 iB-3L Year of manufacture 2003 With FANUC R-J3iB Mate control Max. Load capacity 3 kg Max. Range 856 mm Range of motion: A 1 320° A 2 185° A 3 290° A 4 380° A 5 240° A 6 720° External dimensions with cell: width 1100 mm depth 2600 mm Height 2150 mm Cg7i22m8 With: Robot welding cell Turntable 1200 mm Ø more
Fronius TPS 4000 robotic model. Pt2orm Fronius calibration certificate. For sale or we offer you our production capacity ( from 1 piece to 1 mio ). If you need, we can offer you also KUKA robot. All next information per phone or e-mail. We work worldwide. more
Fronius TPS 4000 and CMT R 4000 robotic or hand welding. Robotic Device extra 950,- EUR. More Fronius on stock. RCU5000i extra 500,- EUR. VR4000 4R extra 850,- EUR. Vsq2su Pakets mit VR1500 fuer KUKA KR6,15,16 an Anfrage. You can make test in our company. more

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