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Separation technology for sale

Identified location: Ashburn (US) (Edit)
diameter: Nr.1: ca. 6 mm diameter: Nr.1: max. 25 mm diameter: mm Bqwsjwl diameter: mm connection electric: 400 V motor: Getriebemotor / gear motor total power requirement: 0,25 kW weight of the machine approx.: ca. 120 kg space requirements approx. LxWxH: 0,85x0,6x0,1,0 m Wire Peeling Machine Application: peeling of electric wires to be processed parts: wires with PVC coat / rubber coating wire feed via angular rail 40mm on a length of 600mm infeed manual driver roller dia=80x21mm serrated co... more
Zuzenhausen, Germany Germany
dealership location
6602 km
ready for operation (used)
The AMIS magnetic roller is used to separate iron impurities from the conveyed material. It is installed as an end roller in a conveyor belt and is therefore a very cost-effective metal separator. For higher material layers, a magnetic roller can be combined with an overband magnet. The magnetic roller works very effectively and is virtually maintenance-free. Bgfdxrzzm more
OTR tyre deburrer, inner diameter of tyres: 1400 mm, ready for use, good condition Fbmb07hpw more
metal separator with blower for sale, low price Bl0bf28q more
Very good metal separator for separation of all kinds of metal (incl. stainless steel). Can be used before ECS, behind or stand alone. Ejecting of all metals larger 0.5 / 1 mm possible. Reasonable using for material up to 60 % metal content. Unique flap technology, no pressured air necessary. Machine is ready for using, can be visited or tested. If wished can be equipped with camera. If the machine is too small we can build also bigger. Bhfvuvntap It is our demonstration machine. Throughput / ca... more
Eddy current separator, 32 pole pole pole wheel, with vibrating feed chute. Overall length: 4,100 mm Useful width: 1,300 mm Overall width: 1,800 mm Belt motor power: 2.2 kW Polar wheel motor power: 5.5 kW Power of vibrating conveyor belt motor: 2 x 1.5 kW 2rwjay Width of vibrating chute: 1,150 mm Length of vibrating chute: 1,500 mm more
The wind sifter was purchased by us directly from the manufacturer in 2007. Original order confirmation with equipment is available. Purchase price approx. 95.000 € net. The plant was in operation for approx. 7 years (2008-2015). Since 2015 the wind sifter is stored dismantled on our premises. The plant was dismantled fully functional. After the longer storage, a revision for commissioning is necessary. With a clearly arranged investment, a top wind sifter can be set up. Details and further i... more
Zuzenhausen, Germany Germany
dealership location
6602 km
ready for operation (used)
Fine good leaver of series FAS after crushing processes are Fallstromsichter to the mill dedusting. An additional extraction unit ensures dust free transport of fine material to a separate container. Also has a maintenance door to the Fallstromsichter, and is therefore easily within a very short time to clean. The fine goods carriers work in free fall and are very space-saving. This makes easy a subsequent integration into existing systems. The separation efficiency is adjustable infinitely ove... more
Compact sorter for VA, slag, for NE and FE, can sort out all metals in different quality, very suitable for slag, documentation and program code available, commissioning possible M8mw0d more
1 baked overband magnet, electrical Wide frame total with motor 1,10m Bjb9e0rdg0 Length frame total 2,45m engine 7.5kW?? more
Very good metal separator for separation of all kinds of metal (incl. stainless steel). Can be used before ECS, behind or stand alone. Ejecting of all metals larger 0.5 / 1 mm possible. Reasonable using for material up to 60 % metal content. Unique flap technology, no pressured air necessary. Machine is ready for using, can be visited or tested. If wished can be equipped with camera. If the machine is too small we can build also bigger. It is our demonstration machine. Bhgmugdp7t Throughput / ca... more
Mortara (PV) - Italy, Italy Italy
6800 km
as good as new (ex-display)
Doppstadt Ballistic separator STT2000 Biz93j7i0j Year: 2005 Worked hours: 600 Power: 4 kW with electric motor Dimensions: 5500x2410x1740 mm more
Ballistic separator Power 4 kW 2j0fg0eb Brake motor Width 2400 mm Length 5,500 mm Screening area 8.40 m² (8.40 m²) 6 screening pallets, square mesh 60 mm Local control box more
Zuzenhausen, Germany Germany
dealership location
6602 km
ready for operation (used)
Machine number: 8819 Gauss/Steinert overband magnet with switch cabinet Dimensions: 800 x 2000 mm Kmd23rk Drive Geared motor 2.2 kW more
Ready for use, only slightly run, originally the machine was used to separate non-ferrous metals up to 30 mm from the plastic. Complete with the control system. Bizvk8kig7 more
1 baked overband magnet, electrical Wide frame total with motor 1,20m Ejtnv8kx Length frame total 2,45m engine 7.5kW?? more
OBERLÄNDER HM 1300/1200 - complete sink-swimming system with heavy-duty magnet separator for non-ferrous metals Until recently, the plant was in the Bertieb and is still fully constructed. Masses: L: 12.00 m T: 5.20 m H: 7.00 m Platform height: 4.00 m Space requirement: approx. 60.00 sqm Throughput: 5 T/hour (40 T / day) Syjqgggi Price on request. more
From bio gas plant. Separator with screw conveyors Bh8qclhqoe more
Adhesion rebound ballistic separator Rubber belt width 1,400 mm Power 7.5 kW N0kd7 Belt speed 0.6 to 2.5 m/s Length 2,400 mm Tilt between 15° and 38°, motorized, 0.75 kW Local control box with variable speed drive more
Zuzenhausen, Germany Germany
dealership location
6602 km
ready for operation (used)
The AMIS overband magnet is ideally suited for the continuous removal of loose metals or in inclusions. They can be used for the recovery (recycling) of metals and for the removal of unwanted metal parts (contamination). The AMIS overbelt magnets are used in belt direction or in transverse direction over flat or trough-shaped conveyor belts, whereby an arrangement in transverse direction is to be preferred because of the better metal separation. The metallic parts are pulled out of the basic mat... more
Ready for use, was almost never in use, technical data : 590 x 1526 x 244mm, weight:1270 kg Nzxjn more
NIR sorting unit for the separation of various type of plastics, paper, wood etc. new machine for a special price 3ojpuxo ready for dispatch more
AIR/MATERIAL SEPARATING+DEDUSTING SYSTEM AUTOMATIC WITH AIR PRESSURE ALVEOLAR VALVE 20 T/Minutes 3 kW ALVEOLAR VALVE 21T/MINUTE0.55KW Nyffl can be used by suction for the separation of light matter (plastic-wood paper) in a heavy fraction. The dust is automatically filtered and expelled by compressed air cleaning sleeves. more
Used Cable stripper in mint condition. Specially designed to process armoured and sub-marine cables. Year: 2019 Cutting capacity: 30 - 140 mm Dimensions: 1.800 x 1.000 x 1.200 mm Contact us for more information! Bivszihxi2 more
ASL skid mounted oil separation plant (2015) comprising: 2 - Hiller DA45-363 SB oil/water/solids separators complete with all process tanks, pumps & controls Yshpwg more
Friction Washer, Wipa 500/2500, rotor length 2500, perforated screen basket (3mm) diameter 500mm, motor 22kw 4 water injection points. New, sold after project cancellation. High speed friction washer, made to remove huge quantities of non desirable material (dust, fines, dirt) from plastic regrind while dewatering in the top part of the rotor, allow to remove huge amount of water. Designed for cleaning under water and drying plastic regrind, especially film flakes, PET- bottles flakes and other... more
very good condition total dimensions approx. 1100 x 2200 mm magnetic block 1400 mm weight approx. 3 tons Bg30ubj2g0 electrical cabinet included more
Frequently used but fully functional Yngves Mekaniska K74-1 Superior with used replacement knives. Built around 1990. Still in use today. Nzruf more
Available from stock Super Stripper 600 heavy cable stripper to process armoured ground and grease cable. Technical details: -cutting capacity: 15 - 165 mm. - drive : 8 kW -Cutting speed: 12 mtr/min. Jcdgdi7 -Weight: 1500 kg. more
Distribution table air separator, dynamic separator, model: CLASSICLON, E-drive 11 kW, ideal for producing filler sand Uq3zflm more
Deltax CSX 1010 hydraulic power unit with combustion engine and "Lukas" cutter - cuts cables up to 120 mm diameter, light metal sheets, aluminium profiles Dimensions packed: 1,12 x 1,12 x 1,05m Be3alnbq0x Viewing in our warehouse possible by appointment. more
Ready for use, good condition, technical data: cable diameter: 10-160 mm, 11 kw, weight: 1,2 t, throughput : 1 t/h, motor : 380 v, 15 ps T3dvtcg more
refurbished with new paint Bims3ynbc2 more
Magnetic drum separator for steel slag. Hsni287 Belt 2000mm wide, we manufacture various sizes. more
Sell automatic sorter UniSort RTT P2000 with accelerator belt! Technical specifications: Jvodtq Year of construction - 2008 Connected load - 18 Kw Max. Pressure - 10 bar Scan width - 2000 mm. Minimum grain size - 60 mm Maximum grain size - 220 mm Price on request! more
Static distribution table air separator, model: CLASSICLON, feeding size: 4-5 mm, end product: up to 150 µm, capacity: approx. 30-40 t/h, ideal for producing filler sand Rgwptha2i more
Eglfing, Germany Germany
dealership location
6836 km
good condition (used)
Stokkermill makes cable stripper systems to quickly remove the insulation from the metal part in copper or aluminum cables. Characteristic of the Stokkermill cable stripper is the adoption of rotating blades which, unlike knife blades, have an unlimited duration. The ST1600 cable stripper is an essential but high quality machine equipped with a simple but effective rotary blade adjustment system. ST1600 is suitable for working cables with diameters from 2 mm to 60 mm. Bekelnjqtn The ST33100 c... more
ready for action, more info on request, eddy current +obm feeder, only 4 hours run Dxlhjcapg more
Overband magnet with automatic cleaning SOLLAU (DND-AC Nm5) is designed to capture in a quick and easy way valuable ferromagnetic particles from a product stream and at the same time it protects the subsequent machinery (crushers, presses, screw conveyors, etc.) from damage by ferromagnetic objects (broken machine parts , bolts, nuts, wires, etc.). The tramp ferrous metal extracted from the belt conveyor is automatically removed for further processing or accumulation. The neoymium separator DND-... more
To sieve dry material: like flour-, grainy-, and granule-shaped material. Sizes from: wide 500-1500mm / length 1200-2400mm Sieve layers: 2 - 4 layers, granulation 0,1-18mm freely selectable. U3el9pcmu more
- machine is in new condition I9eaknt - equiped with chalk-system for screening off clay-soil - equiped with an extra mobile conveyor - equiped with an extra drums - electric driven with hydraulic system more
Drum-diameter x –width: 1.400 x 1.200 mm, vibrating-chute 1.000 x 1.500 mm, blower approx. 7.000 cbm volumestream, incl. steel-frame with platform Wob8jppfg more
Ballisticseparator STT 2000/102 with cover. Bejh02zf2x Dimensions: L: 5500mm, H:3480mm with cover 4530mm, B:2410mm with Motor 2801. Vibrating paddle: 12 pcs, Paddle lenght 4050mm. Drive2 x SEW K 57 DV112 M4, P=4kW. more
München, Germany Germany
6842 km
ready for operation (used)
More data on request Nv7wp more
overbelt magnet ferrous separator magnet dimensions 1040 x 530 x 256 mm Saosedwi overall dimensions 2190 x 1214 x 635 mm total weight approx. 1020 kg motor 1,5 kW ALSO OTHER DIMENSIONS CAN BE DELIVERED more
To separate and sort after the specific weight from light and heavy fraction. Useable for grain, aluminium/plastic, rubber/textile, cable-recycling, etc. Type and size are selectable, depending on the product and throughput. At constant machine length, it is possible to choose between working width from: 450mm, 600mm, 900mm. Gur3mrb more
Separation system for shredder lines for non-ferrous materials. Different sizes available. For more information please write us an email or visit our website phucenter . pl Ekliq8yh more
Polyfloat® plastic separation Manufacturer: SICON GmbH, Leiblein GmbH, etc. Type: Polyfloat® Required Space: ca. 75m² Throughput: 500 – 1.500 kg/h Separation principle: Density based Swim-Sink-Separation Possible Densities: 0,9 - 1,3 g/cm³ Inputmaterial: Plastics, ideal ᐸ 15 mm Prior Use: PVC-Separation from ASR-Plastics Condition: pre-owned, dismantled, stored, new painting necessary Age: 6 / 8 years Operational Time: ca. 2.000 hours Power: 400 V, 50 Hz, 188 kW Components: 1 Washing centrifug... more
With the patented REMAV light-weight separator LA1200, they turn highly polluted building rubble or ballast into recyclable material in the blink of an eye! It separates the lightweight materials such as plastic, polystyrene, lightweight concrete or wood from the building rubble stone or concrete. The light weight separator can be integrated easily into any existing recycling plant. Due to the compact dimensions of the system, the screen trestle is easy to transport and can be loaded by wheel ... more

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