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Identified location: Ashburn (US) (Edit)
FOM tronçonneuse double acier d’occasion – type STEEL 35B – longueur de coupe 5000 mm – lame descendante Ø 350 mm – fraise scie Z280 – vitesse de rotation 15/30/45 et 90 rpm – protecteur de lames – convoyeur à rouleaux sur tête mobile – unité de commande PLANET PLUS – programmation avec variables, mémorisation hauteur de profilés pour compensation, longueur de coupe – reprise de coupe et avance barre – optimisationFOM used double steel chain saw - type STEEL 35B - cutting length 5000 mm - down ... more
Clip automatic Schüco in good condition. Cesyegqe more
Schüco wing table FPM 250 AV, very good condition, converted to the SimplySmart fitting. Bfsf7zst9v more
Profile rolling machine with automatic bar feeder SCHÜCO ISOMAT 4 with extensive stock of roller sets (see attached list), little used, with complete documentation, year of construction 2010- working direction from right to left - foil - device - downstream straightening line - insulating bar feeder - infeed roller conveyor - outfeed roller conveyor - various profile roller sets (see attached list) - pneumatic connection 7 bar - electricity connection 2 x 400 V sale only to commercial and under ... more
Long goods forklift with extra wide Gabelteräger °! 2. 200mm! The narrow fork carriage are disadvantage of other Seitstaplern so you've got to get the exact focus. I bought this truck for a project prior to ca 20 0wuhbmkv which was not realized. Since then, the stacker is the battery is broken with security. Load capacity 1. 800kg. Lifting height probably 4, 5 m(vermutet lt.) Load diagram and Typenschild.Betriebsstunden 5438 The masts would be suitable for a tailgate on a _Traktor. Electric f... more
DUBUS centres d'usinage pour tronçonnage et usinage de profilé PVC d’occasion - type PVC FLEX 9001 - Chargeur automatique 10 barres - Avance barre numérique 1 - Centre d’usinage numérique 1 - Pupitre de commande - Transfert sur centre 2 - Avance barre numérique 2 - Centre d’usinage numérique 2 - Réception a courroies motorisées, récupération pièces finies, récupération chutes - Imprimante jet d’encre - Grillage de sécuritéDUBUS machining centers for cutting and machining of PVC profiles used - ... more
Complete production equipment for the PVC windows is for sale. All saws, cutters, workbenches, racks, tools needed for the manufacture are included here. In addition there is some stock repro material. Capacity is 25 units / 8 hours with three workers. The seller also offers education upon purchase. Location: Novo mesto-surroundings B0t3f9sg more
Schüco Isomat 4 with automatic insulating bar feeder, outlet buffer and destacker in very good condition for sale. The plant is still in operation and can be viewed in operation. A large number of rolls can be purchased with. Bfsbizgxab more
Trolley for sashes handling COMALL CARR 600, new Muo0fc more

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Ennepetal, Germany Germany
dealership location
6414 km
as good as new (ex-display)
KP 110 machine is designed and constructed for the pneumatically crimping and correct assembly of aluminum profiles.The machine is semiautomatic and the machining cycle of various units are manual controlled by user who always stays outside of the dangerous area. It is designed through the pneumatically crimping system Cast iron construction of the body that is strong and lasting Bzzbswp3 Magnetic support of knives according to the shape and height of the profiles Reading of the positioning... more
Sander f. aluminium profiles Jyhj0n7v SMA-REF-5791 Type: window construcion (metal) milling machines Manufacturer: Pertici Model: Univer FL812 Year: 1999 Condition: ready for action under power Location: Eastern Germany Availability: on demand Terms of delivery: ex works free on truck Terms of payment: 100% before dismantling/loading more
ELUMATEC tronçonneuse double d’occasion – type DG104 – tête mobile motorisée – longueur 6000 mm – Ø lame 420 – capacité 240 x 100 à 90° - inclinaison pneumatique 45°-90° intérieur – angles intermédiaire à butée – pivotement des têtes pneumatique 45° à 90° intérieur – angles intermédiaires à butée – commande E200 – lubrification de coupeELUMATEC double chainsaw - type DG104 - motorized moving head - length 6000 mm - blade Ø 420 - capacity 240 x 100 at 90 ° - pneumatic inclination 45 ° -90 ° insid... more
It's a corner cleaning machine for plastic Windows and doors. It stands out the weld bead and cuts the sash and frame via compressed air. Nknv7 more
Berlin, Germany Germany
dealership location
6731 km
ready for operation (used)
Length: 2400mm, width: 1400mm, height: 1400mm, weight: 400kg. Ykomsjqb more
Trolley handling and storing sashes, frames or windows and doors COMALL CARR 400 Bekgdogsjj more
Technical data: -Clip device -Glass Strip saw blade diameter approx. 300 mm -Pneum.. Material clamping - powered 400 V - Working pressure 7 bar -Air consumption per operation approx. 1.6 L / stroke -with: - Removal - roller conveyor with controlled positioning - level stop 3000 mm Bdjodpo0mz -Feed - roller 3000 mm - e - foot switch - regulator - space about B 4200 x H 1700 X 900 mm -Weight approx. 600 kg more
Extraction system for aluminium and PVC swarf Dimension: 800x1000x2370 Dwkxjy more
CIEMME tronçonneuse double d’occasion – type GRAFITE MAGIC – lame Ø 500 mm – longueur utile 5000 mm – longueur de coupe mini 310 mm – pivotement pneumatique des têtes 22 30° 45° 90° - pilotage motorisé de la tête mobile – mémorisation de cotes profile avec compensation de longueur relative à l’épaisseur – étaux de serrage horizontaux/verticaux – mémorisation et calcul de cote sur 100 type de châssisCIEMME double chainsaw - GRAFITE MAGIC type - blade Ø 500 mm - working length 5000 mm - cutting le... more
We offer you: Entire window construction company bought from insolvency Machines: 1) Four-headed welding machine Manufacturer: Hassomat Type: LTN4 - 2WT 2) Two-headed welding machine Manufacturer: Hassomat Type: ZLN - 2 3) Glass strip cutter Manufacturer: Haffner Type: GL.. Built: 2004 4) Water slotted milling machine with 3 drilling and milling stations Manufacturer: Wegoma Type: WS 210/ 10 Built: 1994 5) Double miter saw Manufacturer: Wegoma Type: SD 25 Built: 1993 6) Cut-out cutter Man... more
Berlin, Germany Germany
dealership location
6731 km
good (used)
Table dimensions: 620x900x900mm, cutting capacity: 3-4mm, cutting length: 225x225mm, length: 1250mm, width: 900mm, height: 1100mm, weight: 660mm. Ghohic3vg more
Trolley for carriage and storage of profiles in vertical position COMALL CARR 300 Jbcnpfuvi more
Special machine for the processing of composite material panels in facade construction and similar materials such as ALUCOBOND® - REYNOBOND® and others. Flush milling - slings - V - GROOVE milling - all with one machine in the continuous process. Smallest workpiece height (minimum plate thickness 3 mm) Be7of9lwiq Largest workpiece height 30 mm Minimum workpiece width / workpiece length 120 mm Drive power flush milling 2 kW Drive power V - Groove - Unit 2 kW Drive power Chain conveyor belt 0.5... more
Aluminum Profile Processing/ Machining Centre CNC Elumatec SBZ150 Year 2007 12.7 Meter long very rare • 5-axis profile machining centre • Designed for economical and efficient machining of aluminium and thin-walled steel profiles • All operations, such as routing, drilling, tapping, thread milling, notching and sawing, are performed while the profile bar is stationary to protect the profile surfaces • 6-sided machining. From below with an angle head (option) • Operator software with graphic 3D ... more
FOM tronçonneuse d’occasion – type SPRING 45 THETA – lame 450 mm – double inclinaison droite/gauche – à commande numérique 90°-22.30° - règle à butée et rouleaux entrée/sortieFOM used chainsaw - type SPRING 45 THETA - 450 mm blade - double left / right inclination with numerical control 90 ° -22.30 ° - rule with stop and rollers in / out Be3ydvjawo more
Horizontal cutting range with stop/ copy template: 230x90mm, spindle rotational speed: 12000/min, clamping range: 180x130mm, stroke: 110mm, power: 0.74kW, compressed air supply: 7bar, compressed air consumption: 12-24l/cycle, length: 720mm, width: 650mm, height: 1440mm, weight: 120kg. Brg2vjne more
FOM Centre d'usinage aluminium C.N.C. 3 axes d’occasion - type: ARGO 35 RM - Fonctionne avec le logiciel IDRACAM - Axe X, course 3550 mm - Axe Y, course 1100 mm - Axe Z, course 425 mm - Rotation électrobroche : 0°/90°/180° - Capacité de travail - Axe X = 3500 mm - Axe Y = 540 mm avec électrobroche en position verticale à 90° - Axe Y = 460 mm avec électrobroche en position horizontale 0° ou 180° - Axe Z = 300 mm avec électrobroche en position verticale à 90° - Axe Z = 250 mm avec électrobroche e... more
Workpiece dimensions: 350-3500x180-2500mm, running direction: left to right, connected load: 12kVA, length: 11200mm, width: 2000mm, weight: 1.125t. Gvoe80 more
URBAN soudeuse de traverse PVC d’occasion – type AKS5600 2SU – 2 têtes de soudage droit dont 1 tête mobile avec cycle automatique – pilotage commande numérique – ajustement temps de chauffe, durcissement, température de soudage, pression d’aboutement et de fusion – plaque de chauffe montante- changement rapide en fonction des largeurs de traverse – puissance installée 4 kWURBAN welder transom Used PVC - Type AKS5600 2SU - 2 right welding heads whose one movable head with automatic cycle - CNC co... more
Berlin, Germany Germany
dealership location
6731 km
ready for operation (used)
Suitable for KD, AD and MD-frames, with automatic profile length measurment, program selection and calculation of the number of ventilation slots. Bdcsmqtclr more
TEKNA fraiseuse profil aluminium à commande numérique d’occasion – type TK426/1 – 3 axes déplacement/usinage – course utile en X : 4000 mm – course utile en Y : 360 mm – course utile en Z : 295 mm – capacité 5mm métal – chargeur d’outils 8 positions – 5 étaux de serrage pneumatique – pupitre de commande PCTEKNA milling machine CNC aluminum profile - TK426/1 type - 3-axis displacement / machining - useful stroke in X: 4000 mm - useful stroke in Y: 360 mm - useful travel in Z: 295 mm - capacity 5m... more
STB - Scie double CN occasion type SD 502 56 - Ouverture 4 m - Lame Ø 580 mm - Ouverture inclinaison programmable - Imprimante code barre J8stsj more
ELUMATEC tronçonneuse double d’occasion – type DG79 – - Ø lame 380 mm - longueur de coupe 4500 mm – pivotement de la table 0/45° droite et gauche avec points 15°, 30° et 45° - tête gauche fixe, tête droite mobile – réglage longueur manuelle avec affichage DIGITAL E111 – descente de lame oléopneumatique – pupitre de commande - presseurs pneumatiques – moteurs 3 kWELUMATEC double chain saw - type DG79 - - blade Ø 380 mm - cutting length 4500 mm - swiveling table 0/45 ° right and left with 15 °, 3... more
ELUMATEC – centre d'usinage – type SBZ 130/01 – 3 axes contrôlés – tourelle à 8 outils – 7 étaux de serrage pneumatique – longueur d'usinage 4 mELUMATEC - machining center - type SBZ 130/01 - 3 controlled axes - 8-tool turret - 7 pneumatic clamping jaws - machining length 4 m Be9a8gt200 more

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