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Elect./Voltage: 460 V, 60 Cy, 3 Ph. Djkabgr BLOAPCO CARDBOARD SHREDDER 3CAJ-2558H -- 25 HP motor -- 3 Shafts/ CAJ Corrugated Teeth -- 58" Wide opening -- Feed conveyor with safety plate -- Discharge plenum to 14" duct -- PLC Controls -- Loaded on your truck more

Star screen Backers 2ta

Denver, United StatesUnited States
2344 km
good (used)
It’s a 2014 with 945 hours Backers Starscreen on track 10mm single deck Also comes with another 40mm deck. Gxia3vhom Dosing drum more

ZERKLEINERER -Hacker -Shredder WEIMA Maschinenbau WLK 18 Jumbo

Altenkirchen (Westerwald), GermanyGermany
6469 km
ready for operation (used)
WEIMA WLK 18 Jumbo 75.Kw. Gxrb9jyuw more
Underframe for Untha 4-shaft-shredder RS100 (JUST UNDERFRAME - WITHOUT SHREDDER) Main-measurement: LxWxH = 4.3 x 1.87 x 1.8m Steel-construction with laterial Podest with railings and access-ladder. Included ist a crane-way-frame for changing cutting-system. C39r3boq more
length 1800 mm width 1000 mm depth 1600 mm electrics - voltage/frequency V/Hz volume ca. 200 L total power requirement kW weight of the machine ca. 0,50 t dimensions of the machine ca. m Rc7pv03f supported for tilting, box like groove with handles. Basic frame with Parking box. Oil and water resistance due to weld. capacity aprox. 200L more
Crawler + 21 t + 4-cylinder Deutz-diesel BF4L913 (69 kW / 92 HP) + remote control + 2-deck screening machine 4.2 x 1.7 m + using. Lower deck square mesh 30 mm (new!) + folding, stockpile conveyor belt width 1,200 mm, shedding height 3.1 m + obsolete: engine cpl. overhauled + filter & oil new + stockpile conveyor belt new + new screen panels Bcsma08seg more
Elect./Voltage: 460 V, 60 Cy, 3 Ph. Gmngqkacu Complete Allegheny Book Shredder System Model 9920 -- Allegheny Box Dumper -- Model: HLS 5200 -- 2 HP -- 2000 lb. Capacity -- 44" Dump Height -- 1st Infeed Conveyor -- 36" Width x 131" Length -- 1 HP -- 2nd Infeed Conveyor -- 20" Width x 80" Length -- Photo-Eyes -- Allegheny Book Shredder -- 25 HP -- Model: 9920 -- 17" x 17" Opening -- Paddle Wheel Infeed -- Inclined Conveyor from Shredder -- 16" Width x 117" Length -- No Leg... more
Screening plant vibrating screen, vibrating conveyors, sorting system, separation, separation plant Delivery as is as seen Screening plant as a semi-finished product without drive -Komplett made of stainless steel Wire width 500 mm Screen distance 15 mm Triple separation could you reach Filler funnel Outlet DN270 dimensions 1950/1000/H1200 mm 3xtx7kqhe Weight 174 kg more
HAAS-Hammermühle 9y7icieok Typ: HSZ 1300 mit angetriebener Vibro-Rinne lang. Total überholt. mit Garantie. more
STEIMEL oil separator, to separate in automatic run chips from oil or coolant. Including: - dosing unit - parts separation (separation from chips, remnants and parts) 2qn8my - band conveyor The plant is dismantled and stored. Schematic diagram, electric diagram, etc. are in plan. STEIMEL will produce this plant today nearly unchanged. The plant was maintained annually from STEIMEL (maintenance contract). composed of: 1. stokerTyp VK load capacity150 kg, width 900 mm, ejection heig... more
length 1000 mm width 550 mm depth 550 mm total power requirement kW weight of the machine ca. 0,20 t dimensions of the machine ca. 1,20x0,90x0,90 m 2kvdvmql3 skip device more
Electric motor 30 kW + S5 control + 5.5 t 48 blade + 3 counter blade + working width 1,370 mm + rotor speed 110 RPM + hydraulic feed (table moves) + new rotor (250cc) + new knives (HARDOX) Bcrdcellcy more
Elect./Voltage: 480 V, 60 Cy, 3 Ph. Ptoecq BLOAPCO SHREDDER 3CAX-2558-HPX -- 25 HP motor -- Inlet size 58" W x 12" H -- Number of shaft; (3) -- Shaft diameter 6" -- 10 Teeth per shaft -- Number ripper wheels (31) -- Loaded on your truck more
Pneumatically driven vertical baler, compactor, mobile waste press, paper press press Eed0xfl Answer completely made of stainless steel Press for cardboard, tin cans and other bulky voluminous waste the filling opening width mm height of the filler opening press Chamber width 1200 x 800 mm Chamber with Edelstahlbeälter for big bags Container height 1300 mm - Behältebreite 980 mm - Behältelänge 1130 mm-max press print ca 2,2 to -incl. 27 x big bags -Automatic back lift of the pressing plate... more
Zerkleinerungs-Maschine Fabrikat: Johli. Cogkypw0o Typ:Champ - 620. more
Baling Press for non ferrous material Sr3ffk Bale size: 400 x 400 x var. completely fully automatic, 2-compression. Very fast cyle ( < 35 sec ) Drive: 2 x 75 kW Box: 1780 x 1200 x 1000 mm All plates are more
Vibrating screens - dry sorting plant - mobile can be used. Pulsed air dry sorting to separate dry solids with different specific weight. Application possibilities: Concentration of ores Separation of precious metals, rocks and sand Sorting of various non-ferrous metals Separation of metals from slag Separation of grit and color (sand blast Cabinet) Disposal of firing range Capacity 1-2to/h Demonstration machine Patented system More data in the attached pdf file Sxig0hwqw Former ... more
AA 1.8 m x GB 800 mm + smooth belt with latch + permanent magnet length 1,100 mm x 800 mm width x height approx. 270 mm + without motor 3hwzpz7l more
Elect./Voltage: 460 V, 60 Cy, 3 Ph. V7vay0s AVIAN ASG 1200 Single-Shaft [...] purpose size reduction Shredder, ideally suit for lumps, purgings, solids and hard to handle materials prior to Granulation. Generally suited to the Injection Moulding, Blow Moulding, Extrusion, Rubber and Recycling industries. -- Equipped with: Vertical hopper, 64" X 59" opening, 75 HP rotor motor, single shaft with (74) cutter knives; WATER COOLED 16" dia. rotor/cutterhead grinds at 74 RPM. -- Hydraulic pusher r... more
Garbage press container, compactor, press container, waste container, self press container, mobile waste press, paper press container, paper container-stationaere news for swap bodies -überdachter insertion slot Hydraulic pressing process -automatischer extrusion process Safety emergency switch at the insertion slot Piston size 1450 x 650 mm Qkzzyyjl7 Hub piston 1100 mm Transport dimension 2100 x 4500 mm -Threaded ratchet for skip container more
We offer: Centrifuge SZB0 1000C 960 1 / min 6 Beladunge The centrifuge is part of a squeegee wash within a wallpaper manufacturing facility. It is the separation of the liquid waste materials like plastisol and Parex. The treatment plant is currently still intact The plant originates from the assets of a wallpaper paver for vinyl tree wallpaper or Flachvenyltapeten. It is part of a wallpaper line up 2011 has produced. The facility was closed due to the market development. Some com... more
2dasxdsh Cable recycling unit, complete incl. Pre-shredder PGM 400 - N. Installation only 600 operation hours! Can be seen in DE-Schweinfurt more
Separation by means of highly efficient, robust folding = requires no compressed air + 250 kg / h Bcrbvejzsb more
Elect./Voltage: 460 V, 60 Cy, 3 Ph. Bbvq3pk7wv ALLEGHENY SHREDDER 36-1000C -- 75 HP motor -- 5/8" Cut -- 36" Feed opening -- 5 to 7 ton cap. per hour -- Infeed and Outfeed conveyor -- Loaded on your truck more
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