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Protective Retort Chamber furnace Rohde Schutzgasofen GmbH KG 40/60
Inside diameter retort 400 mm Length retort 600 mm Temperature 300°C Rated power 6 kW Number of heating circuit 1 CSSOXK2OUCH more
EBAC Drying Chamber with Dryer EBAC

EBAC Drying Chamber with Dryer EBAC

Düsseldorf Germany
Another 5 days
Dimensions (l x w x h) approx.: 4150 x 1000 x 1100 mm Weight approx.: 250 kg Description: Inside area approx. 3600 x 740 x 740 mm, see photos for details In Online Auction with approx. 84 further Machine Tools and other Assets! Bidding ends: Friday, 16 December 2016 from 9am (local time) Auction start price: EUR 80 (plus VAT and 15% buyers premium) Your contact person: Marc Nepsen HXNQ8IWTUCX more
Chamber furnace AICHELIN WDE Gr. 40/25/60
18 kW, 1150 C. - see picture ILKFUCMDEBZ more
Multi-purpose chamber furnace Aichelin VkGRs 4/4
Multi-purpose chamber furnace, make Aichelin type: VkGRs 4/4 y.o.m.: 1989 useful dims. (l x w x h): 1300 x 900 x 850 mm max. charge weight: 1000 kg gross working temperature: 750 - 1050ᵒC gross-heating power: 650 kg/h at 850ᵒC heating power: 190 kW radiant tubes no.: 8 used gases: nitrogen-methanol, propane, ammonia, natural gas PLC: Siemens S5 The lining was renewed in 2014 and not been in use since September 2016. FTGXYC9HUB7 more
High Temperature Chamber Furnaces Carbolite RHF 16/8
The device was about 3 years in use and in this period it never fully utilised. The oven was used for sintering processes for advanced ceramics (ZrO2). 2 heating elements were exchanged in February 2016. More informations: Standard features (Carbolite RHF 16/8): - 1600°C maximum operating temperature - 3216 Standard & Programmable Controller - Multiple line numeric and alphamumeric display - Navigation via 4 push button controls - Simultaneous display of set-point and actual temperatures -... more
Hot Chamber Die Casting Machine Frech DAW 20
Locking force 200KN We have restructured and several machines released thereby. The machines ran without major problems until they were put out of operation. FE990ZZBEBK more
Chamber Furnace EISENMANN 1.8

Chamber Furnace EISENMANN 1.8

Kirchheim Germany
6663 km
Chamber furnace EISENMANN - 2 kinds of trays - Electrical cabinet - Appurtenances oven dimensio approx. 1600 x 1600 x 1,700 mm Innerspace approx. 4.3 m ³ Working Space 1.8 m³ Heating capacity 160 kW Maximum furnace temperature 1,420 ° C Firing cycle cold/cold 16-30 h Load 500 kg Burner GAS GAS volume flow up to 16 nm ³/h Gas input pressure 45 mbar Gas output pressure 40 mbar Electr. Connection 10 kVA The oven has a small number of operating hours. 3SNOOKJECQ more
Wood Dryer / Drying Chamber EBAC LD 82 / Steuergerät Ebac MK 1
Dimensions (l x w x h) approx.: 5030 x 1400 x 1270 mm Weight approx.: 600 kg Description: Technical data: power connection 230V 16A max. drying temperature 45°C Ø water removal at 45°C / 8-12 Scope of delivery: - control unit EBAC MK1 - on control: indicator lamp - thermostat - drying monitoring - incl. manual In Online Auction with approx. 65 further Machine Tools and other Assets! Bidding ends: Friday, 16 December 2016 from 11am (local time) Auction start price: EUR 700 (plus VAT an... more
Cold chamber die cast machine Polak CLPO 160/2,5 –B2
Weight: approx. 6000kg Dimensions: 3900 x 1500 x 2800 CBQYNZNTUAP more
Chamber furnace for low pressure carburi Aichelin
charge dimensions: 650 x 650 x 650 mm carburizing chamber: 2 charges quenching pressure: 20 bar abs sample of carburizing: 0,90-1,0 mm charge weight: 400 kg gross Equipped also for carbonitriding Heating with radiant tubes No oil - quenching tank necessary Carburizing gas: propane or acetylene GMZJGNEAEBO more
Chamber furnace to 1340 C Linn High Therm S0 2343A
Chamber kiln with 21kW capacity, up to 1340 C. GMZJGNEAECM more
Hot Chamber Die Casting Machine Frech DAW 40
Locking force 400KN We have restructured and several machines released thereby. The machines ran without major problems until they were put out of operation. The machine was used only sporadically. CELW0BVIEBQ more
GAS-CARBONITRATION CHAMBER FURNACE max. component weight: 2.000KG, component dimensions: 915x915x1.220mm, temperature 750-1060°C, consisting of: (1) part washing machine SC (type: spray/dunk washer, 36x48x36, S/N: BC-43952-01, temperature: 90-100°C) (1) hardening furnace (type: allcase furnace 36x48x36 (MZK1), S/N: BC-439858-01, temperature: 760-1066°C) (1) hardening furnace (type: allcase furnace 36x48x36 (MZK1), temperature: 760-1066°C) (1) tempering furnace SC (type: unidraw furnace 36x48x36,... more
Electric convection / Chamber furnace NABERTHERM *Neuwertig* N 30/ 85SHA (850°C)
Electric convection / Chamber furnace Fabr. NABERTHERM type N 30 / 85SHA year 2008 - mint condition! Technical data: maximum temperature up to 850 ° c. Internal dimensions 290 x 420 x 250 mm Volume 30 l Dimensions 870 x 1170 x 1315 mm Power 6 kW Weight 195 kg Electricity 380 V / 50 Hz with: -Control -Base -Protective gas device Used only to the sample Price from stock ELNOMPUIUAQ more
Double Chamber machine Multivac C500
Double Chamber vacuum packaging machine type C500 with 250cc vacuum pump of the company Multivac. There is a manual in German and English language. Machine for the packaging, vacuum draw and seal products in pre-made foil bags. Machine dimensions: -Width: 1600 mm -Depth: 1050 mm -Height: 1045 mm Chamber dimensions: -Width, usable: 650 mm -Depth, usable: 745 mm -Height: 200 mm Weight: approx. 650 kg Chamber/housing made of stainless steel (corrosion-resistant) Machine is mobile on cas... more
Chamber  furnace Heraeus KS 120
Temperature: 1500 degrees Heating: 5 KW Usable space: 120 x 320 x 100 mm BQPCEH9YUCQ more
Temperature Chamber ACS K600 C ADF
Here we offer a temperature Chamber. Capacity: 600 l Interior dimensions: H B 0.96 x 0.85 x T 0.75 m Temperature range:-70 ° C up to + 100 ° C Temperature accuracy: +-1 ° C 2.5 ° C per minute heat output from-40 ° C to + 80 ° C 2.5 ° C per minute of cooling from + 100 ° C to-40 ° C Supply: 400 V / 50 Hz Energy requirements: maximum 18 kW Noise Chamber: 68 DB (a) Noise machine unit: 80/82 DB (a) Refrigerant: R404a Condition: pre-owned / used Type: K600 C ADF Scope of delivery: (See ... more
Hot Chamber Die Casting Machine Frech DAW 63
Locking force 630KN We have restructured and several machines released thereby. The machines ran without major problems until they were put out of operation. This machine can still be inspected under electricity. GBNPVMFOEBG more
Double chamber vacuum packaging machine Komet
Double chamber vacuum packaging machine With the possibility of gassing Sealing bar length: 470 mm Max package dimensions: 400 x 600 mm Height of vacuum chamber: appr. 250 mm Global dimensions. LxWxH: 1.300 x 900 x 1.200 mm Good technical condition with Busch vacuum pump Type RA 0063 E 5Z1, p=0,5 mbar EWZH7QS0UA9 more
Chamber furnace Elisenthal KK2
Chamber furnace Elisenthal type: KK2 Fabrikatnr .: BN1274 upper chamber: Dimensions in mm (LxWxH): 800x300x200 15kW / 380V oven temperature: max. 1750 degrees lower chamber: Dimensions in mm (LxWxH): 800x300x200 flaps inputs 130mm 10kW / 380V oven temperature: max. 1000 degrees H7DNWZF3UBW more
Hot Chamber Die Casting Machine Oleopress PP-Z 450
Locking force kN 5100 Opening force kN 1330 Ejector force kN 240 Injection force kN 185 Nozzle injection force kN 118 Die opening stroke mm 700 Ejector stroke mm 155 Injector stroke mm 225 Nozzle exit stroke mm 430 Min. Die height mm 270 Max. Die height mm 785 Dimension moveable plate mm 1070 x 1120 Distance between tiebars mm 675 x 675 Casting positions mm 0-160 (from top edge plate) mm -545 bis -705 Dimension fixed plate mm 1090 x 1180 x 290 Injection plunger-diameter mm 80-85-... more
Vacuum tank, chamber, multilift 10m3 #3294 10m3
Length: 4.5 m Diameter: 1.1 m Gross volume: 10m3 HUSSSAO9EBF more
Chamber furnaces plant Surface Combustion
Protective gas chamber hardening plant with CE mark max. charge weight: 2.000 kg charge dimensions: 915x915x1.220 mm consists of: 2 hardening chamber furnaces type: Allcase FurnaCe temperature: 750-1060°C 1 tempering furnace type: Unidraw Furnace temperature: 200-760°C, gas heated 1 tempering furnace type: Unidraw Furnace temperature: 170-760°C, elektrische Befeuerung protective gas: N2 1 washer type: diving, spray washing machine temperature: 90-100°C 1 charging car SBS heat exc... more
 Chamber washing machine  DUeRR KA-1/7,5.6.6.BT
Einkammerwaschmaschine with rotating basket FNQ09SP8UBK more
Vacuum chamber  V.I.S VAK 1000x1600
Vacuum chamber with control and pump Assembly. Diameter inside: 1000 mm Inside length: 1600mm Vacuum pump: 1000 m ³/h Tested leakage rate! Various vacuum chambers available as well as different constellations with pumps possible. More information about a request! IZQ7RLSJUBC more
Cold Chamber Die Casting machine TOSHIBA DC 350 C (DAL 350 SVS2)
Toshiba DC 350 C ( DAL 350 SVS2 ) Horizontal Cold Chamber Aluminum High Pressure Die Casting Machine DC*C series die casting machines (with pressure spike reduction, flash prevention and independent control of injection speed and pressure Locking Force: 350 tons Platen Size: 935 x 935 mm Tie Bar Diameter: 125 mm Clearance Between Tie Bars (V x H): 650 x 650 mm Die Thickness (max - min): 700 - 300 mm Die Stroke: 420 mm Injection Stroke: 480 mm Injection Positions: 0 and -125 mm Ejection Stroke: 2... more
Drawers-chamber furnace Electric Oven Schwartz GA1707
Drawers-chamber furnace electrically heated 3SNOOKJEC7 more
This machine is in very good condition. Control: Siemens S5 Optional we can install Siemens S7 300 control Locking force 3600 kN 3-phase injection system with multiplicator Core pull unit 2x movingside, Ejector force 200 kN Ejector stroke(adjustable) 130 mm Die mounting platens 1010 x 1075 mm Distance between tie bars 610 x 610 mm min / max die height 250 / 785 mm Die opening stroke 550 mm Motor capacity 33.5 kW Dimension machine LxWxH 6761 x 2150 x 2561 mm Weight 16000 kg BWE83YPBUBN more
semi automatic CHAMBER SHRINK Torre Minipack FM 76A Digit
Packaging machine with patented process shrink, pulse welding with electronic temperature control. The Pack is inserted between the two layers of foil and place under the hood. When closing the cover, the foil in a single operation is welded, separated, and shrunk closely to the packaged goods. The hood opens automatically. With the conveyor belt, the finished packaged goods will be automatically transported from the shrinking area. Production capacity: up to 10 PCs / min Maximum power 3.2... more
High vacuum process chamber furnace Simac 2003 400 0020.1
Here we offer a Simac high vacuum process chamber furnace. Simac high vacuum process chamber high vacuum process chamber oven, with Pfeifer vacuum pump, touchscreen Steüreinheit Type: 2003 400 0020.1 Contents: (see picture) 2 weeks Commissioning Warranty The device comes from a storage resolution. We also supply with Express Shipping / express shipping (DHL, UPS, TNT) More questions we can answer for you like on the phone. Written Order possible by email or fax ET8JRILGECH more
Nitriding chamber furnace Ipsen RTF-4(5)-EMS(S)
useable dimensions: 610 x 460 x 910mm (w x h x d) electrical heated: 3~400V / N PE 50 Hz connected load: approx. 95 kVA max. temperature: 750 °C The furnace can be used for nitrocarburizing and nitriding. Quick cooling via gas is possible. CYILP2KXUB2 more


Dortmund Germany
6400 km
Aluminum Annealing furnace 1m * 1m * 2m T5 / T6 aluminum vertical annealing furnace ----- Teknik olcu 1 meter * 1 * 2 meter meter T5 / T6 Aluminyum dikey sertlestirme Firini. Hem SU there, blouses NOZULLU SOGUTMA imkani ET8JRILGECB more
Locking force 1800 kN 3-phase injection system with multiplicator Core pull unit 2x movingside, 1x fixside Ejector force 128 kN Ejector stroke(adjustable) 100 mm Die mounting platens(fixside) 660 x 750 mm Die mounting platens(movingside) 670 x 645 mm Distance between tie bars 435 x 435 mm min / max die height 150 / 550 mm Die opening stroke 450 mm max. casting AL 3,0 kg Casting area max. 518 cm² Motor capacity 18.5 kW Dimension machine LxWxH(without filtercover) 5600 x 2200 x 2200 mm Weight 6600... more
They mostly work with shrinkable films (PVC, MEC 92, Polyolefin, PP). It is possible to carry out the sealing operation only of any type of plastic film. Mega Pack complete with legs with castors and spare roll holder, multipla patented system, patented automatic flap,magnet, patented blower (continuos and alternate), stainless stell loading plate, coated sealing blade, washeble chamber, ergonomic handle adjustable in height, motorized film feed with alternate blower. TECHNICAL DATA Seal. area ... more
Climate chamber ACS Angel Antoni UC51-4085
Here we have an ACS Angel Antoni climatic chamber. Angel Antoni UC51-4085 Drive-In Air Chamber Volume: 63 m Temperature Range (-40 to +85) C Accuracy in Time: 1 C climate chamber was dismantled in by the manufacturer. Air chamber in the disassembled state Sells. Costs and construction of the system is paid by the buyer! The price for reconstruction in Germany can Vedas obtained from the manufacturer. Our retail price of construction and delivery is 49,000 Type: UC51-4085 further information see ... more
Chamber furnace Ipsen RTF – 4(5) – EM (S)
useable dimensions: 610 x 460 x 910mm (w x h x d) electrical heated 3~400V / N PE 50 Hz connected load: ca. 95 kVA max. temperature: 750°C The furnace can be used for nitrocarburizing and nitriding Quick cooling via gas is possible. Complete with charging trolley, and support table, but without grids. ET8JRILGECF more
Multipurpose chamber furnace Ipsen TQ-11-EM
electrical heated: 126 kW operating temperature: 570°C - 1000°C useable dimensions: 910 x 1220 x 610 mm charge weight: max. 1000 kg CVNNDTDDEBG more
Tempering chamber furnace Aichelin VVKEs-2-50/50/90
useable dimensions (l x w x h): 900 x 500 x 500 mm operating temperature: 150 -700°C temperature uniformity: 10 K reachable vacuum: 0,1 mbar heating power: 39 kW charge weight: 350 kg gross used gases: natural gas / propan, N2. CO2, ammonia IRACMS2MEBR more
Elect./Voltage: 230/460 V, 60 Cy, 3 Ph. MGHPG-0100-LX --Loading volume of wood (max) 20 m³÷Loading volume of wood (min) 5 m³÷Power microwave 90 kW÷Energy consumption 120 kW÷Productivity monthly 480 m³÷Final moisture content 10%÷Drying time \ Pine 24 hours÷Drying time \ Oak 48 hours÷Outer chamber dimensions, mm 2400×2600×10000÷Inner chamber dimensions, mm 2000×2000×9000÷Generator size mm 600×1200×2100 --For the operation of the installation requires a Three-... more
Machining center Masterwood Project TF

Machining center Masterwood Project TF

Vechelde/Wierthe Germany
6556 km
A real machining center to the boring, grooving and milling. Very low space requirement approx. 4.5 m ². Technical data - X - axis: Max workpiece length: unlimited Y - axis: max width: 1,000 mm more see PDF available from WEEK 2/3 2017 HGL0UXIYUA9 more
CNC milling machine Mikron WF 51 C
control: Heidenhain TNC 155 tool taper: SK 40 quill stroke: 110 mm table size: 1000 x 500 mm travel: x-710, y-500, z-460 mm spindle speed: 31,5-3150 rpm accessories: angle table, coolant equipment, div. retainers HJGZA9QNEB2 more
Weiler Primus VC incl. accessories Weiler Primus VC mit Zubehoer
For sale, a lathe Hamlet is Primus VC, complete with tool Cabinet and accessories. Type of machine: -Weiler Primus VC -Year of production 1999 -Multi fix Workspace: -maximum turning length 500 m -Tip height 140 mm -maximum working diameter over bed 280mm -maximum working diameter of the plan slides 150 mm -Spindle bore 40 mm Spindle speed: -30-4000 RPM stepless Tailstock: -Quill cone MK3 -Quill diameter 40 mm -Max Quill stroke 350 mm Accessories: -div steel holder. -... more
Bandsaw of Panhans Panhans sac ascom BW 600
We offer from the insolvency of a carpentry operation close to Nuremberg. Delivery from the location of the machine. More offers from this insolvency on request. If you are interested, please see from Mr Plesa: 0178-3041892, or Mr. Krol: 0176-42927917 Bandsaw of Panhans of sac ascom BW 600 our offer price gross: €1.200,00 VAT is shown We have a company locally that offers disassembly, loading and transport. ET8JRILGEAL more
Universal - tool - milling machine Maschinenfabrik MIKRON AG / Schweiz MIKRON WF 40C
Universal - tool - milling machine MIKRON WF 40C / HEIDENHAIN TNC 145 control technical data: -Manufacturer: Maschinenfabrik MIKRON AG / Switzerland -Model/type: WF 40 C. -Fabrikationsnr.: -electrical connection: 3 ~ 380 V / 25 A / 50 Hz - electrical power consumption: 10,5 kW -Number of work spindle speeds: 21 -Stepped speed range: 31.5-3150 RPM -Increment 1,258 -electric power consumption of the spindle motor: 4.0 kW, 5.0 kW -Spindle taper: ISO 40 / M16 with Einzugsn... more
Stacker positioner Sideshift Still 3to R70/30
Gas forklift trucks still R 70/30, built in 2004, nominal capacity 3000 kg. 4 x Hydraulik.Freisichthubgeruest appropriate height 2250 mm, height 3200 mm. Attachment positioner with Sideshift function. The forks can be adjusted hydraulically, exhibition area: 310 mm to 1570 mm (see pictures). In addition, the pair of tines can be moved right and left. Fork Tine length 1600 mm. Great flexibility in establishing load, pallets or long goods such as wood- or metal plates, profiles, tubes, etc. Ful... more
Band saw ACM Star 600

Band saw ACM Star 600

Vechelde/Wierthe Germany
6556 km
Roll diameter 600 mm Tape guides above and below rubberized rollers blade length 4,600 mm motor 2,2 kW available from KW 2/3 2017 DAZGUUBVECS more
Langdrehmachine RIVOL 1000 x 6000 mm
Technical details Turning diameter over bed 1000 mm Turning diameter over support 700 mm Turning length 6000 mm Total power consumption 15 kW Machine weight approx. 8 t Space requirement approx. 8.5 x 1.9 x 1.6 m CVNNDTDDECM more
Veneer sewing machine Kuper FW 630
KUPER type FW/M630 Veneer gluing machine Second-hand machine Description -Rack unloading 630 mm -Feed 7 m / min -Veneer thickness approx. 0.4 2 mm -Weight about 20kg -0.11 kW -incl. glue thread Location: 54634 Bitburg comes to camp EFXRT9E9UCL more
Splitting machine stationary ESSEL HSP 100
Splitting machine for wood materials with a diameter of up to 120 cm in diameter, length up to 100 cm. 60 to. Gap pressure allow easy splitting of hard fissile wood hydraulic feeder 70 cm from ground Adjustable hydraulically adjustable centering Main motor power 30 kW Performance engine hydraulic shuttle + centering 5, 5kW 6 x Spaltkre Completely sealed solid steel frame Machine dimensions: L 4500 mm x W 2400 mm x H 2400 mm Weight 11000 kg HXNQ8IWTUBJ more
bucklefolding machine Heidelberg Stahlfolder TH 56-4-FFH mit SAK 66.H
Bag folding machine Heidelberg Stahlfolder TH 56-4-Habitats with SAK 66.H Year of manufacture 2004 Planoformat maximum 56 × 90cm Planoformat min. 14 × 18cm Paper weight 40-250 (g / m ²) Batch maximum height of 80 cm Folding rollers diameter 44 mm Speed up to 230 m / min Folding length of min. 6 x 6, 85 cm Flat-pile feeders FFH 56 with Tremat 1. plant 56 cm downstream knife driving shaft inlet width 4 combination buckle plates Stream delivery SAK 66 GPUHSVLUUA8 more



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