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Identified location: Ashburn (US) (Edit)
hardening temperature:620 - 680 °C Air volume:21 m³/h Nnobb gas volume:1,9 m³/h transport speed:2,4 +0,3 -0,1 m/h more
# suitable for treatment under inert gas # with rapid cooling by fan Bbaikg3y external dimensions (w x h x d): 1500 x 1600 x 2500 mm useable dimensions (w x h x d): 750 x 600 x 1100 mm temperature: 1200°C electrical heated: approx.. 42 kW charge weight: 700 kg more
Temperature range: max 250 C °Internal dimensions: 750x1300x800mmOutside dimensions: 1600x1100x2200Heating capacity 13.6 kWcca: 700 L Bfpzg9no0i more
Annealing furnace for voltage free tempering and forming of acrylic glass The oven has two doors and back set-2 narrow doors with rail system on one side. The panels are there einghangen and Weifang pneumatic, with foot switch and again let loose. -The oven has 230 ° C max temperature, as well as a permanent derogation to the setpoint temperature of +/-3 ° C 75 ° c. -The internal dimensions - 1600 x depth 2000 mm width of CA.. In height, the oven in the rail system can absorb a 1800 mm high bi... more
Laboratory furnace, muffle furnace, annealing furnace Nominal temperature 1,250 ºc Ng0gt Mass outside Width 100cm Depth 75cm Height 160cm (on base) Combustion chamber dimensions: Width 30cm Depth 50cm Height 20cm The dimensions of the combustion chamber must still be confirmed. Weight 450 KG 400 volts more
Electrically heated annealing furnace Fabr. HERAEUS type HM 13 Masch. # 21103283/2832-01 model year 1980 m. protective gas annealing muffle Technical data: maximum nominal temperature furnace 1150° maximum protective gas annealing ring 920° 7majl3c Inner dimensions 400 x 250 x 650 mm Rated power 20 kW Content of the gas-water room 68 l External dimensions 1385 x 1915 x 1705 mm used, in good condition, little use more
1 industrial surface hardening furnace Forni & Forni PULSAR 2.7, year: 2011, with car push-in device, volume: approx. 2.7 m ³, 400 V + N + T, 180 kW, max. Operating temperature 1,150 ° C, ALIMENTAZ.: CH4, ABM. approx. 3,000 x 2,200 x 2,500 mm, throat depth approx. 2,000 mm, slot width approx. 1.150 mm, shelf about 1,400 mm,. Bdoue8cl78 more
Batch size-700mm depth 1300 mm 1 control cabinet ROHDE-electric cabinet with Philips programmer 1 gas station-Degussa 7lczcn8zw 1 oven electrically heated DEGUSSA GSRU 1 cow station 2 complete retorts with gas control cylinder lid + motors/Mat.1.4864 + 1.4841 good condition-documentation available more
Temperature range: max 250 C °Internal dimensions: 750x1300x800mmOutside dimensions: 1600x1100x2200Heating capacity 13.6 kWcca: 700 L Bfpzgv3jgh more
We offer our Fulmina annealing furnace with following key data: electrical heating up to 700 ° C Useful depth 1575 mm Oven Interior 2070mm wide and 1300mm 160kVA Amnschlussspannung Bedf8kj8ve Nominal voltage 400V Control voltage 24 V DC Solenoid 24 V DC Nominal current 230 V 250 A fuse Weight ca 13000 kg the stove has Eurothern control, a Eurotherm Nanodac to write and also rules. The Hydrauliktzylinder to open the door were renewed. The furnace is in the operation and can be seen under power more

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Laboratory furnace with nominal temperature 1,100 ° C Type M110 Mass outside R3qhgrvmp Width 58cm Depth 71cm Height 74cm Combustion chamber dimensions: Width 20cm Depth 33cm Height 14cm Current: 220Volt 2,9KW more
Electrically heated annealing furnace Fabr. HERAEUS GmbH Hanau type HM 13 Masch. # 28024, circuit diagram no. 1641 Technical data: maximum nominal temperature furnace 1150° Internal dimensions W x D x H 400 x 650 x 250 mm Rated power 20 kW Outer dimensions 1500 x 1300 x 1700 mm Weight 940 kg Vcqr9v2b more
Here we offer an Eliog-kelvitherm industrial furnace of annealing Furnace TC 12. Industrial furnace of annealing furnace Usage area: The off hardening furnace is suitable for heat treatment processes involving flammable solvents are free. From annealing furnace is used for pre-drying of CFC pipes. Temperature range up to 100 ° C Air flow vertically, from bottom to top Convection fan 1 piece a 5.5 kW Exhaust blower 1 piece a 120 W, frequency controlled Heating power 20 kW Connection value 28 k... more
DEGUSSA Gasnitrier hardness system ignition system Short time nitriding system 2007 complete ueberholterSteuerelektronik. (Protherm 500) Commercial room dimensions ø 700 mm depth 1300 consisting: 1 x Control Panel 1 x gas station completely replaced by 2015 1 x oven 1xKuehlstation 2 x complete retort with gas control cylinder mat. 1 4864 / 1.4841 Frx20ayn 2 x cover complete with motors very good condition - complete documentation available more
external dimensions (w x h x l): approx. 2170 x 2320 x 7700 mm heated length: 4100 mm belt width: 470 mm electrical power consumption: 45 kVA total heating power: 150 kW (through 3 recuperative burners) temperature: max. 950°C temperature control zones: 3 belt speed: 12 min. – 360 min. V8eb0i8sj through output: approx. 250 kg/h protective gas consumption: approx. 8 Nm3/h PLC: Siemens S7 more
Type of machine: Annealing furnace Manufacturer: Heraeus Bef83evzdr Type: HM12 Year of construction: 1977 Machine number: 2931.01 Facilities: heating capacity 15 kW / 380V Nominal temperature 1150 ° C Timer more
Interior diameter: 610 mm Interior depth: 880 mm Temperature: up to 500 ° C Port: 21 kW Accessories: Condition: good 83n2g8ayf Weight: approx. 2.5 t Degree furnace: 1.400 x 1,300 x 1,200 mm Ground cover: 1,800 x 1,300 x 2,200 mm more
Annealing furnace Fabr. ALLINO type and year of manufacture cannot be identified ēco with modern lightweight insulation Nmx2782ui Technical data: Maximum temperature up to 1200 ° C Durchgangsmasse width x height 1100 x 800 mm usable oven length 2000 mm 3 gas burners on both sides Dimensions 3100 x 3200 x 3700 mm Transport dimensions W x D x H approx. 2900 x 3200 x 3000 mm with -Door front and back -compl. Electr. Facility in sep. the control cabinet -the corresponding fan blower used from a re... more
stand-alone unit out of completing unit Beo2tapq03 more
Bronschhofen, Switzerland Switzerland
dealership location
6706 km
Technical data commercial space 2,400 mm usable depth 600 mm useful height 1,000 mm volume 1,440 litres heater material Molybdaendisilicid maximum temperature 1,500 ° C heating rate &gt; 10 K / h for the entire temperature range stability of rule < ± 2 K temperature homogeneity < ± 8 K t &lt; 1,000 ° C in the steady state &lt; ± 5 K at T &gt; 1000 ° C in the steady state of overall system dimensions approx. width 4,000 mm / depth 2,000 mm / height of 3,600 mm installed capacity 100 kW (implement... more
Hardening furnace, tempering furnace, muffle furnace, nitriding furnace, chamber furnace, annealing furnace Ne0jteab -Power kW -max temp. 650 ° C -Electrically heated -Lining Schamot -Inner dimensions Ø 320 x 400 mm -External dimensions 640/910 / H1550 mm -Weight 112 kg more
MoulderBrand: CASADEITyp: F 25With swiveling milling spindle- stable steel gray cast iron construction - dynamically balanced milling unit anchored to the work table - particularly robust design of the most heavily used machine parts - quiet running with precision aggregates and high dead weight - standard with right-left rotation with electronic blocking when changing - 5 speeds from 3000 - 10000 rpm - speed display on the front of the operator - as standard with MK 4 interchangeable spindle sy... more
TECHNICAL DATASHEET CNC–TRAVELLING COLUMN MILLING MACHINE manufacturer PARPAS type SHARK One control HEIDENHAIN iTNC 530 HSCI built 2016 Travels X-axis (longitudinal) 3.500 mm Y-axis (cross) 1.050 mm Z-axis (vertical) 1.200 mm Clamping table Clamping surface 4.000 x 1.000 mm Thread bore with fitting Feeds X-, Y- and Z-axis, stepless 2 - 30.000 mm/min. Rapid feed X / Y / Z 30 m/min Max. feed force of axis 10.000 N 2-axis Milling Head 2-axis milling head TUB-E92 with power on ... more
DescriptionFSM - Precision surface grinding machines with NC-controlled vertical feed For precision surface grinding in industrial applications Maximum rigidity and stability due to stress-free annealed and hardened cast iron construction IP65-protected halogen lighting With automatic central lubrication for all slideways and spindles Electromagnetic clamping plate for fixing the workpiece incl. Automatic demagnetizing function High-quality spindle with precision taper roller bearings (concentri... more
Technical Data item number:: PM-1267 Manufacturer:: TRUMPF Type:: TruBend 7036 Year:: 2009 Bending length:: 1020 mm Press force:: 36 to Control:: TASC 6000 Working hour*:: 21534.5 h 01.07.2019 Stroke:: 120 mm Ies2s90 Beam entry:: 295 mm Distance between side frames:: 932 mm Throat:: 150 mm Y-Rapid speed:: 220 mm/s Y-Operating speed:: 10 / 25 mm/s Y-Return speed:: 220 mm/s Operating height:: 1150 mm Length:: 1805 mm Width:: 1330 mm Height:: 238... more
Heaters pretzel oven Jufeba LN2 new 4 heating elements pretzel oven for Jufeba LN2 new 4 power: 1200 W voltage: 230 V Selvage. length: 1410 mm of unheated: 2 x 30 mm tube diameter: 8.5 mm pipe sheath material: 1.4828 / AISI 309 : Thread M4 lock: annealed silicone TR: bent no TR: U-shape with connection plate 50 x 20 mm detail &#39; s see Figure Nmrq2 more
Hardening furnace, muffle furnace, nitriding furnace, microwave muffle furnace, ashing furnace, microwave quick ashtray, laboratory furnace -Melts and melt digestions z. B. for elemental analysis -Drying, annealing and heat treatments -max heat 1200 ° C -type microwave -Menu control Ql30bmfnm -i-nterfaces -Dimensions interior 250/110 / H80 mm -Transport dimensions 600/460 / H490 mm -Weight 50 kg more
Details: These guided hydraulic plate shears with CNC-controlled back gauge, kerf and cutting angle combine high quality and reliability with a user-friendly design Machine Frame •The very rigid and heavy machine frame has been welded to tight tolerances and annealed •The machine frame has been machined on a state-of-the-art 5-axis milling machine in one single setup to ensure more precise cuts and extended life •All components subject to tensile loads have been carefully constructed and design... more
x-travel:3000 mm Czujocuy y-travel:400 mm z-travel:400 mm table-size:400 x 3000 mm distance spindle nose and table:110-710 mm table load:3 t spindle taper:40 (50 opt.) BT/SK spindle speeds:60 - 8000 1/min spindle drive:11/15 kW rapid speed:24 m/min feed range:1 - 10000 mm/min tool piece magazine with:24 Stk. diameter of tools max.:150 mm (24 Werkzeuge) mm workpiece length:300 mm weight of the machine ca.:22 t weight of tools max.:7 kg positioning accuracy:± 0.005 mm repeatability:± 0.005 mm too... more
Hardening furnace, tempering furnace, muffle furnace, nitriding furnace, chamber furnace, annealing furnace, laboratory muffle furnace up to 1000°C. Manufacturer Heraeus. Type MR 170 ES. Made in Germany Technical data according to manufacturer: With electronic control. Temperature 1000°C.External dimensions W x H x D: 560 x 650 x 690 mm.Internal dimensions W x H x D: 170 x 90 x 250 mm.Weight 45 kg. 230 V. 50/60 Hz. Nominal power: 3.0 kW.Heating time to 1000 °C: 70 min.Operating instructions ava... more
Control unit - with NC control Conical bending device Side roll positioning electronically synchronized via PLC Safety mechanism for welding (welding possibility) on the machine Machine body made of stress-relieved annealed steel 4 roll drive system - upper, and lower roller with hydraulic motor driven synchronized via planetary gear (ᐳ 430 mm) Electrical and hydraulic protection against overloads Hydraulically adjustable lower roller pressure Hydraulic roller brake, prevents the sheet from slip... more
New machine Year of constr.: 2017 Facilities: The professional craftsman machine with Swivel Milling spindle and 4 speeds. Stable steel-cast iron construction Anodised ALU-Formatschiebeschlitten Large dimensioned milling unit of grey cast iron, swivel up to 45 ° to the rear Four cutting speeds from 3,500 to 10,000 min-1, manually adjustable Right left rotation as standard Display height and inclination 1/10 mm exactly Fast and easy speed change about eccentric tension Solid and precise cast ... more
Obermaßfeld- Grimmenthal, Germany Germany
dealership location
6648 km
as good as new (ex-display)
-T max. 1250 °C-max. working weight: 30,000 kg max. usable furnace chamber: 2.5 x 3.0 x 1.7 m (W x D x H)-heating from 20°C to 1000 °C: approx. 15 - 17 h with approx. 15 t total load control JUMO IMAGO 500 with Ethernet interface heating medium: natural gas heating: 6 pcs recuperative burner Ecomax 3 CB, ceramic design -connection value recuperative burner: max. 600 kW (6 x 100kW) shuttle drive: 5.5 kW as direct drive - shuttle height without support beam: 750 mm shuttle dimensions: 3.0 x 3.45 m... more
Details:These guided hydraulic plate shears with CNC-controlled back gauge, kerf and cutting angle combine high quality and reliability with a user-friendly design Machine Frame •The very rigid and heavy machine frame has been welded to tight tolerances and annealed •The machine frame has been machined on a state-of-the-art 5-axis milling machine in one single setup to ensure more precise cuts and extended life •All components subject to tensile loads have been carefully constructed and designe... more
Complete curing system new control cabinet and control 2007 Batch size 30 x 30 x 60 1 x hardening furnace / 1 x tempering furnace / 3 x quenching bath oil/water/N2 Wf0c99rt2 Max. 1000 ° annealing/curing/hardening/tempering/hardening/carbonitriding Unit H-3350mm + extraction = 4350 mm / B-2700mm / L-5000mm 1 x control panel H-2500mm T-600mm L-2400mm 1 x control panel H-2000mm T-600mm L-2000mm 1 x charging place + charging material about 10Chargen The unit is under power and produced until a buye... more
Hardening furnace, tempering furnace, muffle furnace, nitriding furnace, chamber furnace, annealing furnace, laboratory muffle furnace up to 1100°C. Manufacturer Heraeus. Made in Germany.type M 110 with industrial controller Boldt BWT 50-1.temperature 1100°C. Digital temperature control.external dimensions W x H x D: 576 x 752 x 720 mm.internal dimensions W x H x D: 200 x 150 x 300 mm.weight 78 kg.230 V. 50/60 Hz. 13,0 A. Connected load: 3.0 kW.Empty value at 1100 °C: 1.4 kWh/h.Order no. 5003429... more
Table Shears: Cutting length 3100 mm Sheet metal thickness MS (450 N/mm2) 6 mm SS (700N/mm2) thickness 4 mm Stroke per min. 15 1/min Cutting angle 1 ° 30' Number of holders of 16 St. Maximum clamp capacity 14 t Back gauge 1000 mm Backgauge speed 200 mm / sec Motor output 15kW Oil tank size 200 l RADIUS 50 mm Support arms 2pcs O28ta3eb Support arm with lateral Guide Table height 865 mm Table width 500 mm Table length 3515 mm Machine length 4110 mm Machine width 2200 mm Total width 3700 mm Machin... more
New machine year of construction: 2019 Equipment and technical data:Digital version with motorised thickness table adjustmentWith TERSA cutter shaft for planer blade change in secondsTERSA planer blade system enables particularly low-noise operationSteel feed roller with helical teeth for constant and uniform material feedMaterial feed at two speedsThe particularly long dressing tables enable easy and precise dressing of workpiecesWorking tables are made of grey cast iron, After annealed and str... more
Hardening furnace Tempering furnace Annealing furnace Nolzen type TMH 20/19/35Year of construction 2004Power 6,5 kWmax. temperature 1150°CChamber size : 250/290/350 mm Ovgyoxg more
Gantry-Type Water-Jet Cutter System Cutting solution for virtually any type of material incl. BFT High-Pressure System with 37 kW incl. stainless steel cutting tank incl. IGEMS software package incl. level control and collision guard incl. abrasives tank (1000 kg) Very rigid dual-drive machine bridge Rigid frame construction (sides are made of stress-free annealed and milled monoblocks, which are fastened with pins during machine setup) high-quality linear guides on all axes Ground and har... more
Flash butt welding machine. Totally electronically controlled it carries out automatic welding and annealing. The annealing cycle is controlled by an optical pyrometric with a laser pointer allowing a high-precision measurement of the annealing temperature. Greatly renewed, especially in its clamping group, it can bear high workloads. Possibilità di saldatura / Applicationfield: Pt0aom Larghezza Nastri in Acciaio [min-max] / Steel Band Width [min-max]:.....20-60mm-Larghezza Nas... more
Hardening furnace, tempering furnace, muffle furnace, nitriding furnace, chamber furnace, annealing furnace. Laboratory muffle furnace up to 1100°C. Manufacturer Thermo Scientific - Thermo Electron LED GmbH. Made in Germany. Type K 114 - order no. 50047063 The muffle furnace is characterised by its compact design and its temperature range of up to 1100°C.Short heating and recovery times.Annealing chamber made of ceramic fibre material.High temperature accuracy, precise control.Ideal for routine ... more
St Peter i. S. 32, 8542 St. Peter, AT Austria
7158 km
as good as new (ex-display)
both working tables open at the same time! working width 410 mm cutter block DM 95 mm knife dimensions 410 x 30 x 3 max. chip removal 5 mm working table length 2200 mm thicknesses table dim. 410 x 775 mm feed speed 6/12 m/ min min. ÷ max. work piece height 3 ÷ 240 mm Motorleistung 5,0 kW, 400V, 50 Hz Gqbwy9nbs incl. options: "Tersa”-cuter block Ø 95 mm, with 4 pcs knifes auxiliary fence for small work pieces electric height adjustment for thicknessing table w... more
Obermaßfeld- Grimmenthal, Germany Germany
dealership location
6648 km
Overhead furnace plant with air circulation, gas, new, unusedProduction year 2017Heat treatment for aluminium industry annealing process under air (no inert gas)-Max temperature 550 ° C -Inside dimensions (WxDxH mm)2300 x 3000 x 2200 -Installation dimensions (WxDxH mm)15,000 x 11,000 x 9.000 - Oven class 1 for aerospace products (AMS 2750E)- Temperature uniformity: ± 3 ° K (± 6 ° F)-With air circulation chamber furnace with bottom door (drop bottom/overhead) enables short transport times from fu... more
LÖCHER, year 2008, serial no. 9436, nominal temperature max. 950 °C, batch weight max. 30 to.., Dimensions of useful space L/B/H: 7.500 x 3.000 x 1.800 mm, heating medium natural gas, 13 impulse burners holes ZU20-W-65, power 200 kW each, 3 heating zones, temperature control with PLS rod SE 504, electric control with Siemens S7-300, OP Siemens Simatic Multi Panel Touch, cooling section with 2x8 wind ring fan - no. 46, item 2In order of the authorized persons we sell bogie hearth annealing furnac... more
for welding of band saw blades 50 until 150 mm wide without seconds filler material, weld current adjustable in 6 steps, anneal current adjustable in 6 steps, transformer capacity 25 KVA, 1 band saw square cutter IDEAL, 1electric grinding machine IDEAL for removing of weld flash from horizontal surface of blades Nhx8f more
The following article is for sale:- Our offer number: 13/102- Microwave Muffle Oven Ashing Oven- Curing Oven, Muffle Oven, Nitriding Oven, Microwave Muffle Oven, Ashing Oven Quick Asher, Laboratory Oven- Phoenix Microwave Ashing System Manufacturer: CEM- Model: Phoenix Airwave Unit- 220-240V 2450Watt- Max. Temperature 1000°C- Serial number 905310- Dry ashing of food, animal feed, cereals, etc.- Structure determination of fillings- Melting and fusion- Drying, annealing and heat treatment- Dimensi... more
Fully reconditioned and repainted 2nd hand band saw welder Viscat Fulgor Bstsm9v0 Butt welding machine with electronic control of welding and annealing current. Band saw for wood from 10 to 40 mm Bi-metal band saws from 10 to 27 mm more
Tip width: 600 mm Tip height: 165 mm Circulating diameter over bed: 330 mm Dglab3x Bed width: 190 mm Spindle connection: DIN 55029 Spindle bore: dia. 41.5 mm Max chuck diameter: 200 mm Spindle speeds: (9) 80 - 2000 rpm Power at 40% ED: 2.2 kW Longitudinal feeds Z: (12) 0.068 - 0.936 mm/U Plan feeds X: (12) 0.034 - 0.468 mm/U metric threads: (30) 0.4 - 7.0 mm Inch thread: (32) 56 - 4 Gg/inch Riding stock holder: MK 3 Pinole stroke: 100 mm Characteristics: - Machine accuracy according to DIN ... more
Gas-tight retort furnace for heat treatment processes requiring a defined protective gas atmosphere (argon and nitrogen).only approx. 3300 switch-on hours, 6 months warranty, under power demonstration-Tmax 1100°C-Inside w x d x h 450 x 750 x 450 mm usable volume 150 litre-under vacuum up to 600°C-gas-tight retort, heating elements arranged inside the retort-Retort made of 1.4841-temperature uniformity up to /- 5°C in the usable space-Nabertherm Control Center (NCC)-Kühlwasser-Rückkühl-Set-incl. ... more

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