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Autoclave for sale

Identified location: Ashburn (US) (Edit)
Make Stock Sterilisationstechnik, Neumünster, Type Pilot Rotor 900, New 1986, Material Mild steel, Working pressure 6 Bar, Vertical autoclave "Full water immersion rotary retort" (1x), Capacity ± 400 Ltr, Internal diameter 900mm, Internal depth 600mm, Motor ± 3,0 KW, With variable speed drive, With switchgear (controls/switch gear is from 2009), Floorspace 2,3x2,0 M, Total height 2,5 M What you can expect from Foeth: all our machines are in working condition, and at a reduced price compared to n... more
SKYDRA, Greece Greece
dealership location
7988 km
reconditioned (used)
Product code of Kamarakis website: KAM – APO - PAN - 001 Autoclave Panini, inox, full rebuilt, with all accessories Capacity 6 basket (inox or galvanized) On his plate is marked MO1582/90 N.FABBR. 2010 DATA 13.09.90 CAP 7180 BAR 3 MATR. 1582/90 Bfpsa7bxse The heating system is by introducing steam in the water via a pneumatic activated steam valve. Overall dimensions of the autoclave LxWxH 6.8 x 1.6 x 2.6 + control panel 1x1x2.1 m The machine is temporarily stored in our premises (BUILD... more
Make Hermann Stock Neumünster, Type Rotorzwerg, New 1982, Material Mild steel, Horizontal autoclave "Rotory autoclave" (1x), Capacity 100 Ltr, Internal diameter 395mm, Internal depth 430mm, Electric heated , Motor , With switch , Floorspace 1,8x0,9 M, Total height 1,3 M, Weight 770 KG What you can expect from Foeth: all our machines are in working condition, and at a reduced price compared to new. They are ready for shipping to any destination worldwide. You are welcome to inspect our machines i... more
Make Linden Steril Tech (Getinge), Type 11/6,5/22, No 02955, New 1997, Material Stainless steel 1.4571 (316Ti), Working pressure 3 Bar, Vacuum possible , Working pressure jacket 3 Bar, Horizontal autoclave "Steam sterilizer" (1x), Capacity 1960 Ltr, Internal width 720mm, Internal depth 2240mm, Internal height 1200mm, Inlet/Outlet 740x1330mm (2x), Tray sizes 1010x630mm, Max. temperature 143 Degr. C., With jacket (675 Ltr), Max. temperature 143 Degr. C., With vacuum pump make SIHI type LPHE 45316,... more
Make Hermann Stock GmbH, Type Pilot-400, No 37212, New 1988, Control cabinet from 2007, Material Mild steel, Working pressure 6 Bar, Horizontal autoclave /"Rotoclave" (1x), make Hermann Stock GmbH, Capacity 55 Ltr, Internal diameter 395mm, Internal depth 450mm, Tray sizes /Container dimensions 265x250x300mm), Max. temperature 200 Degr. C., Motor 0,18 KW, 380 Volt, With pump , With switchgear , Floorspace 1,8x1,1 M, Total height 2,2 M, Weight 950 KG What you can expect from Foeth: all our machine... more
Make Fedegari, Type FOAF3 SP., No NA0471EE, Material Stainless steel, Working pressure 3 Bar, Horizontal autoclave , Capacity 1750 Ltr, Internal width 0,8 M, Internal depth 2,65 M, Internal height 0,8 M, Inlet/Outlet 800x800mm / 800x800mm, With trays , Tray sizes 240x200mm, Max. temperature 140 °C, With jacket , Insulated , With pump , Motor 4,0 KW, 400/690 Volt, With transport trolley 12x, With switchgear , Floorspace 2,4x6,0 M, Total height 2,3 M, Weight 3250 KG What you can expect from Foeth:... more
Make Cisa, Type 6412L/2P/E/TS/SV, No 6305, New 1997, Material Stainless steel 1.4404 (316L), Working pressure 3.5 Bar, Vacuum possible , Working pressure jacket 3.5 Bar, Horizontal autoclave , Capacity 500 Ltr (432 Ltr nett), Internal width 640 mm, Internal depth 1220 mm, Internal height 640 mm, Inlet/Outlet 700 x 680 mm, With trays , Tray sizes 1200 x 600 mm, Max. temperature 148 grd C, With jacket 103 Ltr, Max. temperature 148 grd C, Electric heated Internal steam generator 4 bar - 45 kg/hour ... more
Make Barriquand Steriflow (FR), Type S1119, No 8019059, New 1998, Material Stainless steel, Working pressure 5 Bar, Horizontal autoclave , Internal diameter 880 mm, Internal depth 950 mm, Inlet/Outlet dia. 880 mm, With trays 5x, Tray sizes 680x375 mm, Insulated , With switchgear , Floorspace 3,1x1,5 M, Total height 2,4 M, Weight 1500 Kg, CE , Extra Specifications steam heated steam presure safety valve 4 bar What you can expect from Foeth: all our machines are in working condition, and at a redu... more
Autoclave/Hardening boiler Manufacturer: Scholz & Co. Year of construction: 1996 Working pressure: 16 bar Working temperature: 203° C Volume: 101.800 liters Diameter: 2,000 m Length: 26 m Charging medium: saturated steam Quantity: 9 pieces (all identical) Price: €25,000 / piece Bae20t The autoclaves could be inspected at every time! In very good condition! more
Leipzig, Germany Germany
dealership location
6727 km
lifting capacity: kg radiator: kW max. temperature: 120 °C overpressure : +2,0 bar internal diameter: 980 mm internal length : 2580 mm 7njytp993 external diameter: 1500 mm external diameter : 2740 mm wall strength: ca. 6,5 mm content: ca. 2000 l weight: 1425/Stück kg There are 2 pcs of autoclaves on sale, unused - permissible operational overpressure chamber 1 and 2: each +2,0 bar - permissible operating temperature 120°C On sale as is! more
Pressure autoclave of the Maschinenbau Scholz brand, capacity 30 m3, diameter 1.65 m, length 14 m. Pumps after overhaul have worked for less than a year, Siemens automation. Full documentation of the machine. The set includes 2 pools, a shed for the device, a control cabinet, pumps, carts and all necessary equipment. The device is technically functional, ready for work Begfqumen0 more
Autovap:The Steam Water Spray Retort Diameter: 1.400 mm, Capacity: 4 cages, with manual door, with Siemens Steuerung, with Heat-Exchanger, TÜV-certification - Proven retort concept - a system with minimal energy consumption - Designed for new packaging - flexibility in pasteurisation and sterilisation - Product quality - process fidelity, short cycle times Longer shelf life with the Steam Water Spray Process If steam and water consumption have highest priority and the container material is su... more
2 - Cage autoclave (capacity approx. 500 kg product per batch) The autoclave was completely overhauled in 2016 and has only run a few times since With Siemens control, new pumps, valves, WAN drives, digital writing instrument in the control cabinet, Control cabinet next to the machine Including 10 cages and approx. 100 intermediate layers Quick steam generator, make Certuss, type Junior 600 Bihadaot83 Oil-powered, Steam output: 650 kg / h, Heat output: 393 kW, Oil consumption: 36,9 kg/h With new... more
Zirbus horizontal standing autoclave HST 4x5x6. F9yk77d Volume pressure vessel 215 L, jacket space: 44 L. Min / Max Temp: + 20 ° C / + 138 ° C. Max pressure: -1bar / + 2.5bar. With steam generator DG 18. Vacuum pump set. Exhaust air filtration. Water rapid cooling. Circulation fan. SteriTouch control. Dolly. Charge car. Wire mesh basket. Replacement of wear parts and descaling of the cooling jacket by Zirbus in 2019. more
Laboratory autoclave DE-45 SYSTEC Horizontal table autoclave With 12 sterilization programs Conventional steam production Useful volume Ø x depth: 344 x 500mm Cjwv8ea0 Tank volume: 45/50 Liters External dimensions: 618 x 740 x 550mm power: 3 Kw 220 Volt more
This multi-lot item includes: 1. Scholz Autoclave - Internal Diameter: 3300mm - Internal Length: 10200mm - Capacity 1120L - Pressure: 15 bar - Year: 1978 - Serial: 33189 3. Automated Bogie Loading System - Pneumatic Lowering Drawbridge - KEEVALITE Hydraulic System with Motor - Width: 1500mm - Length: 6000mm 4. Steam, Air & Water Regulation Systems - AUMA Water Regulator/ Valve Actuator - AUMA Steam Regulator/ Valve Actuator - ECKARDT Compressed Air Vent System - ECKARDT Com... more
KIESS Taifun 200 (200 l)
Staufenberg, Germany Germany
dealership location
6555 km
all stainless steel Kfiswlen suitable for 5 trolleys 2 doors : entry and exit diameter 1.300 mm with heat exchanger “Vicarb-S.A”, Type V28-5052 5 bar connected 158 degrees operating temperature air circulation system suitable for pre-cooling sprinkling system power : 3x400V, 50Hz, 49/46A dimensions (l x w x h) : ± 6.000 x 2.000 x 2.400 mm more
Steris LS-2000 HAMO Autoclave Deconterminator Sterilizer Washer Desinfector400 V 200 x 80 x 75 cm Ftpwy7hww The device is currently not ready for operation. You can find more articles in our other offers! more
HMC Steam Sterilizer HG 80 Hiclave. Stainless steel pressure vessel, chamber volume 85L. With flexible medium temperature sensor / temperature sensor. Basket HG 50/80 made of stainless steel, stainless steel, Inner diameter 338mm x height 220mm. Basket HG 50/80 (2pcs) with shell, inner diameter 325mm x height 450mm. GLP Set HG consisting of printer and exhaust air filtration. 12 fully automatic, pre-assigned ease-to-use programs. Central quick release. Drain cock for easy emptying. Loading capac... more
Autoclave SRX 1100-3 HV VA PS Bgrku2alid With Rotation In Stainless Steel For three Cages With Hydraulic Closure With Siemens Control With Pneumatic Clamping Device Valves MF Pumps EDUR Transport Coating Galvosil Valid TÜV-Certificate was in use in baby food industry, with Micro - Shuttle for automatic infeed of cages. more
Working length 11m Diameter 1.6m trolleys,pumps, remote control, bath for chemistry, Bg7nkpc3fs autoclave is dismantled full documentation located in Lithuania more
Getinge S-606 is a rinsing and disinfection device from the Getinge range. It is a freestanding model. - Easy to use - Excellent for cleaning and disinfecting Technical data: max. 5,36 kW Protection class IP22 Connected load: 400V, 3N Dimensions approx: Nn9tr Depth: 66 cm width: 60 cm Height: 101 more
SHP Steriltechnik Vacuum Autoclave Laboclave 25-V. 25L usable volume. Table-top unit with integrated vacuum pump for fractionated fore-vacuum and drying function for up to 2 hours. Freely programmable drying time. Chamber dimensions (Ø x L) 275 x 465 mm. Maximum chamber pressure 2.8 / -1 bar. Sterilization temperature 98 ° C to 137 ° C. Integrated steam generator. Automatic water pump. Automatic locking system. Chamber cover made of safety glass with chamber lighting. Lid cover made of safety gl... more
Working length: 15m Diameter: 1,78m Without pumps! Bath for draining chemistry included in price Bfnshe0iab more
Barneveld, Netherlands Netherlands
dealership location
6266 km
Make Narco, Type 8100 TD, Drying oven "Autoclave", Max. temperature 120 Gr. C., Internal width 230mm, Internal depth 450mm, Electric capacity 1,45 Kw, 220 Volt, With timer , Floorspace 450x370 mm, Total height 650 mm, Extra Specifications Without circulation, with temperature control, with timer, suited for 2 bar pressure What you can expect from Foeth: all our machines are in working condition, and at a reduced price compared to new. They are ready for shipping to any destination worldwide. You... more
Hospital equipment for sale online until May 28th. Make your best offer on our Mercury Auctions website (search our name in Google)! We have on sale: - Pediatric beds; - Toshiba ultrasound scanners; - Toshiba MRI scans; - Numerous defibrillators; - Blood pressure monitors; - Surgery irons; - Drager anesthesia vaporizers, Fluotec, Abbot; - Terumo infusion pumps; - Bench and autoclave centrifuges; - Sterilizers; - Monitors and printers for ultrasound and vital parameters; - Scales and pressure gau... more
Beckman Coulter Flow cytometer / cell sorter Moflo Astrios. With: 4x laser with 4 pin holes 405, 488, 561 and 633nm. Beckman Coulter workstation with screen. Intellipower BrightUPS voltage changer with backup battery. Wekzeugsatz. 5x 70µm ceramic atomizer. 5x 100µm ceramic atomizer. 2x autoclavable containers for liquid media. Summit 6.2 software. Was serviced annually. Bigtbzapte more
Terni, Italy Italy
7220 km
good condition (used)
BOVONE PVB LINE Size 2700x4600 Year 2009 Without autoclave. With climate room Washers Bovone . everything like new in very good conditions. Wyqbf0m more
Rotomat:The Fullwater immersion retort with rotation Diameter: 1.100 mm, Capacity: 4 cages, with manual door, Muyqg8 with Siemens Steuerung, with TÜV-certification Offer incl. one set of cages (4), trolleys (4) and spacer mats (50) Full water immersion counterpressure retort concept - Energy contained in the storage vessel allows for an extremely short temperature come-up-time. - Water envelops the containers - even temperature penetration into the product from all sides. - Optimised water ... more
W1D 5EU Brebners, United Kingdom United Kingdom
dealership location
5928 km
ready for operation (used)
Condition Used Listing name INOTECH Encapsulator The INNOTECH ENCAPSULATOR is a semi-automatic encapsulation instrument for the bioencapsulation of animal, microbial and plant cells as well as of enzymes into microbeads and microcapsules. The bead formation technique is based on the fact that a laminar liquid flow is broken up into equal beads, if it is vibrated at an optimal frequency. It possesses the following key features: The instrument provides the following key features: · Sterile ... more
Used bottling line SIPA for PET: water and soft drink. Speed: 4.000 bph. Revised on 2017. 1.5lt and 2.0lt sizes - 28 PCO and BPF cap Line composed of: KAESER compressors with Booster 45 Bar and dryer Chiller for water cooling Bfkdkjiv27 SIPA SF 8/4 Blowing machine with 2 sets of molds Monoblock VIMERCATI 28/48/8 composed of: - rinsing machine 28 clamps - Carousel 48 valves filling - 8 heads rotary carousel - AROL - pick and place PCO 28 P.E. Labeling machine Hot melt at 8T SMI LSK 30 F. bundling... more
Used laboratory centrifuge with high speed and cooling from Sorvall Type RC-28S with angle rotor (34º) Type Sorvall SS34 Technical specifications: Dfjq30ney 380 V 50 Hz 30 A 5000 W Centrifuge speed range: 100 - 28,000 rpm Capacity Rotor: 8 x 50 ml Maximum rotor speed: 20.000 rpm Maximum rotor volume: 400 ml Maximum RCF: 47,808 g Rotor is autoclavable up to 121ºC Housing (D)x(H)x(W): 102 x 122.5 x 69.7 cm You can find more articles - new and used - in our shop! International shipping costs ... more
This listing is for a Series 3000 Baltimore AirCoil cooling tower. The item is of stainless steel construction, laddered with a top walkway with safety rail. Available as a separate lot, the item functioned alongside an autoclave and associated line which is also available (SHLL001-0013, SHLL007). Info: Make: Baltimore Air Coil Series: 3000 Model: S.3643 Njzr2 Capacity: 72,6ls Year: 2004 more
We bid: Tank system consisting of 3 tanks of 10000 l each, 2 pumps and 2 agitators with the complete piping in a steel tank and other technical components The plant is still located at the customer's site in Halle. The sale is ex works EXW. The plant was used to store the 2 components (isocyanate) for coating vehicle components with anti-drumming agent ( Polyurethanes). The plant is empty and rinsed. She's not ex-protected. It consists of the following components: Container Manufacturer: Scharf ... more
Autovap:The Steam Water Spray Retort Diameter: 1.100 mm, Capacity: 4 cages, with manual door, with Siemens Steuerung, with Heat-Exchanger, with Chain conveyor, TÜV-certification Heegxzfp - Proven retort concept - a system with minimal energy consumption - Designed for new packaging - flexibility in pasteurisation and sterilisation - Product quality - process fidelity, short cycle times Longer shelf life with the Steam Water Spray Process If steam and water consumption have highest priority an... more
VACUUM/LOW-PRESSURE IMPREGNATION PLANT IWT Moldrup Type V10-S DIAMETER 1.400 mm AND LENGTH 4.100 mm Hpnf0s2 Not used, installation in 2014 Pressure vessel: Diameter 1.400 mm Length 4.100 mm Volume: 24.000 litres of preservative Wood volume: app. 3,2 m3 per charge Pressure: 0 to 3 bar (abs) Material: 10 mm HII boiler plate/P265GH Wood pack size: max 1,00 m x 0,80 m x 4,20 m Door: 1 rapid closure door Complete with internal rails and an anti-float system for the trolleys Storage tank placed n... more

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