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Sliding table saws 0-1500mm cutting length for sale

Identified location: Ashburn (US) (Edit)
Technical specifications: Sliding table size: 12” x 61” Cutting depth: 70 mm Cutting height: 100 mm Rip capacity: 1270 mm Max. length of crosscut: 1600 mm Main blade diameter: 315 mm Scoring blade diameter: 120 mm Power: 1200 watts Engine: 7.5 Hp Weight machine: 760 Kg More info: Sliding table saw. Aluminum roller table on ball rollers, running on hardened and ground steel precision guides, according to SCM patent. · Independently driven zipper saw unit · Saw guide with fine adjustment. Equi... more
Sliding table saw, table circular saw, heavy precision circular saw, metal circular saw, cold circular saw -Sliding slide 200 mm B3podce8 -Speeds 90-4000 rpm -Cutting width 710 mm -Saw blade diameter max 260 mm -max cutting height 40 mm -Height adjustment -Transport dimensions 1450/900 / H1100 mm -Weight 254 kg more
-Neu- CE-version - Die WA 6 ist the kleinste Altendorf sizing circular saw, the es gibt. - Trotz ihrer kleineren dimensions besticht sie durch large Leistungen. - Mit ihrer starken equipment trumpft sie selbst on kleinstem Raum groß on. - Hervorragend sind the Schnittqualität and the Flexibilität Bjtmuzslzp im täglichen Einsatz. Technische Daten: Doppelrollwagenlänge 2600 mm motor 4 kW, rpm 4200 rpm scoring unit 0,37 kW cut height max. 100 mm, by 45° max. 72 mm manual height u. tilting adj... more
Format sliding table 1250 mm Circular saw tiltable 90-45 Outrigger table with mitre fence additional mitre fence cutting width 510 mm Bkarhq8a3x 2,2 kW / 3 PS Engine / 400 V more
RGA format saw NCS 150 Trolley length 1500 mm main engine power 5.5 kw maximum saw diameter 400 mm undercutter on separate engine tilt angle adjustment Bjs0vtvbvf the weight of the machine: 580 kg more
Sliding table saw KNAPP used, year of constr. 2002 functional, very good condition Machine with driving device Power 4 KW Saw blade max. 315 mm Unit can be swiveled 0 ° - 45 ° Sliding table approx. 1500 mm Cutting width approx. 800 mm Boom table 1000 x 900 mm Extendable crosscut fence up to 2500 mm, 2 stops with reading magnifier Crosscut fence swivel with degree scale on the sliding table 2 EMERGENCY STOP buttons and limit switch protection Very good quality made in Austria Vtam8i Transport d... more
scm formaatzaag compact model 45 graden schuinte instelbaar tafel verlenging en verbreding roltafel 1500mm noodstop 7.5 pk Bjrpuoluay boven en onder afzuiging loopt prima werkend te zien 400 volt more
-Neu- CE-version Fhhocgseo - Die WA 6 ist the kleinste Altendorf sizing circular saw, the es gibt. - Trotz ihrer kleineren dimensions besticht sie durch large Leistungen. - Mit ihrer starken equipment trumpft sie selbst on kleinstem Raum groß on. - Hervorragend sind the Schnittqualität and the Flexibilität im täglichen Einsatz. Technische Daten: Doppelrollwagenlänge 2600 mm motor 4 kW, rpm 4200 rpm scoring unit 0,37 kW cut height max. 100 mm, by 45° max. 72 mm manual height u. tilting adju... more
sliding carriage 1400mm, Schweitzer longitudinal stop C2d92jvy more
CIRCULAR SAW type LAZZARI TEMA 1500is second hand machine CE mark : Yes Elkjuog9s with Use and Maintenance Booklet and Declaration of Conformity Technical details : anodized aluminum carriage mm. 1500 manual lifting and inclination blade with scoring unit n.02 indipendent motors Volt. 380/50 more
SCM minimax sc2c Sliding table saw table dimensions 1020 x 325mm table height 900mm Trimming length 1600mm inclination of the saw blade 90° - 45 Max. Saw blade diameter 315mm Motor 400V 50Hz 4kW Suction nozzle diameter 120mm Suction port. Saw blade protection 60mm Weight 295kg Saw blade speed 4000 rpm C&I-5504215 Price only for the one machine! Scorer optional! Scorer speed 7600 1/min G&STÜ-5504215VR Hpn7ev2 more
Panel saw Griggio Sawblade: Ø 350 mm Nshb7 Sliding table: 1.500 mm Saw width: 1.050 mm Saw height: 102 mm Saw height at 45º: 72 mm Tilting saw: 0 - 45º Blade speed: 4.000 rpm Country of origin: Italy Machine LxWxH: 230 x 275 x 87 cm Machine weight: 450 kg more
used manufactured by Martin motor 4,8 kW Bizu9kmmzw steel guiding rails cut width ca. 1050 mm cut length ca. 2700 mm tiltable to 45° scoring unit parallelogram protection aluminium parts anodized height adjustment  hydraulic tilting adjustment hydraulic exhaust connection D 140 mm / 80 mm required space ca. 2800 mm x 3000 mm x 1800 mm weight ca. 1000 kg located in 97447 Gerolzhofen, free on truck, unpacked sale in current condition as seen, without revision, without guarantee and warranty more
Minimax sc 1 g - ultra compact sizing circular saw Ultra compact format circular saw with tilting blade and format carriage made of anodised aluminium The heavily ribbed grey cast iron work table and the welded steel frame guarantee rigidity and vibration-free operation Unique in this performance class: format carriage made of anodized aluminium for maximum cutting precision Cutting plane directly to the saw blade M80wv Rotating Saegeblattaggreagat of 90 °-45 ° Table arm with aluminum the lengt... more
Table saw HAMMER K 3 trend used, very good condition Biq09y2fpq Motor power: 3,0 kW Cutting height: 102 mm Cutting width: approx. 900 mm Cutting length: approx. 1250 mm Crosscut fence: approx. 900 mm Rip fence Sliding carriage approx. 1200 mm Circular saw angle adjustment: Manual Circular saw height adjustment: Manual Circular saw swiveling: 0-45 degrees Circular saw blade Ø max. : 250-315 mm Technical information, year of construction and scope of delivery according to the manufacturer or p... more
Complete machine used, bdb state Mark Ulma TYPE KS300 Motor 4 kW Built in 1989 Steel slides Trolley length 1300 mm rotation up to 45° Parallelogram protection Manual height adjustment Manual 45 degree tilt adjustment cleaned, tested for operation, test run, Required space around DxSxW mm Glvzpkl 2200 x 1500 x 1100 Weight approx. 500 kg more
New- - Heavy gray cast iron work table for low vibration and precise, straight cuts - saw unit can be swiveled up to 45 degrees, Adjustment via handwheel - Cutting plane directly on the saw blade - table extension with extendable telescope Stop and folding stop for panels and large workpieces - Telescope stop on both sides by 45 degrees swiveling - Aluminum rip fence on round bars guidance with fine adjustment - Standard table extension and -Extension allow easy work with larger workpi... more
Panel saw Ortza type SE-150 PF year of manufacture 1992 main saw blade and scoring sawblade sliding table length 1500 mm cutting width 1250 mm scoring motor 1,5 kW main sawblade spindle diameter 30 mm scoring sawblade spindle diameter 22 mm weight 735 kg Zvalmwr2 more
Circelsaw Model:SCM Techn info: Work table in cast iron size 1150x800 Sliding table in cast iron size 1350x250mm Max rip width 550mm Saw blade max 400 mm Max cutting hight approx.130mm Motor 4kw, 5,5 Hp, 380 volt, 50 Hz 3 phase Speed spindle 3200/4500/6000 v/min Dust nozzle 20/60mm i diam Saw blade protection from above Size machine:1600x1500mm Size for transport:155x135 cm Weight aproximately: 600 Kg Nv2vz Stck no:104094 more
Power 5,5 kW Autom. Star triangle switch Be hem length 1350 mm Right cutting width 800 mm Left width 2800 mm Guide fence 4 speeds 3000 / 4000 / 5000 / 6000 RPM. Nip2ivq Parallelogram guard with wide + narrow hood Dust nozzle 1 x 80 + 1 x 120 mm automatic brake Extension table 800 mm more
FKS 250-1300 Circular sawing machines Bcs3fatckk Max blade D.: 254 mm Be hem length 1250 mm RIP fence cutting width 610 mm The length width 845 mm Blade tilt 90 ° /-45 ° Table dimensions (L x W) 650 x 350 mm Table height 835 mm Blade rotation speed 4000 1/min Engine: 1, 5kW 230V Dust nozzle D.: 100 mm / 30 mm Weight: 142kg G & PIECES 5902030 more
The work table made of heavily ribbed gray cast iron and guarantee the base made of welded steel Torsion resistance and vibration-free working High quality machine at a real entry-level price Unique in this performance class: - Format sliding carriage made of anodized aluminum for the highest cutting precision - Cutting plane directly on the saw blade - Swiveling saw blade unit from 90 - 45 ° - Table bracket with aluminum crosscut fence and adjustable Stop flap for plates and large workpieces... more
Motor data Motor output S1 in W 3000 Voltage 400V / 3 / 50Hz General dimensions Table size in mm 955x400 Table height in mm 900 Table widening in mm 810x660 Format sliding table in mm 1200x360 Cutting performance max. cutting height 90° in mm 100 max. Cutting height 45° in mm 70 Cutting width at rip fence in mm 990 Circular saws Saw blade (/bore) in mm 250-315 (/30) Saw blade Speed in min-1 4300 Scoring saw blade in mm 120 (/20) Scoring saw blade Speed in min-1 8530 Saw blade Swivel range 0-45° ... more
Blade: Max Ø 250 mm 3j229lxxf Blade bore: Ø 30 mm Cutting height 90 ° / 45 °: Max 80 / 54 mm Cutting width: 610 mm Blade tilt: 0-45 ° Table dimensions: 800 x 350 mm Extension table right 650 x 270 mm Carriage: 1,000 x 255 mm Moving cutting length: 610 mm Slide table stroke: 660 mm Speed: 4,000 min-1 Power S6 / S1: 2.8 kW / 1,5 kW / 400 V Weight: 150 kg more
2.8 kW motor 7ljrvxxy Tip width 84 cm Top length 80 cm The length of the car 185cm Max disc 250mm Height and depth adjustment Angular adjustment Front-rear adjustment wheel more
-new- Robuste and präzise version with Format- schiebeschlitten - Der working table aus Grauguss ermögclear opening vibrationsarmes Arbeiten - Von -45° to +45° tiltable, ausziehbarer Teleskopanschlag - blade tilt from 0° to 45° adjustable about hand wheel with scales - Sägeblatthöenverstellung erfolgt about ein hand wheel - Großer zentraler exhaust connection-D. 100 mm - Sägeblatthaube with integriertem exhaust connection D. 38 mm Technische Daten: Max.-Sägeblattdurchm. 315 mm Fzzqmwx Ma... more
Engine power: 400V 3 KW 4 HP, 2 engines Formatschiebetisch: 1500mm Cutting height: 103 mm Blade: swivel, max. 315 mm Milling cutter: starr 90° Blower rpm: Rpm: 1500/3500/6000/8000 RPM. Skhtlcdwz WJ-400100 K WJ 400103 more
- NEW - Description: - Robust and precise design with high quality, Nohv9 ball-bearing sliding carriage - Heavy gray cast iron worktable for low vibration work and precise, straight cuts - Saw blade from 90 ° to 45 ° via rack and pinion mechanism swiveling - Exact reading of the angle on a scale - Height adjustment of the saw blade via handwheel - Large aluminum rip fence with eccentric quick-release - With powerful engine and thermal Overload protection equipped - Large central suction co... more
used, good condition manufactured by Steton Rxhanolaw type SC 400 / 3200 CE tested for type examination motor increased 6,5 kW sliding table length ca. 3200 mm cut width ca. 1300 mm max. blade diameter 400 mm tiltable to 45° scoring unit parallelogram protection operating panel top rip fence with automatic control extended table length ca. 400 x 800 mm height adjustment  electrical tilting adjustment electrical positioning control system 1 axis digital display: - cutting angle - rip fence - rpm ... more
- NEW - Description: - DIY machine with maximum cutting depth 80 mm Top price-performance - Large machine table made of steel, galvanized as standard against corrosion - Table extension as standard - Saw blade pivoting from 90 ° to -45 ° to the left, precise, degree-precise and comfortably adjustable via handwheel and scale - Height adjustment of the saw blade via handwheel Bc2njewdkz - Stable suspension of the saw unit front and rear enables precise cuts - Powerful motor equipped with the... more

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