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Brazing furnace for sale

Identified location: Ashburn (US) (Edit)
In-line oven for a wide range of heat treatments Ther­mal processes (an­neal­ing, cur­ing) with the low­est pos­si­ble en­ergy con­sump­tion and total flex­i­bil­ity re­gard­ing sub­strate size The CALiPSO is used in the man­u­fac­ture of crys­talline sil­i­con solar cells. The oven fea­tures a trans­port sys­tem con­sist­ing of ce­ramic rollers. This means that, in con­trast to the metal trans­port con­vey­ors cur­rently used for in-line dif­fu­sion ovens, no metal­lic con­t­a­m­i­na­tion c... more
Welding powder drying furnace Manufacturer: ESAB Kielberg Solingen Type: 200/300 No. 77/13 Technical data: Qnzawqyh 220V / 50 Hz 2000 W Capacity: 200 kg 300 °C Dimensions: 1710x500x500 mm (HxDxW) more
max. temperature 550 Grad size of opening 300 mm Ø Htieuizzi depth of chamber 450 mm total power requirement 5.7 kW weight of the machine ca. 190 kg dimensions of the machine ca. 650Øx1300 mm more
Niederhelfenschwil, Switzerland Switzerland
dealership location
6717 km
Roller hearth furnace with electrical/gas heating for treating coated and uncoated sheet metal blanks for hot-forming process Working temperature max.: 980°C Material temperatur max.: 930°C + 15 K furnace: Xdjeg 10 heating zones inner dimensions: length: 22.630 mm, width: 2.000 mm, height: 350 mm external dimensions: total lenght (without lifting) 23.400 mm Width 4.354 mm, Height 3.638 mm, weight approx. 30 t Lifting device: L 1.773 x W 4.214 x H 6.278 mm, approx. 4t Return transfer: L 23.35... more
ROHDE ME 45-13
Göppingen, Germany Germany
dealership location
6690 km
max. temperature 1300 Grad size of opening unbkt. mm depth of chamber unbkt. mm total power requirement 13 kW weight of the machine ca. t dimensions of the machine ca. m Nloo9 more
Eislingen, Germany Germany
dealership location
6689 km
hardening temperature:620 - 680 °C Air volume:21 m³/h gas volume:1,9 m³/h transport speed:2,4 +0,3 -0,1 m/h Nnobb more
Dreieich, Germany Germany
dealership location
6559 km
max. temperature 1150 Grad size of opening 350 x 250 mm depth of chamber 500 mm volume 41 L control Program Controller C9 Cgx37rfm voltage 380 V total power requirement 12 kW weight of the machine ca. 350 kg dimensions of the machine ca. 0,85 x 1,35 x 1,40 m - Serial-No.: 72347 - control: Program Controller C9 more
Bad Laasphe - Feudingen, Germany Germany
6491 km
as good as new (ex-display)
Welding powder drying furnace Manufacturer: Ergi OY Type: JS200 No.: 02 300310 Technical data: 230V 50 Hz Epvcf70bg IP24 2000 W Inner dimensions: 450 x 450 x 1100 mm high Dimensions: 1730x500x500 mm (HxWxD) more
Hardening furnace, muffle furnace, nitriding furnace, microwave muffle furnace, ashing furnace, microwave quick ashtray, laboratory furnace -Melts and melt digestions z. B. for elemental analysis -Drying, annealing and heat treatments -max heat 1200 ° C -type microwave -Menu control Ql30bmfnm -i-nterfaces -Dimensions interior 250/110 / H80 mm -Transport dimensions 600/460 / H490 mm -Weight 50 kg more
Chamber furnace with gas-tight muffle for protective gas operation NABERTHERM type N 41 / M Muffle furnace, hardening furnace No. 197383 Year of manufacture 2007 Temperature range max. 1100°C Inner dimensions D x W x H 450 x 320 x 150 mm (height in the middle 200 mm) Batch weight max. 35 kg Connected load 20 kW Motor power fan 1,1 kW Mains connection 400 Volt, 50 Hz, 28.8 Amp. Dbl8shpx - without temperature control (complete electrical cabinet missing) - Heating from the sides and the floor - Co... more
RIPPERT Trocknungsanlage 2-spurig
Göppingen, Germany Germany
dealership location
6690 km
degree unbek. working heigth unbek. mm length mm width mm depth mm total power requirement kW weight of the machine ca. t dimensions of the machine ca. m Nlot9 more
Glasbeek Finish Gas Chamber Furnace G.11.01 200 ° C 54kW No2jf Glasbeek finish Gas chamber furnace Maximum temperature 200 ° C Electrical connection 4 kW 54 KW 3x380V Approximate inside dimensions (B1900mm x T3000mm x H1880mm) More articles - new and used - can be found in our shop! International shipping costs on request! more
Hardness continuous furnace with air-conditioned control cabinet and control. B / H / / D: 1320 x 2045 x 2875mm. 70kg / h working temperature max. 950 ° C 35kW, heating 500k / h. Shaking for the heat treatment of small parts. Oynlfd7f more
Rod-end reheating furnace for natural gas firing with automatic temperature control and electronic ignition and flame monitoring Manufacturer Industrieofenbau Aue GmbH Type GS-120 Year of manufacture 2000 maximum temperature 1250°C The furnace was purchased in February 2001 and operated sporadically until November 2005. Since then, nothing more has been produced with the plant. The kiln therefore has hardly any operating hours. Useful space in L x W x H = approx. 50x50cm outer dimensions: approx... more
max. temperature: 1150 Grad size of opening: 450 x 450 mm depth of chamber: 720 mm total power requirement: 21 kW weight of the machine ca.: 0,6 t dimension machine [...]: 1,6 x 1,2 x 1,8 m Operating mode: electric Useful space condition: ceiling = vault, the floor and the lining with fireclay brick Door flap can be opened manually upwards via handrail, safety stop at top and bottom available The door fuse is secured by limit switches. An inspection hole is located in the middle of the door. Th... more
Ready for use, according to the principle of fluidised bed combustion, as good as new Cfskobj more
Niederhelfenschwil, Switzerland Switzerland
dealership location
6717 km
DIMENSIONS / WEIGHTS .. space requirements -left/right-: 8750 mm .. space requirements -front/back-: 3700 mm Bgntrns3uo .. total height: 3100 mm Rollenherdofen WMU VKR 3900g 2000 Bauj. 2004, Schutzgasfähig Nutzraum: 2000 x 50 (150) Durchsatz: 600 kg/h Nenntemp.: 950 °C Heizleistung: 280 KW 3 Heizzonen je 950°C Heizlänge: 3900 mm Nutzraumbreite: 2000 mm Nutzraumhöhe: 50 (150) mm Durchsatzleistung: 600 kg/h Ofenvolumen: 7.1 m3 7 Rekuperator - Strahlrohrbrenner 3-fach Lich... more
Nominal power 46 KW Nominal temperature 1000 C Weight ca.1100 KG 300 Kg Al., for melting, ladling and keeping warm aluminium alloys. Mut9gk more
very good condition Xnlum8c max. temperature 1050˚ inner dimensions mm. 240x180x500 more
St. Ingbert, Germany Germany
dealership location
6494 km
max. temperature:600 Grad :500 x 700 x 550 (mit Steinen) mm :800 x 800 x 800 (ohne Steine) mm Nl87h total power requirement:12 kW more
COMPLETE DRYING DRYER FOR AMS BRAND - year of production 2016 - capacity 120m3 - with control Included: - 600 kW solid fuel stove with dimensions of 330x180x310 cm - Hopper with auger and 2.2 kW blower 180x150x210 cm Bi0awrex7b - A set of 2 fans fi 500x300 mm, 2 x 5.5 kW, 90x100x230 cm - Argen 110 control - Electrical cabinet The dryer was dismantled and stored in a warehouse. more
Espec Vacuum furnace VAC-300 PR W37cizdh 0°C ... +200°C Inside approx. 800 x 800 x 800 more
Obermaßfeld- Grimmenthal, Germany Germany
dealership location
6648 km
Kemotherm Annealing Furnace. The oven can reach a maximum temperature of 800 ° C. The power required is 48kW. Mzfy8qp9 more
Shop floor oven Wiesheu Manufacturer : Wiesheu Year of construction : 2006 Type : EBO 1-68R IS500 Djzbobvok each floor 1 x 60x80cm sheets with proofing cabinet on castors Mobile Per floor 3N-PE AC 400/50Hz approx. 1.8kW Floor height 16cm outer dimensions : W: 94cm D: 135cm H: 210cm Details see picture more
Length: 17430 mm. With: 2300 mm Belt width 1250 mm. Temperature Max 1,100 C. Operating 900 C Belt Drive Speed: 20-110 cm / min Electric connected loads: 8 heating zones with 12 heating groups (21.5 kw) and 8 groups with 32.5 kw) Operated with PLC Siemens Simatic S 7 The furnace has few operating hours and is new condition We also have 2-3 used similar furnaces (length 14000 mm and width 1000 mm) where we only offer the steel construction and belt drive. Insulation, heating and steering have to b... more
Drying furnace for welding electrodes Manufacturer: ISUM Type: WELDRY MW2 Technical data: max. holding temperature 300 °C Heating elements 2,7 kW Capacity 3000 electrodes Be3bpo9zsq Power 230V AC single-phase IP degree of protection 44 external dimensions: 830x690x760 mm weight: 90kg more
annealing temperature 0-500 °C speed - meter/min 5-60 Bivv2tlx2f more
Bench top Vectstar Muffle Furnace Serial No 5651284 Model CF2 Cfbvuvfg Overall size 700mm wide x 650mm deep x 700mm in height. Chamber size. 400mm deep 180mm wide 160mm height All dimensions approximate. Volts 220/240 Power 3kw Programmable PID temperature controller (solid state) Eurotherm over temperature protection more
Shop floor oven WP Matador 2 pieces Defect Manufacturer : WP Bd3w0fe8 Type : Matador Store 6.8 For 60x80cm sheets Details see picture more
Demonstration unit only 3 fires -volume 165 litres -max. temperature 1300°C -Semigastight design -inside: 550 x 750 x 400 mm -Outside: 1400 x 1850 x 2000 mm -control system Bentrup TC 504 -Charging plate 3-sided heating -Sic Cover of the side heating elements -parallel swing door -power 30 KW Ei7l88ano -current 44A -voltage 400V -weight 860 kg -operating instructions Visits by arrangement Industrial furnace, tempering furnace, chamber furnace, heating furnace, heating furnace, annealing furnace,... more
Electric bogie hearth furnace (oven - stove - kiln) for heat treatments of steel and alloys for the thermal processes of annealing, normalization, re-heating, stress reliving, etc... Brand: Pagnotta Termomeccanica Type: FFEC/TT Bg3fakqzkj Useful dim.: L 1.500 mm - W 1.200 mm - H 1.000 mm Max temperature: 1000°C Heating power: 60 kW - 400 V Insulation: refractory ceramic fibre Automatic switch board with controller + safety thermorgulator The photos are of a similar machine. CE Certific... more
Bad Laasphe - Feudingen, Germany Germany
6491 km
good (used)
Powder drying oven Manufacturer: Alphatherm Type: SPT 120 B3dsajeg Year of construction: 2001 No. 3063/1407 Technical data: 400V - DS 3.6 KW capacity 200 kg powder Dimensions: 1600x760x870 mm (HxWxD) more
annealing temperature 0-500 °C Bivv2337pg speed - meter/min 10-60 more
1 pc. hardening 1300° Type: KS 800/37 Connected load: 37KVA      220 / 380V, 97.3 / 56.3 A; 50 Hz Max. Temp. 1350 ° Bitjpg9xs2 Opening: 500 x 400 x 1000 (980) (WxHxD) Weight: 4t more
Storeroom oven Wiesheu EBO Manufacturer : Wiesheu Year of construction : 2007 Type : EBO 64 320 IS 600 infrared each floor 1 x 60x40cm sheets with proofing cabinet on castors Mobile Per floor 3N-PE AC 400/50Hz approx. 4.4kW It was in the garage for a long time. We plugged it in, the fuse goes out. Must be completely sacked through Details see picture Hjzciaa more
New price 2011 - 15.000€. Was only in operation for a very short time. Drying chamber 100 L, max 400°C, Powder storage chamber 250 L, max 160°C Dimensions LxWxH 800x800x2500 mm Connection: 230 V - 50 Hz - 20 A free on truck Nvocf more
Prosthetic furnace Endezfb PDQ Rollabout Infrared Ovens 7C INT The device is operational more
Nabertherm N11/R Kiln Preheating oven Laboratory furnace Control unit Controller C9 Biqo9a7glf 1100°C more
Continuous roller furnace - BJ 2002 Manufacturer: Industrial furnace & hardening accessories Unna GmbH Condition: very good Cross section of the flow chamber: Xkq20 500 x 120mm (W x H) Transport roller distance: 300mm Temperature max. 600 ° C Speed: 0-4 m / min Controller: Eurotherm 2704 With control cabinet and controller Heated length: 11m Cooling section: 2m Infeed roller conveyor: 25m (modular) Spout roller conveyor: 25m (modular) more
Important notice!! Melting furnace is not available for separate sale. May only be sold in the package with 2 Die casting Cells (see our listings)! Biwhaiqniw Type KTR 10 Max. hourly production to 720 °C = 450 kg/h Furnace capacity about 1000 kg. Aluminium bath max. temperature degrees 760°C 2 Installed burners more
Enger, Germany Germany
dealership location
6452 km
Storeroom oven Wiesheu EBO Manufacturer : Wiesheu Year of construction : 2009 Type : EBO 68 320 IS 600 Nostalgia each floor 1 x 60x40cm sheets 22gp3n with proofing cabinet on castors Mobile Per floor 3N-PE AC 400/50Hz approx. 5.15kW Details see picture more
Chamber depth: 310 mm. Chamber width: 160 mm. Chamber height: 160 mm. Chamber temperature: 50-750 degrees. Beyphavypd Including automatic control, Underframe and documentation. Weight: About 150 kg. The furnace can be carried under power in consultation and is immediately available. Please also note my other listings. more
Machine no. 175508 1280° C 20 KW Interior good condition without damage Chamber dimensions 800 x 380 x 250 mm with cooling bath Bigt9je3sh more
Oven Heating cabinet N 11 / R Control C30 Biqoyyuqgq to 1100°C more
BAD LIPPSPRINGE, Germany Germany
dealership location
6485 km
good (used)
MIWE IDEAL Floors Oven 6 floors B=0.60 m T= 2.0 m The furnace is with oil Heated (diesel) outside mass H=2.60 m L=2.70 B=1.00 m outdoor fairing Noble steel plates Bymkq78w Above lying combustion chamber the oven isat Specially suitable for bread, since the trunk heat is very good which can be loaded in whole complete in one piece, It weighs about 4-4,5 tons, if you have any further questions, please write to us. much in advance. more
Manufacturer: FORNAX AS Continuous heat treatment furnace. Biwgocywcz Operating temperature: 130 ° C. Production year: 2006 Sizes: Length: 6.2 m width: 2,5 m 2 chambers door, size: 90 x 190 cm heating capacity: 110 kW 72 Heating system more
Storeroom oven Wiesheu Manufacturer : Wiesheu Year of construction : 2001 Type : EBO 2-64 each floor 1 x 60x40cm sheets with proofing cabinet on rollers Mobile Per floor 3N-PE AC 400/50Hz approx. 2.4kW Must be installed 4 steam heat stacks Details see picture Bh2zlyewtg more
Glasbeek Finish Top Loader Electric Chamber Furnace 230°C Jvdzra Glasbeek Finish Top Loader Electric Chamber Furnace Max temperature 230°C. Internal dimensions: L1490 x W1490 x D820mm More articles - new and used - can be found in our shop! International shipping costs on request! more

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