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Hebrock akv 069 for sale

Identified location: Ashburn (US) (Edit)
Edge bander Hebrock Type AKV Machine no. 863 Year of construction 1992 Cumrjzl Edge thickness 0,4 – 1 mm Max. workpiece height 50 mm Min. workpiece length 170 mm Min. workpiece width 50 mm Feed speed approx 4 m/min. Power 3 kW Dimension L 1.730 mm x W 690 mm x H 1.240 mm Weight 115 kg more
single sided edge banding machine Brand: Hebrock Type: AKV 83 FYear: 1995 Dsh0xsh more
Engine power: 15,6 PS/HP (11,5 kW), Type: AKV 2000 DX, Engine frequency: 50 Hz, Accessories: with moving device, crosscut saw unit: Yes, roller support, glue unit, pressure unit, flush saw, milling unit Fblbb23ui more
Used machine Year of construction: 1994 Bekxz9rziw with quick heat adhesive container with chop saw up to 5 mm edge thickness with milling station equipped on request with combined indexable insert milling cutters for radius, straight and chamfer milling Outriggers, foldable and extendable to the front with trolley availability: short term Location: Röllbach more
max. Anleimerstärke : 8 mm min. Werkstückdicke : 8 mm max. Werkstückdicke : 40 mm min. Werkstückbreite : 80 mm Vorschubgeschwindigkeit : 10 m/min Fügeaggregat : Ja, mit 2 Fräsaggregaten Fügewerkzeug : Dia-Wechselplatten-Fräser Kappsäge : Ja Kombiaggregat Bündig/Fase/Radius : pneumatisch zustellbar Abrundaggregat : pneumatisch zustellbar Stk Flachziehklinge : Ja, tastend Stk Fb8m8jsvi Steuerungsart : SPS Streckensteuerung Motorleistung : 14,7 kW Fahreinrichtung : Ja Ausziehbare Rollenauflag... more
max. Anleimerstärke : 8.0 mm Vorschubgeschwindigkeit : 10 m/min min. Werkstückdicke : 8.0 mm Laufrichtung der Platte : von Bediener nach links min. Werkstückbreite : 80 mm Aufheizzeit : 8 min Fügeaggregat : Ja, mit 2 Fräsaggregaten Fügewerkzeug : Diamand- Fräser Autom. Rollenmagazin : Ja Kappschere bis : 0.2 - 3.0 mm Einzelzuführung der Kante : Ja autom. Beleimung : Leimbecken mit Granulat Kombifräsaggregat : Ja Abrundaggregat/Eckenkopieren : Ja Sd3rf9vz Flachziehklinge : Ja Aggregatena... more
Used edge banding machine Internal machine number: m2743 Manufacturer Hebrock Type AKV 83 year of construction 1988 Power 3 kW max. 2 mm edge With base frame With operating instructions Item location: 58730 Fröndenberg/Ruhr Eheniun The machine can be inspected and tested under power. A forklift/crane for loading is available. We reserve the right of prior sale. There is the possibility of expert examination of the articles for sale on the spot. Specific questions should be clarified in advance.... more
" Edge banding machine Hebrock AKV Euro 3001 F Cuhoqt9e No. 756 Year of construction 2004 With joint cutter Separate pneumatic milling adjustment And undercarriage Heating tank overhauled Pressure rollers exchanged joint cutter exchanged approx. 1 year ago New indexable inserts" more
General product information: Powerful and robust, this Hebrock continuous racer offers unimagined possibilities. Developed for highest demands, the AKV DF-F stands for absolute reliability and productivity in daily use. Data: max. edge thickness 3/8 mm min/max.workpiece thickness 10/40 mm min. workpiece length approx. 200 mm min. workpiece width approx. 300 mm Feed speed approx. 10 m/min. Ready for operation approx. 5 min. max. power consumption 13,5 kW Electrical connection 400 V / 3 Ph / 50 Hz... more
Hochheim am Main, Germany Germany
dealership location
6537 km
Used machine Year of construction: 1989 condition: normal Edge banding machine for pre-coated edge material High-performance hot air blower Roller Caps Edge milling machine End capping Bekxuklomd Feed Outriggers, both sides Attachment trolley max. edge thickness approx. 1 mm max. workpiece height approx. 50 mm min. workpiece length approx. 170 mm min. workpiece width approx. 50 mm Feed rate approx. 4 m/min. Heat output 3 kW electr. connection 230 V Weight approx. 95 kg availability: short term L... more
Flachziehklinge : Ja, tastend Stk Abrundaggregat : pneumatisch zustellbar Stk Absaugdurchmesser : 80/140 mm Kappschere bis : 3 mm min. Werkstücklänge : 300 mm min. Werkstückbreite : 70 mm max. Werkstückdicke : 40 mm min. Werkstückdicke : 10 mm max. Anleimerstärke : 3 mm Vorschubgeschwindigkeit : 10 m/min Gewicht ca. : 1500 kg Ausziehbare Rollenauflage : Ja Fahreinrichtung : Ja Steuerungsart : SPS Streckensteuerung Profilziehklinge : pneumatisch zustellbar Kombiaggregat Bündig/Fase/Radius : p... more
Made in Germany Technical specifications: Control Unit: Max. edge thickness: 3 mm / 8 mm / 12 mm Min./max workpiece height: approx. 10 mm / 40 mm Min. workpiece length: approx. 200 mm / 300 mm Min. workpiece width: approx. 70 mm Feed speed: approx. 10 m/min Ready for operation in: approx. 6 min Work table height: 880 mm Nw97z Dimensions: Length: 5000 mm Width: 1445 mm Height: 1600 mm Weight: 1400 kg Notes: Availability immediately Available inspection underpower more
Engine power: 16.3 hp/HP (12.0 kW) Built: 2007 Motor voltage: 3x 400 V Motor frequency: 50 Hz Min. workpiece length: 200 mm Min. workpiece width: 80 mm Suction connection- diameter: 120 mm Weight: 1250 kg Workpiece height: 10-40 mm Chain feed: 10 m/min Crosscut saw unit: Yes Be3e7xs2gc Radiic drawing blade unit: Yes Surface drawing blade: Yes Flush and radii milling unit: Yes Joining milling unit: Yes Corner rounding unit: Yes Ready for operation in about 6 minutes Work table height: approx. 880... more
Second-hand machine Year of construction: 1994 Edgebander for pre-coated edging material High performance hot air blower Roles capping Laminate trimmer Feed Tower cars Max edge thickness 1 mm maximum workpiece height approx. 50 mm min. Panel length approximately 170 mm minimum workpiece width 50 mm Heating power 3 kW Electr. Connection 230 V Weight approx. 110 kg Chassis Much edging material here Bellmeifol Location: Off the shelf 54634 Bitburg -free load- more
Edgebander for shaped workpieces SMA-REF-5528 Type: formatting edge banders Manufacturer: Hebrock Model: AKV 88 F Year: 1998 Working range: Edge thickness: max. 3 mm Workpiece thickness: 8 - 40 mm Inner circle: min. 8 mm Features: for pre-coated edges Condition: ready for action under power Location: Eastern Germany Dimensions: Weight: 150 kg Availability: on demand Ekbtesh Terms of delivery: ex works free on truck Terms of payment: 100% before dismantling/loading more
workpiece thickness min./max. 10/45 mm workpiece length min. 260 mm Bia9ngyiel workpiece width min. 90 mm Roll goods 0.5-8 mm Glue roll more
Machine Condition Good Weight W-2860mm,D-850mm,H-.1150mm Weight approx.400kg. Bh7b800chn more
Edge banding machine Manufacturer: Hebrock Type: AKV 3005 DK C9fgsijsa Year of construction: 2001 Caps Flush milling for radius, straight and chamfer milling Radius scraper Corner copying unit Surface scraper Buffing unit max. edge thickness: 8 mm max. workpiece height: 40 mm min. workpiece width: 70 mm feed speed: 10 m/min Mileage. approx. 99.500 m Chassis Dimensions: 4,270 x 1,325 x 1,520 mm Weight: 1.050 kg more
Edge bander Hebrock type AKV 83 year of manufacture 1994 Gvyoik for preglued edge banding material edge router clipping for roll material max. veneer material thickness 1mm max. workpiece height 50 mm min. workpiece length 170 mm min. workpiece width 50 mm infeed speed 4 m/min. heating power 3 kW more
Edge banding machine manufacturer Hebrock type AKV 2001 DK Bdp7qyjkqy Built in 1991 Workpiece width of min. 70 mm workpiece length of min 250 mm workpiece height of min. - max. 10-50 mm edge thickness min max 0.4 5 mm feed m/min 11 m / min fixed hinged side right glue specifying glue roll gluing unit hot melt Adhesive edge magazine roll 3 mm edge magazine solid 5 mm Pressure zone straight caps straight bevel/RADIUS milling 2 per page buffing unit/bottom 1 piece height adjustment manual connecti... more
Bad Sooden-Allendorf, Germany Germany
dealership location
6583 km
Power supply 11.5 kW Lqvlol7b Exhaust fan with dust bag 3400 mm long with boom Depth with edges plate 1280 mm Weight 600 kg Edge thickness up to 5 mm Glue height 55 mm Feed speed 11 m / min Yoke caps 1 milling unit phase 2. milling unit RADIUS Compressed air supply 7 bar more
cleaned, function tested, test run checking, setting, Partially overhauled by factory mechanic Frequency converter rewrapped, stored, isolated and soaked New parts: Pneumatic cylinder, undervoltage Motor protection switch, saw blade used, good condition manufactured by Hebrock type  AKV 2001 DK built in 95 Masch.-No. 2877 CE tested for type examination GS-wood dust approved heated infeed fence solid edge bands to 3 mm trimming from der roll to 3 mm flush trimming radius-Fräsen radius scraper con... more
Equipment: Belt feed with new double belts. Cutting shears for roll separation. Glue supply to the heating tank from above. Pcakjlul Printing station. Chop saw front - rear edge. Edges up to 3/5 mm. Pre-milling station chamfer/flush. Milling station Radius. Integrated suction system. Mobile. more
Max edge thickness 3 mm maximum workpiece height 50 mm 2jugabkn for pre-coated edging material more
Edge annema machine Hebrock AKV3003DK machine wery good edge glue machine with melting glue indication to the workpiece For edge material up to 8 mm: Iqmdn2r8 -ergonomically arranged operating desk -easy settings from the operator's page (digital displays) -maintenance-free fast heating pool -robust chain drive -High frequency cap saw (300 Hz) -High-frequency bundle-milling station (300 Hz) including tool assembly Banqgl And fine-tuning from the operator's side -automatic cantonal transport -Pro... more
Used machineBuilt 1998Condition: Very well maintainedEquipment and technical data:max. workpiece thickness 3 mm max. workpiece height approx. 40 / 50 mmmin. workpiece length approx. 250 / 300 mmmin. Workpiece width approx. 70 mmFeed speed approx. 10 m/minReady for operation approx. 6 min with rapid heating clamp containerwith roller crosscut sawwith high-frequency flush milling cutter with high-frequency flush milling cutter with combined exchangeable insert milling cutter for radius, straight a... more
edge banding machine with SPS control (incl. touch screen) and Hot-melt adhesive specification on the workpiece for edge material up to 2mm, Workpiece thickness 8 - 50 mm, min. workpiece length approx. 160 mm, Feed speed 7 m/min., complete with: Joining milling cutter incl. DIA tool up to 2 mm milling depth and 40 mm panel thickness, maintenance-free glue basin with changeable basin pre-equipment incl. glue outlet device, High-frequency cross-cut sawing station (12,000 rpm.), high-frequency mill... more
Engine power: 15.6 PS/HP (11.5 kW), Type: 2000 DK, Cross-cut saw unit: Yes, Flush and radius trimming unit: Yes, Current machine location: 29614 Soltau, Material preheating, Roller support, Glue roller, Pressure unit, Flush saw, Blower, The conveyor belt is already slightly frayed. Dpjrryf more
Top 2000 Plus Bieeoo3ulm A complete machine for processing all edging materials up to 3mm thickness. After gluing the edge band to the workpiece, the excess edge material is cut off before the milling finishes the panel. Pneumatic milling adjustment is optional with the Top 2000 Plus. So without opening the machine, switch between the different milling operations. The Hebrock Top 2000 Plus is equipped with a flat scraping device. This removes the last overhang of edging material, so the ABS ed... more
Used machine Year of construction: 2011 Lxgaa397 condition: very well maintained with jointing and milling unit with rapid heating basin with chop saw with combination milling machine with flat scraper max. edge thickness: 2 mm min- - max. workpiece thickness: 10 - 40 mm min. workpiece length: 180 mm Feed speed: approx. 7 m/min. Ready for operation: approx. 3.5 min. Power consumption: approx. 5.9 kW machine dimensions: approx. 3300 x 13000 x 1400 mm Weight: approx. 600 kg Suction socket: 1 x 120... more
edge banding machine with SPS control (incl. touch screen) and Hot-melt adhesive application to the workpiece for edging material up to 3 mm, Bfre8zqibb Workpiece thickness 8 - 50 mm, min. workpiece length approx. 160 mm, Feed speed 7 m/min., complete with: Joining milling cutter incl. DIA tool up to 2 mm milling depth and 40 mm panel thickness, maintenance-free glue basin with changeable basin pre-equipment incl. glue outlet device, High-frequency cross-cut sawing station (12,000 rpm.), high-fr... more
Kantenfräsmaschine Fabrikat: Hebrock Typ: TF 03Baujahr: 1993 Ih3s3mlp more
with hot-melt adhesive applied to the workpiece for edge material up to 3 mm: joint milling cutter ( incl. slide tool ) up to 2 mm milling depth, maintenance-free coated glue tank, HF- cross-cut sawing station approx. 16000 rpm, with exchangeable plate cutter, corner rounding cutter, radius scraper, surface scraper (without pneumatic lift-out) fettling station, robust chain drive, ball-bearing double roller top pressure, unit viewing window from rear and operator side, signal lamp for workpiece ... more
Engine power: 15.6 PS/HP (11.5 kW), year of construction: 1995, edge thickness: 0.4-5 mm, crosscut saw unit: Yes, radius milling top and bottom Bjnqbq9aeu more
HEBROCK Typ F4Edge banding machine with chassis***Demonstration machine***Maschn-Nr.: 1889, YOC 2019Article number: KUW_G191001DescriptionEdge thickness max.3,0 mmAdhesiveEVA / PUSwap basinYesFügefräsenYesJaRadiusziehklingeYesFlächenziehklingeYesEc kenbearbeitungYesNestingYesFeed v=7 m/minWork piece thickness min/max8/50 mmWork piece length min.160 mmWorking height900 mmDimensions (LWH)4050/1300/1400 mmConnection 380V / 50 Hz7,4 kWCompressed air6 barSuction1x 140 mmWeight approx. 820 kgAccessori... more
Laufrichtung der Platte : von Bediener nach links max. Anleimerstärke : 12 mm min. Werkstückdicke : 10 mm min. Werkstückbreite : 70 mm Vorschubgeschwindigkeit : 10 m/min Aufheizzeit : 6 min Autom. Rollenmagazin : Ja Kappschere bis : 0.2 - 3.0 mm autom. Beleimung : Leimbecken mit Granulat Kappsäge : ja Kombifräsaggregat : Ja Aggregatenanzeige : [...] Steuerungsart : über Bedienpult Bedienung : Wahlschalter/ Druckknöpfe Schutzhaube : Ja Beschreibung : Fräsaggregat pneumatisch zustellbar ... more
Technische Daten: - Baujahr 1998 - TOP Zustand / Funktionsgeprüft durch Firma Hebrock - max. Kantendicke 5 mm - max. Werkstückhöhe 40 / 50 mm - min. Werkstücklänge 250 mm / 300 mm - min. Werkstückbreite 70 mm - Vorschubgeschwindigkeit 11 m/min. - Betriebsbereit 4,5 min. - Leistungsaufnahme 11 kW - elektr. Anschluß 230/400 V , 50/60 Hz - inklusive Fahrwerk - inklusive seitlich abklappbare Ausleger Nuzsh - wartungsfreies Leimbecken - Abmessungen (LxBxH) 3300x1400x1300 mm - Länge mit abgeklappte... more
Second-hand machineBuilt: 2005Condition: Function testedEquipment and technical data:Glue tank with rollerCropping shearsPressure zoneCropping sawCombined trimming unitCarriageEdge material thickness: 0,5-3 mmMin. workpiece width: 90 mmMin. workpiece thickness: 10 mmMax. workpiece thickness: 10 mm Workpiece thickness: 45 mmMin. workpiece length: 50 mmEdge material projection top and bottom: 2.5 mmEdge material projection front and rear : 10 mmLocation: SolingenAvailability: by arrangement Biwldm... more
:1 mm Nktnv Workingpiece thickness from to:16-40 mm Total length:1500 mm more
9.5 KW, 400 V, 50 Hz, 17.5 A, Ermjo0mcq 5,000 pounds, L 3100, T 1320, H 1300, Workpiece width min. 90 mm, Workpiece length 260 mm rollers, 300 mm fixed lengths, Workpiece thickness 10-45 mm, Suction nozzle 100 m, Roll goods 0.5-3 mm, Solid edges 5 mm more
Quick heating basin for granulate, Chvd9nio cross-cut unit 0.37 kW / 18000 rpm, Milling unit 2x 0,37 kW for chamfer, flush and radius milling cutters, Radius scraper Surface scraper Buffing unit max. edge thickness 3 mm, max. workpiece height 50 mm, Feed speed approx. 10 m/min, ready for operation in 5 min, Power consumption approx. 6.5 kW Dimensions LxWxH 3400x1300x1400 mm, Weight 660 kg, suction nozzle diameter 100 mm, more
Lagerort: Garbsen Coixc2hu more
Hebrock edge banding machine. The machine has foldable brackets and therefore requires very little installation space. Equipped with cross-cutting unit, flush/chamfer cutter, rapid heating basin. Material thickness up to 50mm, suitable for rolled and solid edges. 2rjfpy more
edge thickness from up to: 1-3 mm Workpiece thickness from to: 16-38 mm Total length: 3,100 mm Feed speed: 10 m/min. total power requirement: 6,5 kw Weight: 550 kg Edge banding machine with cutter Radius Flush pre-cut from the roll Chop saw Glue basin cleaned Frame excerpt Soelzpsf lateral table extensions Suction connection 120mm Scraper more
For sale is a cup filling machine by the company named AKV Packaging Machines from Riedstadt, Germany. The machine was used in the production of cereals and has a rondel consisting of a total of 12 cup input stations. Bfr2emp2po more
Folded length 220 cmWidth after folding 100 cmFolded length 350 Beosx2qk more
HEBROCK TOP 3006 F with AIRTRONIC / Incl. grooving unit Flat scraper : Yes, tentative pcs Rounding unit : pneumatically adjustable Pcs suction diameter : 80/140 mm Cutting shears up to : 3 mm min. workpiece length : 300 mm min. workpiece width : 70 mm max. workpiece thickness : 40 mm min. workpiece thickness : 10 mm max. edge thickness : 3 mm feed speed : 10 m/min Weight approx. : 1500 kg Extendable roller support : Yes Drive mechanism : NO Control type : SPS line control Bil8qwalop profile scra... more