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Complete production lines for sale

Identified location: Ashburn (US) (Edit)
Emmegi machines for pvc windows fabrication Emmegi Fissa A - Reinforcement Screwer Emmegi Slop 3P - Water Slot Nsbp20rn Emmegi Vitro - Glasing Bead Cut more
Complete profile processing center (pass-through center) for processing PVC windows profiles, consisting of. Bjgeb7ndqz - Inlet with buffer station and transfer to cut - Automatic cutting - Insertion of the steel reinforcement profiles (manual insertion) - Milling stations for water slots and other machining - Outlet with automatic stacking of the profiles - Capacity: 80 windows per 8 hours The system is set up for the following profile systems: - Profine Kömmerling 76mm stop seal - Profine K... more
Complete welding line with automatic wing fitting machine, aligned with Winkhaus Activ Pilot Bjdg79qfmk more
Machine package for plastic window production all machines used, in very good condition Etlnio8 Package consists of: - URBAN AKS 1250 automatic 2-head welding machine For approx. 400 welds within 8 hours. Profile height 26 - 145 mm, profile width max. 135 mm. Two welds are carried out in one operation. Automatic welding head infeed, so quick and precise insertion of the profile. Safety clamping system, all welding parameters can be set individually. Automatic temperature monitoring and adjust... more
Complete window production 100 units consisting of: Pertici UNIVER500 (500 saw blade, automatic tilting, automatic adjustment) Haffner GLA (glass bead saw with vario fence) WEGOMA WS211 (automatic 4-motor water slot router) WEGOMA AKF125P (end milling machine) Graule ZS135 (pull saw) WEGOMA SBA1TS (reinforcement screwdriver and transom drilling unit) URBAN AKS1005 (single head welding machine) Hollinger WEGOMA four-head line consisting of: Hollinger VSM (head welding machine, 3550x2880 welding s... more
Königsbach-Stein 2, Germany Germany
dealership location
6607 km
as good as new (ex-display)
Complete PVC Window Line 30 Windows Consisting of: Mitre Saw GS-400/M with length stops Bpeid End Miller AKF-210 Sight surface groover 7405 Handle Drilling and Routing Machine KF-130S with self centring Waterslot Drainage Router SK-8/3 Single Head Welder WSA-1E, 2.0mm restrictions Glazing Bead Cutting Saw GLSM-200E more
Complete bending line for PVC windows profiles - hot-air version - The heatable usable length is 3 meters. - hardly used as new With the Witte hot-air bending system, the profiles are drawn into the profile drawing mould and formed at the same time. The result is an exact sheet quality without corrugations. Fast setting for stitch curves by calculating the radius using a formula. - Convenient one-man operation I08va0cum - The patented Witte bending system is suitable for round arches as well as... more
Bílina, Czech Republic Czech Republic
6855 km
good condition (used)
Programing for gealan Nqw39 Ready fólor transport more
Welding and cleaning line consists of:- 4-head welding machine HOLLINGER MSC-A-220-260 cooling station HOLLINGER SVS corner cleaning machine ROTOX EPA474 with turning station (not installed, sold as not ready for operation, needs repair) Bcltqdgdzv more
Complete window production 60 units consisting of: Haffner DGL187E (500 saw blade, automatic tilting, automatic adjustment) Bhjzheroz9 WEGOMA GL142P (glass bead saw with vario fence) WEGOMA KF130S (olive drill and copy router) WEGOMA WS211 (automatic 4-motor water slot router) WEGOMA AKF125M(End milling machine) Haffner chop saw WEGOMA SBA1TS (reinforcement screwdriver and transom boring) WEGOMA two-head welding machine SL2V CNC Cleaning machine WPACNC2 with turning station URBAN fitting station... more
Königsbach-Stein 2, Germany Germany
dealership location
6607 km
as good as new (ex-display)
Complete PVC Window Line 60 Windows Bpein Consisting of: Double Mitre Saw DS-110/3.5M End Miller AKF-210 Handle Drilling and Routing Machine KF-130S with self centring Waterslot Drainage Router SK-8/3 Two Head Welder WSA-2 LV, 0.2-2.0mm restrictions Glazing Bead Cutting Saw GLSP-200E with stop system more
Saw Rapid DGL 200M....4000,- year 2003 Screwing machine Ads 259, year 1996...3150,- End mill Mla M7CR....1700,- year 2004 G7rkoop Copy mill MLA A 23.....2300,- year 2003 Water slot mill MLA WS 30....2000,- year 2002 Double welding machine Urban AKS 4020...4500,- year 2003 One head welding Urban AKS 1020....2100,- year 2006 Cleaning machine Urban SV 494....11000,- year 2000 Glazing saw Urban GLS.....2900,- year 1998 Glazing press Urban.....2000,- year 1998 Working table.... 500,- year 2007 Workin... more
Complete window production 30 units consisting of: WEGOMA DS130B (500 mm saw blade, automatic tilting, manual adjustment) Haffner GLA (glass bead saw with vario fence) WEGOMA SK5 (olive drill and copy router) WEGOMA WSK2 (2 motorized water slot router) WEGOMA SE1(reinforcement screwdriver) Pertici end milling machine Single head welding machine URBAN AKS1105 Corner cleaner URBAN SV400 All machines are overhauled by us and are ready for use upon delivery. The machine configuration can be customiz... more
Kompletní linka Steel saw.... 400 Screwing machine...500 double saw Haffner.... 1000 Mill Strima... 700 Water mill Strima... 700 End mill Haffner... 700 Beti3t88fa Glazing saw Haffner... 1000 One head welding Urban... 1500 Cleaning machine Urban... 1500 Glazing press.. 1500 Table...500 more
Kompletní linka na pvc okna Complet pvc windows line Murat New double welding Murat KC 258....0,2mm.....5000,- Used single welding Aluma Apolo 1.....2200,- New double saw TT 405.....blade 450mm....6000,- New automatic single saw TA 133....blade 420mm.....3000,- New automatic glazing saw TC 292....2000,- M8hzv Used digital leng stop...2000,- Used end mill FA 533.....1200,- New water slot with 3 engines FT 386....2000,- New automatic triple drill and mill FU 460.....3000,- New automatic... more
Screwing-automat-URBAN-DS-1700.html 3400,- one-head-welding-machine-Urban-AKS-1020.html 2000,- double-head-welding-machine-Urban-AKS-40.html 4500,- Glass-bar-saw-Rapid.html 1600,- Screwing-automat-URBAN-DS-1700.html 2000,- WATER-SLOT-MILL-URBAN-MLA 1950,- T-profile-milling-Urban-ML-M7.html 1500,- copy-milling-Urban-MLA-25.html 1700,- corner-finery-automat-cleaning-Urban-SV3.html 3000,- Glazing-press-lift-URBAN-KV-2800.html 2250,- Double saw Rapid Dgl 200E....6000,- Tdyu7ucul more
All Elumatec Dg 79....6500 Ads 259..2700 Af 222....3000 Wsf 76 ..3000 9cztvltp3 Gf 171...2500 Zs 720..6000 Ev 834...3000 Gls 192..2500 Ve 3000...3000 more
complete production line PVC windows Pressta Eisele -Lisi Pcypn873q more
Complet pvc windows line Murat Dv2ygq double welding KC 258....0,2mm..not used.....7000,- single welding lisi .....2200, double saw TT 405.....blade 450mm... not used...8000,- single saw Elumatec mgs 72....blade 380mm.....2000,- glazing saw Elumatec Gls 192 ....4 blades...2000,- automatic end mill FA 533.not used.....1800,- automatic water solt with 3 engines FT 387.not used...2500,- automatic triple drill and mill FU 465..not used....3000,- automatic screwing machine DV 404... Not use... more
All in good condition Double saw Wegoma DS 25.....3500,- Double welding Urban AKS 1200....3000,- Cleaning machine Urban SV 300P....1500,- Yv9rctamb Copy mill and drill Wegoma....1500,- Water slot machine Haffner wsf 315....1500,- Glass bar saw Haffner....1500,- End mill Wegoma...1500,- Svrewing machine wegoma...2000,- Glazing press....1500,- more
Double saw Rapid DGL 200 E.....10 000,- Band saw pilous arg 130.....1000,- Srew compressor Atmos Albert E 90....3500,- Water slot Urban Wsf 103....2000,- End mill Urban MLA M7.....1500,- Tripple drill and copy mill Elumatec GF 171...2000 ,- Glazing saw Urban glx....3000,- Glazing press Urban kv.....3000,- Mvovn Cleaning machine Urban sv 320.....3000,- Fitting table Urban FAS 320....6000,- Srewing machine Urban DS 1700....2000,- One head machine Urban aks 1020.....2000,- Double welding machine Ur... more
complete PVC windows line Wegoma: Ltpfx Double el. saw Wegoma SD 25 ..... ..... .. ..... Cutter grooves Wegoma ..... ... Cutter posts Graule AKF 6/250 Copy router + olives to Wego Screwing and drilling machine Wegoma Forging table Wegoma ..... ... ..... A two-headed welder Wegoma SL 2 .. One head welder Wegoma ..... Deburring automation Urban SV300 ... Glasbar saw Wegoma manual ... Glazing stand Wegoma ..... Desk 1 ... .. ..... Wegoma Trolley profiles Wegoma 2x ..... more

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